Theme Thursday: The Journalist

Ok, ok, we hear you: enough of the dark themes already.  Here’s one that should help set the universe back into balance: The Journalist by Lucian Marin.  It’s a crisp, professional, black-on-white theme designed for serious writers.  

The Journalist features a fixed-width, two-column layout, elegant typography for post text and block quotes, and supports widgets in the right-hand sidebar.  Look for it on page 4 of your Presentation / Themes tab (under “T” for “The”).

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  1. | Balu |

    AH! am yet to find a good three column theme where body comes in middle and has an option for header image!


  2. John Monte

    clean. simple. minimal. nice.


  3. ramkraeck

    Pretty ok theme.. Especially when you’re a serious kind of blogger


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  5. Julia

    I’m not “serious” enough to warrant it, but I might give it a test run later on.


  6. Nanang Suryana

    nice template, it’s good for journalist.. 🙂


  7. filipinosinthailand

    Will be trying this out today. 🙂


  8. marc

    I like this one…simple


  9. navcity

    Looks like a delicacy!


  10. furoshiki

    Very neat theme. I’m wondering about creating a new blog, just for the pleasure of using it. I’ll think about it. Thanks Lucian Marin!


  11. familyfiles

    It’s okay, but too simple for me. I need something more complex and exciteing! Mabe a magic theme next? Mabe……………….


  12. caroldee

    It’s okay but black still.. I need some really nice lighter ones.. thanks but no thanks..


  13. schutzler

    nice. simple. clear. too simple.


  14. piratenblog

    hmmm, i might change to this one.


  15. carlopenco

    I like it. If REALLY minimal, why “The Author”, “The Pages”, “The Search” … and not just “Author”, “Pages”, “Search”? It would fit better with the overall structure of the page.


  16. lawnwake

    hmmm… not shure I would use it myself but other than that i like it :mrgreen:


  17. slimball2007

    W00t w00t!!!!
    Hip hip hurray! I’ve been lokking for a theme but not this one…


  18. sulochanosho

    Good design, look, theme there. But one thing should always be noted and kept in the core of the heart that mere look and appearance or colors may fail, unless the stuff we put/write there catches or stirs some “FIRE” there. Thanks.


  19. Eliza D

    Hi Alex: thanks.


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  21. vjp

    In case anybody wants to see what a little bit of CSS can do for this theme, check out my blog.


  22. mon@rch

    I would also love to see a header with this! Thanks!


  23. kszysiek

    Nice plain but profesional looking very nice.


  24. randomspark

    Oh, that is just so sweeeet… @_@

    Just the theme that I’ve been looking for. Thanks for this one. I’ve always wanted a cleaner version of PressRow, this is it.


  25. cakmoki

    clean and simple …. its very nice


  26. nettosonic

    Tema fulêrão do cacete.
    nunca vi pior


  27. miagirl

    Nice. But I’d like more Holiday themes. Snow. Christmas. 🙂


  28. mamozzi

    I like it but i can’t find a theme that fit ny needs. I wish a theme clear and wide like “the journalist” but with 2 features that i like from Kubrick:
    1. Image Header
    2. If i post a picture in kubrik it will be resized (only the view) to fit the column, instead the other themes don’t resize it and the picture go over the sidebar.

    I think I want a wide kubrick… 🙂 but this “journalist” is very nice and if it had the 2 features above i’ll use.


  29. deepuu01234

    Very Good, Theme, This is deep subject, and One of my Dream
    which is in ‘Deep Fridge” .


  30. fishmong3r

    Somehow it’s more friendly than the others. I use WordPress cause of this template.


  31. Alan

    …and about time to 🙂



    I like its simple design. Thakk you.


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