The WordPress App for LinkedIn

Today we’re happy to announce the launch of the WordPress App for LinkedIn, the largest online network for professionals.

The WordPress App for LinkedIn helps you share ideas and updates with your LinkedIn network, keeping your trusted contacts in the loop, effortlessly.

To add the WordPress App to your LinkedIn account, visit the LinkedIn Application Directory. Select the WordPress App, enter your blog’s URL, and choose to display either all of your blog posts or just those tagged with “LinkedIn.” Save, and you’re all set!

Now your network will be notified when you post something new to your or blog. Your WordPress avatar will automatically display alongside the top post (we, of course, suggest you use Gravatar for that).

You can opt to display your WordPress blog on your LinkedIn Profile and your LinkedIn Homepage, where it’ll display as a drag-and-drop module in the right-hand column.

The WordPress App for LinkedIn is built on Open Social and is open source. If you don’t already have a LinkedIn account, head here to try it out.

Update: LinkedIn was struggling to cope with the load after launch, which caused problems for some users. Things seem to be working better now. And just to reiterate: the WordPress App for LinkedIn works with both self-hosted WordPress blogs and blogs.

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  1. vjp

    Looks like a useful app.


  2. philramble

    Brilliant. Just what bloggers who are also professionals in various fields need. I am sure this will be really useful for those who want to network. Do you have a Orkut/Facebook integration plugin coming soon? I’d love something like that.


  3. Jane Wells

    philramble: No orkut app in the works right now, but we’ve had one for Facebook since last year:


  4. Peter A. Mello

    Wow! WordPress and Linkedin, 2 of the most important tools for small businesses. Thanks for another great feature!


  5. bentoet

    another great inovation from WP, I LOVE THIS!!!


  6. George O'Neill

    Thank you. Great feature!


  7. martin

    I can’t get this to work for [my blog URL] presumably because it isn’t hosted on

    Is there an equivalent app on the drawing board for self hosted WP blogs ?


  8. tpf4

    this is sensational, love ya work wordpress & linkedin.


  9. xentek

    Is this only for hosted blogs, or users too?


  10. Sarah

    This should be an interesting combination, thanks :o) Should make it very easy to keep up with professional associates’ thoughts.


  11. tastingvancouver

    Looks interesting! Well done!


  12. Jane Wells

    Martin and Xentek: As the post above mentions, this should work for self-hosted blogs as well. If you are following the directions and it’s not working for you, please send an email to so that we can figure out if there’s a bug. Thanks.


  13. Michael

    I foresee a plethora of recent-college-graduate candidates linking their embarrassing, personal blog to their LinkedIn profile…

    For the professional blogger, though, or someone with a corporate blog, it’s definitely a cool tool!


  14. eideard

    I don’t especially use my LinkedIn account; but – I have a couple of close associates who do [one of whom uses WP for one of her self-hosted blogs] and I’ll bet they haven’t seen this announcement.

    I’ll mail them a link, right now.

    Rock on!


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  16. lnxwalt

    This is wonderful. WP is so awesome!


  17. Nibu Thomas

    Great news guys!


  18. billbennettnz

    “To add the WordPress App to your LinkedIn account, visit the LinkedIn Application Directory. Select the WordPress App, enter your blog’s URL, and choose to display either all of your blog posts or just those tagged with “LinkedIn.” Save, and you’re all set!”

    Would this work with other tags or just Linkedin? By that I mean is the Linkedin tag fixed or is it configurable?


  19. Heather

    @billbennettnz: Currently, only the “LinkedIn” tag filter is an option. This is a Version 1 app, and we’ll be making changes along the way based on feedback, so feel free to contact Support with suggestions.


  20. Krutika

    thats great!


  21. Jakub Pawlowicz

    Works like a charm!! Thanks guys for another great idea!


  22. HeLL-dA

    WP is always rockin’ me..!


  23. unsignedmasterpiece

    You continue to impress. Always thinking about how to make it better.


  24. Nick Masao

    This is beautiful, any plans for a facebook equal?


