WordPress.com FAQ Screencasts

We’ve been working with NYT lately on a whole bunch of short (as in a minute long) screencasts addressing  key features and frequently asked questions about WordPress.

As of now you’ll find around forty new short tutorial videos dotted throughout the WordPress.com FAQ, and there are a truckload more on the way. So if you (or someone you know) is having a hard time getting started with their WordPress.com blog, creating a gallery, or embedding YouTube videos (among others), head on over and check them out.

Or if you want to check out the current batch, run a search for “screencast” in the FAQ for a handy-dandy list of what’s new.

Expect to see a lot more videos soon as we build towards an exciting (for me at least) new addition to the WordPress family, due at about the same time you see 2.7 hit the digital shelves. More on that soon.

As always, your comments, feedback and ideas for videos you’d like to see are very welcome!

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  2. andersondasilva

    Its. very owesome mate…. all people must try it to solve the wordpress


  3. plugginaway4him

    COOL! Do u guys ever sleep?


  4. Pancho

    Very nice. I’ve just seen the creating a gallery video, and it’s just perfect. Not a second longer or shorter than necessary.


  5. renaissanceronin

    If you make this any easier, trained monkeys will be able to do it…


  6. ClapSo

    Ooooooooooo nice tease at the end! So we are goin’ vid huh? Good, I went to a live blog with a video feed last week. It looks like that will be the future of blogging.

    As we bloggers have taken text based info by storm (death to all MSM newspapers!), so we will take the vidiots at the TV news by storm next.

    What is this consorting with the NYT enemy? We don’ neeeeed no “paper of record” !

    Can’t wait to see 2.7 and the new bouncing baby! I’m hoping that in contains support for coveritlive.com, or better yet a wordpress version of that kind of live blogging app…


  7. Teck

    Thanks for the update I noticed earlier tonight there were some screen casts


  8. sensico


    Anyways, I find some of the videos highly unnecessary, I mean come on whoever doesn’t know how to do things like edit permalink, shouldn’t be blogging. I do like the narrator, he has a delightful voice. I do think learning through video is highly effective though.


  9. Manuel Reis

    When will WP 2.7 arrive to WP.com?


  10. Kartik Mistry

    Wonderful! I’m loving it!!


  11. Lubi :)



  12. Ann

    “….embedding YouTube videos….”

    WordPress, you are a Godsend!

    Michael, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    I immediately followed your instructions on embedding a youtube video on my blog, and, voila!….now my blog is the way I have been trying to get it for sometime. Now that I can embed videos, I can avoid the horrid youtube comments that some posters put up over at that site.

    Imagine…youtube videos without the nasty sexist, racist, disparaging comments that have driven me from the viewing of youtube videos.

    Keep up the spectacular help WordPress.

    You are the standard to emulate in the world. 😉

    (P.S.: Thanks also for the information on Javascript. I was in the process of installing a system on my site which could have been done by Javascript or non-javascript.

    I will use your recommendations and NOT install any Javascript (unless it is Google or ), and instead I will use the basic URL suggested at that other site.)


  13. mclearskin

    Hi Michael, these screencasts are good.
    They would have made my WP-life much easier a couple of months ago. They will for sure help many WP-beginners. Thank you.


  14. anonyjw


    Always ready to download some knowledge is what I am…


  15. Dilip Prakash

    its nice dude…Thanks for the update…


  16. juleslife

    Once again Great Job folks! AAAAAAAAAA+


  17. જીગ્નેશ અધ્યારૂ

    Very nice…..guys you are really putting the best of the efforts possible….hats off to you…

    I just wanted to suggest you to put the screen casts for inserting widgets in the sidebar (widget means all compatible widgets with wordpress, though list is nowhere available)

    WP really rocks



  18. Kunal

    this is great… very helpful for newbies..


  19. Jeremy Buff

    The screencasts are really nice. Thanks a lot, they really saved me a lot of time. Now I can go back to focusing on fighting the “Obamabots” 🙂


  20. Michael Pick

    Thanks for the kind feedback everyone, much appreciated. We’re trying to make blogging as easy as possible, and hopefully this lowers the threshold a little more. More to come soon.

    @ClapSo – had to slip a little tease in there 🙂 As a dyed-in-the-wool vidiot, I hear what you’re saying. Interesting thoughts on the live blogging tip, too.

    @sensico – you’d be surprised at some of the support emails that come through 😉 I think a lot of us forget how confounding all of these options seem when you’re a freshly minted blogging newb trying to make sense of what’s what. Thanks for the “delightful voice”, I’m going to pin that up and frame it somewhere 🙂

    @Manuel Reis – not tooo long to go – expect to see it later this fall/autumn around November

    @mclearskin – thanks – hopefully in the coming weeks and months we’ll be adding some stuff of interest to WordPress veterans too, as well as more pointers for folks just getting started

    @Jignesh – thanks for the pointer, I’ll put a third-party widgets ‘cast on the to-do list!

    @Ann – wow, thanks – glad to be of assistance


  21. monmon

    I always frequent the FAQ section of Worpress. FAQs are really helpful especially for non-computer wizard like me. Thank you.


