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Have you heard of Digg? It’s a cool social news site where what’s on the front page is chosen by YOU. You can vote on stories with just a click of a button, and whichever stories and links get the most votes rises to the front page.

Digg is also known for the Digg Effect, which is namely that because Digg has a large audience they can easily drive thousands of visitors to your site in a very short time. Often the people you see at the top of blogs of the day are there because of a lot of external traffic from a social news site like Digg.

(On most normal websites the rush of traffic can cause problems, but on WordPress.com you’re 100% Digg-proof.)

Why are we telling you this? Because Digg has this cool feature where you can vote for an entry on Digg right from the page you’re on, assuming you’re registered and logged in. Putting this button on your posts can help drive a lot of votes.

To add this to your post, just put in [digg=http://digg.com/url_to/story_on_digg] and it’ll be transformed into a “Digg This” button. (Your story must already be submitted to Digg for this to work.) I’ve added a Digg This button to the right for this very post you’re reading, why not try voting on it to test things out?

A tip: try to only submit your best stuff to Digg, not every entry, that way you have a better chance of being voted up and not cluttering their system. Mark has written a step-by-step FAQ with screenshots if you need some help. There are no plans to add other news sites like Newsvine or such at this time, but thanks for your suggestions.

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  1. designnoob

    Very nice!


  2. swftoys

    Thanks guys! I’ve used it on one of my posts! It works fine!


  3. tropican8

    Great Addition! You’ve made my week!


  4. domainblog

    Great addition! Thanks for adding it! I’m going to give it a try on my blog:




  5. Kunal

    awesome feature, but would really appreciate reddit support too…


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  7. intlxpatr

    I love the idea . . . now to master the technology!


  8. katm


    I’m loving the new features that are coming out.

    Thanks WordPress team!


  9. nobody

    OoOoOoOoOoOHHHHHHHHHhhh my

    G o D …!

    very goood matty matt !!



  10. The Rooster

    I might suggest that the “Digg This” button could be added to a post without first being submitted to Digg.

    A story that has not been submitted by the author to Digg has much more Kudos. Often posts that are submitted by the author are regarded as “blog spam” by the Digg community. Plus it takes away the rose-coloured glases that we all wear in regards to our own work. Sometimes what we think should go on Digg should not and at other what ends up on Digg is something we never thought should.

    But otherwise a great idea. Maybe the addition of a selection of buttons that could be added to a post would be great. I vote for del.icio.us and Blue Dot (they have a feature called “Dot This”).


  11. kyramas

    Didnt work for me too.
    Check the post I submitted to digg.
    I get an error instead of the button



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  14. ebarnieh

    Fantastic addition, I’ve been wondering how to do this.


  15. Klisiu

    Nice stuff. Thanks guys!


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  17. Thomas



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  19. Harshad Joshi



  20. marcozna

    Wow – this is excellent. I’ll give it a try!


  21. leonope

    great stuff, where´s my personal digger? 😉


  22. deambulando

    the next mayby a meneame button it could be nice for the spanish speakers


  23. MC

    How about something like this that can be added to the bottom of a post:

    Add to MY del.ic.io.us | Blink it | Digg it! | Furl It | etc…


  24. BestbitFUNtyp0

    Definitely digging this feature. Like someone said earlier, a reddit feature would rock. Keep up the good work fellow bloggers.


  25. ravithesun

    thats really good..
    thanks a lot


  26. Kristin

    Have you considered to create some quicktags to go with this new feature?


  27. Rui Martins

    Well… Digg is for engligh speakers and bloggers… Why not to… Create a digg clone on wordpress?
    It can be on the main page or in the dashboard…


  28. Brian Alexander

    thats pretty cool.


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  31. Julia

    Since my blog isn’t exactly news-worthy, I doubt I’ll be grabbing onto this feature too often. But I’m so glad the functionality is coming in. Adding that code by hand is going to be annoying though for regulars. Is there an option you could add to the blog entry interface (like a radio button) to make it “diggable”?


  32. clotho

    Could you please make a feedburner widget?
    *bats eyelashes*
    Pretty Please?
    With extra sugar, a cherry AND whipped cream on top?


  33. Nguyễn Minh Sang

    not bad !!!!


  34. irfanhab



  35. burbeary82

    Effin sweet! Anymore suggestions on how to increase my blog traffic?


  36. empressmaruja

    I’m digging it…I’m digging it!


  37. udayms

    Do u have any idea, how happy some of us are????? 🙂 Great work!


  38. Enam

    One of my client introduced me to digg few days ago. Now I see wordpress has incorporated digg. It’s really nice.
    I have already submitted a few stories to digg.


  39. rAfA vAlDéS

    i’ll do, thats cool


  40. udayms

    I just read the tutorial. Is that the only way? 😦 It looks toooooo round-about. A little disappointed, But something is better than nothing 🙂 .


  41. deminvest

    Pay attention. For me it didn’t work as long as I was using cut and paste from Matt’s Post and substituting the URL. I think it is because of character size. It did start working when I typed myself all the characters.

    Once I figured that out…

    Thanks it is very nice!

    Now the only thing which is still tempting me to switch to Blogspot is the still missing “Adsense” option. At Blogspot they just added Tags to their blogs.

    Now two things will happen:

    1) Everybody will scream at me for mentioning Blogspot
    2) Matt will scream at me because this is OT… And he is right. Sorry…


  42. Brent

    Okay, what is up with the padding and is there a way to change this? It looks like crap since the padding is basically non-existent. I really want to use this, but I do not want to compromise the great look of my blog to have a little button.

