February Wrap-up

February is the hardest month for me to spell, and also the shortest of the year, but it seemed like as good as any to start our wrap-ups back up with:

  • 245,329 blogs were created.
  • 432,478 new users joined.
  • 1,920,593 file uploads.
  • 2,814,893 posts and 996 thousand new pages.
  • 3,813,432 logins.
  • 540,799,534 pageviews on WordPress.com, and another 304,499,648 on self-hosted blogs. (845,299,182 pageviews total across blogs we know about.)
  • 726,789 active blogs in February, where “active” means they got a human visitor.

On a less exciting note, last month was the first in a long time where we had unplanned downtime caused by a criminal directing a DOS attack at us. We get these quite frequently and it’s usually no problem, but this was larger and we had to work closely with our upstream providers (Peer1/Server Beach and Layered Technologies) to get things back on track. We learned a lot in the process and should be able to better deal with attacks of this magnitude (estimates around 6 gigabits per second) in the future.

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  1. olcia18



  2. Robin.Jeremy

    excellent! wordpress rocks 😛


  3. starsparkles

    Hello! i joined today so to all you stats you can now +1 XD!


  4. Will Rhodes

    Like everyone else – just visit my blog! Click my name – click my name!

    No seriously, great numbers and bollox to those who attack! >(


  5. Troy

    Great work, WP! Love the site. Will always remain a loyal blogger here.


  6. Rusty

    Very cool. I know my blog’s been picking up readership the past month or two, judging by the stats and comments from new people. By its very nature, its readership is extremely limited, but quite loyal, and expanding.


  7. Nanang Suryana

    Thanks Matt.


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  9. alanany

    good news , WordPress blogs in fact is the best in the all of months


  10. edinburghlook

    “Sense something different today? Well, if not, log out of your blog and log back in again. Wait! What’s that? A new login page!”

    Comments are closed on the self-gratulatory entry about the new login page, which is the first entry in google if you’re looking for “wordpress login”.

    But the thing I wanted to say – that’s been making me increasingly annoyed – is that WordPress doesn’t believe in making it easy for its users to login. If I’m looking at a WordPress blog and I’m not logged in, the default options along the top include Register, but not Login. Why is it made more convenient for people who are not WordPress bloggers to register another blog, and massively inconvenient for people who are already WordPress bloggers and just want to login?

    The WordPress login page doesn’t even show up when you google for it, and there is no link to it from the blog entry all about it.


  11. WendyUsuallyWanders

    I know it’s bad to look for external validation, but…..

    I always wondered how my blog measures up to others. I get an average of around 500 hits a day. How does that compare to others?

    I also wish you had a way to search tags that I haven’t even thought of yet….you know, random poking around other people’s blogs.

    Thanks for all you do!


  12. billmullins


    Just the other day my Blog was # 78,071 on Alexa, I cracked the coveted top 100,000. That sez all that needs to be said about WordPress. The respect is there man!!



  13. Dhemito

    Waton Jeplak …wow great it is exciting. WordPress forever never ending story 🙂 keep easy handle the blog is your hand and your mind is on the blog.


  14. thomasvickers

    I’m impressed–My own traffic really surprised me. There are some very, very clever people with way too much time on their hands


  15. hotoffthepress

    Thanks, WordPress, for helping my blog growth chart look like a successful sales campaign (i.e., my line keeps going up and to the right)!.


  16. sirajq

    Thank you, wordpress
    keep up the good work..



  17. Mangiucugna

    You guys rocks!


  18. treadmarkz

    February has been about 10 times better for me than January.


  19. The Guru
  20. ezikovedi

    Thanks, Matt, thanks, WordPress.com people! Bravo, Matt! Bravi, WordPress.com people!


  21. deftoned

    That’s a lot of new blogs created.


  22. John Monte



  23. dchen

    Congratulations to WordPress! 😀 More reasons for me to love my WordPress blog ❤


  24. The Hazean

    Keep up the great work!


  25. iPhone Hellas

    Nice! Keep up the good work!


  26. Anurag

    wow i am glad i am web developer i use word press make blog site it a very good opensource..


  27. m@k

    That’s what I call a “WordPress Finish”. Well done.


  28. hatmanpepper

    AWESOME!!! go wordpress

    ~hatman 🙂


  29. projectlib

    Oh…good new for wordpress.com
    I use this blog system since august 2007.
    I would like to say thank you wordpress


  30. coolieperson

    wow thats a lot of numbers. wordpress rocks!!!! i upload pics a lot. go wordpress!


  31. maztikno



  32. zuriaf

    wow…amazing number 😀


  33. Vish

    Woah. That’s a big attack- those b*st*rds!!! Good on you guys for getting some good experiences out of it. And also good on you for sorting out the spam and so on from real humans- makes me feel like the data I’m getting is useful. Thanks wordpress!


  34. rv

    how many blogs are from indonesia? :p


  35. archivald

    wow!!!!!!!! congratualations bros!hope you continue to rule out there…. yooh go out there and and kick some pantyhose there.lol


  36. kelukman

    thank’s for information


  37. Keith

    You guys are why I voted for WordPress – Number One!


