Time to Spring Forward

Ah, spring, when a young person’s fancy turns to … blogging. And time changes. (Maybe baseball too, if that’s your thing.)

WordPress.com blog time settings follow the UTC time standard. This method allows us to keep the stats database lean and fast. That translates into free stats for everyone!

UTC doesn’t change over the course of a year. Because of this, you’ll need to adjust your blog settings to account for Daylight Saving Time manually. If you live in the USA, today – Sunday, March 14 – is the day to spring forward and adjust your WordPress.com blog’s time one hour ahead.

Update: There’s a full listing of when Daylight Saving Time begins around the world in this article on Wikipedia.

To account for Daylight Saving Time, log in to your dashboard, click on Settings > General, and scroll to Timezone. Then change your timezone to one hour ahead of your actual time zone. If you have your timezone set to, for example, UTC-8 (PST), you’ll need to change it to UTC-7.

We’ll make another announcement before the “fall back” change, which is on November 7, 2010.

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  1. sid

    thanks for reminding the fellow bloggers who need to adjust the time 🙂


  2. ileaneb

    Thanks for the reminder!


  3. kiwidutch

    Thanks! I have no clue how my timezone relates to UTC (I’m in the Netherlands) I just always set my time to post as “01.00” and it seems to work well …

    Thanks though for the helpful info for the people who will want to change their time-zone settings:)


  4. kunemaajabu

    good and timely advice. as for some of us who live in Africa, just on the equator to be specific, i guess this does not affect us. Happy reading tho!!


    • Paul Kim

      I’ve updated the post to include a link to a Wikipedia article with a full listing of Daylight Savings Time start dates around the world.


  5. Car

    i don’t understand


  6. Mike LaMonica

    Hi Paul-

    Thanks for your post! Check out what happens in the in the 1 hour we moved forward. It’s my 3rd post…hope I put this comment in the right place! Thanks again~ Mike



  7. Moses

    ahhh smell the roses!


  8. Margaret

    I like to schedule my posts to be ready for early risers in the U.S., but don’t feel a need to be real particular about the exact hour. We’re so scattered around the world, regular readers will see each post as they are able to regularly come on. But, this is great for those who need to be particular. 🙂 Thank you.


  9. deathgleaner

    I adjusted my blog!


  10. amycommunications

    Hello guys & please do forgive me i don’t have time to learn by myself as usual which will be the best time to show on my blog as i’d only love to stay hidden every time i’ll be on the internet. Unfortunately, everyone finds out instantaneously whenever i access the net-i can’t find out how they do-and this brings me the most stress in the world: what could i do, please?


  11. Deli Lanoux, Ed.D.

    Done! I’d thought it was automatic, so thanks for the reminder.


  12. maureen17

    Thank you for the reminder. Looks complicated but I’m sure it’s easy enough!


  13. Pam Phillips

    Thank you!


  14. Marina_Ukraine

    Thank you for the reminder Paul.

    But, I looked Wiki like you said me and Ukraine is not present on their list, but please do not be surprised at this, Ukraine is not present in much things in the world, its normal !!! 🙂

    Anyway, thanks, I always read WP tips and advice.

    Marina Demchuck.

    Rivne [Rovno] Ukraine.


  15. tucsontoro

    Thanks I’ll check that but I’m in Arizona and we stubbornly don’t play the Daylight Savings game!



  16. Anne Lessing

    Aahh, almost forgot! Thanks for the heads-up.



    Thank you for the reminder… BTW, when will WP.com enable Google Friend Connect? I need this feature… THX


  18. skossivi

    Thanks a lot!


  19. misterblankon

    thanks, i’ll check.


  20. Bill

    Thanks. By the way it’s really daylight saving time. No s on saving.

    Picky Picky Bill


  21. shamballa9944

    Thanks for the heads up!


  22. Shiyiya

    *does the Arizona doesn’t use DST dance*


  23. Gay Kansas

    > “WordPress.com blog time settings follow the UTC time standard. This method allows us to keep the stats database lean and fast. That translates into free stats for everyone!”

    You’re seriously claiming that if you coded to account for DST, stats would cost users money?


  24. Yi

    Would changing time have any effects on statistics?


  25. lilmaouz

    Hello! Thanks for the Info. (It’s posted on Fr.forum already. Have a nice day, everybody 🙂 )


  26. lasnersiregar

    hey, thanks for this info!


  27. Jio

    How about for bloggers in the Philippines? The Wikipedia article does not help at all. Thanks again!


  28. julianusginting

    thx u for remind me…hehee..


  29. Kuya Marc

    Thanks for the reminder… Ever since I moved from Seattle, WA, USA, to Manila, Philippines in 2006, I’ve been fixed for knowing my local time as UTC+8. However, forgetting about daylight saving time does affect when I call my parents & friends in the USA. Seattle is either UTC-8 or UTC-7 (or PHL-16 or PHL-15, respectively), but didn’t write down the DST changes on my calendar, anymore. Luckily, my computer clocks (Windows XP, GNU Linux, Mac OS X, and Palm OS) keep me updated on what time it is in Seattle.

    For everyone’s information, I’ve been a webmaster since 1996 (Seattle, WA, USA). I generally keep a clock set to UTC/GMT, since I’m also a amateur radio operator. When calling Seattle, I do forget if it’s UTC-8 or UTC-7. No problems when I call a 24-hour Wal-Mart…


  30. Jennifer

    I’m more confused now than I was before!

