The WordPress App for LinkedIn

Today we’re happy to announce the launch of the WordPress App for LinkedIn, the largest online network for professionals.

The WordPress App for LinkedIn helps you share ideas and updates with your LinkedIn network, keeping your trusted contacts in the loop, effortlessly.

To add the WordPress App to your LinkedIn account, visit the LinkedIn Application Directory. Select the WordPress App, enter your blog’s URL, and choose to display either all of your blog posts or just those tagged with “LinkedIn.” Save, and you’re all set!

Now your network will be notified when you post something new to your or blog. Your WordPress avatar will automatically display alongside the top post (we, of course, suggest you use Gravatar for that).

You can opt to display your WordPress blog on your LinkedIn Profile and your LinkedIn Homepage, where it’ll display as a drag-and-drop module in the right-hand column.

The WordPress App for LinkedIn is built on Open Social and is open source. If you don’t already have a LinkedIn account, head here to try it out.

Update: LinkedIn was struggling to cope with the load after launch, which caused problems for some users. Things seem to be working better now. And just to reiterate: the WordPress App for LinkedIn works with both self-hosted WordPress blogs and blogs.

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  1. blondeaffiliates

    Sounds like a winning combination to be able to promote my business blog within Linked In. Thanks for the app. I’ll be loading that now!


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  3. tinananez

    Awesome! Good job!


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  5. callthatgirl

    I just loaded it up on my Linkedin site and imported all my blogs from Blogger, looks like a sweet app! I’m excited to blog again actually because my LinkedIn site gets alot of views

    Great idea!


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  7. drblsharma

    In my earliar comment I had stated that there was a problem of Blog page. So, now it is solved. Hence, I found Linkedin a very usefull Tool through Video and Channels etc..Thanks.


  8. stefsvoice

    Just gave it a go. Nice!!!! I especially like the option to just have posts tagged LinkedIn, appear. This way my LI page doesn’t get overwhelmed with my blog posts, and peeps might be more encouraged to read a select few.




  9. enyblog

    Now what would be really cool would be a Facebook widget that allowed you to publish a blog post to Facebook.


  10. Heather

    @enyblog: We have a Facebook app!


  11. pffinance

    Already using it, another great way to showcase my talent.


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  13. wblartist

    I truly appreciate the beautiful format and opportunity to share my ideas on Linkedin.
    Thank you.
    Wally Linebarger
    wblArtist III


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  15. cssmantra

    gr8 plugin……….i’m using that

    Thanks WordPress!


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