  25. Jenoff Van Hulle

    Thanks a lot. I integrated it directly into my LinkedIn-account.


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  27. philramble

    Thanks for the reply, I didn’t know a Facebook plug-in existed. Guess I’ll be using that often now. 🙂


  28. k0v3

    Would be nice if there was an option to filter by author. Posts from co-authors are showing up in my LinkedIn profile now…


  29. Fey

    It looks interesting.WP rocks.


  30. Daniel "Chevy" Rojas



  31. askowen

    What an Excellent Tool – Very user friendly – Well done WP.


  32. Maxxeo



  33. artpredator

    guess it’s time to FINALLY get Linkedin! thanks for making it happen!


  34. Michelle Rafter



  35. Manuel Reis


    What’s next? Automattic will acquire LinkedIn? 🙂


  36. edenchanges

    This is like Christmas come early – brilliant!

    Thank you very much to everyone who worked on this!




  37. davidebowman

    I am having same problem as Martin and Xentek. Mine however will only display my old blog. When I try to change settings to hosted site, nothing happens. Email to tech support forthcoming.


  38. Anukul

    This sure will be helpful in promoting Blog and reaching out to people.



  39. myrtlebeachwebdesign

    Perfect! I’ll be setting this up right now!

    Incidentally, what is a good application to automatically post my feed to another website? I’d love to put my blog feed on my HTML site without having to constantly update the XML.


  40. Peter Witham

    This is just fantastic, I’ll have to go add it right now!


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  42. allforblue

    Thank you, good function 🙂


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  44. Peter Quirk

    feature is now working!


  45. sammm1777



  46. Dmitry Sotnikov

    This is great but seems to only allow me to promote one blog – whereas I happen to have 2 (both at wordpress). I tried to provide a merged feed from Yahoo Pipes but the app only allowed to specify a wordpress URL… 😦


  47. Khürt

    Great app. Already making use of it.


  48. jonathanbentz

    dats hott.


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  51. ebrown

    This is VERY helpful. I link my Blog to Plaxo and Facebook. Now I can update on LinkedIn – YEA!

    Keep up the good work team,
    (a.k.a. WeirdGuy)


  52. midtwentiesennui

    Cool. I wish I liked LinkedIn more. I just can’t get excited about it though. Maybe I will once I lose my job 🙂


  53. deansguide

    Dear Matt and Co,

    We are eternally grateful as this new Linkedin partnership is going to a massive huge development in the world of employment. Linkedin is the place for jobseekers to be in order to find the “hidden market” of jobs and hiring managers. The jobseekers who blog will have a first adopters advantage and a differentiating factor over the competition–a blog as a moving living resume!


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  55. courtingyourcareer

    In a word…AWESOME.



  56. giwy

    heather, you’re SOOO hot! 😀


  57. Yonatan Prasdikatama

    Great…. Nice work. I’ll wait for it. 🙂


  58. tulistulistulis

    Thanks so much! This really great and helpful. God bless.


  59. Venzr

    Yep great app I’m not sure whether I’d be considered a pro or not though


  60. cafestudi061

    Great guys, a very usefull and much apps.



  61. Nakeva

    This is a great way to integrate platforms for small business and professionals at all levels! Nice.


  62. harrie91

    that’s great!


  63. Redcowz

    Great! Thank you!


  64. Gerald Buckley

    Hey gang. Of all the apps I *could* add to my LinkedIn profile this was the first (and so far only) one I activated. Great job and it’s working precisely as advertised. As always. PS – am totally open to new networking requests on LinkedIn for those of you wanting to expand your professional network… 🙂

    Gerald Buckley
    Tulsa, Oklahoma


  65. mrgaudet

    A great app to add right away. Neat idea. This will motivate to buff up my LinkedIn profile. More interconnected-ness will spawn more collaborations, leading to more solid results. Thanks!