  22. Jennifer

    Hoping the verbose versions will also be included for those of us who are broadband or visually challenged. (can zoom the text, but not the video).

    Fantastic new addition to the FAQs. Thank you!


  23. Gu

    very nice


  24. jimconnolly

    I just wanted to add that the FAQ section at WordPress.com is excellent – but what impresses me most is the quality of feedback, help and support available through the forums.

    I have been able to resolve 100% of the problems I have experienced, simply by reading answers in the forums, to people who had similar problems.

    I also appreciate that those who help in the WordPress forums do so for free – which just shows the amazing community we have here at WordPress.

    Thank you!

    Jim Connolly


  25. allforblue

    Thank You, great faq nice job


  26. Michael Pick

    Thanks guys!

    @Jennifer – Thanks for your feedback. A lot of the videos cover the same ground as existing FAQ entries, but I think you have a great point there – we’re expanding documentation all the time, and I think making sure the video isn’t relied on, but rather supplementary, is a good policy. I think we could at least be linking to other FAQ entries from the video pages, or perhaps transcriptions might be a good idea? In terms of zooming the player – we’re going to have bigger, better video coming to a player near you soon. Expanded accessibility options are also something we’re hoping to crack in future iterations of the player.

    @jimconnolly – Thanks! I totally agree – it’s the passionate community that really makes WordPress what it is, and the same goes for the documentation. In the none too distant future there are also going to be avenues for users sharing *their* screencasts, which should seriously boost the repository of help available. Stay tuned.


  27. Krutika

    albeo..sticky posts and now this! wordpress is dong a super job!


  28. aRuL

    Great job 🙂 I’d like it….


  29. katroboy

    Once again! WP is the BEST!! Keep on rockin’ guys… 😀


  30. rajendra Parmanik

    Waiting for the time when there will be no spam


  31. masterclasslady

    Wow! This must have been a great deal of work on your part. What a great idea and it will be of great assistance to all of us here at WordPress.Com.

    Thank you so much.


  32. myteddybare

    I would like to thank WordPress for staying on top of things and offering top-notch service!


  33. {[(Limeboy11)]}



  34. Dark Crow200

    Awesome. WordPress is improving very much. I just told 3 of my friend’s about it. Keep it up, hope people get’s to know more about WordPress Blogging with those awesome Tutorial Video’s!


  35. zurhajos

    Great Job! I’m loving it!! 😉


  36. sitidjenar

    nice job..


  37. parbol

    very goood


  38. Teguh Iman Prasetya



  39. Sakib

    Great Jobs. Thanks to WordPress Team.


  40. Moon



  41. deborahgreenphotography

    These how-to videos are great! If these were available when I first set up my blog, I might have had more hair left that weekend I started!

    Any plans for video how-tos specifically related to setting up a custom blog via the free software at wordpress.org for those of us thinking about eventually going in that direction, getting our own domain and hosting our own blog,and changing the template formats, etc. ? I don’t know CSS and having something like that would be a huge help.

    If there already are some available, please forgive me, I don’t know where they are! LOL



  42. Michael Pick

    @deborahgreenphotography – Thanks for the feedback! Luckily, a lot of the videos here apply to both .org self-hosted blogs and the .com hosted variety – where there are differences, I’ve pointed them out in the flow of things.

    That said, we’re planning on putting out a whole bunch of .org videos, too – for things like getting your self-hosted blog installed, up and running, and as you say – customized. We’ll be gathering these together, along with the huge amount of awesome videos made by the WordPress community in a new project, soon. Stay tuned 😉


  43. Ahmad . M . G

    I surprised every day there a new


  44. artpredator

    i checked out the press this screencast and found it very helpful. i’m a non-techie poet adventurer type person who has been blogging only 10 months–i am sure more of these will come in very handy for me!

    and with so many new blogs being added every day to WP, the newbies will benefit by having cool blogs even faster and easier!

    thanks, WordPress!


  45. Jolly Roger

    Yeah! For those of us who can’t read or reason on our own!!


  46. pkab

    Go..go…go WP Creative Team!


  47. drcorner

    Good stuff…helping people build-up their blogs is always a good thing….


  48. Yasir Imran

    Nice function


  49. jdemarq

    Everyones know how to embed Youtube videow now!
    When will we be able to embed Google Street View ?


  50. braybon9

    Cool, but I think you guys should let us use Adsense on our blogs! Will that ever be added to WP?


  51. Anne

    Why would anyone use anything other than WordPress? You guys just rock.


  52. Yonatan Prasdikatama

    Good Job… Wow, you give the best idea to the visitors… Congratulation… 🙂


  53. copyeditorsdesk

    Neat! Ms. Know-It-All just learned something new from one of the videos you linked to. Thanks!


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  55. Michael Pick

    Thanks all, much appreciated!


  56. alpinebluesky

    Really great, as videos are so much easier to follow than text (for me especially!).

    I would love to see more, keep it up!


