Imaginative CSS

I’m constantly finding sites on that leave me happily surprised. I ran across Wir sprechen Online a few weeks ago and just kept coming back to it. For both the content and the design.

Wir sprechen Online

Wir sprechen Online is a P2 powered blog written in both German and English with content ranging from tech tid-bits to personal posts. Aside from the great content, I love how the site has taken advantage of the CSS Upgrade. The customized header, tweaked colors, and other nice little edits have really given the page a face of its own. It never fails to impress me what a little CSS can do – a little goes a long way.

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  1. Shaquille

    Good job, bagus Heheee
    Nais inpo gan 🙂
    Gue ora mudheng blabar pisan


  2. Vikas Gupta

    I wish I knew CSS!


  3. Mary

    Everyone loves the nice little edits, it give the page a nice uniqueness.


  4. ljubomirgatdula

    Another reason to learn German 😀


  5. legoless

    Link doesn’t work?


  6. Gerrit Eicker

    Wow! Thanks a lot!’s CSS upgrade is a great way to visualize whatever you want (at least: close to it 😉 without the need of a self or third party hosted WordPress blog. You’re offering the best service in town and a pretty cool community surrounding it. Keep it up!

    Smile! Gerrit


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  8. Jonathan McKinnell

    Wow! very nice. Give me a bit of inspiration for my own P2 blog design.


  9. Jennifer

    Maybe it should be a candidate for the Showcase?


  10. sensico

    That is a nice design it actually makes me like P2. I like seeing designs done with the CSS upgrade. I always thought it’d be cool if there was a showcase of blogs using the upgrade.


  11. artybrel

    Pas mal !


  12. prefuse

    Check my blog powered by The Journalist theme, after the CSS Upgrade i have full controle for tweaking the theme!


  13. Fran

    great design!


  14. lune

    I am lovin’ the CSS upgrade, lovin’ it. I just do a little more tweaking and a little more, ‘cos I CAN! and I know hardly any code. I have been tweaking Andreas09 and I think I have come close to perfection, in a zen-kinda way. The forum has really been such a life-line to me, thanks to everyone who offered help there.

    thanks for this post, Noel. Perhaps WP could set up a great showcase of CSS-tweaked blogs?

    Lune x


  15. hungrygoat

    how cool is that?


  16. Zaeriuraschi 11098 (pronounced zay-ree-ooh-ras-chee)

    I feel the same way. I don’t have CCS for my site, though; I don’t even know how to use it. 😆


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  18. Tubbo & Dubba Tubba



  19. Taufik

    Nice update 🙂

    LanjutGan !!


  20. xcobar

    Pretty beautiful site, and a great demonstration of nice use for the CSS Upgrade.
    Congratulations to Gerrit Eicker !
    greetings from Brazil ; )


  21. Gerrit Eicker

    Thanks for all of your great comments!

    This is exactly what I mean with “a pretty cool community”: It’s not only here but also in the WP-forums.

    @VikasGupta Ask in the forums. There are a lot of nice people who’ll help you!

    @ljubomirgatdula Only 15% of the posts are in German. English is absolutely sufficient. 😉

    @xcobar I wish I were in Brazil. Autumn is already here and Winter is coming.

    Smile! Gerrit


  22. peanut5

    it’s just whao!


  23. alamendah

    German and English ?
    Congratulations to Gerrit Eicker


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  25. Brian

    I’m confused as to why this qualifies as WordPress news. Aren’t there thousands of great-looking blogs out there that have been tweaked with CSS? Some are better, some are worse. But, again, I’m not sure where this fits in with announcements about new themes and features.


    • Heather

      Good question! We’re going to start adding more posts like this to the blog, to recognize stellar members of the community. Be on the lookout for more cool uses of 🙂


  26. panjipurna

    thank you very much


  27. kdão

    nice job! congratulations!


  28. charliz6



  29. johnfx

    If only the CSS upgrade wasn’t a recurring cost. I’d love to tweak my layout, but I’m blogging on a budget.


  30. Hyego Hutcherson



  31. techdealzindia

    @Brian, you take what you get. That’s the whole point isn’t it. Why bother to dominate if you don’t get to enjoy it.


  32. alienbleu6

    Good ideas for newbies like myself!


  33. Nic

    How I miss CSS editting 😦


  34. S.O.C.P Leader ♀Zebby♀

    Nice, I bought a CSS upgrade & domain for my blog. My friend made me a rocking css 🙂


  35. nicereddy1

    you should have a contest for CSS design


  36. ajikinai

    wanna try it out…


  37. reiciello

    I wish I know CSS too 😦


  38. danvog

    Love the upgrade. If anyone has any CSS questions, you can checkout my new creation.


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