P2: The New Prologue

Update: Check out this dedicated site for P2.

Today we’re extra-pleased to introduce you to a new theme that reinvents what it means to group blog on WordPress.com.

We call it P2 (in the style of K2, the update on the classic Kubrick theme), and it’s an extensive revamp of Prologue, the brainchild of last year’s winter retreat.

Prologue broke ground when it brought microblogging to WordPress.com. Now it’s cooler, faster, sleeker, and ready for 2009 and beyond:


Live notifications, comments on the homepage, and in-line editing are just part of what makes P2 revolutionary. With these features, you never have to refresh, and rarely need to visit the dashboard. Everything you need to communicate with other users on your blog (and your readers, too), is right there on the front page. We like to think of it as a really cool version of Twitter for groups.

P2 is the perfect theme to use when you’re collaborating with remote teams and far-flung friends. It’s also a great tool for school projects, as a class or as a group. We Automatticians use it internally to keep each other up to date, both on a company-wide level and on a project-by-project basis.

It’s also a fun way to post and share total nonsense, as some of us have for this demo:

Leave a comment on P2 to see it in action!

Check out this video narrated by the illustrious Sheri to see more:

Here’s the overview of what’s new in P2:

  • Threaded comment display on the front page.
  • In-line editing for posts and comments.
  • Live tag suggestion based on previously used tags.
  • A show/hide feature for comments, to keep things tidy.
  • Real-time notifications when a new comment or update is posted. (If you have a Mac, you know what we mean when we say it’s Growl-like.)
  • Super-handy keyboard shortcuts: c to compose a new post; j to go to the next item; k to go to the previous item; r to reply; e to edit; o to show and hide comments; t to go to the top; esc to cancel.
  • Helvetica Neue for you modern font lovers.
  • Plus more to come! Keep an eye on the news blog for updates.

And as always, there’s:

  • Hassle-free posting from the front page.
  • RSS feeds for everything: the entire prologue, each author, each tag, and any search.
  • A feeling of supreme awesomeness because you’re using a sweet theme custom-made by Automattic.

Just like other themes, you can find P2 under Appearance > Themes in your dashboard. Those who are into the self-hosted version of WordPress can keep an eye out for P2 in the Themes Directory in the coming week.

Plus a note: Don’t forget to change your time settings for Daylight Savings Time if the time in your region “sprung forward” this week!

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  1. madcore

    I´m testing P2 and it´s look really nice! Good Work!

    Miss only a few things on the P2. The upload images button, and a dropdown category selector (yes, I still use categories). I know those things may be out of the microbloggin way of P2, but I feel they can be here as a selectable modules or something like that.


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  3. hiphop94

    perfect, thats really perfect…..! 🙂


  4. Lisa Canning

    Fun tool.


  5. beatlesfan1

    asome!!! 🙂 🙂 :]


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  8. Will Rhodes

    Even though I prefer a regular blog – this can look good – although, I must add, I hope it doesn’t look as bad as the new facebook.


  9. امین هاشمی

    باحال بود


  10. GH*

    Cool! But how do you get it?


    • Hanni

      You can activate the theme for your blog by going to Appearance > Themes and choosing P2 from the list. Enjoy 🙂


  11. wynkenx

    “Today we’re extra-pleased to introduce you to a new theme that reinvents what it means to group blog…”

    OMG! Nice~!!!


  12. dingrenjie

    omg! isnt this shortcut keys like the ones on gmail?!
    cool! good stuff, keep it up 😀


  13. andienchandra

    cool !


  14. Lilja

    Looks good 🙂


  15. readerwritererin

    WordPress rocks again 🙂


  16. adityapatria



  17. zgadot

    Great tool !


  18. dee

    i make this theme for my blog


  19. eawode

    I am still very new on board. A great idea indeed to be amongst the mighty.


  20. James

    Since I can post from the iPhone in the same manner as here, you bet I’m going to use it. Landscape typing on the iPhone is a huge selling point to me. Since it instantly updates, it has a lot of potential.


  21. steve918

    Theme seems to be busted in Safari for me.


  22. arise888

    nice one


  23. skyhan

    very innovative.

    but hey, it’s been 7 days since it’s been announced here, right? Where is the download link?



  24. hunterowenz

    I would absolutely love to have Prologue P2 with Private Messaging between users. What would it take to make this happen? I am willing to pay.


  25. ghoulsnghosts

    Still nothing in the Themes Directory 😦


  26. tsevenhuysen

    Just waiting for this to show up in the Themes Directory… Can’t wait to try it out!


  27. Imran

    is there anyway we can limit the words in post ??? let’s say 250 words??


  28. oRiDo™

    I like that…
    I hope wordpress will always be better and better..

    as we can see, Facebook is getting stronger and stronger.. there’s a lot of things that can be make everybody enjoy.
    status like in Y!Messenger and plurk…
    create/posting note like in bloging..
    and others…

    I really hope wordpress can give a lot of facility…
    I’m sure wordpress can be better than FB and others..
    just keep on better and better development on wordpress

    I love wordpress…


  29. donggie

    Im new here so learning on this things can be at my brain. Well, I guess the new theme is a good one!


