Let it snow! Let it snow!

Tahoe SnowTrue story: I never touched snow that stayed on the ground until I was 21. It was at Lake Tahoe, and technically it was on a beach, but I still had no idea what to do with this strange stuff. (Pictured on right.)

Growing up in Houston, where I’m visiting now, it gets plenty cold and often rains, but snow? Never. I think once when I was in elementary school some flakes fell from the sky and the city basically shut down in amazement. When I was younger (okay, maybe 16) whenever the sky was white with clouds my father would declare “Those are snow clouds.” Everyone would laugh, but I didn’t get the joke until a good 20 years of my life had passed without meaningful amounts of snow.

There was one exception. Christmas of ’04 I had just moved to San Francisco and started a job at CNET two months before. My rent was 6x what it had been in Houston and between that and some other travel I was completely broke by the time December came around. of course I couldn’t tell my parents, so I had some sort of logical reason why my first Christmas away from home I wasn’t going to be able to visit, and I didn’t. It wasn’t a total wash, I ended up writing bbPress and doing a lot of the work for what would become WordPress 1.5. But that one year I didn’t go back a nationwide snow storm brought Houston its very first White Christmas. My friends Sarah and Jess delighted in rubbing it in:

Texas Snow photomatt-snow-5.jpg

While these look like innocent pictures, they really stung. I vowed never to miss a Christmas in Houston again, knowing full well that there will probably never be another White Christmas in my lifetime

But now regardless of the weather conditions wherever you’re spending this holiday season, you can at least have snow on your blog! Go to your Dashboard, then Presentation, then click on Extras and you’ll see this:

Snow option on the Extras

Check the box, hit save, and you and your visitors will see small white flakes of snow coming down on your blog. (This works best if you don’t have a theme with a white background.) Much like snow in Houston, the flakes won’t stay long on the ground, I think because our servers tend to be a little hot. This feature will be available for a limited time only, on January 2nd it will disappear until next year, but just imagine it as our little present to you, an opportunity to spread a little cheer.

Merry Christmas! Here’s a latin jazz version of Let it Snow to listen to while activating the feature:

Update: As promised, the snow has melted away until next year.

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  1. navcity



  2. dekerivers

    I love it! THANKS!

    And I love snow.

    Our Wisconsin winter has been a real one this year as every weekend in December we have had a storm. Not puny ones….real ones. I took some pics and welcome you to see the world form my home on Lake Monona.




    Or how about the way it was when I was a boy and it snowed back home.


    Merry Christmas!


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  4. ladynina

    thanks for the snow gift…
    me in a different continent will never experienced snow…
    unless i plan to migrate to somewhere else.. heehee…

    hey, thanks matt. the snow in blog is cool. ^_^


  5. Graser 10

    Sweet! I love the snow!


  6. Brigitte

    That’s so sweet, very adorable! I’m in Florida, so I remember “the snow” of 1989 quite well. Merry Xmas!


  7. rumours

    Very Nice Matt



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  11. Evelien

    haha – lovely! I wish it was real though… get that sleigh!


  12. Akhmad Sudrajat, M.Pd.

    thank’s Matt, It makes my blog more beautifull but l hope this feature will be forever and more.


  13. randramble

    Matt, liked the unusually emotional post.


  14. Craig Hodgkins

    You rock, Matt! Merry Christmas. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.


  15. danalingga

    beautiful matt, thanks.


  16. Ray

    Even with different sizes, speed and direction!
    Love it!


  17. Steffen

    Very nice with winter photos on a white theme: http://photokej.wordpress.com/2007/12/24/merry-christmas/


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  19. Mitch McDad

    Considering we are getting dumped on with snow in Denver right now, very timely for me.

    And a couple years ago we were in Houston for Christmas and it snowed!


  20. Cross

    Hahahaha, I like so much this extra. I’m going activate it right now!


  21. helenl

    Thank you. I love it. Merry Christmas.


  22. Shirley

    Beautiful…Here I was bemoaning our lack of snow, when voila! WordPress presents SNOW!

    Thank you and a very merry Christmas to you, and to all the wonderful people who read, write and manage here.


  23. Hanie

    Matt, Ive never touched snow in my life too not until Genting (the only casino place in Malaysia) decided to build a snow house right smack in the middle of the mountain ridge. Malaysians made a bee line to this place. Love the falling snow effect on my site, thanks. H


  24. MadMark

    Merry Christmas guys and Thank you !


