We’ve heard this search thing is going to be big some day.

Google or Yahoo are great for finding general stuff on the web at large, but sometimes you want to find real posts from real people, and blogs are great for that. There are blog search engines, but when you search for “kittens” you’re as likely to see an offer to enlarge your mortgage while working at home. is fast approaching 3 million blogs, with hundreds of thousands of posts and pages being created by our brilliant and attractive users every day. Tags and categories help group the content, but finding exactly what you are looking for can still be tricky. We also feel like you guys are creating some of the best stuff on the web, there’s a natural selection of people tasteful enough to end up on WordPress in the first place. 😉 That’s where our new search feature comes in.

Search results can be ordered by relevancy, our magic secret sauce algorithm that’s the default, or by most recent, so you can see the latest and greatest on any given subject. International communities are very important to us, so from day uno we have language-specific engines for every language we support. For example, Spanish search is at

To assist in your exploration we analyze related tags based on your search terms, with the most popular related tag at the top.

For those who want to keep up to date with changes to the search results, just subscribe to the RSS feed of the results (at the bottom of the related tags section).

If you are like me, the first question you have is how long it will take for your new posts to show up in search results. I won’t keep you in suspense, the system is designed to have new posts in the index in under 30 minutes, often much faster. The search is powered by a new open source project called Hounder from a company we worked with called Flaptor.

Check out the new search here.

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  2. Kopral Geddoe

    Now THIS is awesome. 😯

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  3. bestdamntech

    It was awesome to have Matt on our show to give us the scoop!!

    WordPress rules!

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  4. skykid

    Great . I saw Matt talking about this in a video podcast .

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  5. AJ

    This is going to be cool. Do you have the option for your blog to come up only in the WordPress search but not on other search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc.

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  6. Joseph Scott

    @AJ –

    Not currently, but that’s an interesting idea.

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  8. Finicky Penguin

    Really? Attractive? That wasn’t what I was going for. And I’m sure that the search will help.
    \m/ Rock on, WP.


  9. unseen

    great guys! again congrats at the WP team!! it works great!
    For greek WP users: its

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  11. Muffin

    coolio… in fact: awesomeo.
    That was stupid, lol


  12. dish

    Can’t wait to try it. 😉 Good job.


  13. Team Reporter

    Yahhh, been waiting for a long time for this.


  14. engtech

    Question: don’t you mean as the last link, not ?


  15. Rose

    Hm. When I click “Check out the new search here” it takes me to a page to search the FAQ. That’s not exactly what I had in mind. ??


  16. Joseph Scott

    @engtech, @Rose –

    Bottom link on the post now points to Thanks.


  17. El Santo


    I have been waiting for the function for … oh, since I started blogging on WordPress. If I had more than two thumbs, I would give y’all a hundred thumbs up. Seriously.


  18. M. C.

    That’s a great improvement! Thanks!
    Is there a way to get to the search page directly without being on your post?


  19. planetultramarathon

    another great concept from wordpress!

    Is this wordpress search going to be available as a feature on our blogs?



  20. Ίωνας

    Nice feature, but it could do with some tuning.

    I went to and typed in greek “χρώμα” (“hroma”, it means “colour”). No results at all, although there are posts in greek blogs using this word (for example, mine; in post title and text).

    Then I searched for “colour”: hey, presto, posts from greek blogs with “colour” inside.

    Shocked, I flapped away from Flaptor.

    (obviously joking)



  21. Joseph Scott

    @Ίωνας –

    We are looking into that.

    Update: The language specific issues are fixed now.


  22. Tess

    Wonderful. I already found some interesting information. Thanks!


  23. Mishal

    Great job.

    but, but …. but where is the Arabic search?!! 😦


  24. ClapSo

    There seems to be a prob with the secret sauce algorithm. When I do a search for “The best looking blogger on wordpress” I don’t even come in on the top ten results.

    I believe that if you make [let P=ClapSo] the default in the following:

    PS = log10 R.

    R = PI / (fB × DT),

    fB = 0.03 × E-4/5

    This will lead to a better result.

    The only other solution I can come up with is:

    I can has plastik sergereeeez?

    Thanks for the new search, it’s swell…

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer


  25. Grace

    Sweet. Thanks.


  26. thebeadden

    Thank you! This is great. 🙂


  27. pKay

    WORD!!!! Good to see this feature is up! Now if only my blog appeared in the search results haha!



