WordCamp San Francisco!

Next Saturday, May 1, the WordPress community of bloggers, developers, designers and friends will gather in San Francisco for the 5th annual WordCamp SF.

If you’ve ever wondered what WordCamp was all about, the San Francisco event is the mothership, produced under the direction of WordPress co-founder and lead developer Matt Mullenweg.

There are traditions. Each WordCamp SF, Matt reports on the “State of the Word” and invites accomplished speakers who have inspired him over the previous year. This year’s confirmed speakers include Richard Stallman, the father of Free Software; Scott Berkun, bestselling author of The Myths of Innovation; and Scott Rosenberg, co-founder of Salon.com. Several more luminaries who’ll be speaking will be announced this coming week on the WordCamp SF blog.

More traditions: in addition to the keynotes, there will be talks and tracks for bloggers and developers, lightning talks on a wide range of WordPress topics, all the BBQ you can eat at lunch, commemorative t-shirts and stickers, and an afterparty at the worldwide web famous Automattic Lounge.

If you’re in the Bay Area, or can be, you should meet up with all of us at WordCamp San Francisco.

Get your ticket today and join us next Saturday!


Other Upcoming WordCamps

It’s definitely WordCamp season; just check out the growing list of upcoming WordCamps over the next couple of months! If you don’t see a WordCamp near you listed here, check the rest of the schedule at WordCamp.org. In the meantime, don’t forget that many WordCamps post video of their presentations on WordPress.tv.

April 24 (today!) – WordCamp Orange County
Irvine, CA USA

April 29 – WordCamp Nashville
Nashville, TN USA

May 1 – WordCamp San Francisco
San Francisco, CA USA

May 8 – WordCamp Paris
Paris, France

May 8 – WordCamp Argentina
Buenos Aires, Argentina

May 8 – WordCamp Chile
Santiago, Chile

May 15–16 – WordCamp Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark

May 15 – WordCamp Victoria
Victoria, BC Canada

May 21–22 – WordCamp Italy
Milan, Italy

May 22 – WordCamp Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

May 22–23 – WordCamp Raleigh
Raleigh, North Carolina USA

May 29–30 – WordCamp Fayetteville
Fayetteville, Arkansas USA

May 29 – WordCamp Yokohama
Yokohama, Japan

June 5–6 – WordCamp Chicago
Chicago, Illinois USA

June 12 – WordCamp Reno-Tahoe
Reno, Nevada USA

June 12 – WordCamp Vancouver
Vancouver, Canada

June 18 – WordCamp Catania
Catania, Italy

June 19 – WordCamp Columbus
Columbus, Ohio USA

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  1. John James Jacoby

    Can’t wait! Gonna be awesome! 😀


  2. Saqib Ali

    registering now!!!! 🙂


  3. ( ands

    Maybe Brazil next time? 😡


  4. Sara

    The WordCamp that will be closest to my area is in early summer. When an event has BBQ, commemorative t-shirts, and an afterparty I’m normally there! I’m quite certain that when this WordCamp comes around I’ll be too busy. 😦
    ~Sara :mrgreen:


  5. pjlr

    I received the mail about the wordcamp in SF and saw that there was one in Paris, where I live. Went to sign up AND IT WAS ALREADY MAXXED OUT!!! Only 10 minutes after I had gotten the mail! What a disappointment! What’s a mother to do?!?!


  6. Mary

    Too far for me 😦


  7. ramonakent

    Sounds like a lot of fun!!


  8. starlaschat

    How about Montana WordCamp? It could include real camping and fishing. Sounds fun to me! ;+)


  9. shamballa9944

    Sounds like fun. Too bad I’m 3000 miles away!


  10. Breland Kent

    That sounds really great! 🙂


  11. marmaladeangel

    Have a great time co-bloggers ! Wish I could be there …ENJOY !


  12. litrati



  13. litrati

    I mean, there are probably WordCamps that go to New York but I never hear about them… O.o When are they?


  14. Dominique Garcia

    I wish I could go. 😦 But now that I know more about them, I will plan to go to one in the future. Do you offer seminars on how to improve and grow your company’s website?


  15. Jennifer

    Looks like a great lineup of speakers; it would be supercool if it could be webcast for those of us unfortunates not able to attend.


  16. sid

    can make it to camp if it is outside U.S. !!!!!


  17. {JeLisa} @ Blogging Ever After

    Oooooooh, I live in San Francisco!

    **Clicking the links to further investigate this WordCamp you speak of…


  18. Stanciu Floryn

    In Romania? Nothing?


  19. Neeraj Bhushan

    When it will be in India?



    In the next turn Jakarta 😀


  21. Wolfi

    next time in vienna, pls! xD


  22. elmer

    how about WordCamp Manila??


  23. Laira Green

    When are you coming to UK?


    • Paul Kim

      There was a WordCamp UK held in Birmingham in 2008 — it really depends on the local community deciding to organize the next one.


