The Hero Is In Your Pocket

As technology advances, mobile devices are playing a bigger role in our lives. Thousands of you have been using the iPhone and Blackberry applications to post and edit content for your blog, and over 60 million page views a month of blogs have been on mobile devices. New smartphones do a great job with most web sites, but older phones have many problems and may not display anything at all.

Today we’re launching a couple of mobile themes that will automatically be displayed when your blog is accessed with a compatible mobile phone.

The first theme is a modification of WPtouch and will be displayed to phones with modern web browsers like those on the iPhone and Android phones. The second theme was developed from an older version of the WordPress Mobile Edition and will be displayed to all other mobile devices.


Mobile visitors greeted by WPtouch will get easy access to posts, pages, and archives. They’ll get fancy AJAX commenting and post loading. If you are using a custom header image, it will be scaled to size and displayed at the top of your blog. When viewing your blog on other phones, the focus will be on loading the blog quickly while displaying the important information about your content.

If you would like to disable mobile themes on your blog, go to Appearance->Extras in the Dashboard and uncheck Display a mobile theme when this blog is viewed with a mobile browser. For more details, be sure to check out the Mobile Themes support page.

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  1. Aaron Aiken



  2. Colby Aley

    Sweet Dude!


  3. Kitov

    Really cool!


  4. Marius

    Thx for that upgrade!


  5. Maria

    Just when I thought you couldn’t make blogging any easier. 🙂 Good job!


  6. Marta G.

    This is a real amazing aplication very usefull and fun can’t wait to try it out.


  7. Vikas Gupta

    Great! I never use phones to access the internet but I know people who do! Yet another wonderful addition to the list of features! I wonder why will someone want to disable the option!


  8. Blogger

    is it possible with blogs?


    • Yoav

      For self hosted blogs, check out any of the themes linked in the post (WPTouch or WordPress Mobile Edition)


  9. javcasta

    One more time another good idea.


  10. arcadata

    Awesome, this is a feature I wouldn’t even have asked for, but now that it’s out there, thank you!


  11. Joe Bible

    Just check it out on my iPhone. Too cool!


  12. Cyndy Otty

    I like that you’ve included a link to the full site as well. Nothing drives me more bonkers when surfing on my Blackberry than only getting a mobile site when I need to access something on the full site (and can properly load it!). Good going, as per usual, WP!


  13. rantinnravin

    Wicked! I’ve been trying to get my girlfriend to chuck me for a while. Now I’ll be on my phone checking my blog all the time she’ll have no choice to but give me the elbow.

    You may have just saved the best years of my life.

    Fingers crossed. She really isn’t a very nice person you know.


  14. chanux

    Wow Coolness!!


  15. Scott Rose

    This is so awesome!! My blog looks great on my iPhone!!


  16. hope101

    Dude, you guys rock! Love the ability to opt out too. The best of both worlds.


  17. BabaliciouS



  18. Gerrit Eicker

    Great! But what about the P2-theme? I hope it’ll get this extension as well?


  19. Pililoni



  20. BabaliciouS

    Was just overexcited when I posted my 1st comment till something popped up seconds later in mind, say, would you guys allow users with CSS upgrade to ticker with the mobile layout? Just asking…


  21. rvd10



  22. art predator

    will get this going TODAY! yay, thanks, WordPress!


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  24. kodegeek

    Awesome, was looking for this for last few days. Love it


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  26. pihbacavalcanti

    …you guys rock!!! THANX!!!


  27. Gerrit Eicker

    @Nick Sounds great as the current mobile version of P2 doesn’t really work.


  28. Yasir Imran

    great feature. love it
    I hope in future, we’ll have multiple mobile themes to choose one of them for blogs


  29. bingorabbit

    replying from my phone now and testing it,simply it’s amazing..


  30. AfriE

    I like it. Becaus get reduce RAM in my phones. Thx coy


  31. bkkphotographer

    Is it possible to preview what my blog looks like on a mobile device? I don’t have a smart phone. Sniff…



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  33. Duane

    There’s also iPhoney on the Mac, which simulates an iPhone, or the official iPhone Simulator from Apple.


