Vox Importer

Thinking of moving your blog from Vox.com to WordPress.com? You are not alone.

We’ve noticed that several people are dissatisfied with the service and want to move their blog elsewhere. A lot of people that we’ve heard from say they didn’t realize that there is no way to export from Vox and are looking for a solution.

Vox users have at least one option now: create a free blog here at WordPress.com, then import your Vox blog. (And never be locked in again — we make your data as free as possible.)

After logging into your WordPress.com Dashboard, click on Tools -> Import.

Click on the Vox importer.

Type in your Vox host name, user name, and password and click the Submit button.

The importer will first validate your user name and password. After starting the importer, you can sit back and watch the status counters tick away.

You can also safely leave the importer page or close your browser. The importer will keep running.

Currently, the importer can import posts, tags, comments, and image attachments.

We will send you an email when the import is finished. Easy peasy!

Update: You can now apply a password to all posts that will be imported from Vox.

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  1. ileaneb

    I’ve heard that some bloggers were dissatisfied with Vox also. I’ll be sure to spread the news about this. Thanks!


  2. elly

    SO nice. If only this feature had been available about a year ago when I was manually importing blog posts from Vox 🙂


  3. princeconnoisseur

    I have friends using Vox and yes, they too are dissatisfied. Don’t know why but shame on vox.


  4. webmistress27

    I have a friend that uses that site, she never said it was any issue there- its nice to know WP is very accommodating to users from other places , way to go!


  5. Tom Baker

    Vox or not, WordPress IS the place to be. Anyone who is anyone is on WP.


  6. fourpates

    Holy crap, you have no idea how happy this makes me! 🙂


  7. tedburton

    Wow, I am impressed that we can do that …


  8. Mary

    WordPress to the rescue. I’m sure many voxers are going to be pleased now. 😛


  9. VIKAS |vikas-gupta.in

    Once upon a time, I was going to get a blog on Vox. Fortunately I didn’t!



    Nice !
    This tool can import or export feed too?


  11. inspirasimenulis

    Nice and cool, even though I don’t have a Vox account.


  12. themadjewess

    Vox is FULL of SPAM


  13. Moses

    WordPress is just so accommodating! =D


  14. clara-mei

    Hi Brian! Vox Importer: Yes! I don’t want to stay there, because I write poetry and romance books. Can you help me?


  15. Elliott O.

    Welcome to the family, guys!


  16. RandomizeME

    I’ll be sure to let my friends know – this definitely makes things so much more convenient!


  17. shamballa9944

    Just started here, but I’m glad I chose to go with WordPress. So far I like it a lot! Thanks for making my intro into blogging a positive one!


  18. edwilsonishere

    I guess I’m sort of a noob. What’s Vox?


    • Heather

      Vox is a blogging service offered by Six Apart. If you have an account there, you can now import your content to WordPress.com!


  19. alaskainmydreams

    I moved onto your platform after getting tired of the hassles of hosting it myself and putting up with hackers. (who so graciously crashed a blog that I had been writing for 5 years and because of strange circumstances, this time was not able to restore).
    I think there would be only one other reason that people move off this platform that I can think of, having done both self-hosting and hosted by you.

    The inability to embed videos besides Youtube makes it kind of a pain (not a total loss but still would like to be able to to do that).
    This, of course, comes from the inability to run scripts. I think the only other reason is that we cannot choose our own themes that we’ve either purchased or designed ourselves.

    I understand that hosting it on your servers comes with some limitations, but I am a paid subscriber and would love to be able to do these things with something like a premium subscription.
    Right now, I have the ad-free choice.

    Just an idea. Have a free service that doesn’t allow the other stuff. Have a premium that is just like hosting it yourself but without the headaches. And have some nice plug-ins with it, to boot.

    Thanks a lot for making my life a LOT easier.


  20. axewielderx

    To think I almost went there and at the last moment came here. Glad I did.:) And not just because Vox obviously sucks!


  21. Chas Underwood III

    Congratulations on another great feature and welcome to all Vox users!


  22. Jennifer

    I left Vox about 2 seconds after I found WordPress.com. Don’t even think I can remember my username/password there, but no worries.


  23. autonomousblogger

    Keep giving us great tools! Thanks wordpress!


  24. lolivopalmsprings

    I am glad I picked wordpress (after couple days thinking about blogger.com). I am happy here with you guys.


  25. lightandstorm

    Are the privacy settings kept intact? I don’t want any private posts suddenly becoming public.


