New Theme: Under The Influence

“Under The Influence” is a unique and highly customizable new theme. This theme sports two main content columns and loads of options, providing a unique design for all your visitors to enjoy.

Under The Influence

Aside from a unique design, this theme has lots of great options. Too many to count! For starters, there are multiple header designs, color pickers for main and accent colors, and adjustable column sizes for the expert blogger.

Lots of options!

With just a few clicks you can get an alternate header design with the colors of your choice.

Alternate Header Design

The theme doesn’t stop with the goods either. The footer keeps things stylish with flourishes and a cool multi-column layout!

The footer is stylin'!

“Under The Influence” is available for users under Appearance -> Themes. It is also available for users from the Theme Directory. (What’s the difference between and

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  1. deathgleaner

    This one looks really cool!


  2. dreamsburnred

    Pretty interesting and simple theme :).


  3. quintinsmith

    Nice theme good options thanks finally more themes.


  4. Shaquille

    That’s cool. I like it 🙂


  5. quintinsmith

    Thanks guys, man you should make a more flashy kind of theme like this I’m the first to comment wow.


  6. Andrew

    Nice one dude, this looks pretty natural. 😉


  7. Лита

    Thank you guys!! 🙂
    I’ve waited so long for something like that!
    The new theme is fantastic, wonderful, awesome!
    so many options, and could be set to 3-columns, and with custom header at the same time!!
    Thank you so much!! :))


  8. AA

    I think it would be a good idea to have another sorting option “New”. So we could get to the newly introduced themes lot quicker.


  9. g s collector

    This looks great…I love the variety.



  10. winewood

    Love it!!!!
    Can’t Find It @#$%^&*()_+


  11. AA

    Totally cannot find this theme in the directory :o)


  12. yoriyuliandra

    Another new theme, again
    But this one look more customizable
    like this… 🙂


  13. Canageek

    It is nice to see more themes becoming available. I am disappointed that they are all so plain however, I’m hoping that is that new theme team or whatever it is called we will get some more variety. Anyway even if I don’t like them more options are good. Kudos!


  14. markmcdougall

    Like it a lot! Thank you for adding more themes. I really need a new one and plenty of choice is a good thing when it comes to choosing a new one! The customisable components really makes WordPress the ultimate bloggers paradise!


  15. EtodaC

    WOW! So cool!


  16. Play Syndicate

    It’s nice for some “daylight homeoffice” style of blogging. You know, i’m blogging on grown-up dark Sci-Fi Videogames. I’m pretty happy with “Chaos Theory” so far, but if you really want to do me a favour, you could create something that fits more in the compartment labeled “dark strategic military command center”… black and blue toned, highly functional, focused ambient. 😉


  17. graingerkid

    Looks good might have to give it a go. Like the sizable columns


  18. Andrew

    I like the colour feature.


  19. Marina_Ukraine

    Hello Noel from Ukraine !

    Now, I will say you that this IS very interesting as for me, this theme has the customisable header which I require for my Blog.

    So, now I will test this for certainty, I think this is for me, mine now a little stale to my eye.

    Sincerely to you,


    Rivne – Ukraine.


  20. thepullets

    Whoa, this is worth a test drive.


  21. atypicalmormonchick

    Looks cool. Can you put your own image into the header without having to manipulate CSS?


  22. thepullets

    … but just to let you know, the test drive (preview) was a little wonky for my site,


  23. Sarah Baram

    Ugh, honestly, it looks like half of the other simplistic themes available. It would be great to see something creative and far out from what you see on other blogging sites.


  24. Courtney Vail

    Very nice! I tried it out on my mock blog. It’s gorgeous. I’m sure other WP bloggers will love the customizable features. When I have some time, I may switch to this. I’m currently in Chaotic Soul and would need to change the type color on many of my archived posts to contrast the white background. I’m lovin’ all you Theme Teamers. Keep up the good work.


  25. Bob Being Bob

    I do not see it available under Appearence/themes for users. Still only the same 86 themes????


  26. ileaneb

    Sweet! I like the alternate headers.Thanks, this is a good one.


  27. Charlie

    Three thumbs up to a company that is giving more at a time when others are cutting back! I can no longer see your competition due to the large dust cloud. GO W.P. GO!!!


  28. Jean-Luc Crucifix

    Nice and clean one, very versatile! I like it.


  29. Tornike

    This is the first time I have switched to a newly launched theme straight away. Great work, thank you.


