Proofread More Languages

We’re often asked when we plan to make our intelligent proofreading technology available for more languages.

We’ve been hard at work and today we’re announcing After the Deadline proofreading for French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Proofread your French

These languages feature After the Deadline’s smart contextual spell checking. We’re also using a great open source project called Language Tool to check French and German grammar.

If you’re on and your blog language is set to French, German, Portuguese, or Spanish–you’re ready to use our multi-lingual proofreader.

Click proofread button in the visual editor or proofread in the HTML Editor.

We realize many of you blog in multiple languages and we have not forgotten you. Visit your profile page and select Use automatically detected language to proofread posts and pages.

auto detect option

With this option enabled, our proofreader will guess the language of your blog post and apply the correct proofreading technology for that language.

The Proofreading technology is available as the After the Deadline plugin for self-hosted WordPress blogs.


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  1. dhimasln

    wow, that’s cool.
    i’ll wait for bahasa Indonesia 🙂


  2. VIKAS |

    Wow, it’s raining new features here! And I guess I will be the maiden commentor here yet again! 🙂 🙂

    P.S.: I rarely use this feature. I use Windows Live Writer and love it! 🙂


  3. larz0biedo

    this is useful especially when encountering hard to understand languages.


  4. ibrahimweber

    Thank you WordPress.


  5. Dlyan

    Merci !


  6. Ruslan Trad

    I`m waiting for Bulgarian :))


  7. Sid

    I hope all other languages will too have this feature ………

    good luck 🙂


  8. seanylpa

    Ah brilliant. Now I can write something in french without needing to constantly look up a grammatical query in the bilingual dictionary….. XD


  9. susaneb

    This sounds great…so may I suggest adding another language, per esempio, italiano?? I live in Italy and it would be very 🙂 nice to have that one, too.



  10. Sami Malallah

    Well this is good news. I use English proof reader and it corrected me many times. My first language is Arabic and I do not see this feature coming very soon in Arabic. That’s OK, English is a universal language and will be more than enough for my blog.


  11. Lil Wayne Blog

    And hungary support?


    • rsmudge

      Hungarian isn’t in our next batch. We may look into offering it (and other languages) in the future though. The criteria are: how many users of the language are on, whether our technology (the front-end JavaScript code, our NLP tools) can support the language, and if there is enough data available in the right form for our system to learn from.


  12. RandomizeME

    I only write in English but I do applaude WordPress.Com’s efforts! I use the proofreading feature, and I’m glad it’s now in use for other languages.


  13. maureen17

    Fantastic una otra buena idea de WordPress!


  14. Eneya

    How can I help to add my language (bulgarian) into the system?


  15. edwilsonishere

    Thank you so much for this!!


  16. Lagunatic

    Yay! Now people won’t keep thinking I killed my husband when they try to translate my blog into their language.

    Thank you, WordPress.

    (My very much alive husband thanks you too)


  17. Ömer Enis



  18. mk621

    cool… now the site is going to expand…


  19. J. Gary Ellison

    C’est super, génial ! Merci beaucoup !


  20. g s collector

    Brilliant! Will be very useful. Thanks for another great addition.



  21. Louy

    Thanks, and please support Arabic!


  22. lilmaouz

    Great! Really! Thank you very much! 😀


  23. s-dee

    I would love NORWEGIAN!!! 🙂


  24. Car

    very smart toolbar!!!


  25. Aya

    Will be waiting to next language 😀


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  27. pwesty

    Japanese eventually?


    • rsmudge

      Japanese is hard for us to do. It’s one of those languages that we can’t find the words by looking for spaces. We could handle it on the server-side but on the front-end (visual editor, HTML editor) it’s tougher. In the future we may offer it but for now we’re focusing on languages that have fewer technical hurdles for us to overcome.


  28. Loup Kibiloki

    Un gros bravo!


  29. Tom Baker

    You guys keep impressing me. Really great job!


  30. Ady Mat

    Hey! Great job again and what about Hindi language! 🙂


  31. Aiman Amani

    Great! Can’t wait for you guys to add Bahasa Malaysia too (or even better Trengganuspeak – but I think that’s a bit too hard to be done) 🙂


  32. cvs268

    The Visual-Editor is simply awesome!! It loads pretty fast on my Firefox 3.5 ( my 8Mbps connection is the culprit 😉 )

    But, there are less fortunate bloggers in the world. Until recently i too was very wary of the visual editor prior to getting access to Blazing fast Broadband connectivity.

