Mobile Apps for WordPress

February has been a great month for mobile blogging on In just the past week, WordPress apps for Android and BlackBerry made their official debuts, and the iPhone app reached version 2.2. No other blogging service has this kind of app support across these three smartphone platforms — we checked!

Power and control, on the go

While each of these mobile apps is unique, they share a common design philosophy: to give you the ability to easily update and manage your blog from an optimized smartphone user interface. You can easily create new posts, add media, manage comments, and more. There are small tweaks and differences, but the other thing that is shared is the developers are constantly improving the apps based on your feedback, just like we do here on

100% free and open source

Each app is released free of charge, and the code is open source. The teams welcome suggestions for new features and even code contributions. One of the coolest things about open source development is community involvement. It makes the code better, and it makes the apps rock.

Developers can get involved here:
Android | BlackBerry | iPhone

If you’d like to give feature suggestions, do it here:
Android | BlackBerry | iPhone

Language support users come from all over the world. The mobile apps here are available in multiple languages but need volunteers to enable even more people to use them. If you’re interested in helping localize these mobile apps, you can get involved by visiting

Works with blogs

Each of these mobile apps also lets you publish to and manage your self-hosted blogs.

Now with video

VideoPress is now supported in the WordPress for BlackBerry app, and is coming soon for iPhone and Android.

One more thing

We are very excited to share with all of you that in the coming weeks we’ll be opening up a beta test for the official Open Source WordPress for Nokia app. For developers who are interested in getting involved, we just opened-up a dev blog with details, links to the source code and trac tickets, and an early alpha build. We’ll be leveraging the Qt framework which means will be able to support both the S60 and Maemo platforms.

Blog on!

What are you waiting for? Download WordPress for your favorite mobile device and get blogging on


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  1. Lawand

    Cheers for the good work!
    But, what about Symbian?


  2. Sarah

    Are there any plans for apps or similar for non-smartphones? Not everyone can afford the smartphone data plans (it’s an almost $250 difference a year for some companies between unlimited data on a non-smart compared to a smartphone).


  3. HeadBurro Antfarm

    *cough* Windows Mobile guys? No? Still nothing, huh?


  4. VIKAS |

    Interesting! No other blogging platform is so packed with features!


  5. Freakenstein

    About to buy a new phone, seems it won’t be one with WinMobile 😛


  6. maguay

    So when is the Windows Mobile app coming? Come on, you can’t leave Windows Phones out!

    Or are you waiting for top-secret developments from Microsoft at the MWC? 🙂


  7. allaboutduncan

    crossing fingers that Palm Pre will be added to this list


  8. skyx

    waiting for wm platform!


  9. helenpaige1

    is there an app coming out for the samsung impression any time soon?


  10. Rong MeiShan

    You forgot to mention Poster for the Palm Pre. Although, I prefer to just email posts. @Sarah, Sprint has low priced unlimited data. It’s even better if you’re on family plan and the Pre rocks.


  11. jamesgpearce

    I do find it interesting that a platform like WordPress – with such a web-based philosophy – is going so strongly down the route of per-platform client apps, when clearly your end game should be device agnostic.

    Mobile apps are a fad 😉


    • Raanan Bar-Cohen

      Right now there are some inherent advantages of dedicated mobile apps – speed, photo and video capabilities, offline support, address book access, and more – things that are just not possible or not well supported on the mobile browser right now. Having said that, we are watching the space carefully and ultimately think the mobile web will be a significant way people interact with services and platforms such as WordPress in the not too distant future.


  12. Joe

    @wordpress on Twitter mentioned Nokia??


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  14. Sarah

    @Rong MeiShan : I’m on AT&T. I wouldn’t touch Sprint with a 10-foot pole. I have the same phone as helenpaige1


  15. Daniel Cooling

    Please develop a Windows Phone app.


  16. maureen17

    Gosh, that’s good and sounds a bit mind boggling!


  17. Amir

    So – official comments come back saying:
    – no app for Samsung Impression
    – app on the way for Nokia / Symbian
    – keeping an eye on HTML browser apps

    But despite there being several comments asking about Windows Phone support …….. there is no comment! What’s the secret?


    • Raanan Bar-Cohen

      @Amir. Nothing to announce in terms of an official Open Source Windows Mobile app at this time — but we definitely see the demand out there, so that’s great feedback. Also as Janne mentioned below, using Qt might be one way to go about it.


  18. Janne Kalliomäki

    The Nokia client is developed using Qt libraries, which are also available for Windows Mobile. So one option for Windows Mobile users would be to try to port the application for it.


  19. HeadBurro Antfarm

    Erm, for those of us who don’t really speak web, code & software (is that a crime for a WP user? I think it might be…) what does “The Nokia client is developed using Qt libraries, which are also available for Windows Mobile. So one option for Windows Mobile users would be to try to port the application for it” mean in practice?


    • Ben

      Qt is what is called a “toolkit” ; it provides pre-built pieces of code which reduce the need to build programmes completely from scratch. For instance, toolkit are especially important in building interfaces.


  20. The Royal Hermitage

    Have been waiting for a while. Glad to hear that it has arrived. Now I could enter my page easily and enjoy it from my mobile. Thanks for the effort.


