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Here at we like to keep stats on the various features and resources available to our users. So as part of the release for rssCloud on I added internal stats to see how it was being used. It tracks things like the number of subscription requests and the number of sent notifications (pings) that get processed each day.

That’s where the numbers for my rssCloud Update post came from. It’s been three months since that post so I took another look at the numbers to see how things were going. The first thing I looked at was the number of subscription requests per day. I was a bit surprised by what I saw:

Turned out we’d had a bit of a spike 🙂

Things were pretty consistent before that spike, getting between 160,000 and 200,000 subscription requests per day. Then, for a few days towards the end of January, subscriptions really started coming in. At the very tip of that peak there were 1,548,657 subscription requests in a single day. And as quickly as they came, they went, dropping to a daily average below what we were seeing before. Then this week we saw another (much smaller) spike back up to 359,759 requests in a single day.

Now I was curious, what did the numbers look like for pings sent out? Turns out there was a spike there as well, though not nearly as big:

The daily numbers were again pretty consistent, between 65,000 and 110,00 pings sent per day, with the weekends being on the lower end of the scale. Then, on the same day where the number of subscription requests had peaked we saw a spike in pings sent out; 143,769 (the red arrow). And just like the subscription numbers, after the spike the daily averages fell below their earlier norms. And then another peak this week. This time though the second peak was even higher, at 146,809 pings sent out in a single day.

The reach of rssCloud has been growing too. Back in November there were 135,000 blogs with at least one rssCloud subscriber. Today there are 237,420.

Makes me wonder what the next three months will bring.

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  1. douginator

    Outstanding, keep up the hard work!


  2. ileaneb

    That is such a totally bizarre spike. It almost make me think something went wrong things were duplicated, or ever triplicated for some odd reason. Do you have any idea what it might be? Oh well, thanks for sharing the data.


  3. GG

    New academic semester in January – blogs a required activity?


  4. edwilsonishere

    National Blogging month? lol!



    I have posted about 400 in my blog.
    I exported my rss (use blogline) to save in my PC, but when I imported it to another reader (google reader), why not all of posts can be read. Any advice for me?


  6. shamballa9944

    My head is spinning. It all sounds very exciting, and I’m not quite sure if I should be “doing” something, or if this is just information to tell us what WP is doing. I’d like to get in on the fun, just not sure where to begin…


  7. Car

    you guys are just rolling out those updates, great work thanks


  8. MJae

    Ah, the wonder of the spike…


  9. admin

    January and February have undoubtedly been good so far. Lets hope for more spikes to come. Happy Blogging.


  10. suchitrafieldsfineart

    I’m new to this, but oddly I saw similar spikes in my own little wordpress universe that I couldn’t account for. I think the academic calendar idea could be valid.


  11. cvs268

    I don’t want to sound paranoid, but, Some guys might be trying to analyse the system; throwing out “feelers”. It could be some kind of a trial or maybe a failed attempt.

    PS: My blog too registered an inexplicable rise in viewership around JAN 24-26.


  12. Richard Buller

    I confess to having difficulty understanding the whole Ping thing. Try as I might, I just don’t understand it. Also, when I ask for new post notifications (Karate Nottingham WordPress) I don’t receive them. I feel that the instructions are too difficult for me to follow. Regards, Richard


  13. Tammy McLeod

    Well, creating a blog was part of my new year’s resolution (if that’s what we still call them). Perhaps it was the same for others. It’d be interesting to see if there was a corresponding fall off in gym activity! 😉


  14. elasticthreads

    gee. It’s almost as if there was some kind of event at the end of January that had a lot of people blogging and chattering… but the same sort of people who would know about and subscribe to RSSCloud.

    Some kind of huge, media-hyped event, that dominated tech blogging leading up to that event…

    ( )


  15. Lagunatic

    I’m still trying to figure out how to somehow take credit.


  16. maureen17

    Maybe something has gone wrong somewhere with adding up??


  17. Moco Scribe

    A statistical aberration : )


  18. theafiles

    Just a shot in the dark, but what about the election in Mass between Scott Brown and Coakley? I know on some of the other blogs which were following the last 2 weeks of the campaign, they were reporting massive spikes in their daily traffic. Especially as the special election date drew near.

    Even though it was one election in a single state – it really took on a life of its own in terms of blog-traffic.


  19. douginator

    Second thought, I have to agree with Lagunatic and suggest that it was the Douginator Online Magazine that did this for you guys… Just joking, really.

    I cannot express in words how wonderful wordpress is. Again, keep up the hard work!


  20. boxandline

    wow, thanks for this, i’m excited to try it


  21. tamihonesty

    any recent external partnerships that promoted the site? Perhaps or one of the other major social media sites publicly promoted wp? I’ve seen increased discussion about blogs on over the last month. Maybe another approach to asking that question, any correlations in the research – has another social media network seen a spike around late jan.? maybe that could give clues to spike.Any (widely used) phone applications developed over the last month which could contribute to the numbers? any relationship in the demographics requesting service or geographical region?