    Is anyone working on reducing the Visual Editor footprint?…
    Are there plans to release it as a stand-alone executable??…


  33. ritakml

    This is great! Multilanguage is really important. I hope you will be able to include all languages with time!


  34. Raptor

    I need Russian, thanks


  35. Jennifer

    Can hardly wait for the day when WordPress will offer “*Read* this blog in your language”. 🙂

    Again, thanks for all you do for us.


  36. La Tribu d'Anaximandre

    Extension bien utile ! merci


  37. Octavian

    I’ll support for Indonesian language 😀


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  39. mikehughescq

    Should the criteria not move from how many already use WordPress to how many potentially could if support for their language was made available?


  40. Syed Mehroz Alam

    Wow!!! I wasn’t aware of this great feature. A quick suggestion:can you guys ignore the portion in the [ sourcecode ] tags.


  41. The Royal Hermitage

    Have been looking for such a tool for German language. Simply brilliant!:-)


  42. bodziukaszol

    How about polish language? Any chance? I also have question about translating themes. Not much themes is currently supporting my language. Is there any chance to get language support in the future in all themes?


  43. gbvaz

    Cool! Very nice! Thanks


  44. vilmoskörte

    Danke, das ist sehr hilfreich! Viele Grüße aus Berlin.


  45. cartoonita

    Firefox users can already use dictionaries and grammar spellcheckers via add-ons:

    Btw, there seems to be a problem with the security certificate of this blog.
    It generated an alert when i wanted to login to comment.


  46. Dan

    How can I help get tiếng Việt added? I saw your volunteer thread, but LanguageTool doesn’t support Vietnamese. Is LT support a prerequisite?


  47. pied type

    Sorry guys, but I turned mine off. I’m a retired editor and the proofreader’s errors were driving me crazy.


    • rsmudge

      Most of the proofreader’s “errors” are supposed to be optional and off by default. This includes all the style checking errors, the passive voice detector, and the hidden verb detector. I made a programming mistake that caused all these options to be on for everyone by default. I fixed this on Monday. You may want to try it again (assuming all the options are turned off). I think one of the things AtD does a good job with (minus this recent issue) is keeping quiet unless there really is an error.


  48. உதய தாரகை

    Thank you very much!

    Waiting this feature to come in Tamil language too. Hope WordPress can do that, where we as bloggers given support to localise the WordPress in Tamil. Next, hope to see the proof read thing Tamil.

    Thanks again and you guys rock!!

    Tharique Azeez
    உதய தாரகை


  49. smariefarrand

    Hurrah! Now you just need to add Russian.


  50. iammikhail

    I hope Filipino and Japanese will be included on the next batch. 🙂


  51. hannahcamille

    I like this program very much. I wish it had existed sooner.


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  53. everspike

    Very nice tool, but will it support Romanian in the near future?


  54. John Ryan Recabar

    Most filipinos do not use wordpress blogs to write posts in Filipino, but still it would be interesting if Filipino is included in you planned inclusion.


  55. kluv

    That’s cool! Well done wordpress.


  56. kanred


    what about indic languages like telugu tamil……

    please help……

    thanking you



  57. amitnahata

    Hey do you guys have any plans to support Hindi???


  58. Philippe Lebel

    It is awsome. Especially for people who are big on travelling. I can’t wait to see an Montagnais version!!


  59. alhakim

    I’ll wait for Indonesia language Support
    *Hmm… I’m sure there will no more typo mistake again in my blog 😉 *


  60. reverberi

    I have just created my account… Although i can read and write simple English, and also read Italian, Portuguese, French, Catalan…, i expect to publish mainly in my first tongue. Thanks for all the team for this opportunity. I could offer an oppinion, if there are any uncertainties concerning the point if the Spanish you publish is clearly understood by readers of standard *american* spanish readers (not always happens), since that is precisely the matter which i work with 🙂 Thanks again, and congratulations!
    Marcos Revérberi


  61. orangeroomstudios

    The technology is impressive, and this tool will certainly help many people.