  26. phoxis

    excellent feature. And there i think this will be used , because i have found WordPress better than Vox in many situations


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  28. Portable Soul

    You guys protect everybody memorabilia. Like a year ago, when people in yahoo! 360 are wander and you help them to keep their life times happiness / sadness.
    Seems like you are guardian angel!


  29. Fjäderlös Tvåfoting

    How about http://www.blogg.passagen.se? Lots of people who wants to move theirs blogs to.


  30. Louy

    cool! too bad I don’t have a VOX to import 😀


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  32. Lagunatic

    (couldn’t resist, even though I’ve never even read of vox blog.)


  33. PEZ

    LOL! Only big LUZERS have Passagen blogs. =)


  34. Sami Malallah

    Never used VOX but extremely happy with WordPress services.


  35. lazywong

    thank you so much, you guys are the best !!!
    you actually care about frustrated vox users more than six apart !


  36. Praise Chapel

    keep the announcements coming WordPress … you guys ROCK!


  37. brahim

    oh yeah friends.I have been on wordpress for a while.hahaha.not so long as you might guess.

    It’s awesome,great,safe and well in short there is no place like our home(word)press!



  38. plane old blog

    i will likely always have a vox and a wordpress this sounds like some neat stuff to click on


  39. disco70s

    Interesting thing to know. I didn’t know much about importing my blog. I will keep this in mind about importing different blogs.


  40. lnxwalt

    Cool. WP is home, but it is good to know how open WP is.


  41. kidscovery

    it’s easy to import


  42. aoinotsuki

    Direct war against vox!! Pretty brave wordpress 🙂


  43. ISTJ

    Since you want to make our data as free as possible: How do you export your blog FROM WordPress? Just curious.


  44. recky rida

    I never know what vox is, but i’m sure gonna spread the news…


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  46. Lee

    I forgot I even had a Vox when I found out about WordPress.


  47. joelle71

    Ok, I could seriously CRY right now. I have been bugging Vox for over a year to make an export. Not so I could leave, but so I could print my blog in book form. But I finally ditched them on January 1 cuz I’d just had it! But WOOHOO, now I can import that over and be a two WordPress Blog home! 🙂


  48. johnyelover

    I tried vox for one week! It is bad!


  49. Andrew Robulack

    This post brought tears to my eyes. At last my old Vox posts are really mine again. I was leaving that account open for just such a day as this. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you. Or as the Count would say, 10-Q, 10-Q, 10-Q!


  50. senzacredercitroppo

    First: I don’t know much english so sorry for the mystake I’gomma make
    I cannot find a way to import blog from Splinder
    Is there any?
    Are you thinking to do something to help us too?


  51. Moco Scribe

    More help from WordPress…fantastic!


  52. ever

    great news… probably i will start to import my vox blog here. thanks!


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  54. Manav Dhiman

    Vox is a good service, but wordpress is just awesome. I get addicted to my dashboard like I get addicted to my Facebook account! 😛


  55. peacefulone

    Great! What’s Vox? (just kidding:))


  56. d0t321

    Nice job wordpress devs. Thanks!


  57. ajeet7

    Also do something to import from blogger.


  58. lizzie

    awesome. i’ve been wondering what to do about my old “archive” on Vox that wouldn’t involve me sitting down and manually backing the whole two or three years I was there up on a hard drive somewhere. thanks, WP.


  59. avatar

    god job. nice one. wordpress is awesome


  60. danielstorer

    Good job WordPress! This is good news for everyone.


  61. e2tc

    OK… I can see this as a solution for people who wish to have *public* blogs, but a lot of Vox users (like me) prefer to limit content.

    Vox has a lot of things that you don’t…. including adjustable privacy controls for every item that’s either posted by a Vox user/uploaded by them/linked to or embedded by them.

    I don’t see anything comparable on this platform.

    No hard feelings – I think this service is great for those who wish to blog! But the social networking aspects of Vox aren’t here, or perhaps I should say that they’re here in a fairly rudimentary form. Your service wasn’t built for that.

    So what might you be able to do in order to make moving from Vox a bit more attractive?


  62. myownpetard

    WOO! Hahaha, thanks, team. This made my morning.


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  64. Andrew Robulack

    @e2tc for me its not about the features. Yeah, Vox is more of a “social” platform with more fine-grained privacy controls. (As a result it’s also a lot harder to understand and learn how to use.) The point of WordPress’ Vox import is simple: it exists. And by existing, it frees one’s Vox data. Vox, I learned much to my chagrin – and far too late into my time with that service – traps one’s data in its system as a result of its lack of export capability. That’s just plain bad, no matter the variety or quality of features the service offers. So, yeah, Vox has a great feature set, but you give up a heck of a lot of personal freedom to use it.