  30. ivelissesantana

    Looks great to me. It can help me on my school projects. I will be able to communicate with others friends without any trouble. The shortcuts made for the keyboard are cool. It will give save me time. I think its good enough. I have only read the features but haven’t try it yet. I love to write and with the P2 there’s no word limits.
    The way I see it, some like it and some don’t. Give it a try, I will.


  31. tomatobrown

    looks too techy/1993


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  33. steve918

    I’m using it now and made some updates to my taste


  34. fldisinhibition

    “Hi, . Whatcha up to?” reads like a typo to me… the comma followed by the period. Is it supposed to look like that?


    • Heather

      That space is for your nickname, which you can update under My Account > Edit Profile in the dropdown in your admin bar. It will then show up as “Hi, Nickname. Whatcha up to?”


  35. gholi2

    very good !


  36. tomg2009

    “…. can keep an eye out for P2 in the Themes Directory in the coming week.”
    coming week ?? Please


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  39. disastershadow

    sounds cool and are you sure its a lot more faster?


  40. evsas

    nooooooo comment…


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  42. oceandrive09

    Looks Great!


  43. Legionarion Conquistadorz

    “…. can keep an eye out for P2 in the Themes Directory in the coming week.”
    nice. 😀


  44. aNGEL

    This is waht i was looking for, thank you


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  46. TaurRex

    Any chance we’ll be able to get an option to change the colors at some point in the future? That would be awesome.


  47. grant czerepak

    This is a fantastic innovation for text microblogging. Especially the nested replies.

    I recommend the WP team continues to innovate and come out with a P3 supporting:

    images, audios, events, maps, texts, videos and graphics.



  48. knowfessor

    I like it. I want to change the prompt question, but it looks like the theme is unable to be edited. When is the stand alone theme going to be available for download?


  49. testofrogerroger

    I’m anxiously watching the themes directory…. This is exactly what I have been needing and I didn’t even realize it until I saw this! I can’t wait!


  50. kolomboofsweden

    I am going to try


  51. kimholder

    I searched and searched to find something that would allow the comments to show and P2 is it. Thanks


  52. omerosen

    Where can I download it?
    I haven’t found it at the theme archive.


  53. clicker64

    Nice theme. I will be trying it soon.


  54. nepaldiary

    great idea !


  55. disastershadow

    hmmm more faster?


  56. mrhalu

    nice nice


  57. vaelentin

    Thanks for this great work.
    Is it possible to change the “whatcha up to ?” I’m french and I want to make a new blog using P2. But this words are maybe the only thing that is stopping me to create it right now…


  58. sidneiads

    Keep up the good work. Excellent job!


  59. hatkirby

    I downloaded the copy of P2 available from the link DTFTW posted but it’s not working completely. Clicking reply on the index page does nothing, you cannot reply to comments and the index doesn’t automatically update with the new updates and comments. Is this a problem with my setup, the copy of P2 I downloaded or something else? Thanks in advance.


  60. bwap



  61. 1337m



  62. read89

    cool..look’s great


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  64. akbar29



  65. RukmaPratista

    I love the features, I love its javascripts,
    but the colors and its whole design aren’t that great.
    Too wide for a microblog if I may say,
    and too square.

    I was kinda disappointed.
    Rolling back to the old Prologue right now.


  66. allnitecafe

    hemm.. is very nice..


  67. Jaguar

    I really liked it but I won’t put it simply cause the cloud with “User, whatcha up to?” is header and I’d rather prefer it footer. However, it’s a lovely theme.


  68. fr0st33

    This is kool.But im still waiting on the blue theme.

    Well,if there is not one?


  69. pastorjennifer

    Is it possible to password the blog so only invited group members can view it. My church group would like to have a way to post internal meeting minutes that are not accessible to outsiders.


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  71. Craiger

    Still nothing posted in the themes directory? Meh. This is like knowing you’re going to get a really cool gift Christmas morning, but not knowing when Christmas will be.


  72. laluadigunawan

    well done! you did an excellent job..


  73. ghoulsnghosts

    still nothing to download… the question is: WHEN? 😦


  74. Imran

    I know it’s on its way but i already got my copy from svn… and made extensive customization to just match with Twitter profile… i tell you this theme is twitter killer i am spending less time on twitter since ever i got my hands on this theme.. if you want to check out my theme customization which i just did to test it but i am so much loving it and afraid when it officially released i would have to do all the hard work again *sigh* anyway check out here http://trendblog.org and and let me do you like the customization esp., the single post with bigger text as twitter shows single status… 🙂


  75. bobcarr

    Great job.


  76. planoblog

    i love new free buttons to click on coolness


  77. Satrion

    if only this theme has custom image header it will be cooler
    anyway thanks 😉


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