  22. maevedemouse

    I noticed that over December, my stats spiked hugely… I think it was because I was on holidays, so put a lot more work into my blog. If this happened all over the blogosphere, a pretty huge spike would occur…


  23. thebexfiles

    This may be slightly unrelated, but is there a way to keep track of visitors on your blog? Like a little number at the bottom that says “6276751651656561656 people have visited this site” or “5 people have visited…” etc (whichever is more accurate), that will let you know how many hits you’ve had in total (not just by days, weeks or months).


  24. The Royal Hermitage

    Interesting to try. Curious to see about the response. Good idea.


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  27. papareubs

    Really strange! how’d that happen?


  28. Ady Mat

    @ Zé: Well that widget only tell us how many page views we had in a day etc. and not visitors stat(count, location etc.) nor we can have such information from our blog stat’s page. I think thebexfiles was asking for this feature.


  29. Moses

    stats are always enjoyable to check… kudos to wordpress!


  30. constitutionalfights

    In the Midwest, we have seen quite a lot of snow. I know that my blog sees much greater traffic on days when the weather is bad, or when schools and businesses are closed. This may contribute to the cause of the spike, as well.


  31. Winsel Mae

    Maybe students in computer schools. HEHE. Even in our high school, it is required to have a blog account here, part of our computer class. 😀 Anyway, that’s a great progress, keep up.


  32. notesalongthepath

    So, can individual bloggers see the RSS/Subscription stats from their own blogs?


  33. tokyobling

    My gut reaction when I saw that spike was “Google Buzz”. But I wouldn’t know. Any more info on where these originated? One country? Language area? Botnet? Palo Alto?


  34. Avi Sandhu

    this is really nice… hope to be a collective force & contribute in return. cheers!


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  36. catattack998

    about a comment towards the top-
    when we started the semester, in our media class, we had to start blogs. maybe other schools did this too.


  37. deschka

    ooops, sorry that was me…I just joined, and am clueless, so …Anyways, carry on. No more spikes from me


  38. 366degrees

    my guess: it is this long cold winter that keeps us inside blogging.
    as for me i also started mine during those days. a new winteractivity to be connected with the world without getting cold feet. 🙂 and I really enjoy it.


  39. آقا و خانم روانشناس

    very cool


  40. spinho1123

    Technology is great and I love the concept of blogging. Your work on the RSS clouds is a great idea for an overall picture of blog use. Keep up the good work and Happy Blogging !!!


  41. Gladys Hobson

    Although peeks and falls my stats have been rising for a little while now. Nov and Jan about the same. But isn’t that normal as more people drop in and like what they see? I was surprised to find my blog being translated into Russian (I think it is).
    Clouds and pings are a bit of a mystery but I think I have a general idea.


  42. dilsexmh

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  43. jaansil

    Great!!! But I wonder how does one handle such huge traffic, traffic rank’s 19 which is traffic!!


  44. jaansil

    ohh!!! i meant Terrific !!! 🙂


  45. keith34

    Thanks for the stats and keep up the great work!


  46. William Cromar

    I require my students to blog, and I daisy-chain all my blogs. Traffic naturally went way up on all my blogs as curious students clicked on the links to the other blogs. My website traffic spiked, then dipped, for the same reason.


  47. pkspeaker2010

    thank thanks


  48. phepx07

    ohh!! thank you very much viewing my blog…!!
    …thank you again!!!


  49. eskillian

    I have had recent traffic spikes and reached new highs recently as well. But in my case I know why. Anytime Tiger Woods is in the news I get traffic.


  50. julianusginting

    thx for this posting,,, 😛


  51. Dr. Serdar دکتر سردار

    great work thanks


  52. Ronmower

    My stats have stopped completely for three days now. Whats up with that? Is something broke?


  53. Sara Hayward

    fascinating. spike happened around the time i started, i think. it’s very addictive and i feel like i have a new online family to find! had been meaning to start a blog for ages. love the fact it’s so easy to upload my images as well as haiku/posts….


  54. charread09

    The recent spike could partly have come from the @blissdom conference in Nashville in February. I saw a lot of women from this conference saying they were switching to word press for some reason. Have seen some suggestions going on Twitter about it also.


  55. pdusers

    Ummm. CEA, Superbowl, Apple’s announcement thingy. Weren’t all of those around that time? Could have been people looking for more information? Maybe.


  56. theresammoore

    Perhaps it’s the quality of the blogs which is going up, too. As more posters keep their blog consistent and on topic, a great many more readers will find something good to read. Of course, a series of snowstorms is of help, too. And maybe there is a little leakout from posters on other blog hosting sites who are dissatisfied with the service they are getting. I certainly do prefer WordPress to some of the other sites I have visited. Keep up the good work!


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