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People love their stats. Here on, the most popular page in the dashboard after the home page is blog stats. We now have a plugin that allows you to get stats no matter where you host your blog.

One of the biggest complaints we hear when people switch to hosting their own blog is that they miss the stats system. (The others are that they miss the traffic from the community, tags, avatars, and comment tracking.) There are lots of stats plugins available for, but many of them slow down the site because they’re writing to a DB or they show generic website stats that aren’t tailored for blogs.

We started trying to figure out a way that we could offer our stats to self-hosted bloggers while still keeping the system super-flexible and fast, and the new plugin is the result of quite a bit of work by our stats guru Andy. Installing the plugin is simply a matter of dropping it in your plugins directory and putting in your API key, then your stats will start showing up within minutes.

The way the system is set up, we’re going to be able to roll out new features like we introduced outgoing link tracking a few months ago without anyone having to update their plugin. We also have some new things in mind for the stats interface that will impact everyone, like access to more historical data and an API for mashing up traffic data with other things.

Anyway, if you’re hosting your own blog, be sure to try the plugin out and let us know what you think. It should only take a minute or two to install, and works fine with any other stats systems you may already be running.

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  1. Chris Messina

    Sweet. Can’t wait to figure out the API and game the system!


  2. Mark

    Awesome news, Matt!


  3. Xomps

    Very nice… =)


  4. Julio Fragoso

    good to know that…


  5. spvn

    GREAT 🙂

    i’ve been waiting for this for a really long time. One of the reasons i stuck to was because of this plugin. But I don’t have a host anymore, so I’m glad that everyone else outside of will get this great feature.

    Thanks once again guys for constantly introducing new stuff, we really appreciate it.


  6. A.Citizen

    You dudes are the hosts…heh…heh…But I do like the stats feature and check it out all the time.

    What’s up with my Spotlight request. I’d really, really, really like to have that. I use the Digg thingy all the time but Spotlight is da bomb for me….

    …bein’ a political blogger an’ all.

    Keep up the evolution as Darwin was right.


  7. voxy



  8. Javier Aroche

    I love these Flash-based Charts, thanks for this plugin release.


  9. Ray Jaun



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  11. ceejayoz

    Oh very cool, thank you!


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  13. dinsan

    rockinggggggggggggg I was looking for something like this yaaa. was so simple and great


  14. persfektif

    thank you. it is just for me !!!


  15. Lore

    Great! Thank you!


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  17. blayde

    I shall inform the masses, this is great news…


  18. munggur

    Cool! Yet, why should move to host on other services if have offered all the things people need. Blogger sleep at night very well coz all of WP staff’s hard work.

    Thanks anyway…


  19. langitselatan

    wow… thank you for the stats plugin.. I love it very much.


  20. ivie

    thank you for this new plugin.. I have been waiting for it. I can use it in my self-hosted blog in so thank you.. this is the stats I’ve been looking for.


  21. photographerno1

    thank you matt,my site , was going dry without blog stats shah ast hosted by word press org.
    firoze shakir


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  24. Ryan B

    This is great, I already gave Andy a suggestion on how to improve user experience.


  25. Christoph Wagner

    Great! Thx!!


  26. mark

    This is really nice. Now i can just go to one place when checking my stat’s for sites. I might not dump Google Analytics for it but it sure does a good job for getting the quick “Whats hot – What’s not” type stats.


  27. goldcoaster

    Good stuff.
    I was wondering if I would have a stats page if I went to a hosted blog.


  28. ish

    Great work, I already made a blog and came back because it doesn’t offer the stats and there’s no community like the one we have in here. But now it’ll all be there too so it’s great.


  29. susaneb

    you are super…making blogging more fun than ever…I am addicted 😉

    Susan in Italy


  30. Inexistent Man

    Thank you!


  31. raplive

    anlamadım bişey ama herneyse 😀 güzel bişeydir elinize sağlık 😀


  32. Paul Stamatiou

    Congrats guys, this is awesome.


  33. Tina

    Awesome! I was just searching around the forums earlier this week to see if this plugin existed, and now it does 😀 I’m definitely going to try it on my self-hosted blog.


  34. foolip

    Can you say something more about how the stats are actually counted. Am I correct to assume that using the WP-Cache plugin would get in the way of counting stats correctly?


  35. Matt

    Because the stats are counted remotely via javascript, it’s completely compatible with WP-Cache.


  36. thetvaddict

    Any chance we’ll see a version for older versions of WordPress…. say version 2.0?


  37. Matt

    There are no plans to make it work for anything older than 2.1. I would highly recommend upgrading, you’ll have a better blogging experience overall, and it’s faster.


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  40. oneinspireddude

    you are one incredible team – LOVE your commitment to constant improvement – thanks!


  41. Jenny

    I installed it on my domain, and it’s working so far. I have yet to see any of my stats, but we’ll see how it goes. 🙂


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  45. Brian Purkiss

    Uber cool y’all!!!!
    That’s been a drawback from switching to my own hosting – now I might end up doing that!


  46. Potter System

    I’ll give it a try, as soon as I get a visit =P


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  48. Andre Deminiac

    WordPress 2.1 only? 😥


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  50. austria

    I love


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  52. eas


    Know what else would be really sweet? If you had a plugin that let self-hosted blogs participate in the same tag/category space as the blogs.


  53. osterreich

    a plugin that is worth to be commented! great job guys!


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  56. tekno



  57. thebluewalrus

    I implemented this today and its a great tool. Thanks guys, it saves me having to use external analytics tools which aren’t made for blogs.



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  59. robyn

    I even asked about this in support, so I’m super duper happy that I can consider hosting elsewhere and still be in the WP loop/community! Thanks so much!!


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  61. Michael

    I love you guys! I have been waiting for this plugin for a long long time.


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  63. abu ameerah



  64. Smaran

    This has been my no. 1 request since I moved my blog off Thank you so much for releasing the plug-in! 🙂


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  74. BlogRodent

    Blog Stats: Get your info-jones on with weblog traffic metrics

    “Andy Skelton has just released this brand new plugin for WordPress sites, and it looks very, very promising (see also his Day One report, and Carthik Sharmas review). As of today, if you are a WordPress blogger, you can piggyback on the WordPress….


  75. Rich Tatum

    Thank you so much for providing this blog stats package, and thanks especially for providing it for free. Wahoo!

    I liked it so much I blogged on it today.



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  78. sistemasoperativos

    Thank you, I am trying it on my other blog in other host


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  82. ehabbw

    thanks matty 😛

    I been using WP-SLIMSTATS as an alternative – might try this on a new blog.


  83. argentin

    Great, and thanks to remenber me my stats addiction! 😉


  84. Yunus Emre Ercan

    very nice


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  87. internettes

    It will be interesting if the performance of blog goes down


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  89. jetteroheller

    That rocks.

    I’m definitely one of those people who is all over their blog stats.

    Is there a place we can enter a wish list for the stats page? I have a few. I miss a lot of the longer-term reports I can get from Google Analytics.


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  91. rhk111

    Whew. At long last, they finally released the stats I’ve been looking for, & had missed when I hosted my site elsewhere. Thanks, WP team. Truly superb, really appreciate it.


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  99. foxinni

    Nice Stuff… freaking hell!


  100. Calvin

    Very cool! I’ll be sure to recommend this to some of my friends who host their own WordPress blogs.


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