Your WordPress Is In My Facebook

Blogs are one of the ways the Internet has fostered greater communication among people than ever before. Social network sites like Facebook provide a more structured way to keep up with specific people. Wouldn’t it be great if you could mix the two?

With the new Facebook App you can do exactly that.

In this app you’ll find the core blog features you’d expect: publishing posts, adding bookmarks and viewing stats. Beyond that we’ve taken advantage of the social network information that Facebook provides, with a Friends feature that shows you the most recent blog post from each of your Facebook friends that have added the app. Posts you make within the app show up on your WordPress blog here, and vice versa.

Your friends can stay up to date with your recent posts and comments from your blog when you add it your Facebook profile. Doing that will show excerpts from the last five posts and five comments of your blog. These are updated each time a new post or comment is published to your blog.

Last, but certainly not least, posts to your blog will be added to your news and mini-feeds with direct links to your new post and blog. Those may also be shared with your friends depending on privacy settings that you grant the application. This has the potential to drive a ton of traffic to your blog posts from the people you care about most.

Add the Facebook App, share it with your friends, and let us know what you think. We’re new to this, so we’ll be pushing a revision based on your feedback within a week or two.

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  1. britishyosef

    I was looking for something like this yesterday… Thanks!


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  3. Casey

    Fantastic idea. Maybe now I will actually use that Facebook account I created.


  4. globetrotteri

    Terrific idea guys! I just added the application and it looks great!


  5. aurorablogger

    wow, it’s the mugshotification of facebook


  6. Rae

    I’m sure other people will find it useful! I don’t use it much. Thanks anyways.


  7. Trent

    Nice job Joseph!



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  10. freeluncher

    Might have to try this, as I’ve just set up a FaceBook account a couple of days ago, which is kinda handy.


  11. Kunal

    even though I am not a facebook user, I have no doubt that this feature would be the hot-cake for many months!
    a great way for both WP and facebook to leverage the base the other has created 🙂


  12. Chittaranjan

    Err…..pardon the ignorance but what is Facebook?? Another wannabe Orkut?


  13. Jonathan Deamer

    That sounds fantastic – anything that can coerce my friends to read my blog can only be a good thing! 😉

    Although one additional Facebook-related feature would be a way to display status updates on a WordPress blog, either in the sidebar, as a post, or even on a static page. There’s no Twitter-compatibility in WordPress, so this’d be the next best thing.


  14. Patrick

    brilliant! I use facebook all the time and just have to pass in my blog url as a website. Well done


  15. preciousmetal

    Awesome. I haven’t touched my Facebook account in a while. This was a great excuse to go update and add this app. Thanks WP for always expanding and adding new things.


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  17. peteremcc

    Needs an option for whether to show recent comments or not.
    It would also be nice to be able to decide how many recent posts to show – 1 or 2 or 5 or 10 etc…


  18. josephscott


    Being able to select how many posts and comments show up on the profile page has been mentioned by several folks and is on the list of features to add.


  19. The Canadian Cinephile



  20. Ray Reece

    Sounds awesome! I’ll add it the next time I log onto facebook!



  21. iMuslim

    Coolness! 🙂


  22. Jakop Dalunde

    Its great, but swedish caracters such as å ä ö show up funny in the headlines of the blogs posted in the profile news feed.


  23. storymode
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  25. Jakop Dalunde

    And there seems to be no way to share the application to your friends, and to administrate the app on your profile, such as only showing posts and not comments.


  26. gsik

    THIS IS FANTASTIC!! (oooh first comment)


  27. gsik

    Would be great if we could adjust the size of the avatars on Recent comments or have an option not to include it on the profile.



  28. Jimmy Jazz

    I like having a direct link to my blog on my profile, and having my latest posts show up there, but the latest comments thing seems like it’s kind of overkill. Having a chance to edit the number of latest posts and comments would be extremely helpful. Otherwise, super job.


  29. monish

    I can’t wait to try this out!!! Thanks WordPress!


  30. shirls 雪芬

    Fantastic !! I recently joined Facebook and was just thinking about the same thing ! Thanks !


  31. Emlyn

    Cool, it works 🙂 Thanks, guys!


  32. Anita Marie

    It’s like Christmas around here- love all the presents I keep finding.
    Keep up the great work.


  33. Thomas Dreyer


    and works great


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  35. Thomas

    I think this is pretty slick for facebook users. Relatively easy to install and configure. Previously I was using the Note feature, but this displays information better.

    I created a walkthrough on using the App for Facebook, along with what I thought were some needed features.


  36. peterandthehare

    nice. now i can practically force my blog in people’s faces. beats having a weedy link in the “website:” field…


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  38. Steven

    That’s a cool app, I like it. It works a lot better than importing “notes” from a blog feed.

    Is there a way to turn off the comments section of the app on the profile page? I’d rather just have it display my posts, or at least vary the number of comments it displays.


  39. rumford

    Great job guys! Just wanted to let you know that I published a rating and review of the wordpress facebook application here.


    Rodney Rumford


  40. Uncle Su

    I love the idea already, guys! This is a good start to facebook integration! No more reminding friends to come visit my blog anymore.


  41. Pat Law

    Absolutely awesome!


  42. David W. Boles

    This is cool.

    Following the link you provide to the App sets you right up.

    Seamless and slick!


  43. engtech

    That’s pretty awesome. Now I need to figure out how to limit who can read it. 🙂

    I hate Facebook privacy settings sometimes.


  44. Stewart

    Cool! Thanks!


  45. thebemusedcapybara

    mad cool. can’t wait to try it .


  46. stabani

    Why Can’t we have the same thing for users?