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  25. nancysmoments

    This sounds great! Everyone have an awesome time ! Glad there’s one in Chicago!


  26. xCae

    sounds cool and btw i love ur twenty ten theme it is the theme ive been waiting for even though it is the new default. love the background, header, ability to put different headers on every page, it blows my brains. thought it would never come


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  28. hakre

    Hey Paul, your write Matt is a lead developer. I’ve not seen him committing code lately (when was his last commit, back in 2004? ). So how do you think? I mean he’s your boss, right? So please talk nicely :).


  29. nadia

    How about Dubai?


  30. Satrio Wicaksono

    I hope one’ll be held on Indonesia especially in West Kalimantan….


  31. ♓♥Cooky Moηzтa♥♓

    I AM 44 minutes away from SF!!!!!!!! But I can’t go.


  32. Thomas

    Looks great!


  33. Ryan G

    why no Wordcamp Phoenix? Show us some love!


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  35. art predator

    loved the last 2 WordCamp SF events but this one at $50 is out of my budget this year–even though it’s a great event and a great price…have fun, everybody! wish could be there!


  36. marialittle77

    Hey I wish I could attend but it is too far. However, when you come to Los Angeles I will be there…


  37. icha

    hi Mr. Paul Kim, your event sounds really interesting, would you plan one in my country Indonesia ?


  38. daughtereponymous

    I would love to hear the speakers……you all do so much…have a good time..


  39. armadrafar

    May 22 – WordCamp Malaysia
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    im waiting…..


  40. techstreet

    How about Manila WordCamp?


  41. roger9527

    registering now!!!! 🙂


  42. Margaret

    Oooooh, lonesome me-eee! I gotta stick around the home campgrounds, but really like what you are doing in having these WordCamps… This has got to be the reason why you are able to do so many great things in making WordPress the best place to blog… Keep up the good work and have fun doing it!


  43. hellaPR

    Nice! Do you need any volunteers in SF by any chance? I would love to help out!


  44. Magnus

    Or Norway WordCamp some day 😀


  45. nadiaritz

    Come to Oslo, Norway!! 🙂


  46. Tom Prete

    Wait, it’s less than a week before WordcampSF and there is no actual schedule of who’s speaking about what and when? Lame. Totally and completely lame. I’ve been waiting for weeks to get a ticket in the hope of a real schedule, but it looks pointless.

    If I’m wrong about there being no schedule, someone please school me.


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  48. pranabchatterjee

    Feels stupid asking this. Any ideas of a wordcamp India, like ever?


  49. Richard Feraro

    Any chance of having WordCamp Philippines? 🙂


  50. Richard Feraro
  51. seaportsoapopera

    Oh, I missed the one in Orange County! Too bad!


  52. pranabchatterjee

    Yup. Saw it. I think the comment was not there when I commented. Or maybe I had overlooked it in my disappointment. LOL.

    And after seeing the link I must say I am in major envy! Sigh….


  53. Play Syndicate

    It’s a very nice idea. Would be fun to join you! 🙂


  54. maya

    There are WordCamps in planning stages for 2010 for Recife, Brazil and Mumbai, India. WC Malaysia is on May 22nd: http://www.wordcamp.my/ There was one in Romania last year: http://wordcamp.ro/ UK is coming in July. Keep checking here: http://central.wordcamp.org/schedule/


  55. fatgan

    in indonesia? nothing?


  56. Moco Scribe

    I think that I’ve asked this before….when will wordpress come and arrange a ‘camp’ in second life…there are thousands of second life bloggers…it would be fun if nothing else!


  57. nohawagih

    nothing in Egypt?
    maybe I should just contact the Dubai organizers and meet somewhere in between!


  58. scarletsculturegarden

    Too bad this is all in the US of A – I’d come if you ventured over to the UK! Still, for everyone who’s going, have fun!


  59. Dr. Serdar دکتر سردار

    Good idea! But when will it be in Canada – Manitoba – Winnipeg ?


  60. Car

    sounds fun


  61. wanderingtheforest

    Would love to go but the travel’s a bit of a killer… maybe when you hook one up in Cape Town, South Africa 😀


  62. emihips

    Hollaaa…..that’s cool


  63. sylvaine vaucher

    I’d love to have it on the top of the “Cervin” the view is better at high altitude!


  64. niceartlife

    Unfortunately too far for me too, otherwise I’d be there 😦


  65. Avenger

    Wow this will be very nice when it comes to Brazil! =D


  66. amty

    yay I am gonna join 😀


  67. grannym

    WE need a Word Camp in Toronto!!


  68. eleonorabyron

    Any camp on the east coast by any chance?


  69. aktivista

    I am sorry that WORDCAMP is not going to be organised near SERBIA. There are so many wordpress maniacs are here, in countries from former YUGOSLAVIA.


  70. cravenmaven

    So bummed! Nothing in NY!!


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