Clouds and Drop Downs

Since I’m the newest member of the Automattic team perhaps a little introduction is in order. In the past I’ve been a jack of all trades IT guy: system admin, programmer, DBA, et cetera. Now my focus is on WordPress. My off time is spent mostly with my wife and two daughters, with the occasional basketball game thrown in there for good measure.

Now on to the news: another new widget, and a new option for a few others.

For those of you who are really into tag clouds you’re in luck, now you can display your blog categories as cloud using the new Tag Cloud widget.

Categories Drop Down

If you aren’t into tag clouds, but still looking for something a little different in the way you display categories we have something for you too. The Categories and Archives widgets now have options to use a drop down menu. This will be especially helpful to those of you who want your categories and archives list to take up less room on the sidebar.

Drop down archives and categories with tag cloud

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  2. NAyK

    Wow, as a space-saver it’s excellent.
    Only, the post-count does not work when you use as drop-down. And when I remove drop-down and use post-count, then the number in the category is on a separate line, and so looks messy (visually). So I’ve resolved to use just drop down.
    Thanks for all this. Category and Archives drop-downs shown here:


  3. Javier Aroche

    Thanks for that! very nice 😉


  4. ellaella

    The tag cloud is terrific…I’m already using it and it works like a charm. Thank you so much!


  5. Nobodyknows

    Absolutely amazing. is already over the top (“off the hook,” as my students like to say), but this goes several step further. Thank you so much.


  6. susaneb

    Welcome Josephscott!

    I like clouds – great! thanks. I enjoy all these “games”…playing with my blog is my favorite past time these days. May use the drop down for archives.

    😉 Susan


  7. ChenZhen

    Nice! I thought my tag list was getting kinda long for my taste.

    Re: drop downs – Why not have this option for blogroll as well?


  8. David W. Boles

    Welcome to the community, Joseph!

    What a beautiful start you’ve given us.



  9. rumours

    Very interesting widget here


  10. Stiletto

    Very cool. Thanks!


  11. Sarah

    OMG.. this is too good! 😀
    Recently on Tuesday I was reading some forums about tag clouds and I was so sad just seeing my partners in blogger having the posibility to have them in their blogs and also a posibility to have drop-down list!!!
    I cannot wait to go to my blog and modify it right now!!!
    P.S. you are so bad… today, I won’t be able to finish my job report either! 😉


  12. Ciro Velázquez

    Way cool… keep the good job!


  13. Tom Allen

    I’m not cloud crazy, but I do like the drop-down options in the other widgets.
    Nice job, guys.


  14. engtech


    For the people who want to put tag clouds on their own page (instead of in a sidebar) there is still my Tag Cloud Generator that works with any WordPress or WordPress Multi-user blog.


  15. engtech
  16. houseofcards

    nice job, cheers


  17. Ergo

    Damn! How COOOL! You guys rock! I LOVE WordPress! 🙂 Thank you Joseph, and thank you all at Wp.


  18. hazel8500



  19. Javyer

    Voy a probarlo ahora mismo, ésto va mejorando, me gusta.



  20. crazyharp81602

    Great work!!! 😀 Now I won’t have to manually update my tag clouds like I used to!


  21. Mark

    I could rant and rave and say how cool and awesome and fantastic it is – but I won’t. I’ll just say two things – it’s amazing and thankyou.


  22. lojol

    This is a neat idea.


  23. littlewhiteearbuds

    These are awesome options. Thanks!


  24. Jolene

    I just added this cool new widget. Thanks!


  25. Lorelle VanFossen

    The Cloud of Topics is very misleading. It’s a Tag Cloud, right? A Cloud of Categories. A Cloud of Tags. But topics?

    Anyway, this is long been requested and much thanks for helping to see this through. And welcome to the world of WordPress.


  26. christian

    Cool! I thought about clouds in these day! Thanks! 🙂


  27. Doug Meacham

    thank you!