  34. kdg54ca7775

    things change the drivers in people are the same…


  35. sylviahubbard1


    And I didn’t even have to give up a first born for this.

    Thank you WP!!!

    (The first born is still up for the taking. She works real hard.) LOL.


  36. PEZ

    My blog is totally sweet to visit from my iPhone! I had to tweet this:

    A reason to host your blog att is that they keep improving it at an amazing speed. Today this:



  37. Roberto

    The iPhone/Android version is much much better… This could be a good example of “standard” future mobile phones.


  38. hot WP tweets

    Now I can show off my blog to my family and friends 🙂 (with the clean interface provided by these themes). This is really awesome!


  39. Joe

    Shame my mobile is an English Heritage-protected relic…


  40. xcobar

    Great idea this new feature.
    Not a few days ago a Brazilian WordPress user was in the Support Forum asking if there was a similar configuration, adjusting the blog for displaying in a mobile device.
    Now there is!
    Congratulations and thank you very much


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  42. Geekly Update



  43. boddhayan

    awesome…cant be ne better


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  45. frugebobby

    this is awesome!


  46. Moses

    wow… technology is a scary thing… slow down world slow down!!! 😛


  47. papertinsel

    keep the good WordPress the future depends on your path


  48. sammydaviesjr

    Absolutely loving this. Cheers gang!


  49. HeadBurro Antfarm

    Great news TY – but I have to say, with an Xperia running the new beta of Opera Mobile, the old theme is very dated and lacks functionality. Is it possible for me to use the WPTouch theme instead?


  50. Sajib

    Hell this is exactly I have been waiting for to have in feature list. 🙂


  51. themerrymans

    I dig this.


  52. forgotwirelesspassword

    Wow, that’s pretty amazing stuff. Love it.


  53. Spadow

    This is awesome!


  54. our lady of brigands

    oooo nice

    is there a way to show android/iphone visitors the full site and dumber phones the mobile edition?


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  56. espressoprincess



  57. Giorgio

    really fantastic… unfortunately for me my BB has some internet limitation ’cause ofmy company internet policy 😦


  58. bluepen1004



  59. The Prodigal Fool

    An absolutely fantastic addition to the service. I discovered this by mistake today, visiting my site from my iPhone. I couldn’t believe how good – and how functional – it was.

    Well done and thanks!


  60. tylerandalyssa

    This is the best new feature! Thank you!


  61. gerrymoth

    This is all great, but when I view my site using a Nokia E71 I’m forced to using the WPTouch theme and I’m unable to view comments or switch to the full site, think the Nokia E71 should be using the WordPress Mobile Edition.

    Oh and when I view the same site using my Nokia 5800XM I get javascript not enabled 😦



  62. dhika novosellic



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  64. Kibot Rusak

    nice feature! thank you Yoav!


  65. MoSop

    Thank you! Now I just need a new phone.


  66. Marcelo Gallardo N.

    Good… Interesting…


  67. Jason

    Fantastic work guys…my design site is a blog and I’ve been using a mobile browser for a while on that one. Now a version has been released for my blog I couldn’t be happier!

    Well done!


  68. yyoneto

    This is the UI that I want to have in my iPhone.Thank you so muchi.


  69. gbideas

    Great. I was wondering when you made that happen. Thanks. Now I just have to figure out how to configure it perfectly.


  70. Rowjie

    i love this and this is what i’ve been waiting for! i love you wordpress! 🙂


  71. mumtazanas

    How about for java enable phone (like sony ericsson). We hope its coming soon since in Indonesia most of people just have low end phone (j2me enable)


  72. mdee88

    Wow! At first it freaked me out… Then I realized, finally a mobile version. Great job, guys!! And I like the switch feature.


  73. hobyt



  74. Jacksonian Lawyer

    Good stuff. Thank you for your efforts.


  75. αвsσlutjσíz™ ღ ™zíσɾʇnlσsвα

    cool~ tried it on my blackberry and it works perfect. thanks!