  21. Car

    Finally android app!!!YESS!!


  22. Andrew

    crossing fingers that Palm Pre will be added to this list



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  24. nokia5800blog

    What about Symbian and Nokia 5800?


  25. Elena

    I use it on my Android and love it. Great app. User friendly, wonderful UI.
    Thank you!


  26. apuasi

    How I can translate these apps to finnish?


    • Raanan Bar-Cohen

      @apuasi — would love to have you work on that translation. We are still streamlining how the process works, so if you could leave a comment on the dev blog of the app you are interesting in, we’ll get you all the details. For example, for the Android app, please leave a comment on


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  28. Praise Chapel

    very nice!


  29. Giorgio

    fantastic news… :-p


  30. myphotoscout

    Not bad. I used the iPhone app right from the start. It saved me a few times when I was on the go, to correct mistakes.


  31. shamballa9944

    I’m not sure what all of this means to me for now, but it seems clear that it is opening the pathways to many more possibilities…and that’s a good thing 😉


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  34. Sid

    great news …..

    now we can blog directly from mobile 🙂

    thank u guys and good luck to fellow bloggers ………


  35. alice pngen gituan

    🙂 🙂 🙂


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  37. xboxoz360

    With the release of the iPad not too far away, and the HUGE scope that it offers, especially for wordpress bloggers on the go, will be looking at making a iPad WordPress app to allow access and editing, uploading of images and basically full functionality of ones blog via the iPad.

    I hope to have one by mid year, in time for E3 in LA (traveling from Aust to US to attend) and would be using the iPad as an intergral part of my coverage of the event.

    The iPad offers a great deal to users such as ourselves, and opens up a huge list of possibilities, can we expect some movement in this area guys-n-gals?

    The work you do is so appreciated by the community, this would just top the cake off nicely.

    Others thoughts welcomed . . .


  38. barondjr

    I have a t-mobile Shadow which one do I get.


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  40. blackmetalnz

    Perplexes me that there isn’t a Windows Mobile version when it has more market share than Android; by a few times. I suppose it isn’t cool to deal with anything Microsoft anymore.


  41. Chui

    I’m looking forward to the Nokia app. I have an E63.


  42. deepupradeep

    wordpress again made a step ahead


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  44. queertry

    What about us Window Mobile users? Please do come up with one.


  45. Rz Coorporate

    Does WordPress work in Nokia Communicator 9500?


  46. SeSar

    yes agree so.
    waiting for windows mobile platform.
    sorry but its disappointment for me…


  47. screamoinside

    what about symbian devices?


  48. 71mm0

    how about “java midp” phone? i hope you made it because ALL phone have it! 😉


  49. apuasi

    @ Raanan Bar-Cohen

    OK, thanks for information!


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  51. Aiman Amani

    Great news! Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to access the internet through my mobile 🙂 I use my dad’s laptop to blog.


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  53. Jennifer

    Now all I have to do is convince my boss that he needs to buy me the N900 with a data plan. 🙂 #wishfulthinking #appsfortherestofus


  54. greenlightreport

    It makes a world of difference having a good solution when travelling, i used to have to take my laptop everywhere.


  55. VatuBarok

    The iPhone App was the real reason I started Pressing, and now I`ll never go back! ❤


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  57. Joe Zlomek

    Really wish you’d give thought to WebOS mobile app development for the Palm Pre (just a hack away from Linux, guys, and the market is growing). I’m currently using the mobile web interface to check stats and do an occasional Quick Post, but blog management is nearly impossible that way. Having a Pre interface would be far nicer, and probably more productive.

    Love WordPress, and my readers do too. Keep up the great work.


  58. Maik

    hey, great apps but a app for windows mobile would be even better 😉
    i’m using windows mobile and always have to use the web gadget…


  59. edwilsonishere

    Kewl! ^_^ I use a mobile app on my ipod. Now, if only wordpress could create a way for me to text faster.


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  61. missincognegro

    I use the blog app for iPhone. Didn’t think I’d use it much, but I often find myself wanting to write on my blog while out and about. I appreciate this feature.


  62. bbc913

    are there any for symbian s60 3rd? nokia e71?


  63. lnxwalt

    Is there a WebOS app coming? Palm Pre users (like me) would like that.


  64. akbarulhuda

    like this! but my phone is a nokia N70 😦


  65. Damián Esteves

    Would love this for WebOS to use on my Palm Pre! 😀


  66. magiccoffee

    Dynamite, can’t wait to try it out


  67. Jacobian

    well I have a blackberry and I surely will try this app. thanks for the info then. 😉


  68. wh00ps

    C’mon. WinMo. Please!?!


  69. wh00ps

    Although, that said… post by email has made it a lot easier to post from my WinMo phone. I’ve saved most html tags as predictive text words, the only problem is its difficult to remember the wordpress tags for draft etc, and only putting pictures at the bottom of the post is a pain!


  70. Aditya

    Symbian, please. It has a much wider approach than all three OSes. Combined.


  71. flargm

    Is there any app coming for samsung s5600


  72. sgdavid

    We want symbian!!!


