New Theme: Steira

Full of character yet minimal, we bring you the wonderful “Steira,” bursting at the seams with detail and functionality.

Steira in all its glory!

Recent Comments Widget for Steira

The sidebar is large in this theme giving you a lot of room to play.

Any widget will do, but the custom widgets are quite convenient and stylish. The “Recent Comments” widget is especially nice. It shows a dedication to your content while at the same time keeping the visual intensity that the rest of the theme boasts.

The "New" post.

There are a lot of subtle details in this theme. Most notably, your newest post shows up with a nice “New” label, giving your users a heads up.

If you’re wondering why you haven’t seen Steira before, it’s because you haven’t. It was designed by Made by Elephant for WordPress users.

The theme will soon be available in the Theme Repository over at and we’re extremely happy to be sharing it with you today.

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  1. ileaneb

    Wow, this theme is gorgeous! It is so nice and clean and I love the New post feature. I’m going to try this one.
    Thank you!


  2. dhimasln

    Wow,, another cool theme. it’s looking great

    (am i pertamax?)


  3. Car

    wow nice theme


  4. Sami Malallah

    This is a wonderful theme for photographers to display a bundle of photos in one place for others to comment on them. Love it!


  5. hhredux



  6. உதய தாரகை

    Cool theme!! Keep rocking WP.. I heart WP..

    Thank you so much guys!!


  7. trollboy

    I too like cherry trees


  8. mrakhlak

    not bad 🙂


  9. T3CK

    Thanks for this wonderful new theme this theme will work perfect with my new blogging project. 🙂


  10. Phil Groom

    Cool indeed; but what I’d love to see is a theme with a flexible-width sidebar… any designers out there up for the challenge, please?


  11. arcastrillo

    This looks great. Nice, clean and organized. Keep up the good work.


  12. elenaramirez

    I feel vague about how, I can get my subscribers to sign up. To get my blogs. Any other advice?

    Thank you, be blessed.

    Elena’s Just my Thoughts…..


  13. 3dbloke

    Nice clean look to this theme. I’ve just switched my blog to use it.

    A little problematic with the widgets set up… they all went into the “holding area”, with some odd (mainly empty) duplicates. Anyway, just had to move them back to where I wanted them.

    Also, some of the spacing could be improved, e.g. the RSS widget icon is displayed with no space on the left side… perhaps this could be changed? Other than that, I’m liking the new look.

    Thanks for a nice theme!


  14. Mary

    Wonderful, thanks for sharing!


  15. axewielderx



  16. Lagunatic

    Ooooooooooooo, I like the “new” feature! Can we have that on all the other themes? 🙂


  17. therunninggarlic

    The gallery for photos looks interesting! Thanks so much!


  18. {JeLisa} @ Blogging Ever After

    I love it when there are new themes to try! Keep ’em comin! 🙂


  19. Louy

    Really Cool! 😉


  20. the rufus

    Thanks, this is really great – I am from Austria – Steiermark and therefore I’m a Steira as well 😀


  21. edwilsonishere

    Me like. I’ll try it. I’ve gotten so used to INove.


  22. troy

    ‘Theme Repository’ …that sounds dangerous 😉


  23. kissnatl

    Okay, will give it a try!


  24. barrycyrus

    i like its being minimal! 😉


  25. g s collector

    Sleek and classy. Another stylish addition…congrats!


  26. homensqueamamdemais

    very clean!!!


  27. Zaeriuraschi (pronounced zay-ree-ooh-ras-chee)

    Why are all the newer themes CSS canvases? Why can’t there be a new theme that everyone on enjoy? 😦


  28. Aiman Amani

    Ooooh…. I LOVE this! But unfortunately, I had just changed my theme two months ago… and that theme of mine is much much nicer (to me, at least). 🙂

    Thanks for all your cool themes. I just love them all.


  29. d3m0l1sh3r

    I have to say, it looks pretty nice and minimalist. +1


  30. ishabelle

    this is nice because it looks so clean. if i weren’t “very happy” with my theme, i’d surely try this one out.. 🙂 good job! 😀


  31. Whale Maiden

    It is interesting, however, I wish the date would show as, ’02/07/2010′ rather than 07/02/10.


