Making Redirects Permanent

On, you start with a standard domain name for your blog which looks something like this – You then have the option of upgrading to a custom mapped domain such as

The good news is by setting as your primary domain, all your visitors who try to access your old links automatically get redirected to the new domain.

But what about search engines and other services that access the old links ? Up until now, would send those services a 302 redirect which would tell them that a link had a new temporary home, and to go index that new link, but to not forget about the original one.

Today we have changed 302 redirects to 301 redirects. A 301 redirect tells search engines the new link has moved permanently, and they can discard the old links.

Why does this matter ? This change should help maintain traffic levels from search engines when changing or upgrading to custom domains, and makes things more flexible for you if you ever want to move from to self-hosted WordPress.

As with anything search engine related, your mileage may vary, and the timing on when search engines such as Google, Bing, and others update their index is not something anyone can predict. We have a short support document explaining some of the complexities involved with search engines that is worth a read if you have any questions.

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  1. xCae

    nice 301 redirects i had fears of taking out .wordpress but you have cleared my fears up


  2. shauna lee lange

    Raanan, you’ve made my day.


  3. Sara

    I was actually concerned about this when I thought of upgrading sometime in the future. This is good to hear, thanks! :mrgreen:


  4. Adriana

    Oh, that’s great! I was worried about switching to a domain as well. Self-hosted WordPress is just looking that much better now.


  5. twistedt

    Nice, users are spoiled. Thank You


  6. Sarah

    Wotcher WP Team!!!

    Brilliant! This should help so much! I personally haven’t yet had the chance to upgrade my domain, but I’m seriously considering getting the upgrade. 😀

    Thank you so much!




  7. pranabchatterjee


    This is AWESOME! Now, seriously, tell me folks, is there any point AT ALL to worry oneself silly over moving over to I mean, all that we need is right here, right now!



  8. g00ba

    Yay, this is good news. The Celtics losing is bad news but now I’m calling tonight a draw.


  9. Andrew

    I was thinking about this idea the other day; it makes so much sense!


  10. sid

    great news for custom domain mapped wordpress users …


  11. Jennifer

    This will make a lot of people I know very, very happy. Thank you!


  12. dhenztm

    practical and useful, thanks guys! 😀


  13. Jeff Silvers

    Haha, wow, literally the only reason I logged onto just now was to see if I could contact them and ask them about this exact issue (i.e., whether permalinks for my blog that use the URL will still work even after I’m using my own domain). Absolutely perfect timing.


  14. newcobargains

    thanks WordPress, once again you come through smelling like a rose!


  15. Shaikul Akbar N

    it’s a good change as i am in a plan of upgrading my WordPress account. Cheers.


  16. Mohammad Elsheimy

    Thanks alot!


  17. Olivia

    Like this one, it’s a very nice update and change.. this way, the search engines will link to our Blog either way, no matter what..
    Thanks is a small word.


  18. Neeraj Bhushan

    Yeah. Many a times while searching… I had raised eyebrows seeing the big link in the search results even though I had upgraded my blog. Thanks wordpress, you have resolved my ssue.


  19. Wicked Mike

    That’s terrific. My sites experienced a radical loss of traffic (never recovered) with my switching over to WordPress. Support was unhelpful with my query. Hopefully this will make a difference.


  20. chicreation

    A huge THANK YOU! What a wonderful improvement. Blogging on WP is EASY & FUN! We LOVE YOU!


  21. cepet

    This is great news for those of use that upgraded to domain mapping! In all honesty, since I have such a small niche group, I did not see that significant of a drop in traffic when I upgraded. But, perhaps this will make it easier for others to find me. 🙂


  22. حسین

    Thanks for this. It’s a better configuration. 🙂
    Some kind of future proof, isn’t it? But who knows what will happen in future…


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  24. jayantraj7

    a huge thank for this update 😉


  25. weavehole

    Nice to know it’s there for the time when more than 2 or 3 people visit me in a day and it becomes worthwhile getting an upgrade.


  26. Lois Kackley

    Another reason to favor WordPress – above all the rest!! Thanks for the upgrade in redirects!! Pat yourselves on the back, immediately!!


  27. elenaramirez

    Thank you for this information. But could you direct me, to the source, that has all the information for upgrading? Costs, options, instructions etc.
    Thanks, I appreciate you folks, greatly. Elena


  28. Dominik

    Awesome! Thanks for that update. I think I will upgrade to a custom mapped domain really soon.


  29. eof737

    You guys are the best!
    I cannot sing your praises enough. Until now, as a somewhat tech challenged blogger, I didn’t quite grasp it that creating a permanent/domain name change via WordPress was that simple. You also answered my lingering concern about redirects. 🙂
    Mega Thanks! 🙂


  30. oronero

    Ok, nice, thanks.
    As it is, the ONE thing I really want, i.e. full statistics, is not available. Why is censoring statistics, why????
    Does it cost you that much more to send all the stats my way instead of that silly boil down?

    Well I’ll pay for it.

    If I can pay for more space, or for a chic name without the “wordpress” part, or for all the other useless extras, then let me pay for full stats.



  31. David

    Could you expand on what you mean by …and makes things more flexible for you if you ever want to move from to self-hosted WordPress.? How does it make things more flexible?



  32. madsmao

    Small change with a huge impact. Nice one guys 🙂


  33. timethief

    YES! Thank you for this. I appreciate it times two (two domains being domain mapped). 🙂


  34. ImStillToni

    I just did this the other day and I love it! Domain mapping saved me the expense of hosting (for the time being anyway) and I love the fact my URL shows up in the address bar….not my Best $10 I’ve spent since buying the domain itself!


  35. djmatty2k9

    Good Job WordPress!!! That is the best idea yet because I was very worried about changing my URL in the future. You have so done it this time WordPress!!! 🙂


  36. pfandrade

    great; i’ve been thinking how could I done it myself.
    Since when is this on ?


  37. zzeed

    Excellent! Compelling for me to go on permanent domain.


  38. webmistress


    to hear all worries over domains, search engine placement and future traffic has been solved, thanks for explaining this us


  39. martinsoler

    Thanks a lot. I changed my domain a few month ago to a my url, will google still take that into account on it’s next update? I mean is it also retroactive or only for those that change now?


  40. iamhangover

    This is great! Thinking of buying a custom mapped domain as well..


  41. Melissa

    Thank you! I upgraded to a self-hosted site a couple months ago, so this will be great for redirecting traffic.


  42. randylewiskemp

    I’m happy to hear about the 301 redirect implementation.


  43. qbit

    So, PageRank doesn’t suffer?


  44. musingsofastrongblackwoman

    I was concerned about losing the traffic I built so I had moved yet to my new domain. I am confident about maintaining my traffic. Thanks.


  45. starrynightcoach

    That’s a great upgrade feature, thanks!


  46. Wez

    Thanks. Glad to know stats stay with the url but with the features you keep releasing I’m seeing less and less reason to shift to self-hosted. Cheers.


  47. citydaters

    That’s good to know and makes it less hassle to move. Thanks.


  48. dotexe

    watta great movement, thanks…i’ve been upgrade to my own domains,


  49. malknet

    Thanks. Glad to know stats stay with the URL but with the features you keep releasing I’m seeing less and less reason to shift to self-hosted. Cheers.


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