National Blog Posting Month

Remember National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) back in November? You all used the opportunity to take a swing at churning out a 50,000-word novel on your blogs in only one month — some with great success!

There’s also NaBloPoMo, which has nothing to do with post-modernism, but with blogging! It stands for National Blog Posting Month.

It’s an even more fitting occasion for posting regularly to your blog on the topics that interest you. And maybe the best part is that it starts whenever you want it to! The only objective is to post every day for a month. So why not begin with July? To make it official, sign up here. It’s open to anyone with a blog, anywhere in the world.

The NaBloPoMo team provides a theme for each month, which isn’t mandatory, but is a nice way to gain inspiration that can kick off your daily updates.

Not into that? Then we suggest sticking to the stuff you’ve been blogging about all along — the things you experience and love — with the added caveat of keeping it on the regular.

If you run out of steam, you can always find ways to blog about the dozens of weird celebrations and holidays that take place in July, in addition to Independence Day in the U.S. — like Ice Cream Soda Day, Video Games Day, or Bugs Bunny’s Birthday.

To plug the WordPress community into your endeavor, we suggest using NaBloPoMo09 as a tag on each post you publish to your blog. They’ll show up on the tag results page, which is also a great place to get inspired by your fellow bloggers.

A note: Please refrain from commenting with questions about NaBloPoMo in response to this post. It’s not a WordPress project. Instead, check out their FAQ to learn more about its objectives and requirements.

Happy (daily) blogging!

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  1. Vikas

    It’s great to hear these great suggestions from WP. The WP blog had fallen silent since quite some time!



    Remember, remember
    The 5th of November…


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  4. Jenn Besonia

    Okay. I’ve just signed up since I am so bored with my busy life. Irony? *sigh*


  5. alexedavis

    Yes, I will be posting lots and lots of stuff on my wordpress blogs. Just finished a new one


  6. arcadata

    Thanks for the heads-up!


  7. Lars

    I’ll do that for August – or is that too late?
    In July I won’t have enough time to do a daily post


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  9. ian in hamburg

    In the middle of summer? It’s waaay too hot to blog, too much to do outside in the great weather… Is this scheduled now because there’s usually a dropoff in posts and traffic over summer?


  10. inkcaravan

    Great, time to give it a go!


  11. eksith

    At the risk of sounding like I’ve been swept up without thinking twice.

    Why not have a National Water Drinking Month?
    Or National Healthcare Month?

    Perhaps a National Roof Over Your Head Month?

    Or would that be asking for too much, considering we’re already contributing so much to our fellow man by just blogging about every nuance of our lives?


  12. alejna

    I’ve done NaBloPoMo a couple of times, and enjoyed it. I’m sure I’ll swing it again, once I recapture my NaBloPoMoMoJo.


  13. gullybogan

    I’m doing NaBloPoMoBuNoSuMoCoSuArFoSnuInBeAnReBo

    (National Blog Posting Month But Not Sundays Cos Sundays Are For Snuggling In Bed And Reading Books)

    I may even do TaWaDoMo (Tail Wagging [the] Dog Month), which is where i do something like, say, posting to a blog everyday just because someone thinks posting every day is more important than having something to say every day.


  14. xyz5

    love story that inspire me for optimism


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  16. yourboro

    Wait- I don’t think I understand..

    How can a “blog posting month” be every month?

    Doesn’t that make it like.. not special?

    Nevertheless- it’s a really good idea, and I’m glad that the WP blog is finally updated 🙂


  17. thewordseeker

    I have signed up myself. I am ready to get started.


  18. eksith


    “How can a “blog posting month” be every month?

    Doesn’t that make it like.. not special?”

    It isn’t…

    “There are tons of national holidays dedicated to endeavors like those.”
    Clearly none those are worthy of being celebrated every day, it seems.

    Well, I should blog about how I, on a daily basis, bravely change the channel as a “Save the children” ad comes on while sipping my $4.05 Iced Grande Caramel Macchiato listening to $82.17 worth of songs I downloaded off of iTunes on a couch made of real leather while complaining of how second hand smoke annoys me me.


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  21. Bridget Casas

    I already post once a day. My one year goal will be up in two months. Is this something I should sign up for? Is there an advantage to me? Thank you.


    • Heather

      It’s really up to you to determine whether or not it will be useful. Sounds like you’re off to a great start already!


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  23. Forrester McLeod

    NaBloPoMo…makes me feel Jamaican. If I start wearing huge straw hats and sipping silly alcoholic drinks while blogging, I’m holding you personally responsible!

    Fun idea. Thanks!


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  25. Thoth

    What difference? I put up rules, characters, and logs for role playing games and there’s generally enough for more than one item per day anyway.


  26. 1stboybandfan

    Yeah, I have 2 blogs on here. I am probably going to change my primary. But I missed having my own website and I love to write, no matter how I have to write, by hand, typing, or in some odd weirdway. I love your page, I am so going to subcribe, and I also love your articles too, that I have read.


