OMG WordPress BBQ at SxSW

OMG WordPress BBQ logoThis weekend, thousands of WordPress users and fans (including many hosted here on are among the people attending the South by Southwest (SxSW) Interactive conference in Austin, TX. To celebrate this, we’re throwing a WordPress BBQ at SxSW tomorrow so that there’s a place for us all to get together.

If you’re a user attending SxSW (or you just happen to be in Austin), please join us for lunch after 12pm* tomorrow, Sunday March 14. Come, eat, meet some of the team, talk about the cool things you’re doing with WordPress on your site, let us know what we can do better, talk about some of the new features and themes you’ve been seeing here lately, etc. Think of it like a WordCamp without presentations. See how many staff you can spot chowing down on Matt’s favorite meal. 🙂

Location: Conjunctured coworking space, 1309 East 7th St., Austin, TX 78702. From the convention center, walk up to 7th Street, hang a right, and walk until you get to #1309. If you’re tired of walking, taking a cab is a decent option. Note that this is on the other side of I-35 from the convention center.

* We’ll keep serving until we run out of food, so probably until around 2 or 3? We’ll have a hundred pounds of bbq meat, a bunch of sides, and dozens of gallons of iced tea, so come hungry.

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  1. deathgleaner

    First comment! Wish i could be there, but aww… too bad


  2. flo

    I am so so sorry i cannot come to Austin Texas for WordPress BBQ, because i am from Hellas United Europe member. (Greece) if you dont know Hellas, i bet you dont, but this is the right name. Really I want to but I cant. I love so much USA.


  3. greglewicki

    Perfect! I regret I won’t be able to move from Poland to US before June. It seems PR WordPress team will make use of the old Slavic saying “through stomach to the very heart” in very professional a manner!


  4. Deli Lanoux, Ed.D.

    OMG!!! We were in Austin last weekend and will be there March 18-22. Sooo… We totally mised your big fandango!!!! Eat hearty!!! Enjoy!!! No one does bbq better than Texans, eh? Okay, this also applies to those who love TX sooo much that their heart and soul is Texan. OMG!!! What was that? My husband just asked if I wanted us to drive there tomorrow!!! Wouldn’t that be the Cat’s Me-OW?!! Thanks for the invite!!! Next time…


  5. Deli Lanoux, Ed.D.

    LOL… That’s what I get for typing without my glasses on. That’s missed… two eses, not one… Y’all have an absolutely fantabulous time!!! I’m sooo excited for y’all. You’re the best!


  6. Dr. D.

    I wish I could go, but I live in Chicago!


  7. Andrew

    Too far south!


  8. lolivopalmsprings

    Thanks so much and appreciate the invitation. However I have got a restaurant to run and I am also expecting lots of business during weekend. But thanks W.P. anyway for your super administration.
    Have fun.


  9. Sara

    I live too far away, but I would go if it was closer to my home. It’s sad I’m missing out on this opportunity.


  10. shamballa9944

    Sounds like a blast! Too bad I’m in NY, esp with the intense wind and rain we’re having!

    Have fun everyone!


  11. Mary

    Yummy.. but too far away 😦


  12. ladybug18

    sounds like fun!


  13. art predator

    I’ll jump on a plane right now! Sounds great! Maybe next year…

    This year I’ll just have to hold out for WordCamp SF BBQ!


  14. souldipper

    Wow! Contact with skin on! What a concept!!

    When are you guys coming to Salt Spring Island in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada? Let me know so we can make plans to sink the island! 🙂

    Have heaps of BBQ FUN!


  15. parwatisingari

    All the best friends enjoy yourself.


  16. altonwoods

    Sounds delicious! Although I’m unable to attend I can imagine the messy fun you’ll have eating all of that bb-q!


  17. boblobslaw

    You guys are wonderful thank you for supplying a great service to the people !


  18. surelaw

    Nice to see such news. I have lots of suggestions. The suggestions would get more and more people to use WordPress. Maybe if I have time I will post all my suggestions and queries so that we improve together. Next time have a meeting in India. The note on lunch is very nice.


  19. ArchitectDesire2010 @

    Dear WordPress Online Stars, Thanking you very much for efforts to invite me to your BBQ. And see you all there.


  20. Christina Prints

    Wow! That sounds so fun! Ever think of having a BBQ in New York City?


  21. mummysews

    Have a fab time, would love to meet you and say thanks in person for demystifying the blog and website scene for me. Have a business blog and my personal one as a practice piece so I have a better shop blog. You guys are fantastic and all your funky plugins have made it possible for me to have a highly variable site that won’t cost me squillions to maintain for my business. Kisses, hugs etc


  22. katyallgeyer

    Oh man! I wish I were able to be in Austin with y’all! Have a great time! 🙂


  23. VIKAS |

    First come first serve! All the best to everyone attending it.


  24. sid

    I would love to be there 🙂


  25. Lagunatic

    That sounds like fun.
    Someone have a hot dog for me….but no beer. I really hate beer.


