Sandbox Friday

Sandbox 1.0 is now available to all blogs.

You’ll now find two Sandbox themes listed on the Presentation tab of your dashboard. “Sandbox” is the old Sandbox 0.61 version. “Sandbox-10” is the new 1.0 version.

If you’re already using Sandbox with a Custom CSS Stylesheet upgrade, you can continue using the 0.61 version of the theme. CSS designed for 0.61 generally won’t work with 1.0 and vice versa – at least, not without some careful editing and upgrading. We’ve kept the old version intact so as not to break existing custom stylesheets. Nothing will change unless you select the 1.0 version yourself.

If you intend to develop a new custom CSS stylesheet, we’d recommend using the new 1.0 version of Sandbox instead. It’s cleaner, better documented, and contains a bunch of new features.

You’ll find some documentation for the 1.0 version in the Sandbox readme.

For those not sure what Sandbox is all about:

Sandbox is a skeleton theme for WordPress. Though you can use it by itself, it’s mainly intended for dressing up with a custom CSS stylesheet. Sandbox provides all the HTML markup, with a rich semantic structure and all sorts of microformats and standards built in. You provide the stylesheet, which controls the appearance: layout, colors, fonts and so forth. It’s ideal for use with’s Custom CSS Upgrade.

If you’re unsure whether Sandbox and the CSS Upgrade are for you, or whether Sandbox 1.0 will work with your stylesheet, here’s how you can try them out:

  1. Switch to the Sandbox 1.0 theme. You might want to create a test blog to do this so as not to interfere with your live site.
  2. Visit the Presentation / Edit CSS tab of your dashboard.
  3. Write or paste your CSS stylesheet in the text box.
  4. Click the Preview button.
  5. Edit your CSS as required, and repeat from Step 4.

Anyone can try this, you don’t have to purchase the CSS Upgrade for the Preview function to work. It’s the perfect way to find out whether or not your stylesheet does what you want.

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  1. ruhi

    Thank you! 🙂


  2. Jim

    😉 cool! sandbox! thanks!


  3. CristianG

    Good, nice custom theme.


  4. Brent

    Oh snap! New Sandbox and New Ubuntu for me to play with! Holy crap…there goes the weekend!

    Thanks Alex.



  5. museditions

    After 4 months on WP . com I’m just starting to learn some CSS and was planning to play. Thanks for the new theme and a very clear explanation of how to use it. Yay, I can get even more “mystical” soon!


  6. goldcoaster

    Thanks for this, nice to get updates to any themes.

    – GoldCoaster


  7. abarclay12

    Sandbox Friday!! I love it.


  8. grownANDsexy

    Cool. Now maybe I can really make some themes for my blogs… or apply one of those free GPL ones.


  9. engtech

    The Sandbox Design competitions has around 46 designs that will work on now:

    Here’s a link to the winners:

    I’ve created two designs for Sandbox:


  10. Richmond

    I’ll try it.


  11. Sakib Al Mahmud

    Sandbox Friday

    Hope this should be cool;-)



  12. briosafreak

    Where are the preview links so I could try it? They aren’t showing on my dashboard.


  13. Irfan-Gunadarma

    i love wordpress 😀


  14. that girl again

    Thanks for leaving 0.61 in place, it means I can keep my existing styles as they are and concentrate on making new ones 🙂


  15. judyb12

    noooooo! I’m supposed to be studying this weekend, not playing with CSS. Damn you! 😉


  16. Graser10

    Cool themes! Keep up the terific work WordPress!

    The goofy goober! :mrgreen:


  17. Stiletto

    Oh, awesome! Now I get to play some more! In the sandbox, that is!


  18. Javier Aroche

    Finally!!!!! thanks a lot 😀 I have waited for Sandbox 1.0 soooo mucho time 😉


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  20. sunburntkamel

    long time comin’ 😀

    thank you!


  21. trollboy

    Nice. I also noticed the theme previews are split up onto multiple pages now!


  22. John McKlain

    I’m using sandbox in my two blogs. It’s quite powerful.

    I still have to try the new version on the second blog and see what has changed. I’m sure that the design of the first one would require some time to update.


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  24. jimmyjames91

    There I was in the sandbox with a handful of contextual selectors…and there was joy!


  25. Alex Shiels

    briosafreak: the Preview button is on the Presentation / Edit CSS tab of your dashboard.


  26. slimball2007

    Cool But i think it’s alittle bit too dull. No offence!


  27. scudie

    Er, wasnt this already available? If only you had free CSS editing and saving on the Sandbox theme.. But you would have to ready yourself for the avalanche exodus from Blogger!


  28. mathsoft

    Hello!!!!! thanks a lot 😀 I have waited for Sandbox 1.0 for a while 😉


  29. javierferrer2025

    Thanks for the new theme. I am using after customising it with CSS and the result is astonishing!

    Thanks so much!!


  30. bersama0805

    thanks.. i like it..


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  32. mas12399

    This is cool you the man….


  33. peanutmaster

    Yeah… Thanks… I think it’s… kinda cool! Now I can customise my blog even better!! The result is cool!!!!!!!



  34. cyclepromo

    Thanks for the tip. Isee what you mean but wanting to add to the design. Simple but obviously once you add what you want it starts to look better.


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  36. liljd4455



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