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  28. yahudi4

    50,000 words in a month…..this is insane…..maybe on a typewriter …..iam not yet insync with wordpress or its not fast enough…..anyways break a leg guys…..I hope somebody does it…


  29. Moses

    wow… now that’s serious blogging!


  30. sstorm0730

    i considered signing up, but found that my city, state and name are on the blog. Do they have to be?


  31. dishragwhore

    This post is kind of nagging and obnoxious–with it’s “post regularly to your blog” in bold. I think I’ll actually post to my blog whenever I d*mn well feel like it.


  32. multilinguists

    oooooooo, exciting challenge….


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  34. timethief

    Hello there and thanks so much for making me aware of this. Although July and August are the busiest months of all for our small business leaving me little time to blog in, I may register and start in September.
    Cheers 🙂


  35. cenya95

    Yeah…. i’m ready to get strated


  36. erniedouglas

    Well I think I will have to try this considering what my blog is about.


  37. murderousthoughts

    Sounds fun, will do! 🙂


  38. spiralofhope

    How about something useful like “National Blog READING Month”? =p


  39. Nidhi KM

    Can I write in Hindi language?And can I write Poems?


  40. jenthergabmar

    What is the theme?


  41. neurotype

    Ack…there are so many of these; I wish there was one that was a business days only one or something. No way I could do this. :O


  42. hogwhitman

    I’d probly get more excited if you called it Rational Blog Posting Month.


  43. chrysanti

    Boohooo!! lets get started!


  44. The Necromancer

    I’d spend the month blogging about the beaches I’m going to hang out on, but I think I’ll be on the beach too much to blog. July is no month to start something like this. Maybe October. Heck, Reggie Jackson be damned, just call me Mr. October. Daily blogging, even for a month, seems like the virtual holy grail. Perhaps infamy comes with repetition. Alas, laptops and dazzling sunshine don’t mix. Hang ten…


  45. widi

    Good info. It excite for WordPress blogger.


  46. Leah_Daae

    Lol, I’m doing JulNoWriMo for the first time, which is NaNoWriMo for those who’d prefer to do it in July–and I’m blogging about it. Don’t know if I’ll rack up 50 000 words, though.


  47. nicolette

    With a worldwide blogging forum I never understand the word National in NaBloPoMo!?


  48. goldnsilver

    If anyone can achieve that, then I applaud them.


  49. chib3h

    I joined…. But am I too late? o.o


  50. marnus


    that sounds looks great


  51. Arnab Das

    i opened the page and almost signed up. but then i thought why sign up? if i want to post on my blog, i will do it. do i need to sign up to make sure i post? why not simply post everyday. it should come from within right? what do u think?


    • Heather

      To be an official participant you’ll need to sign up, but if you just want to use it as motivation to post every day, that’s cool, too! Whatever works for you 🙂


  52. Ron

    The mention of 50,000 words makes me think that a word counter (weekly or monthly, and cumulative, maybe), would be a welcome stats feature. No, I’m not obsessive about quantity – quality is more important – but it’s good to know just what one’s output amounts to. Yes, I know I could count that for myself, but as it’s NaBloPoMo every month here, it’s a bind.


  53. onlinemarketingrep

    i have just started my own blog. I run an ethanol production company and i plan to post all of our updates on me page here! I am scared and a bit excited.



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  55. hw4u

    I’d like to publish it every week and!


  56. barrycyrus

    this is genius, i must say!


  57. Bill Housley


    It’s a great idea, and I could certainly come up with enough topics, but about the only way I’d have time for that is if I spent a month in bed with some deadly illness.


  58. Zaeriuraschi 11098

    I can’t enter. Sometimes I forget to write posts on my blog. 😛


  59. major211090

    50 000 . that just 2 much


  60. osamafawzi

    i’m very happy to hear


  61. xkylenx

    Pretty nice, Pretty nice!


  62. findingpointb

    I’m hoping NaBloPoMo will help me start up my blog and keep it going… I’ve always been interested in NaNoWriMo, so this will b a good stepping stone in preparation! I really like that there are themes.


  63. trulyana

    Sounds like a nice way to meet new people and their blogs.


  64. miyakayusheto

    I’m gonna try this


  65. Rob

    Its gotta be a laugh. What happens if you don’t complete it every day?


  66. Sssaam

    I’m pretty sure I post once a day so It won’t be much of a problem for me. Great idea!


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  68. exCLUEsiv

    Hmmm… I don’t get the point of this. There should be a prize for good blogs or sumfin… That would be awesome, and my inspiration!! LOL =P


  69. tonyyulianto

    Wow!!!It’s great!!I’ll take it n try it.I hope I get a successful!!


  70. Alan

    50,000! i barely do 500 each post :S


  71. Sukmayudha

    great! great!


