San Francisco Party on Monday

If you’re in San Francisco or the Bay Area, you should come celebrate with us Monday as we ring in one meeeeellllion blogs. (As well as the release of version 2.2 on .org and the 4 year birthday since the first public release of WordPress!)

We’re going to be at a fun dive bar in Potrero Hill called Thee Parkside. You can sign up here on Upcoming. (The neighborhood is so cool it even has its own WP blog.)

The festivities will start around 8 PM, so come on out and I’ll buy you a beer.

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  1. Milla

    Excellent! Congratulations in advance, Matt. Make sure you bring back lots of pics and a couple of videos too! 1 Million, huh? Very well done to all of you!


  2. feartheseeds

    Will there be sandwiches? I could use a sandwich…


  3. sulz

    hope the wordpress staff will thoroughly enjoy themselves – you guys sure deserve to have a good time!


  4. Michael Sync

    great!! i wanna come there but i’m not in san francisco..


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  6. fracas

    Dang.. it’s a little far to pop over from Saskatchewan but I’ll be with you in spirits. I guess that makes me a cheap date. 😉


  7. EscRiBiTioNiSt*

    Wish I were in San Francisco!!! _*_


  8. EscRiBiTioNiSt*

    Err… I dont drink beer.. Possible to have fruit juice instead… hehee :))))

    Anyway, congrats! Love live WP!! Hoorey..!!


  9. riyaz

    Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, I’m proud to be WordPressian, provide us some way to spread the word, sure it’ll reach some more millions soon.


  10. Jesu

    Congratulations, Matt!! Sure that if you continue doing like till now, this million of blogs will multiply soon. And well… I hope you bring WP’s parties to Spain soon. 😛



  11. charleslemark

    wow.. I wish I’m at San Francisco!


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  13. Sha

    Wow congrats and well done!


  14. Brad

    There are times when you hate yourself for living in Houston…


  15. Nelly

    I really wished I’d live in frisco… Germany is so damned far away 😉


  16. Austin

    Perhaps you guys could highlight the WP Seniors someday, the people who have been on WP the longest.
    Happy anniversary.



  17. Priapus

    Congratulations! I’ve been very impressed with WordPress since I started using it a few months ago. Infinitely better than Blogger who I used to use.

    Thanks for the invite but I won’t be able to make it as I live in Cyprus. Please send money for beer instead.


  18. TheShortFatKid

    San Fran, Sman Fran!

    When are you guys going to make it out to Frederick, Maryland?

    Kidding of course have fun and congrats on one million blogs (I have my pinky to my mouth when I say that). It’s just a testament to the great service y’all provide.


  19. Avatar DJ Flux

    What a shame, I live only a dozen thousands miles away…
    Pity, that bar sounds a nice place to hang out of…

    Ciao from Rome, Italy

    I’ll toast to WP with a pint here!


  20. pinaldave

    Congratulations Matt on 1 M blog. There are many reasons behind WordPress success.
    Few are very prominent.
    1) Fast page loading for Dashboard as well as Blog.
    2) Excellent SEO
    3) Quick Support Answers and Forum
    4) Good Product (of course!)
    5) Bloggers. We are awesome and we love WordPress and our content is great. (We = All bloggers)


  21. tigerplug

    I may actually be on a business trip in that area. That’d be great. Cheers!


  22. Luthfi



  23. Cyrus Poncha

    Super, we in India will have a drink to celebrate


  24. Woeful

    Seriously, one million… Congratulations on a job well done!


  25. photoallan


    I hope you won’t skip the person’s name, because of whom we’re fortunate to have a Blogging platform like WordPress.

    Infact, you lucky too >> Forget those Cards though.

    Best Wishes,


  26. KeenEye

    I keep watching the number get bigger and bigger — I’ll celebrate out here in Eastern Oregon when it hits the million mark! Congrats!!!


  27. Inexistent Man



  28. secondchancetolive

    Great work. You all Rock!


  29. abu ameerah

    1million blogs…WOW! Seems like yesterday that there were half that number of wordpress blogs.


  30. 27wishes

    Dude, on a Monday? What ever happened to Saturdays and celebrations? I’ll hopefully be there.


  31. koshelev

    Congratulations from Russia, Matt & Co !


  32. photographerno1

    congrats you guys done a terrific job..keep it up.


  33. dropdr

    Man I wish I was the millionth


  34. consultaglobal

    Felicidades y Enhorabuena!!!


  35. adaaaa

    Fly me to San Francisco, please!

    The WordPress family does deserve a good celebration, alright!

    Congrats! Take me along!


  36. austria

    I’m in Austria 😦


  37. shortexact

    A million blogs! Awesome. I wish I could make this celebration, but the next week is crazy busy. Anyway, have fun, and congratulations 😀


  38. La spectatrice

    Too far for me.


  39. roflgoat

    Jeez, I hate not living in California. All the parties are always there.


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  41. empressmaruja

    Is there a special prize for the 1 millionth WordPress blogger?


  42. Zubli Zainordin

    Congratulations! We did it. It “Takes Seconds and is Free!” It has been so easy. Then, “register another blog.” It is so enticing. Yes, individuals like you, and individuals like us, together we shoot the number to…in the expression of Matt, I quote: “one meeeeellllion blogs”. During the celebration, please together we sing the song by Frank Sinatra, and change the “I” to “We”. Yeah, “and we did it our way…..” Although I am in Malaysia, and not any place or space near the San Francisco or the Bay Area, please know that I am drinking my beer, virtually, here, near every bloggers a major part of the magic number, who love so ever much and more. Salute!