  65. ginevra

    I worked for Six Apart (the people who make Vox) for a long time, so I’m not entirely unbiased on this topic, but I thought I’d give it a try.

    Without a choice to create a new blog from the importer, I actually imported all of my friends, family, and neighborhood-only (protected) posts into and over top of a blog I’d used to coordinate efforts for a friend’s funeral. *wince*

    Because of the nature of Vox and the importance of friends-and-family only posts, it’d be a better import experience if there was the option to create a new blog at the start, and if that blog was set to not be searchable/public. Just my two cents. 🙂


  66. autumnchilde

    I too have a vox account, been with them for three years, and whilst ive imported my blog here and do find many items that I really really like about WordPress, I cannot myself free myself completely from Vox. Basically their social neighbourhood system is wonderful and my neighbourhood I have built up over the years prevents me from cutting ties with Vox completely. If wordpress had more of a community feel id move lock stock and barrel in a flash.

    Still think the import feature is brilliant though. thanks!


  67. niceartlife

    Great tool, thanks a lot guys! Cheers!


  68. jazzlives

    I didn’t know anything about Vox until a blogger named Joanna Bracket marten (spelling?) plagiarized a long post of mine from WordPress without naming me or the original site — or, of course, asking if it was OK. So now I know Vox, only from that one unpleasant experience, and that behavior makes me fume. At least ask!


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  70. mdsouthern

    I’m a huge Vox fan but the non-export issue has been a big frustration for me for years. THANK YOU for this!!! I’m trying this now… it’s frozen on 10 posts so I’m not hopeful it’s going to work for me tonight… but the fact that this option is available is so fantastic 🙂 THANK YOU!!!


  71. JoeDuck

    As usual …. WordPress rules. Keep up the amazing work guys, and thanks.


  72. Edgar

    I’m just getting started here, i’m gonna try to start my blog as of now!


  73. pmmarcov

    As one of the first handful of people on Vox (I used to work for Six Apart) have nearly 4 years of posts, media and comments to import. I hope this works! Thanks for providing the service.


  74. crystallyn14

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I’ve been so frustrated not being able to back up my blog. I love the Vox community but the trapped feeling is never a good thing. Thank you so much for finally doing this!


  75. Viktor D. Huliganov

    Looks like Vox is dead. How can they survive a bombshell like this? All’s fair in love, war and blogging, though…


  76. maphead

    Thanks !
    I just finished importing from my Vox page.


  77. firehunter93

    Thanks! I never used Vox, but i have heard of it. I hear it sucks, glad I went with WP! BlogSpot sucks too.


  78. Белый волк

    Very cool, good program, written for our needs.


  79. katyallgeyer

    Wow! WP really DOES listen to us. Love you guys!!!


  80. 12dogsblog

    Can you import from other sites?


  81. arielicea

    very useful


  82. thevfamily

    This is wonderful! I am a VOX implant to WordPress, mainly because of their lack of guest commenting. I had a friend that somehow configured a way to import my posts into WP. It did not transfer all my VOX items, but it did transfer many. Some were cut to abbreviated versions upon import. So, do you have any idea if/how this would work for me, being that a portion of my old VOX posts cam over but not all? Would it double import old posts?



    • Brian Colinger

      Most likely it would duplicate the posts if you ran the importer now.
      Our Vox importer keeps track of what it has imported. It wouldn’t be able to differentiate the posts you imported manually vs. posts that you created in WordPress.
      If you have not created any new content since your import, I can dump your blog’s content and re-import.


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  84. Amber Waves

    You’re about four months too late for me. I had to copy and paste from Vox. 😦 But thank you, for jailbreaking my fellow refugees!


  85. gottfrise

    Well for me, I think WordPress is one of the best companies that one can think of on the internet. Vox will have no option than to leave it up to the expectations of the public.


  86. রিয়া

    good for those who’re looking to migrate into wordpress. so many of my readers ask me about this. thanks for the info.


  87. technogran

    My only gripe with WordPress.com is there just isn’t enough themes to choose from. Some are too wide, others too narrow. I just wish that you guys would consider allowing us to use others templates like Blogger does. There are loads and loads to choose from on there!
    Apart from that WordPress is great.



  88. maureen17

    Another great idea, thanks wordpress!!


  89. littleacornsgifts

    Vox was the blog software I looked at before going to wordpress…

    This is our very first blog, and surely there is nothing out there better than wordpress.


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