Where We Were Last Week

Automattic, the company that runs WordPress.com, is completely virtual meaning we have no office. Everyone works from home, wherever in the world they may be. We find this works really well for us, and is a natural extension of our Open Source roots, but every now and then it can be very helpful to get everyone in one place and brainstorm what the future of blogging will be like. (Because the best way to predict the future is to invent it.)

So last week we got all of the company that didn’t have a baby recently or one on the way to La Paz, Mexico. We did a ton of work on the site, just not too much that was visible so to compensate I present you with these five pictures from the trip.

Barry and Laptop

Barry shows you can never have too many WordPress logos.

Mark, Andy, and Lloyd

Mark formerly known as Podz, Andy, and Lloyd stroll casually down the avenue.

Matt in Sweater

I was demoing the latest in La Paz fashion.

Matt Thomas

Matt Thomas was grins the whole time, I think because of the arranchera.

On the Beach

Finally here is a picture of us on some remote island. Left to right: Barry, Toni, myself, Mark, Michael, Lloyd, Andy.

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  1. grandiosa12

    great bunch of guys.. hey do you think its time for new themes? Please give us some more.


  2. Matt Thomas

    Sadly, Donncha, Ryan, and Maya couldn’t join us this time… hopefully the whole band will be together again next go ’round!


  3. shinyobjectsandbumblebees

    ok Barry is automatically my favorite since he’s wearing a Packers sweatshirt. hehe 😀 you guys are awesome.


  4. Sha

    Wow..that looks like so much fun.


  5. Root

    It just goes to show. After the age of 5 guys never look good in shorts. 🙂


  6. outime

    What envies 😦


  7. ageekgirl

    Love it! Glad y’all had a fun and productive time there. I’m looking forward to seeing what you now have up your sleeve!


  8. misslionheart

    Good for you!


  9. dinsan

    you guys rock ,,,,, feeling proud of being here 🙂


  10. Marsha J. O'Brien

    Who would guess all the fantastic brains you share would hide in such cool coverings – I appreciate all you offer as I am a newcomer to blogging and I need all the help I can get! Thanks so very much!


  11. allansiew

    I love the wordpress t-shirt, where can I get it?


  12. Helton

    Wow!!! Very Cool guys !!


  13. sha

    What a nice photo!
    ps. Hi Lloyd! :))


  14. shell

    No chicks?!?! :mrgreen:


  15. austria

    that’s a dreamteam!


  16. amnesiak



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  18. freshgroundknits

    Looks like fun! Great to see more faces.

    So are all the women that work for you pregnant or recenty post-partum? Hmmm.


  19. storbakken

    Next time you should hold a contest and have the winner join your troupe on the trip.


  20. babycachet

    Nothing like a little “r” and “r” while working to get the creative juices flowin’! What are some cool ideas/features you guys came up with?


  21. brackeblogt

    top guys!


  22. laurafee

    yea MacBook Pro 😀


  23. sarahtowny

    Must be a boys only club….

    Hope you all had fun and even if you were working, I hope you had some great chill out moments. I am sure you did! :0)


  24. traveleditor

    So is La Paz your new Favorite Place? Tell your story and get included in the next collection!


  25. lordhazzard

    Wow so thats how wordpress works, good job guys!!!!


  26. skewe

    Nice… I have contractors working with me from different places.


  27. Rahul Sengupta

    I am very new to wordpress.com.Its been not even a week for me here! BUT I am Loving it 🙂 as goes the saying!! 🙂
    Keep up the fantastic work u guys.
    regards n Cheers 🙂 🙂
    Rahul IndiaaAAAAhHHHH.


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