First Theme of 2009: Grid Focus

We’re happy to announce the launch of our first new theme this year: Grid Focus, by Derek Punsalan.

Grid Focus Theme

It’s a clean and simple three-column theme with a couple of special features you’ll dig:

  • Two widget areas. Widgets on Grid Focus can be placed in two sidebars.
  • Front page icon synced with your blavatar. The blue icon that appears on the front page of Grid Focus by default will change to your blavatar if you’ve uploaded one.


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  1. DJK

    It’s a good News !


  2. masterclasslady

    This looks like a wonderful theme. It has many important aspects that I feel are missing from The Journalist theme. Bravo!


  3. Bronx Bohemian

    Oooo, At first glance I like this because I use a lot of photos and the gallery option. Will try it out asap.


  4. guiye

    It is quite good, but I miss more choice and more support for widgets …


  5. Cavaliere

    Lovable ! I think i am gonna try it 🙂


  6. silverstar98121

    Lovely. We definitely need more choice in themes. When will the threaded comments be up?


  7. Victoria

    It’s great. But how can I remove the blogroll and meta widget at the right? ‘Cus now I have the links at two places on my blog. I couldn’t get meta removed though I removed it at widget settings.
    When blogroll and meta are where they are, the posts are so tight. the posts don’t have enough space.


  8. fouadmasoud

    Looking gr8 😀 finally.

    any link to download it from ?


  9. Whogopenguin

    Nice theme, but not to my taste. I hope you have a variety of themes coming up.


  10. John Brissenden

    Gorgeous! Drag-and-drop editing of widgets would be nice too.


  11. مسعود

    thanks alot


  12. Neclord

    I’m still waiting for a “newpaper” theme. This is amazing but not my kind 🙂


  13. alejna

    It is a pleasing theme, but I’m too attached to having a big customizable header. A new theme is always an exciting thing, though. Looking forward to seeing more of them this year! Thanks.


  14. letters2soulmate

    looks good! thanks WordPress!


  15. kennedy121

    This does look like a theme more suited to budding photographers and anyone wanting to show off any kind of images. I’m not sure how good it would look for block text posts. It’s nice and clean cut though and I’m sure a lot of people will dig it!


  16. chloé

    this looks like a good option
    wordpress needs a widget to list all your posts in date order; i’d like that!


  17. the rufus

    Oh – no individual header image. What a pitty … 😉


  18. masterclasslady

    One question: Can you change the width of the content and sidebar layouts with the CSS upgrade?

    The content width seems too narrow right now and, if I decide to change themes, the narrow layout will adversely affect my archived material.

    Thanks so much.


    • Sheri

      masterclasslady, you should be able to change the width of the sidebar in Grid Focus, however, each theme is a bit different and doing that could require some advanced CSS. You can always give it a try using the Preview button in your Edit CSS page. Check out the CSS forum and these CSS links for more help.


  19. princeconnoisseur

    I like this and if I start a new blog, I might try it, but it’s not right for my current blog. Keep ’em coming.


  20. Peter A. Mello

    Great theme! Derek’s work is awesome!


  21. Teck

    Wow this is a very nice theme thank you. 🙂


  22. ultimoAdios

    Just in time, year 2009!
    Hello, Grid focus template!
    Thank you, Derek Punsalan


  23. owenswain

    I must be missing something…I don’t see it showing up in the selection of available Themes.


  24. Brad

    Oooh! Two widget columns. I like, I like 😀


  25. goosemanrocks

    it looks great, but not my style. i agree with guiye when he says there should be more choice on our end for widgets.


  26. fragmanci

    thanks super theme


  27. U. Nobody

    Nice! I will see how this looks with my photo bog. Thanks.


  28. Tyler

    clean and simple, i dig. i tend to prefer themes with one column being much larger than the others though.


  29. Moses

    yay new themes!!!! keep em coming! =D


  30. pushbuttonreceivebacon

    hmmm, i’ll have to check this out!


  31. Lubi :)

    Thank you for adding another Theme…was getting kinda boring with playing with the ones available…could we have more with flexible width themes pls?!
    Thanx again!!


  32. barrycyrus

    more themes, alright?

    wordpress is utterly cool!


  33. eviwidi

    Hi Heather,

    Its nice theme, but not my choice, I’d prefer to choose Misty and Albeo, I’m waiting for more exciting theme.
    Thanks for the information.

