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I love the end of the year.

I know it’s mostly arbitrary, but something about the closing of the chapter of 2006 provides a wonderful opportunity to take a step back from the day to day and consider the things that made this year matter to you, and what you want to see matter next year.

It’s also when I get to read two of my favorite things of the year, resolutions and predictions. Resolutions always inspire me and predictions usually bring a smile to my face.

I’d love to read some of your resolutions and predictions for the new year. Let’s all tag our posts so we can see what each other are saying:

Use “2007 predictions” to tag your predictions for the new year.

Use “2007 resolutions” to tag your resolutions.

This has the added bonus of making your entries easier to find next year so you can see how right or wrong you are, and how well you were able to stick to your resolutions.

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  1. Ilya Lichtenstein

    Did people do this last year? It would be cool to quickly flip through predictions for 2006.


  2. Matt

    As far as I know there wasn’t any group effort to tag entries like we’re doing this year. Also a year ago, WordPress.com only had about 50 thousand users, so there were a lot fewer people to share their thoughts.


  3. Daijinryuu

    Plus this will be nicer to navigate if we want to read others’ new years resolutions and stuff.


  4. David W. Boles

    Very cool, Matt!

    I’ll add these tags for tomorrow’s post!


  5. dresramblings

    I’m planning on sticking some resolutions and predictions up later today, but I’d be interested in knowing how many people have been using some form of “Year in Review” in recent posts about the year that’s past. I started going through just to see what happened and to remind myself of things. Here’s the latest post; I’m putting the rest of them all up in the next 3-4 hours. I think it may be cool for some of us to look back on our most popular posts or those that may mean more now than before.

    Happy New Year everybody!


  6. carocat

    Well, I only have a ‘My year in Review’ post and I don’t make resolutions, but I will definitely have a look through others. 🙂


  7. Radio Matthew

    I made a post in which I ranted and raved about things that annoy me in hopes that people would wake up and slowly develop different habits. What tag would I use?


  8. Jeff Ventura

    I didn’t tag my 2006 predictions as such (obviously), but I did create and publish a list of them when I was back at Blogger. If anyone’s interested, they’re here.

    Happy new year all.


  9. kikipotamus

    Great idea. I’m doing that right now, tag and all.


  10. Tudor

    As a one week old blogger I’m still learning to work wordpress. My reolution is to encourage Mystic Merv to make more predictions in 2007. Mystic Merv is a hermit from the Celtic fringes. He sometimes speaks out ‘from the big chair’, on his mountain fastness. He claims powers of divination in the tradition of a distant ancestor, Mystic Merl, consultant to King Arthur. Merv offers ten leadership predictions for 2007 with news of what will happen to Tony Blair (out), Google (unloved), Gordon of the big fist (will become PM) Bob Woodward (will do lots of interviews), The Big Green Mac Corporation (grren with envy at green image of other companies, and the monster Glaskazep merger (a mega merger of pharma firms


  11. mysimsreality

    Awesome! I’ll do this for January 1st, after I’ve had time to think about my resolutions. 😉

    Happy New Year everyone!


  12. Rizwan

    Resolutions.. hmm!! I think I will keep it to myself..


  13. cmerry

    Great idea this is going to be fun 🙂


  14. Laster

    Cool stuff. I will need to do something with these tags.



  15. raincoaster

    This is a very cool little idea. Maybe I’ll even MAKE resolutions this year. I don’t make predictions: I make bets. Same amount of work, more money in it.


  16. sulz

    i have a thing against using a tag for only one post (how wasteful! even though it’s not a physical kind of waste) so i hope nobody minds if i just plunk my resolution post here.

    and yes, happy new year 2007!


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  18. guvida

    To me it’s a great idea, i’ll give the chance to remind me the resolutions wich started this year. It’s me or always end the year doing differently than we originally plan?


  19. Mark

    This is a cute idea 🙂


  20. jeremiahandrews

    My list is up as well. Happy New Year from Montreal.



  21. stayathomemod

    As a newbie blogger, this will be a good excerise for me – learning how to manuver through this new world. Thanks for the mental and technical exercise.


  22. maelsaudagardinar

    Now is the right time……


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  24. goldscribe

    i concur..