  30. Taufik

    cool theme, great work Guys 🙂


  31. timethief

    w00t! This is great! I’m so happy we are getting new themes rolled out so quickly and especially ones that have so many customizable features. YAY! for the Theme Team. You guys and gals rawk!

    P.S. I love Inuit Types.


  32. Aiman Amani

    Wow! This is just so much better than any of the other themes I’ve seen! I really love it!


  33. yoriyuliandra

    I ‘ve applied this theme to one of my blogs, but I got a trouble with “Header” under “Appearance” option.
    I think there’s something wrong with that option. I couldn’t hide the header text. I clicked the “Hide Text” button and then “Save Changes” button, but the text still appeared.

    This is a cool theme, I hope the team can fix this soon


  34. Rookie Photographer

    Nice addition.


  35. Sara

    This might be my new theme. I love all the options, it really lets you be creative!
    Keep up the great work, guys!
    :mrgreen: Sara



    Yes….I like light theme. I am going to try it.
    THX Noël


  37. Pied Type

    Oh drat, just as I was getting really excited I noticed the justified type. Sorry guys, but rag right is the only way to avoid some weird word spacing. But I love getting new options. Keep up the good work!


  38. Paul

    I do not see this theme available for Can you point me to it under “Themes?”


  39. art predator

    sweet! thanks for rolling another theme out for us!


  40. Putri Chairina

    Adjustable column sizes?! What a great innovation. Keep on the good work, guys! 🙂



    Actually, I am interested to use this theme.
    I try to display it, but why the right (widgwt) bar is longer then left bar (conten)
    Anybody help?.


  42. Anne Lessing

    This is why I adore WordPress. I love this theme! So customizable! I just may switch to it…thanks so much, and keep up the excellent work.
    Theme team = 😀 😀 😀


  43. Rz Coorporate

    I just wan a say…………… NICE…….!!!!!!!!


  44. Mary

    Highly customizable and unique. Amazing!


  45. 365daysinthisbeautifullife

    Any way to put a video instead of a main photo? Email me at if so.


  46. mrasherkade

    I tried it…but even though it was awesome, I didn’t like the fact that my entire blog posts for the past 10 days or so would show up…it was information overload! Someone would get seizures with all of my videos and pictures on each post showing up together!
    I see my last post didn’t show up here…what, teasing the title “under the influence” wasn’t PC? Gosh, and I was being clean, a first for me….


  47. shieonoe

    ho..hoo…it’s great guys!


  48. Sandra Lee

    I’m so impressed with quality of the roll out of new themes – so classy and professional looking. I just switched to Inuit Types which I love, but this one appeals too. I might try it on a test blog.

    WordPress rocks!


  49. Om Kicau

    Sebuah inovasi yang luar biasa. Bagus sekali. Terima kasih. (A remarkable innovation. Very good. Thank you.)


  50. Sephani Paige

    I see lots of themes coming along but they all look the same! Can we get something with design, color, style and artistic quality?


  51. craftystaci

    It looks like I’m the only one, but when I preview this one everything goes kinda wonky. I like how it looks in your example above though!


  52. Tom Baker

    This is a great one!


  53. planejaner

    Wow–you all are keeping very busy. Thank you for this one! I look forward to giving it a “test drive” in a bit to see if I like it for my blog.
    again…you all ROCK!


  54. Sherry BeL

    I love love love this theme!! 😀 Good job!


  55. David

    Looks good in your post, but perfectly horrible in the theme preview.


  56. Kunal Umrigar

    Nice theme!! you guys rock!! 🙂


  57. pranabchatterjee

    The adjustable columns is a great idea and the look and feel of the theme is awesome too… but I think I am going to stick to Inuit Types!

    Keep ’em coming. is getting awesomer (don’t care if that ain’t no word! You know what I mean, right?).


  58. ricojr


    if you have a new post you cannot make any comment

    if the comment is 0 there are no comment box.


  59. ricojr

    i love the new theme except for the problem encountered above…

    thank you!


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  61. wisdomintheflesh

    FiNally, I got my Christmas wish………………………………………*Influence doesn’t get better unless I’m under it.” Rikki


  62. Billy Koesoemadinata

    wow! i like the “photo post” section! cool!


  63. opungregar

    If this Widget is used to, can show how? Maybe I will use it, if allowed.


  64. ricojr

    There are no comment box for new posts and old post that does not have any comments.