  43. Daniel Bernier

    Get out! I’m in San Fran right now, and flying home tomorrow on an early flight.

    Oh well…congrats, and have a pint for me. Next time I’m here (what a beautiful city this is!), I’ll look you up.


  44. Magus JCF

    is this a official party party or just hang out lets celebrate!?


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  46. donal

    I’d love to be there for this, lived in that area for the summer of 2000.

    Congrats on this milestone.


  47. Manuela

    This WordPressian from Portugal wishes you guys lots of success!
    Enjoy yourselves too guys… you sure deserve it!
    1.000.0000 horraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  48. peterhgregory

    I’d join you if I could. SF is my home town, and always in my heart as “the city”. Seattle is a close second, and where I’ve been for the past 15 yrs.

    Celebrate your victories!



  49. dinsan

    I wish if I could 😦


  50. referenceur

    I suggest a video-conference !
    Have a nice party!


  51. briosafreak

    Have a blast and congrats


  52. rawfoodist

    Thanks a million times! I just posted an Ode to WordPress via mywebdesignblog. WordPress is helping grow the health of civilization. Thank about that, it is true, bringing people to people all over the world in a real one on one way sans commericials. It is brilliant work, a true gift to society.


  53. netgautam

    Heartily Congratulations.


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  55. rjlight

    So close but can’t make it — Monday isn’t too easy for me to get up to SF. That’s just too bad, but thanks for the invite! Wish I could be there!


  56. Ra

    Congrats…I’ll try to swing by


  57. Gloria Hopkins

    I just added another blog! One million and one 🙂

    Lol. Wish I could have made it – would be wonderful to meet you’all. Have fun!


  58. maltesen

    When will there be a blog party for the rest of us who lives outside the US?


  59. Mario Sundar

    Wow! Congratulations on the 1 meelion blogs!

    Interestingly, the Potrero Hills blog is run by my colleague at LinkedIn (LI), Mike Lin. Speaking of LI, here’s an invite to a Lunch 2.0 we’re hosting at LinkedIn’s new office on May 23rd (Wed):

    Would love to see you and team there.
    -Mario from LinkedIn


  60. Mario Sundar

    Oops, here’s the Lunch 2.0 @ LinkedIn invite:


  61. Majalica

    Awesome. Something to extremely proud of.


  62. prakashdaniel

    Malaysia will also celebrate on behalf of you, me at least if the whole of Malaysia doesnt know….


  63. thoughtfulwoman

    Unfortunately I will not be able to make it for all the reasons above. However I would like to thank you for my blog, which gives me detailed information about everything, as well as a blog that I don’t have to ping because it’s already done. I also would like to say that I love your homepage, I always find another blog to read that I can relate to, will make me laugh,cry, or just feel bewildered. Thanks


  64. srinix

    WP rocks!!!

    I wish I was in SF or around 😦

    Why dont u guys post some videos and pics from the party for the million users????

    Would love them.



  65. illelgalcoup2006

    wish i was there but im here in fiji first time blogger….


  66. Daniel

    Congratulations in advance. Keep those improvement coming. too.


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  68. love4

    CONGRATS! What an wonderful milestone. Look forward in the next milestone.
    Love & Happiness. Mari-Lyn Hudson


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  71. Lance

    Wow. I used to live down in the Mission District (19th and Florida) and humped up Potrero Hill to bar hop at night. Waaaaaaay back in the mid 80s. I worked at the Lou Pierson Sculpture Studio as a sculptor, whipping out Lou’s art from models and drawings. I think one of the bars used to be called “Top of the Hill.”

    Thanks for the blast from the past. Sorry I can’t make the party.


  72. Lance

    Also, since I have a WP blog, I guess this makes ME one in a million…I’ve always been “special.”


  73. moyocoyotzin

    Greetings to my homonime saint-city!


  74. chanux

    & congrats dear wordpress. You are Wrocking. I love you more than my gal frnd. Pls don’t tell her;).

    Some_1:Can you pls tell me what’s the best bogging platform?
    Chanux: WordPress.Any doubts?


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  76. didixi

    Congratulations! I do know why people like this place – for the same reasons I like it! Nice people, nice themes, friendly support.

    (And of course for not having advertisements, too….)


  77. yogakarma

    It is still not 1M.
    You guys are lagging… But I still love WP.


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  79. chrissieday

    Hi many congrats I’m another cheap date as i will be in the dales in England enjoying the peace but will be over soon in your town doing workshops etc so hold you to the beer then ok.Thanks for wordpress it is great
    congrats again
    English Knitting Lady


  80. tiffany7



  81. cresteview

    Congratulations. Just joined. Best wishes on growing to your second million!


  82. Mayank

    Great Space, Great Blog, Great Event and Great People.
    Congratulations!!!! and enjoyyyyyyyyyy


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  84. letters

    can you send me a plane ticket from germany? i’d love to meet you guys.


  85. transformedia

    Love to be there, but I’m over here in Van, Turkey, breathin’ culture shock and dust… the foot of the ???? mountains. Bout 100K from Iraq, trying to keep my 14 year old son from vaporizing from the differences in everything….Be thinkin’ bout you while I’m out cruising on the biggest lake in the country.


  86. sean malone

    Outstanding Matt… congrats to you and all your mates. WordPress ROCKS!!


  87. Kevinin

    Yes, it really does!


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