  57. kövi sára

    great news for visual people like I am:)


  58. programmervb



  59. Fairchild_13

    I learned another thing today! My, I haven’t noticed that gallery thing before! Thank you so much for the hard work! Makes us love WP even more! Cheers! 🙂


  60. F4154LMAN

    eh, tutorial video.. wow keren ! 😀
    must be very helpful for new blogger @WP.com


  61. bogdannel

    This should help people that don`t manage themselves.


  62. briandavid

    Good job! Also, the narrator’s voice makes watching the videos very relaxing!


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  64. Armando Netto

    Very Very Goood!


  65. octubrerima



  66. Rob Rockitt

    Very cool. Just one more reason why WordPress is the best!


  67. Michael Pick

    Thanks everyone!


  68. hoh

    thanx dude!
    good by to all that text one has to read
    to get a grip on what the bleep a blog is and
    how the bleep they get put together! makes all of us,
    the visual fraternity [ie text and jargon challenged dudes’] lives
    a doddle now – lucky jamy bastards! 🙂
    can’t wait for the one on the
    meaning of life
    the universe
    every thing


  69. arikaka

    Very good job


  70. vinz

    super cool! =)


  71. alanany

    good but
    Subject needed further clarification


  72. NeoOoeN

    Good job


  73. alhakim

    This is what i like from wordpress, always keep up to date… Good job guys ^_^


  74. vq



  75. Andrea Shettle, MSW

    Are these videos being made accessible to people with disabilities? For example, any audio content should be clearly described in captions or subtitles so that deaf and hard of hearing people can understand (there is a way to set it up so that the captions can be toggled off for people who don’t want them, toggled on for people who do). And any visual content should be described for people who cannot see.

    Otherwise, deaf bloggers and blind bloggers would be left out.


  76. modusdigital

    Nice one, sure to check them out.

    Bless up


  77. uisjob1



  78. afruj

    Thats very useful for newbies. Thanks


  79. Venzr

    Cool this is bound to help everyone especialy less experienced users.



  80. xboxoz360

    Great idea, I’ve been playing with a paid app called ScreenFlow which is EXCELLENT btw, for training the staff members on our site on putting up drafts, articles, how to compile a story etc.

    Only hassles I’ve had is loading them onto WP, does anyone have an idea how to convert the ScreeFlow Doc (audio/visual) into a file format that is acceptable on WP.com

    I’m sure this feature that you’re introduced will help a great deal. I’m always pleased with the additions you guys-n-gals at WP do for the community each week. Someone asked me, well actually, everyone I speak to does, is that … “how the dickens do WP make their money if they give all this stuff away for free for the users” . . . I just look perplexed and tell them I have no idea, traffic perhaps, and say it’s the end user who benefits with such innovations.

    Looking forward to the next iteration update of WP.


  81. Scratch Bags

    That’s extremely helpful Michale. Thank you:)


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  83. FluffyGirl

    Great… thank you!! 🙂


  84. Michael Pick

    Thanks again folks, you rock.

    @xboxoz360 – Many thanks. I’m with you – ScreenFlow is an awesome app, and definitely the best to grace the mac so far IMHO. WordPress.com will accept most of the output options from Screenflow – your best bet would be the default setting from the File>Export menu – “Web High” – h.264 is good stuff and should transition across nicely to the MP4 WordPress converts your files to. The actual docs that ScreenFlow produce are just reference files, so you need to open them up and output them via File>Export to get a playable movie.


  85. Michael Pick

    @Andrea Shettle – A lot of the new screencasts show things already covered in other FAQ entries,which are text-based. With that said, I think the FAQ entries with the videos might be better served with transcriptions or text-based content as you’ve mentioned. Subtitles are something we hope to add soon – we’re currently making some changes to the video player and improved accessibility is high on the agenda for a future release. Web video has plenty of room to catch up in the world of closed captioning I think and that’s something that needs to change.

    As with all of our endeavors, it would be great if members of the WordPress community were able to add translations and captions for those places where there are gaps in our own in-house content. This has worked out really well for localization so far, and I think it could work equally well for accessibility, too. In the meantime, I highly recommend awesome services like http://www.dotsub.com for benign users willing to get stuck in and bridge the gap.


  86. chaiboudrame

    it so great..useful


  87. dragonfeathers

    Good Job…,


  88. Recent bookmark

    great screencasts 🙂
    Thank you !


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  90. georgemc1

    Jolly good show. Hope you guys are prepared to create new vids each time you update WP 🙂


  91. ismailimail

    I hope to see a screencast for an average blog readers, say a person who may be looking to add his/her own gravatar icon (for commenting) but may find it too technical to go through the gravatar setup.


  92. aminhers

    thank you WP Team


  93. veeraphandian

    thkz to update notice


  94. Michael Pick

    Thanks folks.

    @georgemc1 – count on it 🙂

    @ismailimail – nice suggestion, thanks! I’ll add that to the list. Expect to see more one-offs like the one you suggest, alongside step-by-step guides and workshops


  95. Neoaisyah

    hi…this is wonderfull blog



    very nice


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  98. beyondthewindow

    thanks! i am new and this will certainly be a timesaver…


  99. chaiboudrame

    it is a pleasure to reply to you all and appreciate your coments. thanks


  100. parkerbridge

    Thank you


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