WordCamp in San Francisco

Last year over 350 WordPressers of all ages and experience levels gathered in San Francisco to share a day together. We’re now halfway through 2007, and there is a new WordCamp happening on July 21 and 22 that I hope many of you can make it to.

This year we’re expanding the conference to two days instead of one with the first focusing on user and blog-facing topics, like search engine optimization and podcasting, and the second day will focus on more development topics, such as usability, iterative design, and the future of publishing. Speakers this year include several WordPress developers, Matt Cutts, John Dvorak, Robert Hoekman Jr., Dan Kuykendall, Om Malik, Rashmi Sinha, Lorelle Vanfossen, and Dave Winer. Check out the entire schedule.

Just like last year there will be free lunch (with the legendary BBQ on Sunday) and t-shirts for everybody, and a party on Saturday night. Unlike last year we’re asking for $25 to help cover costs, but if that’s a problem there are scholarships available. Registration will be closing July 9th and there will not be tickets at the door, so get yours soon.

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  1. abarclay12

    Where is the conference?


  2. abu ameerah

    Did somebody say FREE LUNCH? Coooool!


  3. Andrew

    Sounds great… wish I could be there… have lots of fun, and blog it for the rest of us!


  4. Rattling the Kettle

    Hmmm…I’ve been looking for an excuse to get back up north…


  5. onemoreoption

    Great! Bloggers helping bloggers. We are a strange group for sure, but at least we try.


  6. brethrenpriestess

    How can you host a fun conference on the same weekend the new Harry Potter book comes out? It is an injustice, indeed.


  7. 1ofHis

    Sounds cool!!


  8. empressmaruja

    I hope you guys could organize events over here in Asia. That would be cool!


  9. alicia5

    How fun!!! I want to be there… I hope that you have a great time!!!


  10. Chris Blumen

    Color of shirts? God help me if they aren’t indigo. I won’t even consider having a good time and going if the shirts aren’t indigo.


  11. Wahyu

    I just thing


    when WordCamp in Indonesia?


  12. Jim

    I agree with empress maruja, hopefully you can have satellite meet-up in the future. Cheers!


  13. Sagaro

    Er… if you are charging a door fee of $25, then how is the food free? Just kidding… Have fun guys!


  14. કુણાલ

    hey, matt nice to know this, but as i live in India, I m also expecting WP to come to India someday… just take a note that WP’s India operations are awaited much… 🙂


  15. Steve, Acts 20:32

    I desperately want to come to WordCamp, but in live in South Africa! I am from the Bay Area and I miss it so. I would definately be there if I were back home. Is there a way I can get one of those shirts?


  16. natanzuelo

    Bah! I live in Argentina… I’d go if I could. 😦


  17. Priapus

    Sounds like a great idea. I’d love to be there, but I’ll still be stuck in Cyprus unfortunately, spending several hours a day just lying on the beach, or swimming in the warm, clear blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. And if I see just one more beautiful, gorgeous, stunning beach babe, wearing nothing more than the briefest of thongs….. I won’t mind in the slightest!

    You could do a lot worse than hold a Wordcamp here sometime!


  18. Jamin

    Hey! How about an event in the UK, probably London?


  19. joely black



  20. Julio Fragoso

    if you guys make some events like that in Brazil, it would be awesome either.


  21. ♦Vegetsu Gokazama♦

    Ah..I am too fas off. I live in Singapore and then also I am only 10!



  22. The Bagel of Everything


    If I lived anywhere near SF, I’d attend.
    And then kill myself, for living anywhere near SF.


  23. vanackernico

    Bonjour à toutes et à tous,

    Ce petit blogue retrace nos vies passionnantes qui se sont rejointes le 03 Octobre 2003…

    Ecellente visite à tous ,


  24. pacotacomike

    sounds great! I’ll be signing up soon


  25. Chris Hoskin

    Boo Hoo.

    I hate being in England sometimes.


  26. Universalgeni

    Just a thought for future consideration: how about a WorldPress event in Europe some fine day? It might be fun. Open for people from all over the world, of cause. That location/destination will be more realistic for some of us. Guess where I live…



  27. lostgirlfound

    How about hosting one somewhere closer in the Midwest???


  28. forchilli

    it would cost me more than 25$ because im located in New York. But i would LOVE to go to something like this !!!


  29. Dre

    Maybe we can get the next one over in Atlanta or here in Birmingham. We’d have a lot of fun!

    I’m still going to try and come out since I’m looking for some more help to finish out The Terminal in time for a late August launch. Maybe I can learn something from a podcast or a posted account of the event. Maybe a chance to pay for the chance to learn some more?

    Have a great time if I can’t pull it off.


  30. SlooseLA

    Hmmm…. sounds intriguing. Count me in, maybe.


  31. sv

    Oh, San Francisco, just around the corner … what about Wanne-Eickel next time? 😉


  32. biellen

    That’s how far from Tennessee?


  33. usura

    I wish I could be there, sounds really fun and interesting.

    When WC in Costa Rica?


  34. exposeright

    that’s a loooooooooong drive fer lunch! 😆


  35. Jamin

    If enough folks are interested, a few folks are willing to help, and the wordpress team are supportive, I’m happy to put my event organising skills to good use to pull together a UK/London event later in the year.


  36. wellyalmeida

    ohhh San Francisco is brilliant, I wish I could be there… but I’m ‘legos’ away!


  37. Budi Rahardjo

    You know … it would be cool if we can organize a “wordpress day” all around the world. We set a date and we create a wordpress gathering a the same time (well, more or less) in our neck of the woods. Maybe we could time it with the release of newer version of wordpress? That would be cool…


  38. calabazanova

    Can someone comp me a plane ticket to San Francisco? I really want to attend and eat the free lunch.


  39. mitchan88

    It would be marvellous, but I live in Italy 😥


  40. iknowkeith

    I can’t make it but I would like to here the talks. Any chance the conference will be recorded and podcasted?


  41. Jordan

    Well… I’m 0.2 miles from the Atlantic ocean and San Francisco is on the Pacific. I wish I could be there, but I don’t think so. To whoever is going — have fun!


  42. haryiips

    what about the wordcamp in india…. if yes it would be biggest meet for any blogging site .. in the history ever.


  43. Cyrus Poncha

    when can we start the indian chapter?


  44. Ellira

    On Harry Potter release weekend? Baaaaaaaaaad idea … :p


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  46. liglybitch

    WOW! A great excuse to trek up there, I have yet to hear of anyone not liking BBQs, lived there in late 89 to 1990. I truly left my heart in San Francisco…( And I love the Barby!) Maybe next time, I could plan for it…;-O


  47. factorypeasant

    abarclay12 – the conference looks like it’s @ cafe du nord on upper market st. easy to get to if you are familiar with SF. the swedish hall is upstairs and cafe du nord is an old 1920s speakeasy underneath it. it’s a hip hangout…


  48. bediane1954

    That would be a wonderful break from remodeling a bathroom. Take it from me it looks easy on the DIY channel but getting down to the nitty gritty, remodeling is a job. My house is tore up from here to there! Calfornia would be a unforgetable get away. I was hoping to see San Francisco when I made a trip to San Jose a few years ago but I wound up in DisneyLand instead. Not too bad though…all who go have a good time for me!


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