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  73. Nolan

    ooo :mrgreen: I saw another coment that said we can do this in August to I think I will do it then on my blog


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  75. Exodus

    yay! i always enjoy reading! 😀


  76. Buffet O' Blog

    Writing about the various unique holidays and special days is a lot of fun! I did that on my blog and covered all the ones I found interesting, useful, funny, or weird. I wrote my own analysis and commentary for them, which made it unique.

    Some of the holidays are worth noting, like “National Ice Cream Day”, which is this month. And obviously you should eat extra ice cream to celebrate! 🙂 And today is “Chocolate Day”, which is another one worth celebrating!


  77. createmoney3

    thanks and looking forward to begin my life here as a blogger


  78. nedyasafira

    Can writing in indonesian language…? ilke it but i cant writing in english,thanks. ups…. i am very like yours avatar heather…make me like you.


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  80. Neha Kapoor

    I did NaBloPoMo in June. Not sure I’ll do it in July.


  81. caitlin95

    so national blog posting month? hmm…. well i kinda like more of a challenge actually writer a novel within a month


  82. pachuvachuva

    Just for the sheer joy of being part of a community who just loves blogging, I’ve signed up for NaBloPoMo although i’m pretty sure i’d bend the rules here and there as life got too hectic recently. It’s a lofty challenge worth pursuing. ^_^


  83. zannc

    Well personaly, I “think” your “blogging” out of your “mind”,,, 50.000 words? in a month, what do you want a book, or encylopeidia why 50.000 unless, its meaningful, Well its not worth writing about, there seems to be too much crappy blogs, out there.Some people just don’t put any thought into there blogs. No Capital letters, No full stops, No puncution, The list goes on, and on,I am not judging anyone, I am Just stating a fact,I am not good writer,Not by any means of the Imagin.Life is about doing, to the best of your ablity, and making the most of what life has to offer.Good luck with your blogging bloggers.


  84. Claudiu

    This sounds great, but I have a question, is there a rule regarding in what language we write the posts? I allways post in Romanian…


  85. waqasillahi

    Why not give it a try, though I am new to posting blogs on a daily basis but this seems to good to be true. I am excited and waiting impatiently to make most of the moment.


  86. Michael

    NaBloPoMo, can that be cured surgically? Posting everyday for a month may be tough, but I will log in and read a couple of blogs and post when I can.


  87. Alan

    Any tips for a newbie?


  88. aneeshnl

    day for blogposts too? however nice..


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  91. joejoe90

    Very interesting. I think maybe 500k is a bit too much though. haha


  92. armie of words

    Woah! This is very challenging. Even though it would be quite exhausting for busy buddies like me but I would like to give it a try, anyway. This would likely induce more readers as well as harness my writing skills. Superb idea! I suppose this doesn’t have word count limit, though. Let me check the FAQs. 🙂


  93. KangBoed

    Woow.. it’s verry hard.. to keeps posting every days
    Warm greating


  94. spiderpoman

    WP is the BEST!!


  95. penguinpurple

    Sounds cool. I might try it out.


  96. Azstrel

    Way rad and awesome way to get over my blogging hump!

    -thx for the uuummpphht 🙂


  97. Zid

    What a great idea!!! From blogging to writing our thoughts and mind as many as much!?!?!?!?

    There is no time to waste.


  98. Michelle Rafter

    Thanks for this encouragement.

    I have a WordPress blog on freelance writing and have hosted my own version of National Blog Posting Month for the past two Mays. Last year I convinced about 20 other writers to join me blogging every day during the month. It was so much fun that when this year rolled around a total of 45 writers took the challenge. When all was said and done, many of those writer-bloggers saw phenomenal increases in traffic, subscribers to their blog post feeds and faithful commenters – myself included.

    To make the month a little more interesting, we held an official guest post exchange day, where bloggers participating in the blogathon swapped writing guests posts for each other. We also created a Twitter hashtag – MayBlog02 – to tag the conversations about the blogathon we were holding there. At the end of the month, we gave ourselves a wrap party on Twitter and talked about what we learned, what we’d do again and what we’d add next year.

    As the official host of this blogathon, I did a couple things to help organize what was happening:

    1. Wrote an announcement post just like Heather’s letting people know that the blogathon was coming up, and encouraging them to participate.

    2. Wrote a blog post on the first day of the blogathon listing the name and blog name of everyone who was involved.

    3. Wrote a Sticky Post that stayed at the top of my blog for the entire month alerting people who happened upon my blog to the blogathon, including links to the posts I’d written in case they wanted to read more.

    4. Created a page called The WordCount Blogathon that’s now a permanent fixture of my WordPress blog. It’s a basic summary of what the blogathon is, how it works, and how to get involved. I also included some blog posts I’d written on how to start a blog, for people who wanted to join the blogathon but hadn’t blogged before.

    All in all it was a great experience, and I’m already planning the 3rd annual for next May.

    Michelle Rafter


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  100. katyallgeyer



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