April Wrap-Up

In April we introduced Instant Findability, TED video embeds, a springtime theme, a cool new domain, and reply-by-email for comments, now open to all. A pretty busy month, with more awesome features on the way, plus WordCamp San Francisco, on May 30.

If you’re in town or want a reason to be, be sure to register soon. We’ve got a great speaker line-up, free WordPress schwag to give away, and, of course, a BBQ lunch.

Here are the stats for April:

  • 370,053 blogs were created.
  • 401,320 new users joined.
  • 5,206,156 file uploads.
  • 3,050 gigabytes of new files.
  • 775 terabytes of content transferred from our datacenters.
  • 6,991,335 logins.
  • 1,162,296,607 pageviews on WordPress.com, and another 1,130,311,791 on self-hosted blogs (2,292,608,398 total across all WordPress blogs we track).
  • 1,904,262 active blogs and 19,665,407 active posts where “active” means they got a human visitor.
  • 1,569,961,240 words.

Other cool stuff:

After tallying the community vote, the judges panel (Derek Powazek, Matt Thomas, and myself) selected two winning designs for the I ❤ Blogging design contest. You can now buy “Dandy(lion) Blogging” by el_square and “I Love Blogging (and Pixel Art)” by Robert Podgórski in the Infectious store as vinyl stickers for your laptop, iPod or iPhone. Congrats to the winners and all who submitted their work.

Though we released comment reply via email late in the month (April 23), you’re already making great use of it. 1,029 replies to comments via email just in the final week.

Video uploads using the WordPress player are on the rise, too: 5,290 in April. If you haven’t already checked it out, head to WordPress.tv to see what your videos could look like in the WordPress player (and to learn a bit, too). If you like what you see, you can purchase the Space Upgrade to get uploading.

We launched BuddyPress 1.0, a collection of plugins that transform a vanilla WordPress MU install into a social network.

WIRED.com migrated its blogs to WordPress, and Intruders.tv relaunched their channels using WordPress MU.

WordCamp Central was redesigned, and now has an awesome map that displays WordCamps around the world.

There were six WordCamps in April: WordCamp China, WordCamp Hong Kong, WordCamp NOLA, WordCamp Tokyo, WordCamp Nigeria, and WordCamp Reno-Tahoe.

Coming up in May: WordCamp Toronto, WordCamp Richmond, WordCamp Mid-Atlantic, WordCamp Columbus, WordCamp Ed CUNY, WordCamp Milan, and WordCamp San Francisco.

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  1. Andrew

    Hehe It’s nice feeling apart of something that big!


  2. Mary

    So many awesome features are popping up on WP.. exciting!


  3. trollboy

    Wow April was a busy month for you guys.


  4. ericriveracooks

    Thank you so much for the work that you do.


  5. Omar Modesto

    A few thousand of those words are mine!


  6. lukeritchie007

    Sounds like things are going quite well. I myself just signed up with WordPress and finding it to be a better blog site than blogger…


  7. Vikas Gupta

    WP rocks! 😀

    I will love to work with WP. Do let me know when/if you need someone in India (New Delhi) who believes that ” a drop of ink can make a million think” and blogs ‘the whole world’! 😛


  8. droptix

    Hell ya, didn’t know WordPress is that big, this really makes me think that the exponential times theory is damn true not just a philosophical idea.


  9. cloverxxkorhz

    🙂 yeah~ congratz..


  10. Lora

    *Agrees with Andrew*
    I love all the updates you get here!

    – Lora


  11. Rehan Ahmed

    Another Great Month For WordPress … Figures Are Simply Awesome Matt … And yeah i really like idea of replying comments Via e-mail … its make our job bit easier


  12. GuRpS

    … the sky is the limit …


  13. Moi

    “775 terabytes of content transferred from our datacenters.” – wow.


  14. eideard

    Cripes. If you ever held a WordCamp New Mexico, I’d attend. And I don’t go anywhere.


  15. materix01

    Great job for April. Some of the best updates yet. The TED video embeds were long overdue ^^


  16. Moses

    So many numbers! =D


  17. Wacky Flip8

    Wow, I suppose a little bigger than last year!


  18. bootingskoBlog

    Good job to WordPress… 😆


  19. Splodge!

    Well, nobody could accuse WordPress of staying still. I’m happy to be a part of it.


  20. Fran

    nice numbers!

    you have April Wrap-Up for latinoamerica?


  21. Parefgr3 a.k.a Pclhelp 2 (CP309)



  22. mostafa farghaly

    WordPress you rocks and deserve more than that 🙂


  23. Nolan

    yeah this is my third month and all three of the blogs I started are still going strong thanks for your help wordpress team (I started one in april)


  24. Jared

    Well done, WordPeople. Thanks for reply-by-email comments especially. You make blogging easy.


