August Wrap-Up

This month I had the pleasure of meeting many of you at WordCamp 2008 in San Francisco, WordCamp South Africa, and now WordCamp Philippines. It’s been a blast, and there are many more to come. Check out the schedule to see if there’s a WordCamp near you.

Here are the stats for August:

  • 286,860 blogs were created.
  • 298,655 new users joined.
  • 3,442,638 file uploads.
  • About 1,580 gigabytes of new files.
  • 439 terabytes of content transferred from our datacenters.
  • 5,354,732 logins.
  • 830,555,442 pageviews on, and another 625,626,770 on self-hosted blogs (1,456,182,212 total across all WordPress blogs we track).
  • 1,196,661 active blogs and 14,056,683 active posts where “active” means they got a human visitor.

Some other facts and stats:, the official site of the UK Prime Minister’s Office, has relaunched their site using WordPress.

There were 450 attendees at WordCamp 2008 in San Francisco.

There were 105 attendees at WordCamp South Africa.

WordPress Charity Scavenger Hunt participants raised $565.77 for 826 Valencia. This was matched by a donation from Automattic and my personal donation, totaling $1,697.31 to go toward writing programs for students.

One Automattician got married and another got engaged (congratulations, both!).

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  1. Nikita

    Super dooper!


  2. quarkqueen

    I have just read your stats
    given me the hope that there are a lot more beginners than me. still try to pluck up courage to post my first comment oh is this it – my first


  3. amolgupta1989

    cheers for wordpress
    YOU rock!!!


  4. mubogi

    I Think am in love with WordPress, it makes life easy.Cheeeeeeer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. pageman

    it was great to host here in the Philippines! Automatticians – you’re invited to come over anytime! 🙂


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  7. All Nudist

    Well, I guess you’re doing OK. I mean, easy format, super tech support, fun folks working there and a wonderful community of users. Yeah, not so bad. I guess…

    Only request, can you please start paying us to use this GREAT service? 😉


  8. Dean Longmore

    Some impressive stats. Hope my new blog was counted 😛


  9. axelb4u

    Very Nice…


  10. Abhishek Gupta

    very gud dude…


  11. ntrrgc

    I don’t understand these stats:
    # 286,860 blogs were created.
    # 298,655 new users joined.
    How it could be more new users than new blogs? Every user don’t create almost one blog?


  12. Matt

    ntrrgc, most months there are more new users than blogs. People get a account for many reasons – they might want to contribute to an existing blog, comment on a blog that requires login, access a members-only blog, or just get an API key to use stats or Akismet anti-spam on their own blogs.


  13. arash

    I want to to introduce Persian mounts which is so natural, it begins at the first of sprig an ends at the end of winter .wow it Is great I will speak about that in my blog soon


  14. Gabuzu

    OMG .. congratulations wordpress 😀


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  16. asathworld

    Well done. THanks WoRdPrEsS to give the support to us. Thanks for all the tamil viewers of my site.
    I am really enjoying to having my own blog.
    Thanking you!
    ?With regards?
    S.Abulkalam asath


  17. sidamanik

    very good wordpress. i like it


  18. nabinatrisha

    yeah WP is nice 1) it added my language Bangla:-) 2) looks good, great designs for free. But 1) adding photos slower-confusing now, was faster-better earlier.


  19. nabinatrisha

    And are you coming to IndiA too with ur camp 🙂


  20. picasso01

    great! great! n great!!!


  21. مازن الرمال

    WordPress is a great posting and blogging engine, I like it a lot for it’s setup and ease of use.
    keep up the good work


  22. savethebest4last

    Well Done…!!!!!!!!!
    WordPress is AwEsOmE…
    Thanks Matt….:)


  23. chadtres

    that is great!


  24. Scifi Sugar Pie

    WordPress is awesome! I love this site


  25. LinuxGuruz

    Really amazing . true work ……. ALLAH ALWAYS BE WITH YOU …


  26. zyxo

    What I like about wordpress is the no-bullshit-just-useful-things functionalities. Great, and go on like that.


  27. bustomi

    Amazing number !!!
    and exactly, amazing worker, blogger, and community.

    Congratulations gangs!


  28. theserpent

    we are a number in this matrix….


  29. afruj

    Hi Matt,

    You always done great jobs. Keep up all good works.


  30. robertstevenson

    I am proud (please hand me a tissue, Tito); I am proud to be a wordpress member. You guys ROCK!


  31. silviaanita

    tnx!!! very cool


  32. N.R Mohanty

    I am very happy to be a wordpress blogger. Thank you WordPress. You have put the world at my fingertips.



  33. Alex

    Nice Stats


  34. FluffyGirl

    hello 🙂


  35. Lisa

    WP rocks my world… Congrats to the married and engaged.

    Keep on keeping on for all of us WP.


  36. Yonatan Prasdikatama

    Wow…. Cool job. 🙂 What about Indonesia? When you will arrive to Indonesia and held the wordpress camp…

    We need you… 🙂

    Congratulation… 🙂


  37. gildenrat

    Oha, nice stats. Hope some of my projects are crowing in this way 🙂


  38. handokosuryotomo

    thanks a lot…….


  39. Arun

    great work guys


  40. cardifftog

    New to wordpress i used a different blogging site before
    really loving it here i cant rant and talk rubbish till im blue in the face or should that be fingers?
    Great work guys and gals!


  41. Firefly

    Well done and well deserved.

    next, world domination 😀


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