November Wrap-Up

Before we get to the stats, I should mention that at the top of my thankful-for list this Thanksgiving was our growing group of Automatticians. These are the folks who bring you the awesome features and improvements that you see here every month.

Last month we launched geolocation for profiles and posts, introduced a new P2, opened up our new translation platform, GlotPress, and launched email subscriptions. We also announced proofreading support in the HTML editor, rolled out some improvements to rssCloud, launched a video contest, and had a Black Friday sale on our upgrades.

Now to the stats:

  • 509,048 blogs were created.
  • 6,380,052 posts were published.
  • 483,127 new users joined.
  • 7,245,509 file uploads.
  • 4,728 gigabytes of new files.
  • 865 terabytes of content transferred from our datacenters.
  • 7,516,584 logins.
  • 1,390,120,928 pageviews on, and another 1,491,289,510 on self-hosted blogs (2,881,410,438 total across all WordPress blogs we track).
  • 2,385,255 active blogs and 25,596,165 active posts, where “active” means they got a human visitor.
  • 1,526,632,774 words.

More stuff:

There were more than 222 million unique visitors to in November, according to Quantcast.

The current top three languages on, excluding English, are Spanish (7.6%), Portuguese (4.6%), and Indonesian (4.5%).

We made speed improvements, UI enhancements, and added video library support to WordPress for BlackBerry.

WordCamp New York had a whopping 700+ attendees. Other WordCamps in November: WordCamp Phoenix, WordCamp Victoria, and WordCamp Bangkok.

Upcoming WordCamps: WordCamp Peru and WordCamp Orlando.

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  1. vigneshgautham

    WordPress is too good. Its awesome and the stats say it all.


  2. Novisiat Montfortan Indonesia

    Thank you very much for your commitment in your hard working! We enjoy it so much!! Many greetings from Flores, Indonesia.


  3. marcampbellja

    Thanks for everything WordPress!
    My life has been changed…and so have other lives who I have engaged with “Seeds of Insight.”
    I hope to see you in Jamaica soon at a WordCamp.


  4. rpolom

    That’s great! Keep up the great work!


  5. The Informer 2009

    :DGood news!I love WordPress!


  6. Simon Bunker

    Great job and awesome stats. Just goes to show that WordPress is leading the way in blogging platforms. Keep up the good work and hope everyone in the wordpress community has a great Christmas and a very prosperous new year.
    Thanks Simon


  7. kanak7

    Awesome stats! I’m new here and feel proud to be part of WordPress. Wish you the best…always!


  8. wf

    1,526,632,774 words. Hmmm? How many typos is that?


  9. dev

    Amazing …wp is great ness simplified …..


  10. a1z3

    509,048 blogs and 865 terabytes? That’s awesome. I’m new to this blogging thing but very glad I chose WordPress.


  11. oyik21

    let’s to be lead,,,


  12. outsourcingwordpress

    I am happy to choose WordPress over joomla. Lets keep growing Matt. Cheers !


  13. miss0soso

    happy new year:)


  14. adri

    so impressed


  15. ramrockmanchesterunited

    Indiscutiblemente, es la mejor weblog que hay con diferencia.

    Indisputably, it is the best weblog that exists with difference.


  16. Vehiclez Team

    WordPress is getting too famous! It’s profitable for Bloggers in one way and not profitable in other way.


  17. tjbirdi

    i like this ……………….


  18. wordsforthesoul

    Wow, impressive!


  19. Britanieee M.

    thats great that there is soo much activity!


  20. Jules

    I used to love blogger although I know that it has its beauty, I am now starting to love WordPress 😀



    Amazing – you’ve done a wonderful job 😀


  22. brendavu

    I left Xanga to use WordPress. I like this better :]


  23. w285

    I completely enjoy following this kind of blog..Thanks!


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