  38. ajithprabhakar

    Hi Matt..
    I am a happy user of wordpress.. I was amazed how quick google picks up my blogs .. Keep up the good job wordpress


  39. Matt

    Does the “432,478 new users joined” include everybody who joined for the Akismet API key only does it reflect only those who joined and created a blog?


  40. wordlar

    Is there any way we might assist in protecting against DoS attacks?


  41. den Koplak

    Matt, when u ‘ll put BuddyPress on WordPress?


  42. MondoFree

    No wordpress.com, no party!!!!


  43. Writer

    You wrote that February is hard for you to spell; so the teacher in me has to surface…

    Spelling is my worst area of learning, so I have had to pick up some fairly simple ‘tricks’ to remember how to spell ‘difficult’ words. Here’s mine for the first two months of the year:

    January – Jan You A RY?
    February – Feb Are You a RY?

    I know it’s silly but so is George Ellis Oldest Girl Rode A Pig Home Yesterday!!


  44. Rahul Sharma

    Congratulations! IMPRESSIVE Numbers…


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  46. Anne-Marie

    Great! Thanks for the numbers.


  47. riveroflifelisajoy

    Thank you…it looks more professional and organized.


  48. oh2btigger

    It’s hard to believe! That’s pretty awesome!!


  49. tojvar

    Thanx for great job! Febio was a good month for me with WordPress.


  50. Dark Star

    Gr8 numbers.. Keep up the gr8 work …


  51. theblackrat

    good work, it is a nice service


  52. sauer kraut

    When I first started blogging on wordpress, there were but 600k; now it’s what? Still, I find it amazing that so many people start blogs but they don’t appear to continue them or contribute very little to them. Wonder why?



  53. familyforest

    So when they were not “active” with a “human visitor” were they inactive with a “non human visitor”? Were they just being visited by bots??

    And in the stats are the logins counted from the writers and the subscribers?

    Thanks WordPress and Matt for such a great blog site!


  54. Josh

    Lawl, the DoS Attack. Lucky the system detects IP’s so quickly. 🙂


  55. Maria

    I just wanted you guys to know that I have been loving WordPress. Thanks for providing such a great service!

    February was my best month ever, due to the fact that I once mentioned Patrick Swayze in a post and since he got diagnosed with cancer 😦 everyone is googling him. It’s so interesting how sometimes the posts you put the least effort into bring the most traffic to your blog.


  56. Charlotte

    Cool. WordPress rocks !


  57. Moiz

    I think WordPress is doing great and stats speak for themselves


  58. Danmara

    Hey guys!!! *waves*

    I am totally addicted to WordPress. The geek in me was looking for a place to say that…I now proudly have four blogs hosted here…and if I ever for any odd reason decide to start another blog it will be here as well. (I have 8 total to date. 😮 )

    Thank you guys for being awesome. 😀


  59. nyxsgirl

    Congrats WordPress!


  60. Initial-M

    Really happy to hear & Thanks for all the services provided by wordpress!!


  61. Natalia

    That’s a lot of posts! haha and I complain when I see 500 my reader..


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  63. absoluteenigma

    very interesting…keep it up wordpress


  64. hakatagirl

    Great job, wordpress!


  65. arbiebrown

    Do you count the blogs who self host (like me?)


  66. rachelcartwright1995

    WordPress rocks & it always will!


  67. Angry Chinese Driver

    I love WordPress and I know that tons of people use it, but I didn’t know there was THAT much activity and traffic!

    Congrats to you, Matt, and the WordPress team, I haven’t regretted this site from the second I switched over and registered months ago. 😀


  68. David Davis

    KBO MATT!!!!
    We need you….

    from all at the Libertarian Alliance


  69. isabellerenine



  70. waagacusub

    Good news


  71. danielnator1



  72. JJ ColourArt

    Great stuff. And thanks for finding a workaround for the proxy server problem that we Canadians were having. I appreciate the effort that went into that one!

    My site was new in February too.


  73. turtlemom3

    I don’t understand the mindset behind DoS attacks. What is the purpose? Why do this to people? I am happy to say that I didn’t even notice a little “blip” this time, but I live in dread that i will lose everything one of these days… – not that my words are particularly wonderful, just that I put a lot of work into them.


  74. sandrajo

    I am proud of WordPress!


  75. uchiex



  76. tessa

    i hope i get human visitors, too. LOL.


  77. David

    Does that figure of “and another 304,499,648 on self-hosted blogs” refer to wordpress.com sites pointing to their own domain name, or does it refer to wordpress.org sites, or to both combined?



  78. cantueso

    6 gigabits per second. Of course I have no idea what that is and how they shoot these gigabits at you. It’s a pity there can’t be any photos of this warfare, and no uniforms! no flags! no clarions!


  79. Author

    I love wordpress!


  80. Wespa

    Nice. 🙂


  81. P_.

    Congratulations! [:)]


  82. marielsgarden

    WordPress is the best, period.


  83. hymes

    Great work, more information in stats would be awesome though.


  84. robertstevenson

    Wow! And to think without me, only 245,328 blogs were created.
    Glad I could help out!


  85. vister

    Well I’am very happy to hear that, Matt. Keep the good works. Hope to see more and more in the future


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