  25. Sakib Al Mahmud

    Nice Add and love the snow 😛


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  27. charlotteanne

    Thank you so much Matt! I *love* that my blog is a shake-em-up snowy, if only for a few days!


  28. Milla

    Beautiful! Thanks Matt! And Merry Xmas to you and the team!

    When I was reading your post the little flakes started to fall and I thought “Oh how lovely is this, I wish I could have something like this for my Christmas blog…” And my wish came true! 🙂 This is the first time EVER that snows falls in the Caribbean, btw.


  29. Lauren

    I have photos of snow at my West University (circumscribed by Houston) house in 1977. It must be nice to be too young to remember! It’s snowing in Tacoma, WA right now but it won’t remain on the ground. Merry Christmas!


  30. susaneb

    Matt, we get snow here in Florence, Italy, once in a blue moon so when it does snow, people go around with umbrellas and drive around at 5 miles an hour! ….which is ridiculous to someone like me who grew up in Chicago where snow=winter.

    So thanks for your heart-warming story and for the snow. Didn’t know Houston has Florentine-like weather!!
    🙂 Susan


  31. austria

    Thank you, Matt! It is wonderfull! It’s like snowing in Austria.
    Happy Holidays!


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  33. herminesplace

    Cool. Love it. Merry Christmas and thank you.


  34. tanglethis

    It’s really cute. I’m not fond of snow, but I’m totally putting snow on my blog.


  35. Anna Lyttiger

    Co-hoo-hoool! Yay! 😀


  36. Kitty

    I love the snow. Yayayayay!
    Merry Christmas and happy holidays.


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  39. anonymityville

    let it snow!!


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  41. dawnsilvermist

    Thanks Matt!
    Lovely feature. Merry Christmas from Portugal 🙂


  42. scientaestubique

    Thanks Matt, nice and cooling under the hot Australian sun.


  43. coolmrsoftie

    thanks a lot for the extra feature Matt, it’s AWWWWWWWWWWWEEESOME! 🙂 Merry X’mas everyone!


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  45. Pseudonymity

    Thanx for the snowflakes! We don’t have snow here in Singapore. Its the rainy season here for now but thank god it was clear weather on christmas eve and on christmas. Its a good thing i turned on the vermillion theme, which with the snowflakes, looks and feels great!!! Thank you again!! 😉


  46. Gretchen

    Well now…that looks pretty cool with all the snowy art on my blog lately. 🙂 Thank you!


  47. Richmond



  48. Richmond

    PS your story is good though. It does not snow here in the Philippines, though the weather turns a little bit cooler because of the Siberian and Chinese wind that comes here every December. Happy Holidays!


  49. Budi Rahardjo

    Ha! For a while I lived in (stranded is more likely?) a place where there’s snow around 6 months! Go figure. Now, it’s tropical time all year. Hoo hoo … (or should it be “ho ho ho”?).


  50. Zeon

    Awesome! Really cool feature to feel we’re on Holiday! 😀


  51. Zeon

    Oh, and of course, Merry Christmas!!! 😉


  52. WBMT

    genius….sheer genius! Love it Matt!


  53. richardmcchurch

    thanks, RMcC


  54. williampcoleman


    I’m one of those people with white background — so I didn’t think your snow would work. . . . and, indeed, it doesn’t . . . except for on my avatar which is an Ancient Greek boy from a red-figure vase with a black background . . . and now it’s snowing on him . . . totally incongruous and hilarious! Thanks for this. Really funny! . . . (I don’t think it will work in the avatar on this page, but look at tag/a-lonely-boy-was-reading-by-a-feeble-fire/ — after giving it a few seconds to descend that far down the page.)


  55. balloonz

    so cool!!
    happy holidays! =)


  56. Merri Williams

    *Thanks,* Matt!

    Love the snow seeing as we very rarely get the white stuff here in metro Atlanta either – 1973, ’82, and ’93 stand out in my memory. But none of them were at Christmas.

    Thank you, WP, for a marvelous year in 2007 and I’m really looking forward to 2008!

    Btw, would you please share who the audio is from? Lovely, lovely jazz.


  57. Viral Trivedi

    oyi….. people…. this is stunning……. i’m gonna put it on now….. lol… thank you and merry christmas…. hey!


