WordPress Personas for Firefox

Last week Mozilla released Firefox 3.6, the latest and greatest version of their open source Web browser. To mark the occasion, we worked with designer Chad Pugh to create a couple of brand new WordPress Personas for Firefox. Personas are like skins for your browser, and these designs are a great way to show off your WordPress colors.

The “Vintage Press” Persona is inspired by the style of the great old-time printing presses. Get it here.

And the “Inkwell” Persona uses splashes of color to decorate a well-used piece of paper. Add it to your Firefox here.

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  1. John

    Looks good, reblogged. Any theming or (even better) branding of useful web utilities can do nothing but help out WP !


  2. dabidrobinson

    people never comment on my blogs 😦


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  4. Jim

    Very cool!


  5. MJae

    Love it!


  6. harriet56

    I want to let you know that that was a nice way to get me use to working with WordPress. The use of paintings is a lovely way to show how nice it will be to blog with everyone. I hope to get the hang of this soon.


  7. pokepr

    I really like these skins. What a fantastic idea!
    I actually still rate WordPress (sorry just lookiing at the other posts) and for all the things it ‘needs’ I think what it has is pretty darn good.
    I’ve worked on over fifteen wordpress based websites and despite being told to go for Joomla, I still love WordPress and the fact that it’s so easy to use!
    Anyway, haven’t downloaded a skin yet but I will. Something a little more interesting to look at!


  8. autonomousblogger

    I love the second one as well. Yea for free products! Thanks wordpress!


  9. bcann

    I hope you add a program on facebook that works so I can spread my wordpress to larger audiences.

    Also google chrome just launched chrome extensions…something you guys might want to look into…

    the best,


  10. vaedur

    Pretty cool..


  11. blak sheep

    Rate the WordPress personas for Firefox…

    Vintage Press


  12. syllah

    Yep the second is very nice!
    Best wishes from Radu,Romania!


  13. Manoj

    I hope this works with firefox on mac as well..will give it a try. Nice job!


  14. homensqueamamdemais

    i liked the second one!!!


  15. vonpip

    Very nice I will give em a whirl


  16. 2010taddese

    I’ve Pressed the best, and get the nice 10Q!


  17. drusillah

    These are very good, I like the first one more at first glance! 😀 thank you for sharing 🙂


  18. Sarah

    Interesting persona themes, but it’ll be tough to dislodge my Pulp Fiction and Simpsons personas from my favorites. 🙂


  19. npthompson

    Both designs are easy on the eye. Good colors. The Inkwell, especially, is a beaut.


  20. savadhan

    i love wordpress


  21. rahmataceh

    very nice….


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