    To find the time I prefer http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/full.html On individual places it gives the date for switching to DST and includes the UTC offset.


  31. Kam

    Thanks for the information, now ready rendez-vous for the 28th at 02h ^_-
    Have a nice day * * *


  32. niceandnew

    Daylight Saving and all, huh? Damn, I find it complicated 😦
    Let’s try to do it though 🙂


  33. Aiman Amani

    Thanks for reminding but I’m living in Malaysia where the climate is about the same throughout the year 🙂


  34. lesdaprez

    Thank you for the reminder…


  35. Xzion

    Thanks for the warning 🙂


  36. jagdish bali

    don’t understand. what about India?


  37. Brad

    Totally confused. I get what DST is, but why does my WP.org blog adjust just fine for DST? It knows UTC and adjusts based on the setting I give in “General.” I told it to follow Chicago time.

    As much as I love WP.com, it seems weird that I can do all this just fine in WP.org blogs but not the .com installation.


  38. nfs1b

    Thank You for the reminder!


  39. Lagunatic

    If you’re reading my blog you probably don’t know/don’t care what time of day it is anyway. 😉


  40. Holly Meyers

    Thanks for mentioning the best sport in the world! I’m off to Spring Training next week! – Holly (UrbanYogaDen)


  41. daimlergunrow

    Does this make anyone else ponder on time? or is that just me…

    Like, did you know, if you waved your left hand around at the speed of light it would age more slowly than your other hand.



  42. Sharlet

    My best regards to you, Paul. It’s mind-boggling to do “timely” changes. Happy to drop in and read all the funny comments on your blog.


  43. Moco Scribe

    Thank you for reminding us!


  44. gramescualin

    ok,i will change..thanks


  45. blancarivas

    thanks for the tip


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  47. aoinnoji

    reminds me of benjamin franklin^^..! thanks for reminding, mate!


  48. Andy

    Thanks for that!:)


  49. Logan

    Instead of using the UTC format, I set mine to a city in my time zone (in this case, Chicago), and it seems not to need to be manually changed for daylight savings.


  50. Lane

    Fort some dumb reason in the UK we don’t shift for nearly another two weeks. Everyone in London is going crazy waking up too early and blaming Scotland (sorry, Scotland!)


  51. cm7yre

    Thanks 😀 I would have forgotten it 😀


  52. kunstsoldaat

    spring can be so borinkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk…


  53. siking

    But if I chose the city in my timezone, instead of the UTC-something, I don’t have to readjust it twice a year, right?


  54. لؤي

    Thanks for the update 😉


  55. abossybabe

    Thanks for the reminder. I’m at work for the weekend, but unfortunately on days! So I won’t benefite from an 11 hour instead of 12 hour nightshift!


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  58. oliviaandstuff

    Thank God you reminded me!


  59. Web Solutions

    Thanks for reminding me and really nice and great


  60. Desiree

    thank youuuU!!!


  61. sadiahaidarig

    Thanks for the reminder I am in Islamabad but i didn’t find my timwzone city in the list.What should i do for this


  62. webmistress

    I always forget about this even though its an annual thing lol


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  64. TEVG

    Time owns all of us. Arrgh!


  65. bruceredor

    When will be be able to set up a coordinated approach around the globe about time changes? Why can’t we do it on the same date on all continents?


  66. bruceredor

    This also reminds me of an old American adage to help set the clocks : “Spring Forward” (you set the clocks forward one hour in the spring; and “Fall Back” (you set the clocks back an hour in the autumn). It works!


  67. tcer

    Thanks for the reminder!!! I always seem to forget. lol.


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  69. Tony

    Here in Tasmania we go the other way & depart Daylight saving time on the 1st Sunday in April


  70. Andrik Supriadi

    thanks ya….


  71. shan

    Thanks for the reminder !


  72. artrievals

    thanks. nice to read info..


  73. chichappens

    So much easier. Thanks!!!


  74. oraculix

    Well… if you’re a pilot or an otherwise “globalized” person, you could as well leave your settings to plain vanilla UTC . 🙂


  75. P

    thank you!


  76. linnya

    Thank you very much~!


  77. jaws45221

    I joined wordpress a few months ago and its a big hit


  78. theirishway

    Wish I’d read this earlier – I live in England and because our time delay is later I got a very bad tempered brother when I called an hour earlier than I thought I was doing. Mother’s day is different too. Times is hard …


  79. cikguict

    tq for ur info


  80. longjhonsilver

    so good but i don’t understand one thing why are they playing with the clock each year just leave it as it is?


  81. colourmagazine

    I am from Greece so i have to change the “clock” in Sunday !


  82. Ron

    Re:- Update: There’s a full listing of when Daylight Saving Time begins around the world in this article on Wikipedia.

    Actually, it doesn’t list that information. But why does this seem to be such a massive problem – based on comments here? Surely everybody should be aware of the prevailing situation in their own country?

    If anyone in Britain is baffled, clocks go forward on March 28, and back on October 31 this year.


  83. helpourveterans

    I think some people are still catching up with the time change. Oh well, spring cleaning continues.


  84. Ah Fat

    I forgot you have to do so!
    now it reminds me, sadly i am going to lose an hour


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