  26. marmaladeangel

    OMG ! I wish I could be there and join the BBQ and all the fun….Enjoy ,everybody and eat for me…from far-off Philippines….MarmaladeAngel


  27. phoxis

    Wish i could be there 🙂


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  29. pruelpo

    I wish I am in Austin too to celebrate with Matt’s favorite meal! Congrats guys…


  30. elmer

    wish i could go but we’re having a victory celebration for the PACMAN. on the other side of the PACIFIC! cheers to wordpress!!


  31. herryager1

    wow…i want to go there! but…very dificult for go because i am sick….hikshikshiks(cry)



    Actually, I want to join this party, but sorry it is too far for me.
    Have good party!


  33. John Zimmer

    What a great idea. As I live in Switzerland, I am not likely to make it, but have a great time.


  34. lesdaprez

    I wish I could go… I luv me some barbeque!!!


  35. Nikita

    Are you having hamburger patties for your BBQ or proper meat [like we have “down under” 🙂


  36. Moses

    Sounds delicious!


  37. kiwidutch

    I’m trying to perfect a recipe for home made BBQ… if any of the wordpress cooks at the BBQ have tips to pass on to me I would love and adore you!
    Sadly the reason I need to make mine home made is that I live in the Netherlands and you will understand that Texas is too far to commute for one meal!
    Whilst I sit here far away drooling and feeling envious, I wish all who are able to go to Austin have a HEAP of fun!


  38. draabe

    What a great idea. Hope to see these in other locations in the future!


  39. Hana

    Yeah. Its too far from my home. I wish I can join this big celebration. I love wordpress so much. Its enlighten my life.


  40. heloise8

    I live close and did not know about this. I could not have made it this year because I was sick. But it coincides with spring break I could. Is this a regular thing? Is Austin always the locale for SxSW? If so, let me know and I’ll plan to go next year.

    My blog the Trough after only one year here has taken off. Thanks WP. This is home.



    • Paul Kim

      SxSW is always held in Austin, and yes, there is a tradition of a WordPress BBQ dating back many years now. Hope you can make it next year! 🙂


  41. Moco Scribe

    Well I’m thousands of miles away in the UK…otherwise I would be there for lunch!!


  42. maureen17

    Where are you next going to be in the United Kingdom or Europe??


  43. heloise8

    Thanks. I just looked it up and I guess you are part of the whole SxSW deal. I know Austin well and it must be crunchy up in there with the already bad traffic. I would drive and then park and walk or take shuttles. Love Austin though. Since the movie fest is there I will get press pass for next year as well. Can’t wait.


  44. Nikita

    hi Paul, I’m glad to hear that! BBQ and patties are just a no-no to me… 🙂


  45. Anne Lessing

    BBQ and WordPress…two of my favorite things!! I can’t be there, but set aside some BBQ for when you come to Pennsylvania…. 🙂


  46. Haeyoung

    i wish i had gone!


  47. enakale

    nice, but so far. I live in indonesia


  48. Dr. Serdar دکتر سردار

    I wish I could go, but I live in Canada


  49. sylviahubbard1

    i’m so jealous. I can smell the food and fun all the way from Motown. **inserting green w/envy face gritting teeth here***


  50. Maria

    ahah same here I live in Canada, but I would have went if I lived in Austin.


  51. exileimaging

    Well, I live in Austin but family matters prevented my participation. And I LOVE BBQ! Let’s hope WordPress does it again next year.


  52. niceandnew

    Ooh! This is nice!
    Sadly, I’m in Mumbai, India, and won’t be able to meet the WP team.


  53. kanhaiyamshukla

    I wish I could be there!


  54. julianusginting

    like it ..but too far…. 😦


  55. Karl

    Vancouver would be a great spot for next year’s BBQ!


  56. justkampuretoo

    wew, that’s nice …. wish im in there. but its very far from my country.


  57. blog4hillaryvillagers

    WordPress crew rocks! Sorry, I missed it, if you do one here in SFO, let me know.


  58. ceciiil

    Have a great time guys and keep on the good work !


  59. sarahnemeth

    aww man i would just jump on a plane and fly there! but gee i hope you guys keep having these bbq.
    its an add on to the list of things i want to do before i die, to go for a wordpress bbq! woots!

    wordpress rock on!

    p.s im from singapore 🙂


  60. anima9

    As much as I am free to attend any event related to food, I’m afraid I’ll have to pass up on this one.

    Reason: You guys are halfway round the World LOL


  61. Dingo

    Yeah, this event would be incredible to be able to attend. One of the many disadvantages of living in Pennsylvania…you’re never near anything fun. 😦

    Oh well, hope you guys have lots of fun!


  62. lylettep

    Well i hope that everyone who made it had a lot of fun


  63. challengemandan

    I want BBQ food! Love it!! Need some to keep up my energy for all the challenges!


