Slideshows and Maps

We have added a couple of new ways for you to put content on your blog.

The first is RockYou slideshows. RockYou makes it super easy to upload a bunch of photos and create a slideshow with captions and music. We eagerly await collections of your kids, kittens and favorite celebrities. Instructions for how to embed one of their slideshows are in our FAQ. You can also find a link to RockYou in the slideshow tab below the edit window where you compose your blog posts.


The second is a way for you to add maps to your blog using the Platial service. You create a map, drop it on your blog and then you and your readers can add markers and comments to the map. It’s a great way to collaboratively figure out where to find the cheapest gas or the best beer in town. Their maps can be added to your blog’s sidebar using the Platial Mapkit widget. To try it simply go to the Sidebar Widgets section of your blog, grab their widget and follow the instruction in the widget’s configuration link.


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  1. otvav



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  3. Elehzya

    wheee kittens!



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  5. sistemasoperativos

    Simply wonderful!!


  6. percem

    can i use this a advetise banner? 🙂


  7. Andhika Nugraha

    Hey, how about and geolocation metadata?


  8. rjlight

    hmmm. The maps could be nice if people get lost trying to find me…slideshow then I would have to add a popcorn day in additional to my Ben & Jerry day…popcorn gets stuck in your teeth…


  9. Alex Hamilton

    Just added a map on the theme of “What do you want to tell her / him?” (Mending the World.)
    I’ve left it open so any Platial member can comment and hope over time, it’ll become an inspiring, perhaps poignant, collection of thoughts and memories.
    Thank you so much for bring my attention to Platial and better still, adding it to WP.


  10. Greyhawk

    That’s going to be great for showing off pictures!


  11. Calvin

    Keep up the great work. I’ll have to mess around with this…and a LibraryThing widget would be awesome *nudge, wink*


  12. loranablog

    The slide shows are simply GREAT!!! Thanks a lot WordPress!


  13. excessboy

    You can now add Slide Shows from Check out Slide’s blog for more information at


  14. Kurtis

    I like how you can adjust the RockYou slide shows, but why doesn’t it allow you to do the same for SplashCast? Although these things rock and I will continue to use them, are they going to be able to float on the side or in the middle of text anytime soon? Keep up the fun widgets and tools!

    – Kurt


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  17. Khaidar

    wow…that’s cool.


  18. kumar4honeyz

    Very very cooollllll


  19. Kid

    wow…that’s cool. Thks


  20. ceeque

    Holy Crap Batman….it just gets better`n better!!! Well done to all you guys for always looking to improve the way we do things!! 🙂


  21. cara4

    How much fun>>>I am hooked!!
    Thanks!!! 🙂


  22. syahid ali

    this is why wordpress is cooler than others. easy, simple to use. love the statistics.


  23. celebmania

    Very nice!


  24. babydumplin

    The was hot


  25. anaet

    i am looking forward too do that….


  26. fatfingur



  27. baronbazil

    It would be great if we could add maps from too. (as I’m already using that!)


  28. notfound9

    nice 🙂


  29. bloggerrising

    Thank you. Great work.


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