    But here’s a not-so-popular idea:

    If you need to rely on computerized proofreaders to communicate in a certain foreign language, you should go back to studying the basics and, in the meantime, stick to languages you know. If you think you can already communicate well, but you claim that you just want to “perfect” your writing, get a real living native thinking person to give you holisitic analysis, because this technology won’t fix ugly. If you are fluent and creative in any language, including your own, just watch your spelling.

    As for reading foreign language blogs, you must do your ABCs before you try to tackle meaningful text in a foreign language.



    indonesian language 🙂


  63. haitham99

    very helpful, thanks a lot

    Liked by 1 person

  64. julianusginting

    yes..waiting it in Bahasa Indonesia..:-)


  65. multilingualmania

    This is fabulous!


  66. jelitaku42

    waahh…senangnya…..mudah-mudahan cepet buat bahasa indonesianya yaa….


  67. robbyn08

    tapay mantap gan


  68. Sergio Oxtrasc

    Thanks!!!!! Like really thanks!! I love you guys =)
    I have my blog on Spanish and having to check the spelling on Word (mostly for accents) was not
    fun >.<

    🙂 Thanks again! Keep up the good work 🙂


  69. ontherun

    Super great function > thank’s
    Wordpress addict


  70. ontherun

    Merci ça assure grave cette fonction , en Français dans le texte ;-D


  71. olahus

    @Everspike: unfortunately, the romanian speakers are verry few, they are not even in the stats


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  73. Ylva

    Hey, have you thought about extending it to Swedish at a later point?


  74. Brenda Nepomuceno

    Can I scream amen to the top of lungs for the Portuguese proofreading?
    I love you, WP team. 😉


  75. δμ3κ

    Hope Greek gets supported soon.


  76. joko39

    Usaha yang bagus. Semoga ke depan bisa menjangkau semua bahasa.


  77. surinwelangon

    bahasa indonesia yang disempurnakan
    Enhanced Indonesian


  78. webmistress27

    now this is a GREAT thing! go WP go and I agree with other posters such as ritakml, Multilanguage is really important with some many of us speaking and learning second languages.


  79. XxUnique MuslimahxX

    Cool! I support all languages and love them all, but how about arabic?! 😀


  80. victoriasharov

    RUSSIAN!!! :)))

    *~Be Beautiful~*


  81. pkspeaker2010



  82. BigCrow

    Please add Georgian (ქართული) too 🙂


  83. asir99alahzan



  84. Gladys Hobson

    Is it possible to have my blog (English) automatically translated into other languages on the net so that people (who may not know many, or any English words), in other countries will find them through the (translated) tags?
    Not sure how Wrinkly Writers translates (probably a bit of a laugh) but it sure would give me tremendous pleasure to know I am being read all over the world. (What every author dreams of!)


  85. Pedro

    Is עברית (Hebrew) on the agenda? As one leaning עברית that will be more valuable to me as I incorporate more עברית into my writing.


  86. yourtourguide

    Maybe Polish will be on the list of languages?


  87. ikarlstad

    Swedish should be on your to-do-list. It’s an international language spoken by about nine million people! And did you know that many nice old English words like flask or window comes from old Swedish? 😀

    Seriously though, Swedes are quite active with WordPress. Any chance for proofreading in Swedish?


  88. patriciarosemidwinter



  89. Fri3ng3R

    This is great! And how about Vietnamese?


  90. Pavel

    I know Czech language is a small one, but still, we would greatly appreciate it… 🙂 Try to get in touch with


  91. Nishant

    मैं हिंदी के लिए प्रतीक्षा कर रहा हूं.
    I am waiting for support in Hindi.


  92. algandi88

    necesito español, como hago?


  93. gamulz

    sip, waiting for indonesian.. 😀


  94. Angelherself

    A wonderful tool, I use it all the time…


  95. zventje

    Man, you guys…. pfffff… wonderfull work you do… bless ya…


  96. Reem Marei

    Thank you WORDPRESS. That is very helpful. We can actually avoid any embarrassing sentences of our own 🙂 🙂


  97. Arie Folger

    As a multilingual blogger, I have been waiting for this. Thank you! Cheers,


  98. xece

    Am also waiting for Turkısh:)

    best regards


  99. Adonis

    Cool! Sounds pretty good. However…what about czech?


  100. masdooka

    தமிழ் இணைய நண்பன்
    தமிழ் இஸ்லாம் அரங்கம்
    thank you WORDPRESS

    Liked by 1 person

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