Yahoo! App and 360 Importer

We’ve got two Yahoo! related news items today.

The first is that we’ve launched a Yahoo! 360 importer (listed in your admin screens under Tools → Import) to make migration from 360 to super easy. Just upload the Yahoo! 360 export ZIP file, and we’ll do the rest. Yahoo! will be shutting down their 360 service soon, so if you have any friends over there feel free to give them a little help and encouragement to head over to 🙂

Second is the release of our QuickPress Yahoo! Application. You can post posts and read and moderate your most recent comments straight from My Yahoo!. (Note to any self-hosted folks out there: the app currently only works on We’re working on making it .com/.org universal.)

Thanks to Yahoo! for their help with their Yahoo! Application Platform, and thanks to all of you for the best blogs on the intertubes.

If you need help with either of these new toys (or anything else), please contact our support team.

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  1. imhla

    Just started using WordPress today and I love it!!!


  2. bill

    It’s good to know you guys aren’t sleeping. Thanks.


  3. ayana54

    I am trying to complete the move from 360 to wordpress but I can’t seem to locate the importer that you are referring to [Yahoo! 360 importer (listed in your admin screens under Tools → Import)] or rather I am not seeing the admin screens and the only tools option that I have found was at my dashboard and the only thing that happened there was that I downloaded gears if there is any additional info you could provided I’d really appreciate it as all my friends and I would like to move here we just want to know how. Thanks


  4. Speed

    Cool. Thanks.


  5. joshu26

    yahoo 360 is still around who use’s that anymore seriously


  6. - S -

    a new inovation again..
    thanks for the info 🙂


  7. bellapo8

    Thanks! will it import older than 30 bloggs on 360?


  8. murderousthoughts

    Awesome!! I use my yahoo, so it’s perfect!!! Thanks for another great feature! 🙂


  9. delaorden

    well it is always good to see improvements around, but personally I think there are a lot of improvements still to be done. For example, more themes, specifically wide ones such as “Kubrick, The journalist” etc… Another point I think it is awful and needless is charging users for any changes made on CSS code etc.. and by the way, we need themes with more flexibility, I mean, moer options to change the header, width, colorus etc… another point I can see is how to change fonts. I only can do it using Windows Live Writer and it is kind o painful to go to and fro apllications. I hope you take this as a sugestion and never as a cheap criticism… thank you all.
    carlos rajas 🙄


    • Heather

      Adding more themes with more customization is high on our list this year, so rest assured you’ll be seeing some more cool themes announced here on the news blog 🙂


  10. ella3114

    Yay! Can’t wait to try this out. I’m so excited!


  11. katyallgeyer

    WordPress ROCKS!!!


  12. pistonsfan09

    sounds like a good idea 🙂


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