  65. revil

    wow.. how cool is it


  66. Scheniziel Lackward

    love this, thanks 🙂


  67. dhushor

    nice work 🙂


  68. RiYa

    In April, we have 2 new themes! And this one, after a long time, seems to be playground for the theme lovers; it will be interesting to see who customizes it in which way and how it looks.


  69. Amit Anurag

    I loved the theme. I will this theme for my another blog. Great work guys!


  70. Kojiki

    The theme looks great but I´m sorry to say that comment function does not work.
    You have to fix this right away. Thanks for many good themes at WordPress!


  71. sravan953

    Looks classy! Nice work!


  72. Amit Singh

    Wow so many options!
    Congratulation Theme Team for this fine addition. Keep up the good work!


  73. Neeraj Bhushan

    Exactly what I was looking for my another blog in my mother tongue Hindi. Thank you so so much.


  74. Amit Singh

    Sorry for the double post.
    only wanted to say “adjustable column sizes, yay!”


  75. technogran

    Nice that its so customisable but its not for me. I like the writing area to be at least 700 pixels wide and please keep us users in mind who don’t know how to alter things. I need help with my Avatar on Inuit themes. Its sort of dissappeared and I don’t know how to get it back. (my photo I mean)
    How about a theme with rounded corners for its widgets and main writing area, customisable header, different choice of fonts, choose to show full posts or in a list view, Place pic of author in header etc.


  76. johnonline

    more! the new theme is awesome…will try it this weekend.


  77. Brenda Nepomuceno

    I love customizable themes! Although the ones that aren’t tend to be more stylish, we can put some of our own personalities in these here! 🙂


  78. Lu Logic

    Very nice theme.The themes word press put out are the best.


  79. quixoticzephyr

    This has made my already too-splendid sequins-upon-ribbands-upon-sequins day all the more shimmery! Finally, to adjust the columns to showcase my lovely gravatar and warnings!

    I can hear a squeal of envy from Mr. Theme-Pressrow back home.



  80. pbeug

    Oh my, this looks amazing! When i get a chance, I’ll probably try this one out. I like it that you guys are putting more customization features in your themes. God job!


  81. Daniel Kanter

    oooooooo ahhhhhhhhhhhh if I wasn’t pretty thrilled with my theme (though there’s definitely some things I’d change, like the font), I’d definitely use this one! Love it!


  82. chiara

    I’ve tried this theme today and it seems that my readers can’t post comment on my new post (after I changed the theme). How do I fix this?


  83. Mazv

    vety nice! thank you


  84. taytom

    Woah, this is wonderful! The poor readers of my blog permanently have to get used to new Layouts.. there has just been an nerve-wracking discussion regarding Inuit Types, I love Inuit Types, but most of my readers don’t. So what?, I thougt.. but now.. wow, “Under the Influence” is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks a lot!! I’m in love.


  85. BigCrow

    I like it 🙂 pretty simple and cool theme…


  86. taytom

    Could it be, that the “Respond-Button” doesn’t work? I just published a new article under this theme – it is not possible to leave a comment.


  87. indie69

    Now THIS is the way to do a theme. Love the customization. Very clean, but unique. Great stuff.


  88. 71mm0

    Awesome! Thanks!


  89. Kaushik Biswas

    Adjustable column size is a new feature which we must try out to see what else we can do about the looks of our blogs. Definitely new things are coming up fast. Thanks WordPress!


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  91. June Malone

    Thanks WordPress teams – so many new themes recently – much appreciated.


  92. sid

    this certainly looks worth considering …..
    i am influenced !!!!!


  93. scalabis

    Nice work! Congratulations!


  94. Maria

    Wow LOVE IT! Thank you so much =)


  95. EnnaNZ

    I first thought the monkey could be the picture to the newest entry….
    so that you always have on the left side a picture to the entry in the middl.
    i would love that…. =) maybe a idea!? possible? =D

    You guys doing a great job!


  96. cypherdid

    Woow…nicely done one! Take care ya!


  97. mylibrarycardworeout

    It is a nice theme but I was wondering if there could be some more themes that are fun and have a lot of color. Something that is upbeat and interesting. Nothing that is in your face but some things with some more color. Some more like Albeo, Banana Smoothie, or Dark Wood (maybe the wood could be a little lighter. Like cherry oak or pine wood.) Thanks very much.


  98. Bianca

    Oh cool! I’m gonna try this one!


  99. Emmanuel Ibok

    I am trying it now…You rock!!!


  100. Yêu Titi

    I selected “hide text” in header but it did not work.
    Please fix this bug. Thanks


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