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  74. мσℓℓу«αкα мαηgιѕ тнє ρ»

    Since this isnt cmpatible with my phone yet, is there any other mobile way to post? And my phone is a samsung gravity 2.


  75. oaobe

    +1 for webOS


  76. cookiem0nster

    i tried both the iphone app v. 2.2 and both work well.

    the iphone app does occasionally crash, but overall it’s quite stable. when it does crash (which is rare) i don’t have to reset my device; just reload the app and it works fine.

    the is brilliant. super-fast load time. just wish comments can be accessed from


  77. panosladas

    Let’s see now that microsoft is getting again into the game who this industry will transform itself


  78. mrcid

    +2 for webos.


  79. ses31

    Any chance of something for Motorola Rival anytime soon?


  80. Sarah

    My Pantech runs on Windows Mobile – is there an app that I can use? I know that I can post by e-mail, but that’s a big pain in my butt, so I figure that an app would be more user friendly.


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  82. dorsirhc67

    With this kind of apps support.There’s never been best time to be on board with WordPress.

    Well done!


  83. richien95

    its Quite Pathetic that wordpress doesn’t allow use of symbian OS …YET 🙂


  84. mikehughescq

    I must confess to being bewildered by the iphone app. I have reverted to version 1 as all versions of 2 have lost me data and simply don’t download the whole of my pages to the phone. There seems to have been plenty of feedback in the app store telling a similar story and yet the product seems to have gotten worse.

    It’s a fantastic idea but, at present, the execution is causing problems.


  85. livinginmyfantasy

    I have to try this!


  86. aulyaabrar

    how about nexian, is it available?

    don’t forget, visit my blog at :


  87. lesdaprez

    I am still trying to get this app on my Blackberry…


  88. мσℓℓу«αкα мαηgιѕ тнє ρ» doesnt work for me. Idk y 😦 I might be gettng a :lackberry soon tho


  89. Sara

    I can actually see myself using this when I get my new Android. Thanks.


  90. kittieandcharlie

    OK there is a fantastic symbian/nokia application out there called wordmobi which is what I use.

    You just have to make sure you publish the post as a ‘draft’ if you want it to save, and haven’t finished it.


  91. chapter18

    It’s great! I would now ask my friends to get the iphones!


  92. Gladys Hobson

    The mind boggles at the continual drip of new stuff. How I wish I knew IT language and had a brain to learn new things. I was brought up when phones were immobile and lived in red boxes — at the corner of the street. But I have to say, wordpress is quite helpful to old wrinklies like me!
    Nice to belong here.


  93. jrdskinner

    I love my iPhone app – any chance that I might be able to get stats to the phone though?


  94. hayranur

    webOS. webOS. webOS. please.. please. please.


  95. blarneycian

    great i’m using it already


  96. kuroikaze85

    Too bad nothing is available for Winmobile. I certainly can use one 🙂


  97. HeadBurro Antfarm

    Hi to my fellow Windows Mobile users. We are an unloved bunch, aren’t we. About a year ago I did a lot of googling to find an app that allowed me to blog from my phone. Let me save you a great deal of heartache in your own search – we a realistic choice of two (count ’em) such apps. Both are free, both are rough around the edges and both, as far as I can tell, are no longer supported by their creators. Out of that dazzling choice only one (yes, one) worked for me. In the interests of giving you all as full a picture as I can, here are my findings, starting with the one that worked and ending with the one that didn’t…

    1) moBlog ( This is the simpler of the two, but it still manages to link to you blogs so you can select tags and cats, saves drafts and publish posts. It doesn’t handle comments or any of the dashboard stuff, but to be fair it wasn’t written to – it’s a posting tool pure and simple. A useful addition is that it handles more that just WP blogs allowign you to also post to any old or joint-owned Blogger blogs you might have. The biggest problem I’ve found (as have others in various reviews) is the lack of copy & paste, a huge draw back for blogging, but a simple work around is to pull up the on-screen keyboard and use the good old shortcuts of CTRL-C/V/X. Thank god for Windows (and that may be the only time I say that).

    2) TBlogger ( This looked to be a very clever WordPress only app that has everything and the kitchen sink in but I simply could not make it work! The load time is huge and occasionally it goes into the loading something in the background that freezes it up completely (it also suffers from no cut&paste, but see above). I’ve left a comment on the author’s blog, but I guess he’s not updating it anymore. If he does, then it’ll become my tool of choice, but until then its moBlog for me.

    So my dear (dare I say foolish) fellow Win Mo users, until I can upgrade to an Android phone, or the clever bods at WordPress show us some love, I’m afraid you have moBlog or nothing.

    For more on my rants about trying to blog from my phone, see these posts (be warned, I do cuss from time to time)


  98. Leroy_Scandal

    Word Press,
    why not follow Opera’s lead?
    Opera Mini is a Java app,
    and runs on any almost any
    phone with a JVM
    and it runs well.


  99. Leroy_Scandal
  100. Abigail

    I agree with jrdskinner. I want an easier way to look at my stats. Right now I have to go to the website and the stats menu because the plug in doesn’t work on the phone for my dashboard. Just a summary would be nice.


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