Watch Toni on Wallstrip

Toni Schneider, the Band Manager/CEO of the company behind, isn’t one to toot his own horn. So it’s up to me to let you know you should check out this neat video interview he did on Wallstrip. If you’d like to learn a little more about how we think and work, check it out.

Toni on Wallstrip

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  1. natanzuelo

    Really awesome.
    Thanks for sharing.


  2. raincoaster

    Somebody over 25 works for Automattic?


  3. jeremiahandrews

    Very Kool !!



  4. Merri Williams

    Very interesting glimpse into the WordPress family. Thanks for sharing.

    WordPress – Long!


  5. Andrew

    Toni comes across really well – that’s something I forgot to say when I just posted about the show.
    There is one statement he made that might draw some disagreement: “We serve some ads, but they’re very subtle, and very specific.”


  6. blayde

    Very nice, thanks


  7. abu ameerah



  8. Chittaranjan


    BTW, Isn’t it ‘Brand’ Manager??


  9. alicia5

    Congratulations for your video and your company. I like everything about video.

    Alicia Yabeta


  10. isakib



  11. Mike Conrad

    Cool. Thanks for this.


  12. theo48

    I loved the funny “we-got-no-one-to-present-the-intro-today”-intro … even though Lindsay is very sexy in the talk that follows …


  13. The BDSMSisters

    To Matt & Toni

    After watching Toni’s interview and observing Matt for a while, we let our women’s instincts take over and what do we see?

    We see two sweet, down to earth, honest and determined young men, with a vision. When all that raw material adds up with your thirst for innovation, it is a perfect formula for SUPER success in all your ventures.

    Automattic & WordPress have a very bright future.

    We wish you all the very best!!

    Love & Peace
    Maya & Rosalynn


  14. pastorofdisaster



  15. Galen

    Anyone who can appreciate and recommend the safest bondage(s) should easily recognize and laud perfect formulas, that is for certain! (Isn’t it?) Yes, enabling everyone equally is my favorite thing to see happening again. We all want what we want, and giving it to us is good! (Definitely?) No doubt, none whatsover!!! I like to agree with people more than anything in the whole world, in fact.

    I’ll have to watch it later, as most video (or videos if we want more) does not “fly” well over slower internet connections, which some less-worthy folks actually use, even today (believe it or not), so any sort of boost to the overall system is going to be helpful, somehow, even if it goes over some people’s “heads” or even just leaves them “behind” forever! It is what is supposed to happen, and why wait for the inevitable better days ahead? I see no reason! No joke, I just do not see it at all!

    (these questions are not really questions, they are suggestions, or tickles)


  16. TodayYesterdayAndTomorrow (TYT)

    @BDSM, my own women’s instincts could add that…. 🙂

    @chittaranjan – ‘band’ manager is correct…

    Thanks for the insight, loved it!


  17. pasturescott

    More reasons to love the WordPress family!


  18. nishugoyal

    cool video..nice 1


  19. seneca



  20. David Russell

    I really hope Automattic do well. Not just because of the hassle of pointing my domain back to my hosting account, and reinstalling, but because you guys have (while obviously trying to make money, like any good business) managed to keep the right sort of attitude, caring about customers as well as the bottom line. Good luck 🙂


  21. The Magic Cauldron

    hurrah for WS!


  22. diarreiasmentais

    keeo going all the way up on this amazing project Toni..! From Portugal…thanks a lot


  23. Sylvaine Vaucher

    As long as I understand I think I wont rate this vid as X. Ya cool. 🙂


  24. Sandra

    Thanks for this awesome site and thanks for sharing this video 😉


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