  28. janpljj

    Hi Joseph Scott,

    I believe you are on to something. Search and help options are two of my favorite and most used options on a webpage. Having the posted blogs categorized in approximately 30 minutes will be great asset. Organization by subject and how recent blogs are posted will be valuable as well. You stated that one of the ways you will organize blog subjects is by relevancy. Will you provide a percentage amount for categories based on relevancy? Will the person searching for a forum be able to choose how they want to organize their request? Do you have category names for tags already created for individuals who have difficulty deciding what tags should be used for their blog?

    Thank you!


  29. missboss

    Thank you! This is much easier than searching for blogs using the tag system.


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  31. Kunal

    great feature …
    but how do you decide on the relevance of the post/blog? I found huge differences between the results that came up here and the results that came up on Google…. the same search query that gave a wordpress post as top result in Google, that post was at around 8th position in wordpress search …

    Also I gave a search query of 3-4 strings – a sentence – and the top result did not have the sentence in the post, although later posts had the complete sentence…

    I feel more tweaks are needed


  32. zuriaf

    yeah..this is great thing in WP.. 😀


  33. p4ndu_454kura

    Wow, this is awesome. It’s MUCH better than the old wpfind.

    Aniway, can us (WP blog owner) add this great stuff at our blog sidebar, just like Google?


  34. NAyK

    Hey! Thanks! (I’m now off to search…)


  35. howtobeaaffiliate

    Hands Down The Best, WP Great Job Everyone


  36. Cristian Giménez

    😉 🙂 rulz!!!


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  38. Nita

    Well this is a great feature designed to help us and an opportunity for WordPress too.


  39. dinsan

    something that I have been waiting for ( almost an year )



  40. andrewong2024



  41. જીગ્નૅશ અધ્યારુ

    wordpress is now anything nearing perfection…..i mean you guys are doing a fab job, giving such fascilities, i m now addicted to wp and wish you can go really long and long….very nice job done….


  42. ????? ??????? ???????

    It’s good. But why did you seperate it into different languages??? There should be an “all languages” version, at least. It’s impractical if you have to search several times to get all relevant posts.


  43. museditions

    I tried searching “bagpipes” (because I play them) and got lots of interesting and relevant posts, including one on dieting and bagpipes! Where else are you going to get content like that? Cool.


  44. cjwriter

    This is great! Thanks to everyone at WP and Flaptor. 🙂 Any chance we could get it in a Firefox add-on as well? It’d be very useful.


  45. claude

    i’ve try in french and with the word “psychomotricité” no results. Why?
    thank you


  46. loriannetucson

    Well it’s about time! That was the only thing missing at this point from WordPress being GREAT!


  47. anizyn

    congrate!! this is really awesome.! keep growing WP!


  48. Los Havros

    Great new feature. The possibilities with subscribing to feed searches is impressive. Just one thing, could the search feature be linked to from the homepage? It could be tagged onto the top menu, potentially.

    WordPress rocks!!


  49. manuti

    Ya era hora, que algunas veces no había forma de encontrar algo.


  50. Andrei

    amazing new feature. how about an advanced search, like searching blogs in 2 languages in the same time?


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  52. Miguel

    Great, I loved it! It would be great to incorporate this feature into our blogs.


  53. કાર્તિક મિસ્ત્રી

    Thanks a lot! Bug Gujarati ( doesn’t yield any results. Strange. Not in English nor in Gujarati.



  54. Joseph Scott

    @કાર્તિક મિસ્ત્રી –

    We’ve recently resolved some issues with language specific search. If you are still having problems with please contact support with the needed details to recreate the problem.


  55. Maaruthi

    This feature is good however, I feel that it needs more tweaks in terms popularity based on topics.


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  59. ரவிசங்கர்

    hi, why don’t u put the search box in all the main sites itself? tough 2 know and remeber to go to ! also, i tried searching at bot and for queries in tamil language and there are no results for any query (even popular words which r sure to be in any tamil blog). any idea?


  60. Joseph Scott

    @ரவிசங்கர் –

    There’s now a search box at the top of


  61. dé Nasrul

    Hah? I’v been trying 2 find “basa sunda” using The result: “Your search did not match any blog posts. Whoa.” 🙂


  62. Joseph Scott

    @dé Nasrul –

    We’ve recently resolved some issues with language specific search. If you are still having problems with please contact support with the needed details to recreate the problem.


  63. Angelo

    Now that’s a nifty feature.