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  33. johnonline

    thanks again! good things about WP keep on coming this month!


  34. Teresa Silverthorn

    I tried a white background, but ended up back to basic black. I’m still waiting for a new black theme that would be an easy transfer from the one I’ve got….


  35. timethief

    Thanks for this new theme. I will check it out. 🙂


  36. VIKAS |

    Looks very exciting! Will surely try this soon. Looks like a theme!

    Please give a theme which has categories navigation in the header nav bar.


  37. sravan953

    Wow! Nice! Clean & simple!


  38. Corve DaCosta

    i love it –


  39. ShadowWing Tronix

    If the preview is any indication, it messes with my weekly comic because the image space is smaller, and there’s no custom header. I won’t be using this one.


  40. Nish

    Nice theme, but the sidebar is just too wide for me. I like to display large photos. Can we have more easily customizable themes like Vigilance, please? and with dark backgrounds? I really, really wanna go dark


  41. maxlender

    wow. great theme, thanks

    @dhimasln. yeee not pertamax 😀


  42. Tom Baker

    Another great theme. I will preview it and pass it on to a friend I know who wants to change their theme.


  43. Lewis Moten (inSL: Dedric Mauriac)

    We really like this cherry tree! LOL. that’s pretty silly.


  44. avijeetdas

    It looks pretty cool….. I’ll give it a shot !!!


  45. Oriole Lane1

    Awesome! I will definitely check it out.


  46. admin

    This is really cool. Will definitely try this out this week. Good work guys, keep it up.


  47. Dan (TlsnKhdpn)

    sepertinya bagus nih… looks good..


  48. Lucian Bureriu

    it is interesting


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  50. Nishu

    good looking. so simple.


  51. ejajufri

    Not good, I hate the fonts 😦


  52. itrixblog

    i’ve been looking for a blog template like this and thanks to you guys at wordpress my content actually fits my template. mind taking a look?



    I am going try it and I hope, it will be suitable with my taste


  54. armcomedy

    Please make more 1024 width themes


  55. lolivopalmsprings

    I am one of those who are reluctant to change. Actually I am happy with the theme I have been using since I started with W.P. So, even though it looks nice, I prefer to stay where I am. However, very grateful for all the works you guys have done for our blogging community. W.P is my super star!


  56. phoxis

    it looks good, but not for me. As i also have commented in the previous themes, i need some wide theme, like the Journalist v1.9 which i am using now. Because there is already posts with sourcecodes and outputs, which wraps around and destroys the sourcecode shortcode formatting. I would be waiting for an update to the Journalist v1.9


  57. bundadontworry

    what a wonderful theme………. 🙂
    i know i’ll like it.
    good job guys……….. thanks


  58. v3by

    hi…..i think thats good


  59. Edward Hiskia

    Simple and Clean


  60. Jennifer

    Looks like a fun, clean theme. The specialized layout on individual posts with the comment box at the side rocks. Thank you Made by Elephant!


  61. goosetea

    I wish we had some dark theme with flexible width for photoblogs 😦


  62. Mae

    Nice! I’ve been waiting for new themes.


  63. Guy

    The Theme page doesn’t list its capabilities. Fixed width, flexible width, colours, headers, what?


  64. petade

    Will find time to look at it before I give my final comment. Meanwhile, let me join others in appreciating your effort.


  65. thegoodthebadandtheugliest

    I like it !
    Simple, clear and modern !


  66. BlueMist

    Thank you. But it seems everything under bullet points and block quotes comes in ALL CAPS. Which is like you want to SHOUT on readers. Nor quite right and appealing I feel. Can we have it corrected please.
    We need a theme like vigilance which lets us select a background pic along with colors.


  67. Gil

    Great theme!


  68. Dianne

    It’s too simple, in my opinion.
    I think you should add many more themes with much colour.
    I also think that you could let us personalize the themes and blogs more.Or, maybe, you could add an theme uploader.
    i don’t know if you would take in consideration what I’ve written here, but I have hopes.
    Keep up the good work!
    Have a nice day!


