August Wrap-Up

I’m back in San Francisco after a trip to London for the Happiness Engineer meetup. It’s serious business, but the group has managed to have a little fun along the way.


Our developers have been hard at work, too. In August, we launched the SoundCloud shortcode and, a URL shortener for WordPress blogs. And at your request, we introduced two new themes: iNove and Sandbox 1.6.1.

Here are last month’s stats:

426,047 blogs were created.
4,560,168 posts were published.
455,423 new users joined.
6,658,426 file uploads.
3,990 gigabytes of new files.
787 terabytes of content transferred from our datacenters.
7,498,064 logins.
2,153,498 active blogs and 22,855,350 active posts, where “active” means they had a human visitor.
1,267,201,336 pageviews on, and another 1,296,959,079 on self-hosted blogs (2,564,160,415 total across all WordPress blogs we track).
1,567,468,503 words.

Other cool stuff:

You published 11,425 posts to your blogs using the Beta WordPress for BlackBerry app.

Brazil’s Culture Ministry chose BuddyPress as their platform for public debate. The vehicle security service OnStar is using WordPress MU, bbPress and Gravatars on their new community site.

WordCamps in August: WordCamp New Zealand, WordCamp Huntsville, WordCamp Fraser Valley, and WordCamp Beijing.

Upcoming WordCamps in September: WordCamp Los Angeles, WordCamp Romania, WordCamp Philippines, WordCamp Portland, WordCamp Seattle, and WordCamp Birmingham.

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  1. sahifeyehasti

    a funny feeling! i’m one of those numbers 🙂
    thanks! continue 😉


  2. V V S

    Congratulations to the WordPress Team, I love wordpress. This is my first place that I landed and yet I haven’t left it. 🙂 Awesome stuff from WordPress


  3. projectsuccess

    nice and thank you!


  4. catlover258

    Wow, those are some BIG numbers, I’ve got to say!! 🙂


  5. Gus Cosio

    Thank you wordpress team. I share my thoughts on the financial markets in the Philippines and the Asian region. Since I started my site last May I’ve been able to reach so many people. Today, these people comment on my page regularly and we are able to exchange views. Based on your stats, my site gets an average of 200 visits a day. I feel great about that.
    More power to you guys. God bless you.


  6. Sarah Baram

    That’s all such wonderful news!


  7. swamije

    Congratulations to the Team for their excellence!


  8. AleerAnaya

    Where is WordCamp Turkey? You must ashamed a little bit.There is WordCampRomania but then?
    This rule not valid for you in all 1vs1 life and www world too.


    • Heather

      WordCamps are organized by users like you. If you’d like to organize a WordCamp in your country, you’re welcome to!


  9. wickerkat

    very cool – so glad you guys are here

    neo-noir fiction


  10. vcappuccio

    Salud WordPress, excelent Job!


  11. Renato Borges

    I am very happy to be part of WordPress!


  12. ideagirlconsulting

    wow we are busy bees! LOL


  13. MMIX a.D.

    WP is the best!


  14. adonis49

    it would be nice if you introduce us to the Happiness Engineering staff in the picture above; their names and their job. thanks.


  15. navdeepwrites

    Today is my first day of wordpress….
    I love to write, to express myself, and this might me the right place…
    Thanks WP Team.


  16. budgilove

    really cool, big numbers…


  17. Nolan

    These are so big every month they are staggering to look at


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