  25. Isaac Milton

    I started in April myself. I couldn’t be happier with my experience. It’s great to see that you are constantly improving the interface for your users.


  26. Bridget Casas

    A lot has been done. You all work so hard and it is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


  27. Matt Rogowski

    775 terabytes, that’s insane!! 😛


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  29. curiousillusion

    Woohoo, I’m one of the new users that joined this month… loving it already! Thanks for all the great features!


  30. izmibb



  31. ashokkannan

    good………………keep it up..


  32. notyetnamed

    And it’s still growing – amazing how WordPress evolved over the last years! Congratulation 😉


  33. Nibu Thomas

    Thanks for all the awesome stuff done in april.


  34. Wazeen

    I start to fall in love with this WP, cool stuff Matt 🙂


  35. paulotato



  36. awakespectator

    Well, thanks for the update, no matter how overwhelming it continues to be. A particular statistic which I have been looking for and whose inclusion I would most definitely appreciate, either in this post as an update or the next one just as an additional stat in your post, is that how many users and viewers who visited blogs hosted on WordPress had a screen setting of at least 1024 by 800 pixels. I, for one, would most definitely appreciate that extra bit of information.

    For the time being, just as I have said in the beginning, no matter how overwhelming the stats may be, thanks for the information any way.


  37. Sssaam

    Awesome job guys, you deserve it!


  38. willy1111

    Happy to hear that!
    Hope it stays like that!!


  39. italco

    I was very much into ireports. I really am impressed with this. Thank you!


  40. Brenda Nepomuceno

    Whoa, that’s a lot! Thank you guys for being such an amazing team and making WordPress the best place ever to blog! =)


  41. Rizal

    i love the short domain and TED!


  42. zeromonth

    wow indeed those are a lot of numbers >:)


  43. Lilja

    Yet another great month – Thank you guys for all your work 😀


  44. tdjoshi

    I am blogging for the benefit of IELTS, TOEFL and other English Learning aspirants. I have posted and continue to post sample essays, letters, and other graphic data description specimen for the study and exam prepration by the aspiring visitors of my blog. I have a very goode experience of blogging with WORDPRESS and I am delighted.

    Good Luck


  45. devpriya14

    All of it is a useful stuff. thanks a lot!


  46. art predator

    Yay for WordPress! Great April and SIX years in May! I am sooo looking forward to WordCamp SF! Even if you’re not super techie (like me) it’s a lot of fun and you’ll learn a lot!


  47. murderousthoughts

    Awesome, always something new for us!!


  48. Sr. Incógnito

    Thank you!! Thats great!!


  49. jorgejhms

    Add suport for html5 video tag, please!!!


  50. navedz

    Hey.. feels nice to be part of wordpress. You guys come up with amazing stuffs time and again. Thank you.


  51. ifftany

    foot in mouth.
    blogging is a great invention.


  52. Iftekehar Ahmed Amit

    Awesome Stats!!!!!


  53. certseek

    Great April. Hope wordpress will gain even more success in May as well!


  54. Maxime Feray Desgranges

    Wow, awesome! I never new that that much people sign up on WP everyday !


  55. themusicplace61

    hi ppl have a good day


  56. ceke50

    Thanks for most sympathy from all of us, to all of you . Thank you again .


  57. aarondalton

    I moved my portfolio from Yahoo Sitebuilder to WordPress.com earlier this month.

    Your service impressed me so much that I moved an existing blog here from Blogger!

    Thank you for the constant innovation and exciting developments. You make it all look easy 🙂


  58. uspeakoutnow

    Brilliant! Honestly Matt, your team is doing a brilliant job, and the stats are simply amazing – I’m glad to be on WordPress. Keep up the good work.


  59. spidrsden

    I knew I was on the best blog site. Now if I can just get my 50+ mind wrapped around some of those newfangled gadjets (sp)! Grrratzie!



  60. rokkuramu

    Thank you for choosing my design, Matt. I’m very honored and extremely happy that you did. This is Loc aka el_square from Infectious.


  61. L

    Good job! you guys!


  62. runtome

    The stats are good but you’re looking great! “,


  63. savik2009

    Wow!!! Great jobs man!!


  64. afrankangle

    Keep up the good work & I’m happy to play a small part.


  65. hotsingleworkingmom

    Glad to contribute to the status increase! Yay for everyone with something to say! Thanks for making this such a fun place to be~


  66. Strictly Gospel

    Good Job!


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  68. mom

    This is mom from holeinthefence.net. You are the best!!! WordPress it so user friendly even this ole dog can use it and that is saying a lot. Thank you, thank you, thank you and Congratulations on your well deserved success. Very proud to be part of this. More power to you!


  69. clubpenguinpals1



  70. citycrypt

    Great !!!
    Do the best…


  71. ritu1travels

    Nice to hear about it


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  73. chrysanti

    Wow!! what is the name of wordpress fans by the way?


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