  69. lilmaouz

    Simple and chic! Wonderful! Thank you 🙂


  70. sylviahubbard1

    loving it!!

    more ! more! more!


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  72. kluv

    Wow another new theme, well done.


  73. writerdood

    I agree with what’s her name. I’d like to see the “New” feature for the most recent post get added to other themes. Good work though.


  74. Serewwka

    + 2 Dianne
    its too clean…


  75. hebinhotdf

    Looks great!
    Clean and simple combination of text and gallery.


  76. -dN5

    Nice but looks minimalist?


    • Noel

      I would say it definitely has a minimalist esthetic. I’d say that’s a great quality to have – but I love that look.

      Don’t worry, we have lots and lots of themes coming out!


  77. that girl again

    Do the designers you commission ever complain about having such a narrow colour palette to work with?


  78. that girl again

    Also, why is the demo blog locked? Are you trying to bump the ‘theme change’ stats by forcing people to enable it on their own blogs to check it out?


  79. Mike

    It has some display problems with PicApp images. If they are aligned left or right it leaves no margins around them, just butts them up against the post border and the same with the wrapped text which looks ugly to me. The same with the RSS links icons (unless you opt for the text only look) which are also aligned touching the border without any margin.

    Normal images seem to display OK.

    I also notice if you do a short posts and a PicApp image extends below the text the themes doesn’t recognise that and starts the next post overlapping the image -oops.

    Also blockquotes display more as ‘pullquotes’ rather than normal blockquotes.

    My juries out at the moment – I like the clean simple look, but it is a bit clunky around the edges and as with all WordPress themes not user tweakable to sort them out. I can only give it 6/10.


  80. niceandnew

    I like the ‘new’ bit. But Noel, your earlier ‘monochromatic’ theme was much much better. We’re expecting more from you now!


  81. Steve

    Nice…but I would like some more themes along the lines of Cutline or Freshy. I really like that style.


  82. Alveena

    i think this is a great theme for someone who likes to do photofeatures. absolutely great. i can now think of toying with photofeatures.


  83. Kyle

    Would love to see threaded recent comments in future updates


  84. carlosviani



  85. Christian Soeder

    It’s a very nice theme, but the german translation isn’t complete. And you can’t use it as a group blog, since you can’t tell who wrote a post. If it was possible to fix this issue, it would be greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work. 🙂


  86. Neema Shaw

    Stunning to look at … ill give it a go


  87. belladaze

    so fresh
    so clean
    well done


  88. saradowney

    I like it!


  89. ac2012

    “If you’re wondering why you haven’t seen Steira before, it’s because you haven’t.”



  90. Kendra

    Nice! I love this theme! If only someone made one that fits me!


  91. deathgleaner

    I hate wide sidebars. For one, they take up blog post space. Secondly, it’s distracting.

    Someday, someone should make a theme with an auto-hide sidebar. Thanks.


  92. breakthroughtogod

    Agree with phoxis. We need more wide themes like Journalist v1.9. Any updates on this one coming?


  93. kanak7

    Love the minimalist look!


  94. Eneya

    I do not mind it but… why so many themes like that? I use Vigilance and Journalist but the likes of it are so few. Please, please add more themes which have wider text space and not such big spaces on the left and on the right of the screen.


  95. countryclubhousewife315

    why can’t I post anything? Does it have anything to do with firefox ? 😦


  96. cvs268

    ( * * * * / 5 ) for the Fresh Clean Professional look.

    Does it have a DARK variant??…

    Would be really impressive for a TECH blog.

    Gr8 work!! WORDPRESS ROCKs!!


  97. রিয়া

    the theme really looks clean, it seems this theme will load faster. i would prefer a wider post column, because it’s the main place where quality bloggers keep playing. but this is a good theme for those who write average length content.


  98. Maeghan

    I love it, but is there any chance we could get a three column blog with custom colors and custom header, like the Vigilance but with an extra column? I love this theme for my school blogs, but not so much for my personal one :-/


  99. downloadbuyer

    Loving the clean look, looking forward to more!


  100. technogran

    It’s not wide enough in the writing area for my liking though I am pleased to see you guys getting some more themes for There just isn’t enough choice I don’t think.



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