  58. rebeccasjones

    Hello Matt,

    This is really funny that you post about this specific snow in Houston. My husband, a native Houstonian, moved to Tennessee in 2004 and he too, decided not to go home on that particular year. He and I were together instead, in Nashville where, on occasion it will snow. That year it did not. It did however snow ever so slightly the following year. We too, like you, now live in the bay area. We are a about 20 minutes south of you down the peninsula. My husband however, works at a startup in SOMA. Seems like our paths and stories are quite similar. We should all hang sometime. Do you miss Pappasito’s as much as we do?


  59. Wendy

    Another reason why I love WordPress. Thanks Matt….I love it!


  60. turi8



  61. Nanang Suryana



  62. troy

    I hate snow!


  63. Marie D.

    Ha, fabulous! I don’t like snow actually but on my blog I don’t mind…


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  65. કુણાલ

    this is awesome … 🙂 merry Christmas to wordpress team and all 🙂


  66. the rufus

    Only had a little snow on 25th – thanks. And the fantastic thing – I tried the theme preview (as I my usual theme has got a white background) and it worked as well.

    Maybe you just add some other weather conditions (cloudy, sunny, rain, lightening etc.) for choosing during the year or randomly 🙂


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  68. cantueso

    you Matt.
    Merry Christmas
    to you and the team
    and wishing everyone in
    the WordPress community
    a safe, happy and healthy 2008

    [stolen from above http://www.linkedin.com/in/miroslodki%5D

    It is also nice to see that you will never really grow up.


  69. Pas

    Thank you Matt and Merry Christmas!
    Please, let it work after the 2nd of February!!!


  70. doofi

    yeah let it snow here …



  71. trugiaz

    hey thanks for the new extras, I haven’t touch or feel snow and this is feels like a good substitute.


  72. uphilldowndale

    That snow was made for this post


  73. Tinchen & Joselito Garcia

    I love this feature!!
    Thank you and merry christmas to the WP team 🙂
    Keep up the great work in 2008 🙂
    Greetings from Germany, Tina


  74. Amed



  75. 5h12

    Excellent feature ! Thanks for sharing !


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  78. Mick

    Thanks Matt, nice extra. I moved from San Francisco and live in Houston now. It snowed here in 2005.


  79. anggun3

    someday… i’ll touch or feel the snow too! someday… 🙂
    merry christmas!


  80. kayinmaine

    Enjoy the snow, Matt! If you want more of it, come to Maine. 🙂


  81. Nana

    Thanks for the fun! Would enjoy more of this type of fun during the year. You guys do a great job!


  82. Edmund Tadros

    must be nice, its been snowing here every day since november


  83. misterclu

    It is a pity that I did not notice the function until Dec 26.
    I feel the snow inspiring.

    Thank you Matt.


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  85. ira2

    Hee! How entirely too cool! I live in Minnesota and there’s no shortage of snow here, but one can never have enough of it if you ask me, so I’m loving it coming down on my screen too :o) Thanks, Matt!!


  86. C.T. Daniel

    thanks, be blessed


  87. JP

    I like it. How about a rain storm to click on when I have a really angry post?! Cool addition.


  88. Megan

    Hi Matt,

    ‘let it snow,let it snow, let it snow!!!’ meg runs off singing to put snow on her blog!


  89. suchandrika

    The snow feature is so cute!


  90. ASE

    I hope these snowflakes don’t block my clicks away. (e.g., photomatt a day ago) 😉


  91. Red

    Loved the story.


  92. extremusmilitis

    Merry Christmas Matt 😉
    Nice Story.


  93. familyforest

    Thanks Matt. We have fresh snow up on top of Mauna Kea now.
    Happy Holidays!


  94. Lazo Von Vukovaren

    No wonder you guys are number 1


  95. Stewart MacLean

    Thanks Matt, just the perfect touch!


  96. The Lazy Aussie

    It is over 44 degrees C where I am in Perth Western Australia. Almost expect garden to catch fire. Last snow may have been during last ice age.


  97. Amber Fite

    Thanks Matt!! It looks great snowing on my site, it’s nice to see some since we don’t really get any here in Georgia either. Only a few times in my memory. Hope you enjoyed your Christmas!!


  98. Don Escense

    In Tbilisi for the present there is no snow… And very much it would be desirable will wake up in the morning and to see the white world…


  99. tasia

    Thanks! 🙂

    Merry Christmas!


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