PollDaddy ratings and polls

PollDaddy joined the Automattic team last year, and we have been working on adding some of our great features directly into the WordPress platform ever since.


The PollDaddy rating feature that was enabled on WordPress.com last week has really started to see some use. Over 100k blog posts, pages and comments on WordPress.com are now being rated. If you need some help getting started, check out our support page for ratings.

This excellent demo video from WordPress.tv gives a good overview of how the service works.

We are working on a new sidebar widget to show your top rated posts, pages and comments which should be live by next week. We will have all of this available as WordPress.org plugin soon too.


Our polls feature has been available on WordPress now for about 8 months. About 40% of all polls created on PollDaddy are now created here on WordPress.com. You can read more about how it works over on WordPress support.

If you are a WordPress.org user then you can download our plugin from the .org plugin directory. If you have not used our polls before, this video shows you how to create a poll,  courtesy of WordPress.tv.

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  1. backcountrywriter

    Help. I keep following directions to hook up a link, but I don’t see it on my site. Where are the boxes that are on most sites for blogs I read?


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