Set Your Blog’s Timezone by City

One of my favorite things about working on is that improvements get made and pushed out as soon as they’re tested and ready. Just a day after I wrote about manually changing your blog’s timezone to account for Daylight Saving Time, Ryan updated so you can now set your timezone by choosing a city.

Here’s how it works.

Log in to your dashboard, click on Settings > General, and scroll to Timezone. You now have the option to pick a city that’s in your current timezone instead of a UTC timezone. For example, I live in the same timezone as Los Angeles, so I’ve selected that city.

Once you’ve set your timezone this way, you won’t need to change it again to account for Daylight Saving Time. will automatically update your blog’s time settings as needed.

If you’re interested, here’s a full list of the timezones we support for reference.

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  1. LP

    It’s funny that this screen shot shows two Kentucky cities that are in the same time zone.


  2. Christian

    Well done and thank you.


  3. StarSpry

    Yay! That’s awesome; thanks for updating this 🙂


  4. wolfshadesblog

    Way to go!!

    I’ve been bragging about wordpress ever since I moved here from another blogging site a few weeks ago. With good reason. You’ve just added another one.

    This is great!

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  5. Dan Woog

    Little things mean a lot. THANKS!

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  6. izaakmak



  7. Michael

    🙂 This change makes me a happy bunny……….

    Love WordPress……

    Cheers Guys..


  8. El Santo

    Thanks! I hated having to calculate where the timezone was w.r.t. Greenwich. This is fantastic!


  9. Shiyiya

    Why does Indiana need six different choices and there’s nothing for Arizona, which is its own damn time zone? Useless.


  10. pjhornberger

    It’s not on mine. Says to click on a city… but I clicked everything possible, no list of cities pops open. Help!


  11. PEZ

    I totally love that is constantly getting improved feature by feature and not in big chunks with lots of time in between.

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  12. Tito Salgado

    Awesome! do we still have to update manually?


    • Paul Kim

      After you pick a city for your timezone, you won’t have to update this setting again to account for Daylight Saving Time.


  13. Lagunatic

    Now I have to figure out where, exactly, I live.


  14. Madelaine

    Thank you!


  15. mypeaceinsalem

    Thank you Paul and Ryan! All is well in the world today!


  16. Leo

    Excellent improvement. Thank you!


  17. th3sha`

    Super !


  18. Tom Schulte

    Brilliant! Thank you so much!

    I love you guys!


  19. Michael

    That is just so super!!! Really cool stuff!!!

    Just try to scroll up in the list where the UTC-s are listed. The cities are on top.


  20. lethachristinachamberlain

    I don’t know why there is need to set the “time zone”… it seems superfluous to me–what does it matter?


  21. Moses

    wow… that’s insane!


  22. maryannwilliams

    Thank you! Why so few cities for California? Used Los Angeles, saw Monterey but where is San Franciso or Sacramento, both much larger than Monterey? Good job anyway, appreciate it!


  23. giannakali

    mine still shows the old version…not cities??? what’s up? I can’t set it…it say pick a city but when I click on the pull down menu there are no cities!


  24. Mary

    Awesome update!

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  25. Abbas Karimjee



  26. gmconklin

    Great info. Thanks ! Worked perfectly.


  27. Simone Aversano

    Great update! Looking forward to have this feature since I’m on, so two years ago. Hey WP team, you’re great!


  28. Jennifer

    And *snap* just like that, 10 million+ blogs get an update! You guys rock!


  29. hopeannfaith

    Thanks WordPress. I love that I will no longer have to manually date my posts when I blog straddling that utc time/date thing!

    There is no better blog platform than WordPress in my opinion. The consistent improvements simply make it easier for us writers to do what we do.


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  30. Anne Lessing



    Thanks so much, WP team! 🙂


  31. g s collector

    Excellent…so good to stay up-to-date with the right time zone…brings the world closer. Congrats.


  32. Kimberley

    You guys are amazing! I am new to blogging (I started 12/31/09) and it has been an incredible experience. Thank you so much for all you do!

    Have a beautiful day!


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  34. Sara

    This is so much easier. I always had a few problems with WordPress because of the UTC timezones. Now that things are better, I’m happy.
    Keep up the good work, WordPress! 🙂


  35. alice pngen .....

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


  36. shamballa9944

    Always thinkin’! Good job Ryan!