  76. serge francois

    Really cool looks great on my iphone : )


  77. Corve DaCosta

    can’t wait to get my b berry


  78. shadmia

    It looks great on my Palm Pre but the only problem I have is that my side bars are no longer shown. I have a twitter feed and links that enhance my blog. Now by default these will not be shown 😦


  79. gnomeaggedon

    This is way too awesome.. I have been dreaming you woud do this one day soon… but ou still caught me by srprie


  80. Baskar Narayanan

    Excellent work guys !!


  81. Asa Maliki

    Cool!! I like this. Is there mobile version for my dashboard?


  82. Abhishek

    Love you guys for this! Really!


  83. flynnsblogs

    WordPress, y’all never cease to surprise us! I just found out today during lunchtime. Neat!


  84. xwires

    Very well done – thanks so much!


  85. zyakaira

    good feature to add…what are some other such add ons of great value that are insignificant enough cost to to keep on the hosts?


  86. T3CK

    Thank you very well done!!!


  87. 786f

    Great work thank well done


  88. myphotoscout

    Awesome. That’s a feature I really wanted. As I am composing this on comment on my iPhone I am already enjoying the new theme.


  89. psychologist1

    interesting information! thank you very much! i never thought about such a stuff.


  90. Biblioteca Bellvitge

    Great! Thanks!


  91. Jose Daniel

    When are you guys doing cool stuff for Windows Mobile? I am big into Windows Mobile, and I am sure there are a lot out there like me. Some of us might not be considering to change to Blackberry or Iphone yet, but the Windows Mobile apps and features from are not that cool.


  92. JeLisa.Galen


    I like, I like!


  93. PANGERAN 229™

    Awesome! Saya sangat suka ini


  94. ruanghatiberbagi

    Really cool, great works


  95. lucientia

    Just checked it out – its gorgeous!

    Makes reading on the go so much easier! Thanks so much!


  96. Habakuk

    Thank you very much for your efforts on making the fabulous WordPress even better! The new mobile theme looks great on my iPhone. The red counter badge obviously doesn’t count pingbacks. But there seem to be some drawbacks, the pages can’t be handled by user in original theme like before.

    I have a two-column theme (Ocadia). When the new feature “Display a mobile theme when this blog is viewed with a mobile browser” is switched OFF by blog admin (as it was before): On the iPhone the complete blog page fits perfectly (both columns) in the browser window, I can double-tap on a column and it will display the column in “optimum size” (zoom in). Double-tap again: All columns visible (zoom out). Very convenient for navigating. This and comments etc. works very well with Safari on iPhones and iPods touch since the first generation and since I have my blog.

    When the new feature is checked ON by blog admin and the iPhone user switches back to good old “Full site view” via the link at the bottom of the page with the new layout (by the way: it looks like a typical iPhone virtual slider switch but it’s a button to tap on—needed a while to figure that out) the page shows another behaviour as in the “original version” (as described above):

    The page shows up in the original design (theme) but has fixed size (my two columns are too large to fit into the browser window, both portrait and landscape orientation), double-tapping on columns does… well… nothing. It also can’t be resized manually (pinch). Viewing and navigating is not so easy and intuitive like before. And there is a line at the top with option to switch back to the new mobile design (what wouldn’t disturb too much).

    I think it would be great if the page would behave truly like before at “Full site view”. Any chances for that?


  97. Stuart

    I was really impressed with the look and feel of this plugin when I saw it recently on a .org account, so great to have it for .com accounts too.

    I really like the look and feel on a mobile device.

    One problem however: when you switch back to standard view, you have lost the ability to zoom/resize the original website, at least on a 3G iPhone. Strange, not disasterous, but still a bit unfortunate.

    Have duplicated this on more than one website (including this one)

    My website is and it is a 3G iPhone with the latest OS.


  98. thehuxcapacitor

    Hmm, i like the functionality, though the graphics rendering and text wrapping on my iPhone is a bit iffy.

    I’ll be viewing the full site for a while yet I think.

    Many thanks for additional great functionalilty… and for the full site/moble site option.


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  100. arrangedmatches

    Really cool looks great on my iphone, thanks


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