    Awesome job guys 😉


  64. filleduroi

    I tried to search for a known WP blog but no matches — I recalled that it’s not open to the public so expect that’s why the search didn’t pick it up…


  65. Joseph Scott

    @filleduroi –

    Correct, private blogs will not show up in search results.


  66. b*

    Thank you very much.


  67. krislinatin

    Yeah, thanks, Love it!


  68. BriarCat

    You have been such busy kiddos. I like this much more than the new dash.


  69. intlxpatr

    Needs some work.

    I typed in Kuwait elections. Supposed to be starting with most recent, the first article was from the previous elections in 2006. 2006 articles were interspersed with 2008 articles.


  70. intlxpatr

    How do we get to the search feature from our desktop?

    How do we find the search feature when at


  71. Joseph Scott

    @intlxpatr –

    If you contact support with the specific details of your search and what you saw in the results that were unexpected we’ll take a look and see what’s going on.

    As to how you get to the search feature, the default search is English, at:

    We’ve also added it to the top of the site.


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  74. Jason Adams

    Great work!


  75. Chittaranjan

    Nice Feature addition this!

    Question: Will blogs & blog posts come up in the search? Blogs such has Cheezburger, Stuff, PoliticalTicker, ACLF etc?

    Also, I got few search queries which gave 0 results, yet there were “Related Tags” for that query! How come when there are no results, there can be related tags? 😐


  76. Joseph Scott

    @Chittaranjan –

    Blogs hosted at are included in the index. If they are used the domain mapping feature, they are still included. Here’s an example:

    On the zero results search with related tags, contact support with the specific details and we’ll track down what’s happening there.


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  78. fotdmike

    Well done WP! This addition’s just about enough I think to make me forgive you for introducing that new dashboard.

    Like to echo some of the other commenters here… it’d be great to be able to incorporate this into our blogs.


  79. Vanessa

    I LOVE this and couldnt figure out why there wasnt one in the first place 🙂
    and I agree with AJ on being able to disable google and yahoo but enable just wordpress for our blogs to appear in.


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  81. bananasfk

    feels like ht:dig


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  83. Ίωνας

    Thanks, Joseph. I saw a comment from spike in my blog: it works now 🙂



  84. Joseph Scott

    @Ίωνας –

    Excellent, thanks for the follow up.


  85. Suluh

    Great Job ! Thank


  86. Bill

    I think your secret sauce needs some work. I didn’t get very accurate results.
    My tests were for
    Sweet Nothing in My Ear
    “Sweet Nothing in My Ear”

    None of them gave very satisying results. And I don’t mean just because my posts didn’t come near the top, it looked like the results were very jumbled, and the secret ingredients to determine relevance were not mixing well.

    I would like to see the blog search fixed first – having some options on the way the results display. Since I have videos on most pages, I set my page display to one or two, but that sets the search results to one or two per page.

    My 2 Cents, but I love WordPress, and

    Thanks very much for the excellent software and service!


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  88. reprindle

    It would be hard to fault that. How do I get to it from my dashboard?


  89. Niki

    Awesome, this was one of the things I thought the site needed for a long time.


  90. Krista Dominguez

    Been waiting for this feature!


  91. Charles

    Owh, great… Thx for this feature… 😀


  92. jaulah

    wow keren and smart, i like this site


  93. kalengkrupuk

    Grrreat!!! 😀 Thanks for the ever increasing features. Do you guys ever sleep at all? Or do you do your code while sleeping? 😀 Awesome.

    BTW, I am waiting for a feature to ‘hide’ a particular post from public search engine. It’s just not fair for people who want to search for the real thing but stuck to my rubbish instead.



  94. Joseph Scott

    @kalengkrupuk –

    The usual option for keeping your blog out of search engines is under the “Settings -> Privacy” section of wp-admin. There isn’t a specific option to do this on the post level, but you do have the option of making a post private by checking the “Keep this post private” box on the write post screen.


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  96. Chefleur

    Hurrah! My search for a search function is over at last. Spanks alot!


  97. Juan Paulo Gultiano

    Absolutely wonderful! 🙂


  98. Matt

    Nice feature.

    You might mention to the folks at Flaptor that they should update their WordPress software. They’re currently running on 2.3.3. 😉


  99. Black Coffee & Bourbon

    Sweet. Much better than clicking on a tag! I am a fan of this feature in a big way.


  100. loveparadox

    that’s really cool, better than the tags. good job!


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