VideoPress supports Ogg

As strong believers in open source technology, we were excited when Firefox started supporting the new HTML video tag this past summer. It has the potential to transform the future of online video.

While we are still working on adding full support for video tag, we are happy to announce that we have encoded all of our video inventories in Theora/Ogg format as well as the usual mp4 formats. VideoPress users are now able to access the Ogg file URL from within the Media Library, and the video can be played directly on browsers that  support HTML 5, such as Firefox 3.5 and Chrome. Watch this video in Firefox 3.5.

*You can embed HD-quality videos into your blog using VideoPress.

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  1. Kibot Rusak

    wow! I like this…. Thanks for WordPress, Chrome and Firefox. 😉


  2. T3CK

    This is sweet news thank you guys for all the cool stuff you guys have brought to recently. 🙂


  3. Fran

    greats news!


  4. Mary

    Wonderful! 🙂


  5. hojati

    veryyyy goooooooood…


  6. peacefulone

    I don’t understand…Can you tell it in very simple words?


  7. msurman



  8. cleyton leles

    stou aki


  9. Exodus

    yahwee! xD


  10. Vikas Gupta

    I do not use VideoPress but someday in future I will.


  11. Moses

    you can never go wrong with videos!


  12. madcap cupcake

    Have been toying with the notion of adding video to my blog in the form of baking tutorials. VideoPress is super nice – and this is added good news, thanks!


  13. Chas Underwood III

    Very cool. I think it is so amazing how quickly everything is moving for us. When you think about YouTube kicking off less than a decade ago and now we can easily place videos into any page. Forget how easy it is to post new items at my own blog and reach thousands of readers everyday. Thank you for all the advances you make WordPress by making our writing experience richer, it is amazing!


  14. rvd10

    Very cool. I think it is so amazing how quickly everything is moving for us whooo!
    wow! I like this…. Thanks for WordPress ITS A GREAT NEWS


  15. Celebes

    Open source and WordPress, a perfect team! 😉


  16. hotterthanapileofcurry

    Have to explore this.

    Thanks for the option!


  17. Aaron Aiken

    This is great! Thanks!


  18. donnacha

    Very good to see VideoPress supporting Ogg but I would also like to see more innovation in the functionality of your service.

    In the video, Michael says:

    “We try to make it as easy as possible for you to share your ideas with and, sometimes, you want to put your ideas into motion and not just words alone”

    … if that is true, if Automattic are committed to using video to extend discussions in innovative ways, it would be appropriate to add video commenting functionality, such as that offered by the WordPress Seesmic, Riffly and Viddler plugins, and Seesmic via IntenseDebate.

    I believe that video commenting, although in no way a replacement for written comments, could in some situations be a wonderful accompaniment, putting “ideas into motion and not just words alone”. The problem with the existing plugins is that, in a desperate attempt to monetize, they have killed the idea before it even had a chance to catch on, by forcing already shy users to jump through the hoop of signing up to their service before they can record a single second of video – most people simply don’t bother. The few video comments that do make it through are plastered with ads, which looks tacky.

    VideoPress’ advantage is that it is a paid service, the site owner carries the financial burden, so, the user could be presented with a simple red record button, a simple stop button and a simple publish button – no login or registration form for the video service, no verification email, just follow your initial urge to add something to the discussion. The comments could also appear without ads distracting from the discussion. The video quality would not have to be high because, in the case of comments, it is about the ideas, not the production standards.

    I think VideoPress, as it stands, is a wonderful service but, unfortunately, I don’t produce high quality videos that I want to show to the world and, judging by the relatively low number of VideoPress videos that I see around the blogosphere, it is not yet a common need. I would, however, LOVE to be able to offer my users BS-free video commenting and I would not hesitate to pay $60 per year for that.


  19. MJae

    Great! Open-source is slowly going out to the bigger crowd!


  20. musicever

    a big salute to all of u working so hard there. thank you soo much guys


  21. phoxis

    this is great, a real good feature. long live FOSS


  22. Ranadipam Basu

    Fine ! Thanks.


  23. سعید

    a perfect team


  24. rydash

    I think this is a good idea, but not being a VideoPress user, I cannot say this excites me all that much.

    It’s still nice to see expansion of support to different formats, though. Thanks, WordPress Staff.


  25. Rizwan

    “the potential to transform the future of online video.” .. creative words !!


  26. cbe111

    Open source and WordPress, a perfect team! i vote for them too 🙂


  27. facebokguru

    but what about IE support


  28. ruanghatiberbagi

    nice job, great sound . thanks 4 all


  29. cbe111

    Yes this is super option good work !


  30. mikelah




    Thanks for what you are doing. I am using Firefox & Chrome. Any news on Opera?


  32. doroastig

    This is all what i’m waiting for. Thanks for this great job!


  33. lnxwalt

    This is WAY COOL! Been waiting for it. is the very bestest!


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  35. Krishna

    Hope WordPress will continue to be ON TOP


  36. portamenteff

    Awesome. I believe open source’s growth is necessary to keep the proprietary vendors honest. It’s growing faster than the growth of computers in general. That means we have converts.


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  38. box

    It’s good and bad .



    🙂 great news


  40. iglesiasenderodepaz



  41. GrokSurf

    It’s great that WP is doing this. Still, it may be quite awhile before many of us start using HTML5 video tags and play videos this way. See for some of the fun details. I think I’ll still be sending MP4s to YouTube and embedding them in my blog posts for a bit longer.


  42. Lucia

    that’s great! but i would prefer teh possibility for us to have ads in our blog!


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  44. oghex

    Nice…i love it


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  46. pookito

    Now this is great news. Thank you for implementing this feature. As a believer of opensource software, I can redirect my families and friend to my blog. Kudos to you. 😀


  47. sushibasel

    Great news. I’m glad to hear that.


  48. amrizal

    i will try it


  49. tyviolet

    That’s great!


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