  28. Lorelle VanFossen

    Oh, I got it now. Sorry about that. The user has the option to title it whatever they want. You chose “topics”. The example was a little confusing. WordPress has a reputation for choosing dumb names for things, as does Google and other brilliant folks who come up with brilliant things and give them dumb names. I just wanted to make sure I understand what the example was. Sorry.

    This is fabulous. It will be even better when the tags are added! Thank you.


  29. Pam

    I like the compact but readable version of the cloud in the sidebar, but //engtech’s is super, too.

    I notice that the cloud is sorted alphabetically and size = number of posts. (good)

    The drop down isn’t sorted by alpha or by numeric. Any way that will be alphabetized?

    How much of the display is theme-specific? That is some themes add numbers of posts to cat/tags and some don’t

    Camai! Bula!


  30. Pam

    I know the answer to the display of drop down categories– it is theme specific; at least number of posts don’t show in K2


  31. joshmaher

    Yeah!! Thank you!!


  32. Woeful

    I’ve been waiting for this… Thanks!


  33. bubbler

    I’ve been waiting for this one; my archives extend infinitely down my sidebar. Thank you! Now I feel like me and me blog are finally fully attuned.


  34. Woeful

    Suggestion. Add a way to limit the number of categories to only the top 30 or so instead of automatically listing every one.


  35. mosaik

    Is there any way of limiting the number of tags? A tag cloud would be great for my blog but I have so many categories and subcategories that it just is way too big. If the option of putting a number of tags was available, this feature would be close to perfect!


  36. Cat

    Welcome to wordpress. Seems like tehre is more staff every day?

    Not too sure on the look of this, I think for the time being I prefer engtech’s and the fact that it can be on it’s own page.

    Nevertheless, nice work, guys. 🙂


  37. ∂bsolutjoiz™

    Beautiful! Keep these things coming on!


  38. candybaby

    Wow!! Thank you!! Cloud tags are so cute! I’m so glad this is now possible. Thanks again!


  39. Elehzya

    Sweet, you guys are really kicking this month!


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  41. Fernando Felman

    Thanks a lot for those upgrades.
    I wanted a tag cloud widget for quite some time now. Oh, and the drop down is good thinking – now I can display both methods without taking too much space.
    Excellent job and thanks again!


  42. angie

    Oooo! I can’t wait to try this out. Thanks!


  43. Manuel Reis

    very cool. I just would like to see a few more changes so then i could finally migrate my blogger blogs into wordpress!


  44. JustAnotherMommy

    Perfect! Thanx. Love the cloud!



    a bit in shock !!!!!! coooooooollllllll


  46. osterreich

    the new one is a good one, too!


  47. katm

    Oh wow.

    New toys to play with!

    Thanks WP Team.



  48. robyn

    love it! the clouds are rockin’!


  49. Jon

    Nice. However, the tag cloud can be a bit too wide for some themes. (See the right sidebar of my blog.)


  50. deambulando

    reallyyyyy nice!! too cooooooll!!


  51. Shae

    I love the clouds 🙂 thank you!


  52. Inexistent Man

    Very Nice!


  53. psgaruda

    its good


  54. Stephen

    I’ve been waiting for this.

    Thank you.


  55. randramble

    Cool stuff…just some of the things we were waiting for. But I’m counting on you guys to include the post-counts in the drop-down list!


  56. Sagaro

    Welcome to WP Joseph Scott. I was just wondering whether this drop down could also be extended to bookmarks/blogroll or pages?

    Liked by 1 person

  57. hafiz

    This rocks! thanks a lot. I love the speed of development here 🙂


  58. Nita

    This was a long needed feature. A real space saver. Now less clutter,thanks.


  59. Ajithfan1

    You guys rock!


  60. Nita

    I’ve used both the tag cloud and the archives drop down and in fact I quite liked the line “Topics I write about” and have used that. 🙂


  61. Brent

    Been waiting for this for over a year. Thanks. The archives drop-down is awesome too.