    I would rather it not be an iframe because even with the CSS upgrade, there is no way to customize the look of it.

    Sorry Matt. The idea and concept is great, but this needs some improvement.


  43. mrrx

    Tried it out with today’s blog entry.


  44. michpics


    I never go to Digg any more. It’s like a Quake server … but less fun.


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  46. blarz

    Can’t seem to get this to work…


    I tried to put it at the top of that entry and it isn’t showing up for me…


  47. Jope

    I hear the ‘no other sites’, but what about meneame.net? For us spanish spealkig folks, Digg is pretty much useless… (I’d venture tisay it’s usless in any case, but I won’t… 😉 ).


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  49. gspence1173

    thanks–so far so good!


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  51. naani

    thank you very much !!!!!!
    now i have another reason to post about almost everything.


  52. Brian Purkiss

    That’s just awesome!!!
    Thanks y’all!!!! I am definately going to use that!


  53. Yaser

    Thanks, you guys are awesome. I was just on Digg too.


  54. togetherwillbe

    i totally digg this…hehehe


  55. skykid

    I will try that new option . Thanks – as for results – will let you know when I notice them ( :


  56. Hameed Khan

    Great work Matt!


  57. mark

    blarz – edit post, click Code – remove all tags around the digg link. You have it in code tags.

    Anyone else hits a problem – contact Support.


  58. grandiosa12

    hey great feature!


  59. ish

    Finally Digg is in here! I’d been trying to figure out how to make it work in here because it is a nice tool and you probably read my mind,excellent work guys.Now there isn’t much reason or logic shifting to blogger which anyway is having good enough troubles ever since they came out of beta.


  60. miguelacho13

    i like it, thanks wpress!


  61. indonesiaplanner

    yes, it is nice


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  64. Ronnie Ann

    First let me say how much I appreciate all that WordPress offers. This is one great service! As for Digg…I am a bit underwhelmed by my first try. I wrote something about Rudy Giuliani on my Out of My Head blog and it got a lot of hits and good comments when the link was picked up by Crooks and Liars. So when i saw the new info, I figured let’s Digg it. But I only got 4 hits – and one of them was mine! Not sure, but I think you have to be registered with Digg to actually vote (digg it). But anyway…I also went on a major site and posted a comment…and boom! I got way more hits from there. Just sharing my experience. Unlike me, I’m sure other folk know how to use it well. But just didn’t want people to be disappointed if they don’t see much traffic from Digg. Still…worth a shot.


  65. babycachet

    You guys rock! Thank you for cool enhancements to our blogs.


  66. jetteroheller

    That is one of the most pimped-out little plugins I’ve seen. It works like a charm — I just threw it right into a post and it fired right up. Very nicely done.


  67. Coretta Jackson

    Thanks… for all the goodies…. wordpress just keeps getting better! we wuv ya!


  68. amiripz

    Another cool feature for our blogs. Way to go Matt.


  69. chanux

    Why I’m so late to see this good news?


  70. Gizmy

    Nice, wanted this for a while now.


  71. shinyobjectsandbumblebees

    hey Matt…umm, a day after my first stab at digging a story, on digg it only has been dugg 3 times. However, a couple of offbeat sites picked up on it and today my blog is the fastest growing on wordpress. I’m really quite astounded and actually think it’s quite hilarious. thanks for helping me and my tiny buzzing blog hit the blogging big-time, if only for a couple days! 😀


  72. shoetalk

    Great stuff to know about digg I digg it !!!!
    Keep the great stuff coming in


  73. Matt



  74. cooolio

    That’s pretty nifty!


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  76. Chrono Cr@cker

    Fabolous, you guys are fantastic. I hope similar mods for other sites also come in play.


  77. freewarealternative

    Digg is not that great, much spam makes its way to the top lately, but thanks for this plugin 😉


  78. Uta Lam

    Yes. I just use digg at my blog. The Digg effect is super cool and more people can access to my post.


  79. Dylan

    That’s pretty hot. I’m into it.


  80. ostsee

    This is great. Thanks!


  81. EelKat

    I have not been able to get the Digg button to work on my posts… it’s not just Digg, but all buttons that use Flash or JavaScript… none of them show up… not in the posts nor in the widgetts… Am I doing something wrong?


  82. EelKat

    ooooh! I found out what the bad URL error for Digg is… you have got the manually type in the URL of the story you submitted, in place of the URL in the code listed above… I have got the Digg buttons working finally… cool!

    Thanks guys!


  83. hydroponic

    I just wanna get some traffic to myspace. just for kicks. would i dig dig?


  84. vlade

    I have no idea what I am doing. A complete novice.


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  86. EelKat

    WOW! I’ve had this button on my site 2 days now… my inbound link rank has doubled… this is great!

    on a flip side: I’ve recieved spam comments on every single post on my blog, each with anywhere from 10 to 50 links to porn sites! I am sahocked and dismayed to find that such thoughtless thugs lurk on these blogs via Digg. However, I have, as a result, added the Asmet Spam catcher widette to my blog and it’s now catching them like flies on flytape, saving my the worry of having to go through them myself.

    Well, the point of this post: adding the Digg button is good for adding traffic, but make sure you have added a ban list and the Asmet Spam catcher to your site, before you add the Digg button.


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  88. Jak

    great tips guys. thanks


  89. Donny

    I MUST use this!

    Now… to write something “digg worthy”….


  90. atatude

    So far I em not digging Digg. I must be doing something wrong. The code just sits on my post to ridicule me.


  91. janesjournal

    The FAQ filled in the missing piece for me. Thank you for this!


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