  37. MechanisticMoth

    There’s no Seattle or Portland.


  38. Spike

    Fantastic!! That’s really helpful! Thanks so much WP!!!


  39. sid

    time zones according to cities will be good 🙂
    thanks …..


  40. Jopre

    So to represent the whole of New Zealand, you have Auckland?! It’s not even the capital city.
    Where’s Christchurch? Dunedin? Wellington?



    I feel sorrow…. it can’ t be used in Kuningan – Indonesia.


  42. Lu Logic

    It’s great that we now don’t have to worry about DST changes in time.


  43. Gay Kansas

    And this is why we love WordPress. Every site has problems. You’ll fix ’em in a day. Keep up the good work.

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  44. Pam Phillips

    Huzzah! I love it!


  45. alexandrajeancoffey

    Timely… I’d only just learned how to update my time zone this week and you lot go and make it all accessible like. Bravo. Love WordPress. Yes.


  46. dogsmom

    I followed those instructions and it did not work for me.


  47. Pedro

    Simply brilliant 🙂


  48. Kuya Marc

    It’s about time… 😀

    I like being able to select “Manila” instead of “UTC+8”. Thanks!


  49. npthompson

    What an improvement over the old, primitive way!


  50. mobilerepairman

    Much appreciated, made the change right after reading this. Oh yeah, WordPress is awesome!


  51. Mr. Atheist



  52. Car

    Brilliant! Brilliant! Thank you so much!!!


  53. Arun Shanbhag

    What! No Boston?
    Did WordPress not have a WordCamp here a few months ago?
    How soon we forget! 😦


  54. T3CK

    Thank you very much for this valuable feature upgrade. 🙂


  55. Sean Tuohy

    I just set up my first blog a couple days ago and the UTC+ method was quite confusing – no cities, eastern time etc. No sooner do I think about it and you have made the improvement. Great job! Thanks for getting things done.

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  56. p00lriah

    thank you thank you! about time. this makes coordinating group posts much easier.


  57. Bandew444

    Theres Antarctica, but not San Diego?!


  58. لؤي

    Cool! thank you folks 🙂


  59. martywalpole

    What about a city in a different country? Now that would be an amazing option. I live in osaka, Japan, how about adding that.

    Thanks WordPress, you guys are doing a great job, really.


  60. Guillermo Bautista

    Excellent. Thank you.


  61. poleteletravail

    Excellent !


  62. familyforest

    Thanks so much!


    It really will be a green Irish St. Patrick’s Day here in Hawaii with the very much needed rain we are finally getting even now as I post this!!

    Blessings to all this day of March 17th 2010 !!!!!


  63. saicebrian

    great! better than ever…thanks!


  64. Hana

    I know this is a very good help for us. I think this is not a new thing. Because, WordPress provided this one long time ago, didn’t it? However I didn’t notice about saving time zone since we live in a tropical country, we do not have such saving time at all.


  65. deepbellylaugh

    Thanks guys! You even have Timbuktu. Gotta love that, immediately set up.


  66. alamendah

    thank you. it’s brilliant


  67. modawanah

    Great. Immediately changed to Qatar!


  68. Rookie Photographer

    That’s great….You guys rock!


  69. Andrew

    Looks awesome!


  70. morganbyrne

    This is great! The +/- method was confusing…I actually used to just click one until my correct time showed up!


  71. Paul@CFQ

    great! thanks.


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  73. sittingpugs

    Thank you so much for this function…!


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  75. intelligentchallenge

    That’s cool, thanks for the tip


  76. kentoeveryone

    It was a nice attempt to help make things easier for people to identify which timezone they are in. It isn’t an easy task but I find the listing woefully inadequate and incomplete. I live in the DFW area (Dallas/Fort Worth) which comprises several million people but there was no mention of it or any city in Texas for that matter. The way this was implemented means I have to know that Chicago is in the same time zone as Dallas and select it. If I know this I can probably supply the correct UTC code.

    It might have been easier to identify where you are if you picked state name. At least we all recognize which state we live in and it is only fifty entries. I realize that a few states range a long way from east to west may and stretch across more than one time zone (Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas and Alaska) but for those you could have multiple entries. For example, Kentucky could have Louisville and Bowling Green. Big enough places that may be recognized geographically. Then there are states like Indiana that just take a great deal of care.