  25. compartmentalized

    I just posted my resolutions a few minutes ago. Click my blog to see.


  26. renaikan

    Happy New Year!! =)


  27. lnxwalt

    I don’t really do the resolutions thing, but I do minor version of the year in review and the predictions (but not just for the upcoming year).

    With almost a month of blogging, there isn’t a long trail to measure yet, but maybe next year I will do something like this.


  28. disembedded

    My Resolution? For all of us to remember Hurricane Katrina and The Tragedy of New Orleans.


  29. Miguel


    What a great idea! It’s also a way for us to follow if we keep up to our goals or not :):):)


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  31. ish

    Ah Resolutions,aren’t they meant to be broken? 😛

    Anyway,cool idea.Would be nice to read my resolutions afterwards and see how many I’ve kept.


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  33. The Nerd

    @ Mark.

    My thoughts exactly. This is why I like WordPress more then Blogger; such a great sense of community 🙂


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  35. gpessia

    🙂 nice idea!


  36. azahar

    Nice idea!


  37. vcmike

    Love the idea, Matt. I was just in the process of pulling together a post compiling my favorite Year End Recap/Predictions posts when, going through my blogroll, I came across this. Am looking forward to reading what my fellow ‘pressies are resolving/predicting, and also to more WordPress community features like this!


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  40. spiritualoasis

    good idea!


  41. axewielderx

    I posted mine!


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  43. drowmage

    I added mine… really fun idea. Thanks for bringing this to the masses.


  44. dpcough

    good idea


  45. Hameed Khan

    Again a very unique and good idea!


  46. Brad

    I never do it myself. Resolutions, I mean. Instead, I tell others their resolutions.
    I already know my mom’s. That’s easy:

    Well, at least 20 pounds…


  47. quirksalight

    I wonder if you can catagorize what percentage of resolutions will include money and weight issues?


  48. insomnity

    great idea. happy new year.


  49. penman1

    I resolve to be a better person and to write more(seeing as I’m a writer in my spare time).


  50. tanmaygaur

    Resolutions are meant to set standards but how many of us need standards?


  51. lifeinside

    your idea is kinda normal, but nobody had thought of it before i tink.


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  53. Tinus Tussengas

    This sounds interesting!
    Great idea
    Happy new Year and Happy Blogging!


  54. TheAdmin

    Ooh, that’s a good idea. I might have to do that…


  55. alejna

    I just finished writing up my 2006 resolutions, but if I get around to the 2007 ones, maybe I’ll join in on the tagfest…


  56. markselby

    when you make something public and create a stucture where you can/could be held accountable for your resolutions you add a certain * to the process – brilliant!

    will it make people more likely to keep to their word? i’m going to give it a go….and have fun in the process. May this year be your best ever.


  57. Psylight

    I’ll probably be posting both eventually. The tag I’ll use is “cliche”. I figure that’s most apropos. 😉 These 2007 resolutions/predictions pages are all over the blagonet. I don’t mean to trivialize. Like I said, I’m probably going to put some up too. It’s nice, comfy, fun cliche. Like some previous poster though, I’m not comfortable making a category that I only intend one post to fall under.


  58. schoass



  59. engtech
  60. obliterated

    I think it’s a great idea, but I won’t be putting up any resolutions or predictions, because I know I won’t stick to them.
    I guess I’ll just live day by day, have fun.
    That’s what life is about…work and play. Too bad I do more play than work, though.


  61. PH

    I’ll probably tag more stuff to my blog….!


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  63. maryt

    I wrote up some resolutions and tagged them. Take a look: http://maryt.wordpress.com/2007/01/07/new-years-resolutions/


  64. smrtgrl
  65. 7luckydays

    2007, Year of the Pig! (February 18 is actually the first day of the Chinese New Year). Here is my page, with my first post being “2007 resolutions”. Enjoy, and thanks Matt!

    Seven’s Year


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  67. cincy07

    My goal is now up. Check it out.


  68. gileco

    al buddhas of past present and future a nice day


  69. shienyiloo

    Happy New Year 2007!
    a new beginning,
    a new chapter,
    hope peace continues to stay,
    and negatives come to an end.


  70. gidey

    this is the best thing that i have got in mit.


  71. pavlinakarvounis

    happy 2007 let this year be unique!!!


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