    WP still the best!



  34. Darthpuckie

    Sweet new theme. Could you make a new version of FRESHY? 😀


  35. allforblue

    thank you for new themes


  36. Krutika

    Congrats! Great choice..I was waiting for grid focus since long..


  37. straw000

    Yeah!! A new theme!! It looks good so far : )


  38. Rizal

    great ,
    is custom heder available ?


  39. Rizal

    great ,
    is custom header available ?


    • Heather

      Not for this theme. You can see what other themes have custom headers by selecting that filter from the dropdown under Appearances > Themes.


  40. Roy

    looks great!

    I think I’m going to try it



  41. Chris Collins

    I’m very much looking forward to the new Comments Features. Great work to the creators here at WordPress and to Derek who did Grid Focus. To put it more mildly, Well done.


  42. grouchow

    Sounds good, I’m a relative newbie, Where can I find it and how can I learn to use this feature. I like to use a lot of pictures too.

    And this time I am checkmarking the box for emails because I can never find the responses to my posts. Sorry, I told you I was new. 🙂

    Thanks so much.


  43. nicereddy

    sweet! even though I like my theme i might do it on another site…


  44. Georgina

    oh, clean and organized. Might try it.


  45. Moin Ansari

    How about a good search engine which is capable of mining the old articles?
    How about a way to set up an index page with a table of contents?


  46. mavismolly

    At last, a theme that can display more visually.
    Will check it out.

    Thanks a bunch.


  47. kenpl



  48. jrshipley

    This is a very nice looking theme…. but still not quite what I need. I would like a four column theme that allows me to put the blog in one medium-large width column, an RSS feed in another medium-small width column, a third column like the second for another RSS feed, and finally a narrower fourth column for other widgets. None of the current four column themes quite work for me. In particular, none have the simple design I would like.


  49. Haris Suryanegara

    Sounds good, thanks.
    Well, m usin’ mobile right nw. Maybe will try it later. 🙂


  50. Wim Permana



  51. taxiksa

    nice, good and beautifful…thanks 😆


  52. Kevin

    I feel a strong urge to use this theme, but then again probably everyone else looking for a change would use this. Hehehe I’ll wait for the next themes to be uploaded. Very nice theme though.


  53. Naphtali Gold

    I’d like to be able to utilize widgets at the bottom of my pages, as well as alongside, ideally for any theme.


  54. art predator

    wow, nested pages! don’t think i’ve seen this elsewhere. very clean–i may have to give it a test drive!

    keep bringing us more more more themes! (thank you!) and i vote for flex widths, customizable headers, and fonts that are large enough to read both in the posts and in the comments please oh please


  55. tauqeerzahid



  56. M2

    Good job! You’re adding a lot of themes in the last months, but not a black/dark one. I, for one, would love a new one. Is any black theme on the line?


  57. RI Tool

    Good news, I like it, thank’s !


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  59. selvarajasomiah

    Well done Heather! Looking forward to the new theme.



  60. buzu

    hmmm… not my kind of theme, but thanks for adding it.


  61. lettersfromberlin

    Who do I have to hug to get another Photoblog Theme??!?!?

    Please please please please…. You guys are SOOO awesome, but the photoblog thing is one type you’re a little thin on…


  62. songspirit

    I like the way WordPress always try and introduce new things. New Grid Theme isn’t really for me, but I am exploring others that I like. Well done WordPress for trying to keep us all happy! lol.


  63. Yasir Imran

    It is too simple, however thanks for adding


  64. Laddi Web

    this theme sucks…


  65. jenn_hindiakoto

    I like the “Browse by Topic” feature of this theme. I am not into 3-column page though.

    BTW, I told Justin Tadlock of that I wished he would develop a theme for

    This was his reply:
    “I’m not even sure how to get a theme on If Matt ever opens up the WordPress Theme Marketplace, I’ll definitely add some themes.”

    I really wish Mr.Matt would open up the WordPress Theme Marketplace. I like the style of Justin Tadlock’s themes. It’s simple, yet you’ll love to see the site theme again and again. Usually his themes have “Excerpt” feature for blog posts, and that’s another feature I’m looking for in a theme.