  47. josephscott


    Matt has indicated that if this goes well we will look into making it work with any WordPress blog.


  48. aggrodude

    Sweet! I was wondering when you’d be mixing the two. Thanx


  49. miguelacho13

    i dont use my facebook..:S but its a great idea..


  50. Wolfie

    Thanks guys. One thing I’d like to be able to control (or perhaps I already can and I just can’t see where) is whether to display the recent comments or not. Is there an option to turn them off at all?

    Other than that, a much better solution than the current Facebook “import blog” feature.


  51. fleurdelys79




  52. peixesloucos

    nice job! but i have one question or a remark. as i added my blog to this, i see the messages also uploaded. is there a way to limit these. what i mean is is it possible not to show messages or limit their numbers.



  53. Eli

    My first bit of feedback: I used a single quote in a post title, and on Facebook, it shows up as ampersand pound 039 semicolon. Obviously an encoding issue, but maybe you could re-encode titles appropriately when you ping Facebook?


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  55. josephscott


    I’ve adjusted the encoding and the single quote now shows up as expected.


  56. Neil

    Sounds like a good idea as I haven’t bothered with my blog recently as I have been playing with Facebook. I’ll try it later!


  57. boywithnoname

    Looks good guys. I think I’ll go add the app now. Finally one app that I don’t mind adding to my Facebook 🙂


  58. marcomkc

    Very useful.


  59. jmittell

    I like it – although I’d like to be able to customize how the posts & comments are displayed (shorter excerpts, fewer comments, etc.). Thanks!


  60. Fabio Bracht

    Now THAT is a worthy upgrade! My two internet loves — WordPress and Facebook — now together!


  61. Snowcrash

    What a fantastic new application! You guys simply rock!


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  63. chanux

    I’m gonna sew wordpress for reading my mind 😉 . WP you are coooooool


  64. Tana

    Great! It is really an excellent feature. I joined Facebook a few weeks ago.Thanks a lot.


  65. Rodney

    How does this work with multi-author blogs? It looks like it imports all posts into my profile, no matter by whom it was written. That’s no good.


  66. josephscott


    I’ll look adding a filter so that only posts by that specific FB user shows up. On the to do list.


  67. salahudin

    HEYYYY that’s AWESOME! I was LOOKING for this feature


  68. Julio Fragoso

    this is awesome man !


  69. 1ndigo

    makes me wanna get Facebook just to use that feature!


  70. Stas Sushkov

    Cool… I was asking myself when wordpress will join facebook amazing apps.
    Thank you guys…


  71. abu ameerah

    excellent! i’m definately going to utilize this app…


  72. Robert

    WordPress and Facebook seem like an unbeatable combination. Congrats!


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  74. Wolfie

    One thing I’ve just noticed – if I edit a post after publishing it (as I often do, because there’s always something I’ve forgotten to put it), then Facebook adds another note saying I published a new post. Anyway to stop this, so that users like me (ie too disorganised to get everything in first time) don’t have a long list of Facebook notes all saying the same thing?



  75. josephscott


    I’ll see what I can do.


  76. Sha

    Wow. Certainly going to use this! Thank you wordpress!


  77. thestreeet

    nice, pretty application! yum.


  78. shafi

    Nice idea!


  79. علي جباري



  80. Louisa

    Thanks! I’m going to try this out – but it looks like it has potential.


  81. farlane

    Sweet, now I can have something on my facebook.


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  84. SimonD

    There’s a problem with apostrophes in post titles (and indeed blog titles): I’ve just written something with a couple of apostrophes in the title, and it’s appearing in my Facebook mini-feed with some horrible &#039 character references.


  85. maique

    ok. first impressions: it’s huge!

    i’d like an option to switch the header on and off (i find it too big, my icon is the same as in facebook and looks huge on the app), also a way to set preferences such as number of posts displayed and last comments on and off.

    the app doubles the height of my profile page, and i already had 17 other apps on it.
    i know i’m repeating myself, but it’s just too big.


  86. judithornot

    This sounds a bit too clickish, like MySpace or Care2. But there will probably be people who like it.


  87. shai

    Kool, i use facebook all the time!!!! Although new to blogging, this can help me get some traffic, comments and ideas on what to write!!!!!!! YAY!!!!


  88. earthenvessel

    What a great app! The only thing that could make it better (not that I’m the first to say so) is the ability to edit what information is displayed within the app… but that seems to be a common issue with the Facebook apps. Thanks again!


  89. Name Protected

    A Brilliant idea but definitely one to develop further? WordPress as an fully functional App to slot in a more developed way into Facebook??


  90. Katrina

    :)— you’ve made all the young’uns happy….including me! Thanks!


  91. blulady

    I think it’s a great idea. I’ve been trying to find ways to make my blog more accessible and think this Facebook Application will certainly help on that end.


  92. Matt Swann

    Wonderful! This is much nicer than trying to display the RSS feed in my profile. I’d *love* the ability to not show recent comments below the list of new posts — they make the app a bit too cluttered for my taste.

    Keep up the excellent work!


  93. NRT

    Finally! Yes. Facebook & WordPress… a match made in internet heaven.


  94. kayinmaine

    You guys & gals are always thinking at WordPress! That’s why we love ya. 😉


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  97. Vish

    Very cool. Just wondering if it can allow more than one blog to be posted?


  98. Nita

    A bright idea. Now I am actually wondering whether I should create a facebook account.


  99. mercenario

    Aplicaciones como estas hacen ver a Facebook realmente moderno (y a myspace como un verdadero chiste)


  100. aaron78

    Agree with those who say we need to turn recent comments off, but it’s a great start. My life is almost complete.


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