Theme Tuesday: ChaosTheory

Here’s another theme for the black background fans: ChaosTheory, a dark new theme developed exclusively for

It features an unusual single-column layout with two widget sidebars at the bottom, and a page navigation menu at the top. You’ll find it listed on Page 1 of your dashboard’s Presentation tab.

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  1. nuggie70

    sometimes i can use this theme. terima kasih


  2. geekgirlxx

    I am a fan of this theme. Thank you for offering it to us ( users).


  3. DASannikov

    cool!. I love this!


  4. Nikolaj

    Alas… a shame it’s so dark, this theme.


  5. lorettawilliams122

    I like the whole black background thing. It just looks more interesting than the plaing boring white background I will have to get that.


  6. Pastor Joshua

    it’s a lovely theme but the bottom layout is not laid out as well as it could be. People may not wander that far down the page. Love the blue and would prefer it on top. Also hoping for a three column dark with optional banner and both lines of text-title and about with a bold or non bold option. Anyone up to the task?


  7. gjhdhgfgkutf

    yuk ! i hate it !!!


  8. bastjen

    Love it! Pro stuff!!


  9. Jason R. Johnston

    I love it and am already using it for my photography blog!


  10. emokid876

    love it !!


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  12. jeremy21

    I like the use of colors… but it’s just a little boring for me.


  13. KNizam

    so cool and dark. yet so elegant 🙂


  14. Projeto Sonho

    I like

    but it’s not perfect…
    the size is not perfect

    but i like

    Thiago Oliveira

    Projeto Sonho


  15. fou4

    i don’t like it… it’s dull


  16. Brian C

    White is so straining on the eyes


  17. Ania

    Nice layout! very clean and modern 🙂


  18. jamalfinley

    Very serene. I like it very much.


  19. fred67

    Perhaps it’s my age, but these dark templates become almost invisible to me.

    Cheers, Pete.


  20. jomato

    i like the trend towards black, but i prefer side-bar widgets on the actual side-bar, not the footer. but i may give this chaos theory a shot.


  21. grimo1re

    I love it. But…(there’s always a but, innit)…that brutal blue bar above the bottom widgets. If only that was more elegant I’d jump on this theme like fat kid on a cup cake.


  22. k45tennis

    i think that all the themes are great! i can’t really decide lol!


  23. justordinary

    oh p.s this new one is great. I LOVE the BLACK THEMES!


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