    I will leave the countries representatives to fend for themselves so they don’t need to know that the Netherlands is CET (UTC+1) but in this case a country might do.

    Obviously, for the computer this is a nothing more than a table lookup. Setting the time correctly is easy for the computer once the reference is identified. Computers are supposed to make our lives more easy. In this case, we just need a few more references.


  77. Paul Kim

    We’re pulling from a timezone database that’s maintained by the great folks at the PHP open source project. As far as I can tell, there are four US cities listed for the four continental timezones: Los Angeles for Pacific; Denver for Mountain; Chicago for Central; and New York for Eastern. Additionally, several cities in Indiana because of that state’s unique timezone challenges, plus two in Kentucky, Phoenix, Juneau, and Honolulu. There’s a bit of discussion you can follow along with about substituting timezones like PDT for cities here:


  78. Foodhogger

    Wait, no Canada??

    Liked by 1 person

  79. vietphilopoetry

    Thank you- Great work-
    This is my DREAM FOR THE FUTURE : each blog becomes a PERSONAL Radio and/or a TV station, so I could broadcast my programs on my blog.
    I believe in Google/Wordpress team AAA +


  80. Otto

    Note on the cities listing: Some people are, as always, going to disagree with the cities chosen, or wonder why there are two cities in Kentucky, etc.

    These names are not random. They are the official standard names for the various timezones in the Zoneinfo database. The first part of the name is the continental area (which is why Hawaii’s zone is Pacific/Honolulu). The second part of the name is a large city that is central-ish to the time zone, and which is also probably not likely to split into multiple zones any time soon.

    The reason for seemingly unnecessary zones is because of historical changes. Those two Kentucky cities, Louisville and Monticello used to have different dates on their Daylight Savings Time implementation. They no longer do, but whenever the law changes things around, a new timezone is formed. These sorts of timezones don’t just describe the time, but also describe when the time changes there. So that’s why the list is so long, and why there may be multiple cities that currently describe your situation.

    Future versions of WordPress (org) might have a better method for choosing timezones. We’re working on it (and maybe we’ll have a MAP!) . This new feature of came from there, so it’ll get updated when we come up with a better way. The purpose of this was to eliminate the annoying daylight savings problem, and for that purpose, it works for now.


  81. Otto

    Also, here’s a good site to help you figure out what standardized timezone you live in:


  82. locksmithlocknkey

    Wow I find this very useful! thanks


  83. lady3jane53

    What about Arizona? It doesn’t observe DST. Right now it aligns with Los Angeles, but is usually on Mountain Time.


  84. Solge Maar

    Good news.

    Thank you.


  85. admin

    Wow, What Can i say? Bravo! keep it up.


  86. Tory

    Thanks guys! The selections of time zones by city will be more close to your local time. Well done wordpress!


  87. omgcherice



  88. lisalesa

    I “heart” wordpress.


  89. ermadear

    well done…thanks for information


  90. e Chíp

    great..thanks !


  91. Tony

    Hey there WP guys. Thanks a lot for this, I just finished reading the post about changing the UTC zone for daylight savings then I came across this so I set it for Tasmania & I can now forget about it forever. Awesome & thanks again!!!
    Wordpress is the greatest.
    P.S. Now all we need is the Random Blog button back in the top right corner & everything will be perfect.


  92. chazzy13

    finally…things that I’ve been waiting for


  93. OriginSmile

    smile thanks, indeed, nice to upgrade the information.


  94. Anna Migeon

    No Chicago? No Dallas, no city in Texas at all. I can’t find a city I know is in my time zone.


  95. anurag0583

    Wow, that’s a cool feature….


  96. saebturnip

    Thanks very much about timezones but I understand english just little.I lives in Indonesia,so it’s very nice for me if about all of that in translate to Indonesian language.


  97. Margaret Hebron

    Definitely an improvement, BUT… you have like 10 places in Antarctica and no Seattle? Not even Portland or San Francisco?

    That being said, still an improvement over the previous method.


  98. hero2game

    this rocks but maybe you should refine it by adding a couple of places every week. because i agree with Margaret Hebron. That being said, still an improvement over the previous method. wordpress has how many bloggers and only so many cities are in the new time zone option. i would love to see some of the towns in the north of canada up here on the site!


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