  62. Javier Aroche

    @lorelle: Yeah sure, this should be named as Could of Categories but Tag Could is much more popular 😉


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  64. Farrell Kramer

    You guys are really responsive to user requests. What a great feature. Thanks!


  65. enkerli

    Woohoo! Been waiting for this for a while!
    With my Categories-fever, it’ll be a grrrrrrreat help!


  66. The Ambassadors



  67. mr fausty

    hey man it so deliciuse !!! 😉


  68. enkerli

    Well, ok, as it turns out, the sidebar for the Andreas09 theme is too narrow and my cloud is way too long. Ah, well…


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  71. Trent

    Welcome to to the team Joseph! Good stuff!



  72. Austin

    That saves so much space. For my archives I was just making a page and putting in a link to each month. This is a good thing. Thanks.


  73. Owen

    Wow, thanks a lot. Right after I sent that feedback form too. Thanks. (:


  74. Jangari

    Brilliant. I just spent the last few days looking for a way to put a tag cloud in my sidebar. You read my freakin’ mind.


  75. Kelly

    Thank you! One of the few things I missed from Typepad was the category clouds!


  76. Brian Purkiss

    I like…
    I’m going to use that on one of my blogs…


  77. Dirk Gently

    Not sure I like the tag cloud myself yet, but I appreciate it’s there as an option. I’ve been waiting for the space saving drop down menu though, thanks for that. It’s not often I implement a new widget when it’s announced, or even comment on the announcement……but I thought this was an exception.


  78. EscRiBiTioNiSt*

    Hey Jack and WP, you know what.. THIS IS WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR………. You guys read my mind…

    Thanks a ton.. :-xx


  79. E@zyVG

    GREAT – have been waiting for this one. Tnx.


  80. internettes

    a cool widget – nice
    I will test it


  81. Anmar Mansur

    Thanks for adding there wonderful features. I got two bugs for you to fix though. First, the padding under the drop down menu is a too small, making it stick to the title of the next widget. Then, there’s the maximum tag size in the tag cloud; it’s can get way too big. I’m using the Garland theme.


  82. jornada

    i was expecting that, excellent


  83. Tana

    Thanks. I like this new Tag Cloud widget.


  84. Roffi

    very nice feature


  85. Andis

    Good job 🙂


  86. mohamed

    nice touch, welcome on board 🙂


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  88. sil63

    Excellent! 🙂


  89. range

    Yep. Not that useful until tags are added. There needs to be a difference between tags and categories.


  90. mysimsreality

    The drop down option is something I’ve been wanting for a while. Thanks for implementing it. 🙂


  91. sulz

    excellent! welcome to the wordpress family, josephscott. come join us at the forums some time! 🙂


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  93. K

    Nice addition but doesn’t a couple of themes has “Archives” functionality already? I would prefer the dropdown menu though. Thanks for this.


  94. majic

    cool. Definitely going to add this into my site.


  95. Sr. Silva

    Great, I was considering dropping the archives altogether as they were taking too much space.


  96. hayase

    The tag cloud is cool! And the dropdown feature is a very good improvement. Thanks!


  97. upuaut

    Ooooh, yes, space-saving, cool!
    I agree with ChenZhen: why don’t do the same think for the blogroll? It will be useful.

    Thank you again
    (welcome, Joseph ^_^)


  98. furoshiki

    Thank you Joseph, TagClouds are among my favorites inside socialweb and socialbookmarking. It releases one from the weight of equivalent terms in alphabetical lists and I’m glad I can add this widget to my sidebar. Drop-down options are very good options to save room. I agree with ChenZen, why not a similar option for Blogroll or at least, a way to escape (again) alphabetical order. I know, one way come be to add a number at the beginning…


  99. Amy P

    I love the tag cloud – thanks.


  100. Shannon

    Loved the improvements, especially the tag cloud. I wish the dropdown for categories would list the tags in alphabetical order.


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