    Do I sound demanding? 😀 This is just a wish. 🙂


  66. isemann

    Might be an idea to tag it with ‘three columns’ ?

    And if only this came in two columns like The Journalist, sigh 🙂



  67. nightwyrm

    Nice theme. I’d like to use a version of this that had two columns.


  68. Benni

    Thanks, but my widgets do not work with it.


  69. spicewriter

    Great theme,but need a theme that looks like, or website.


  70. akessonphotography

    That’s one thing that would be great … flexible width themes. For me a two column, flexible width, with customisable header.


  71. Egnaldo Oliveira

    great theme! modern and clear


  72. Kate Nash

    Looks good and I’m tempted to try it out.


  73. Janet Ching

    Thanks and great to hear that, since there are so many widgets out there, 3 columns themes will definitely gain a lot of popularity. What will it be available? i do not seem to see under appearance yet. Will it be possible to have a customised header?


  74. yahudi4

    concentrate…focus….quality is better than quantity…



  75. Troy

    Not diggin’ it. I can’t get into it.


  76. Couz'

    nice theme..
    but i still love depo masthead..

    i agree.. we need a lot of NEW themes…
    Thanks anyway..


  77. Rea_sekar

    focus on grid huh? might as well try this, but i’m looking for another theme that suits me^^

    …so i’ll stick with my default


  78. SRK

    Oh wow, thank you! 😀


  79. that girl again

    Isn’t the enduring obsession with blue and grey a little, I don’t know, 2006? It was nice to see some innovation going on last year with genuinely new themes such as Monotone and DePo Masthead, so it’s disappointing to see you falling back on something that’s been knocking around for nearly two years now. We already have plenty of similar themes from that era, how about adding something more contemporary?


  80. SRK

    BTW, the only thing I wished you could add to this theme, if at all possible for later changes like a version 2, is to allow visuals of 500px × 375px because that’s the size I like to post on my photoblog. ^^


  81. Po

    A pity that the main header is in uppercase fonts…
    don’t these designers know that uppercase is a long time passè, gone forever ???

    anyway thanks, I’ll wait for WordPress’ next


  82. buyersweb

    Nice theme, looks very clean and fast loading.. 🙂


  83. awi

    Been looking for a clean theme like this. Thanks WP and Derek! 🙂


  84. munggur

    already using it, thanks a lot. i love this section: Browse by Topic. It’s useful for blog that have many categories. moreover, it’s clean and tidy layout. like it so much.


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  86. Violet

    Love this theme. Please please come up with more 3 column themes.


  87. grownANDsexy

    I wish, somehow, that it would be more obvious to the casual blogger how some of these themes can be the base for a customized look.

    I think if there was a showcase of sites that use customized themes using the base themes available at would be cool and help those designers who do good work with CSS get their name out there.

    With that said, I am glad of all the cool stuff WordPress is doing, and there continued effort to giving us all sorts of themes to use. I think we have almost 20+ themes at our disposal. Keep up the good work.


  88. caligirl998

    Thanks alot wordpress! 🙂

    ~Caligirl998 😀


  89. syedjunaid


    hopin for more 😛 ( can’t have enough 😉 )


  90. maoyc

    good theme, need more


  91. 365

    Nice. So where is it in the Manage Themes? I can’t find it. Or is this not available to users even though this is a blog? Just asking.


  92. Hengbok ♥

    Great news. I’m already using it in one of my blogs. 🙂 Good job, Derek!


  93. zwetbaba

    Hm…nice. I’ll try it an other time! 😉


  94. gjonesworth

    Awesome, thanks!


  95. 火影 千手 Jeremiah

    Looks unbelievable! Sleek, stylish, has that come hither look while establishing a don’t waste my time attitude.

    I was talking about Heather’s new pic… the new theme is ok… I guess.



  96. Lilja

    Looks great – thanks 🙂


  97. Heather

    Oh I like this one. Will give it a try later.


  98. heatblast378

    mmmm great theme but not really my taste of themes


  99. WonderGoon

    It’s a good theme, but I prefer darker themes (but not black). Gray is best because it’s easier on my eyes. This one is too bright for my tastes, but I’m sure it will appeal to someone out there.

    Kudos to WordPress for making new themes available.



  100. qarrtsiluni

    It might be helpful if you tagged it “three columns” in keeping with the other 3-column themes.


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