  64. Ellie Vranken

    Belgium is a bit too far from your BBQ-spot, but I’ll be there with my thoughts …Have a good time, and thank you for everything that you have made possible for us!


  65. kimostore

    Excellent, but so far. I live in Egypt.


  66. Sharon

    What a great idea! Wish I could’ve been there.


  67. rumahnajwa

    So far away.. from Indonesia,when come to Indonesia


  68. antopatterson

    Oh man! Wish I could be there but I’m literally on the other side – Singapore.

    Have a blast!


  69. visualeye

    Wish I could attend. It would be great! Haven’t been home to US since 03. I miss where I’m from a lot Phoenix and LA.

    Have a good time.


  70. Souza Nurafrianto

    Awwww, how about Indonesia? Have a lot of fun there…..


  71. TEVG

    What about us Vegetarians?


  72. Joshua Drew

    How about having one here in London? We still manage to hold up our blogs amongst this concrete slabbed city, plus the sun’s out! BBQ time!


  73. scifi75

    Gosh i wish that I was there, but I couldn’t be there. It’s too far away even though I am from MA!!!


  74. dougkern

    Rats! Just saw this note, so missed out. And as a native Austinite, I love the BBQ. Still in Austin? Try out an excellent dive at House Park BBQ, 908 12th Street:

    And for road trips, don’t miss the Top 50 Texas BBQ google map:


  75. TEVG

    Thank God it’s not in Vegas. Ugh.


  76. bigryanpark

    I’ll be there in Spirit. -@BigRyanPark


  77. bullysuicideproject

    Wow…Maybe Next Time. We are located in Dallas Texas.
    We are NEW to Word Press Blogs. Thanks!


  78. creativeheart86

    xD awwww, in Texas??? Save me some ribs!


  79. rugbyspartan

    hello, we are glad to know of this action, but as we are a rugby club for children with small budget too have no money for travel. it was good one such movement can and a possible fundraiser for children who practice this sport and have no material possibilities. best regards.


  80. phillus

    Okay guys you have fun in Texas…

    Next one, should be here in California!!! =]


  81. yarnaholic

    I might be too late for the potato salad, but listening to SXSW concerts online is making me feel like I’m almost there (almost)! Next time, webcast!



    would like to make this ……


  83. adiblogger

    we just talked today about Austin!
    I am jealous for all who can make it 😉
    enjoy it!
    next one should be in Portland OR


  84. imstalked

    too bad i live in SWEDEN!11


  85. anguishedrepose

    As a very satisfied new user, I would have loved to make it, since I am only a short drive away…But I had to work. Dang, I would have loved to show up and let ya’ll know how much I am enjoying being a part of the WordPress family. Plus, ya know, you had Bar-B-Q. And I L-O-V-E me some good Bar-B-Q. Hope the eats were as great as the company. Would love to try to attend a such event in the future!


  86. ztevo

    yum sounds fun!


  87. chichappens

    guess I wont be making it this year, shucks I LOVE BBQ


  88. jeburciaga

    Hope some of these are closer to home – Ichabod’s kin


  89. Written Straw

    Unless I’m having sinful transgressions of another nature, I’ll be there. Or unless I can’t find parking.


  90. Paulo

    Come to Southern California. I’ll be there!



  91. neuronoid

    Doesn’t sound like vegetarians would get more than “sides”…


  92. cgonzal

    Wish I could be there. You picked a great city to host the event!


  93. brabosh

    I would love to com. How far is that BBQ from Antwerp in Belgium (Europe)? 🙂


  94. Marina_Ukraine

    Hello from Ukraine !

    I am sorry I will not be able to attend such a glorious event, which I would dearly love to, but the 1 aircraft that flies out of Ukraine is in repair this week, the rope used to hold the wings on has worked its way loose, and as there is a shortage of such rope here it will take some time before some more is located.

    I wish you happy times at this event my dear WordPress people.





  95. Mama Mooch

    A BBQ in sunny Austin sounds great to me right now, but I’m stuck in rainy Oxford, England.
    Have fun, but not too much. 🙂 x


  96. Joey Asher Tan

    the next BBQ has to be in singapore – the food paradise. so make our dreams come true. thanks for the hard work, everyone at the wordpress team. it has been a delight writing on this platform. (:


  97. webmistress

    Awww to bad I wasn’t there for that would’ve loved to attend, even though me nor my crew wasn’t there we enjoy every moment of the sites members right here.

    Meeting 100’s of interesting & inspiring people without even leaving the house or office, now thats the best event ever!

    hope those that were there enjoyed themselves


  98. st0rmw1ng

    Hi, i’m from Indonesia so obviously i can’t attend this event ^^; But hey, i hope you guys & gals can have loads of fun.

    WordPress ROCKS!! XD


  99. mkp99

    It’s a bummer I can’t come. . . I love BBQ. . .


  100. ryanmitchellgames

    Wish I would have seen this sooner 😉


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