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  67. hoh

    Linkedin – its’ a nifty networking tool that is based on invitation of those you trust in business – at least that’s how it worked 5? yrs ago – there is no financial benefit to you by increasing yr network – it is often used by those who are looking for professionals and recruitment agencies to read yr profile/cv
    it’s fascinating stuff
    i thought i could contact [via the site’s email link] my first line’s first line [2nd line ie their trusted people]
    after contacting 5? of them – up popped a page telling me i’d used up my quota and if i wished to carry on contacting people in my net work i’d have to cough up an astronomical amount for a month which would be a limited number and for a year i could put a down payment for my beach house!!
    it might/well have changed – it’s improved a lot though much easier to navigate around
    amazing people in it – serious over achievers!


  68. Heather

    @hoh: LinkedIn has four levels of accounts. The benefits of each are listed here. It sounds like they’ve changed a bit since your involvement in the past.


  69. Shubhamoy

    Really amazing feature 🙂

    Keep it up.


  70. Naseer Ahmad

    Thanks for giving such a nice application on LinkedIn….

    i have used this on my account

    regards, and keep it up!


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  72. drblsharma

    It is quite interesting to have one more vista of human expression It has a extra hand of WordPress in which many things woulded along with Blog.
    In fact, yesterday, I was just trying to open myBlog page,which after much efforts could not be open, but fortunately the Linkedin website was opened or rather accidently,came on the screen. However, it was a good accident,inwhich I could watch very good glimpses of the up comming features.
    I shall be very happy if it comes with my Blog , for which I am waiting. Thanks.


  73. ian in hamburg

    This is the last thing I’d link to in a LinkedIn account. What, I want my professional contacts to be privy to my blog ravings? No way.


  74. Heather

    @ian in hamburg: You can filter the content that appears on your LinkedIn profile by choosing to only display posts that you tag with “LinkedIn.” You could also create a new blog just for your professional posts 🙂


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  76. Hélio Sassen Paz

    In Brazil and India (two of the highest growing GDPs in the world both with more than 1.3 billion inhabitants), would be even more interesting if WORDPRESS could offer a ORKUT app. Very few brazillians use Facebook or LinkedIn. 😉


  77. jennieloulawrence

    Absolutely fantastic that WordPress, Linkedin,, Google, as well as, other applications joined together to make this happen.

    Smiling at all the sharing, fun, and information:



  78. gtapin

    Innovative, Synergic, Ingeneous, Superior Tool!


  79. buxtonm

    This is good news and more importantly “A TIME SAVER”. Thank you…


  80. thinklikeipat

    cool ! i use it from now too. it give more complete view of my profile…


  81. rlundy82

    Very interesting, I’ll have to check it out when I get home. I’ve not used linkedin a whole lot, so it might give me a good excuse to try it out.


  82. eugenehuo

    As others have already said, brilliant. The ability to only show posts categorized with “LinkedIn” is a great idea. Good work!


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  84. Tom Humbarger

    Thanks WordPress – I set up my LinkedIn WP Blog app within minutes of receiving an email from the LinkedIn team on Tuesday night.


  85. b3nx

    Thank you, great idea!


  86. Craig Hodgkins

    Love it! It just keeps getting better.


  87. imcellular

    🙂 Love it! Nice work.
    😦 Unfortunately, after successfully installing and using the app, I am consistently receiving the following error:
    “Sorry, unable to fetch your blog (Error 500). Please try again later!”

    I hope that this is related to the load problem that you mentioned, and soon subsides.


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  90. Lilja

    This could be very useful – thanks!


  91. Mohsen

    very good …


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  93. Gerrard

    good stuff ..


  94. Malcolm Almeida

    This is fantastic.. I am using one already 😀


  95. brandontruong

    Hi, nice work. But I have a question. I have installed WordPress in my own hosting. Could it be possible to use that version to display in LinkedIn profile or it has to be Woordpress from this.


  96. slatvick

    Think, it’s only useful for specific and professional blogs. I don’t know %% of such.
    Whether it will free one link from Website links of LinkedIn Profile?!


  97. shbadr

    many thanks to the wp team. will give this a try soon, though i have no doubt it will be good…


  98. olearysd

    Great! Can’t wait to integrate this. Nice feature.


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  100. NeoOoeN

    Wow, great, thanks you.


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