Give the gift of WordPress credits

Make someone happy this holiday season with WordPress credits that can be used to buy something nice for their blog!

It’s really easy. Simply go to the Upgrades page in your Dashboard, click on Gifts and fill in the form. You can send credits to existing users of the site, or to those without an account. Enter their username or email address and the credits will be whisked along in no time at all!

There’s no minimum limit on the number of credits so this might be a good time to thank your favourite blogger with a few credits, or if someone has really helped get your blog off to a running start why not send them a small gift?

If you have any more ideas, I’d love to hear about them!

Update 1: Gifting has been removed, but may return in the future.

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  1. flamov

    Gimmie! 😀
    Happy Holidays


  2. Luthfi

    uhuyyyy, 🙂


  3. Kyewo

    i do accept wp-credits 🙂


  4. origino

    Cool! Too bad none of my friends are willing to switch to WordPress… stupid Xanga 😀


  5. Rado

    Can I send a gift to myself?
    LOL, I want a gift, make me happy, WordPress!

    Happy holidays, I’m sure we will celebrate together 🙂


  6. amnesiak

    bella idea!!!


  7. Erythro

    If anyone’s got an overload of credits, I’d be happy to relieve you.


  8. David W. Boles

    It’s a wonderful, idea, Donncha, thanks!


  9. gpessia

    😉 sempre ottime idee!


  10. carocat

    Nice idea. Now who can I get to send me some credits?


  11. Max Badolati

    Mi sacrifico per la causa e accetto volentieri crediti da tutti gli amici di wordpress


  12. dimaks

    Like Erythro, i’d love to receive some from the blessed ones 🙂

    happy holidays!!


  13. axewielderx

    With no Christmas bonus from work(I am sure this is a common thing nowadays),I cannot afford to give any bloggers something this year. Perhaps next year! Thx for putting the option there.:)


  14. Charles Krause

    Everyone else has “Gift certificates”, why not

    This brings up a heck of an idea: credit transfer. Replace your paypal donation button with a “wordpress credit transfer” button 😉

    Actually, I think this would probably be more work to implement than it would be worth to the team, and not used that often, but it is an amusing idea.


  15. Christian

    coole Idee!


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  17. allansiew

    I would love to have some, LoL!


  18. Spitzkat

    Any Santa “Blog” Claus out there? 🙂 Thanks for the gift in advance! 🙂 Do visit my blog and have some blog coffee… 🙂


  19. World Wide Website

    I want a gift 😦


  20. leoville

    I would love wordpress credits-check out my blog at


  21. hoaihung
  22. Cubskick277 & Ompaloompa64

    But only 1 of my friends do it. Ummmm…. well, so what. Give it to them! Good idea! 😀


  23. Maggie Paola

    Por favor, alguien que nos regale creditos, pleaasseeee!!!!


  24. feartheseeds

    “Make someone happy this holiday season with WordPress credits that can be used to buy something nice for their blog!”

    Okay. I’d like to send some to that kid Sally Struthers has me supporting. Or had me supporting. I think his name is… Charlie? I don’t know. He might be an adult by now. I’ll look for his case number. I think his village has a computer. Unless it was destroyed in that eruption… or flood. Or something. When you send the card could you sign my name?
    Or… hey, wait a minute! I could just send the fifty bucks to a random village in the developing world and they can buy six thousand books, some pens and a few LED lights so they can read at night and maybe complete a correspondence course and learn a trade and make their village prosper and then their whole society will learn and grow by their example and then, with a little hard work and gumption, they will buy Google. Where’s my sandwich widjit?


  25. whig

    What would we do if we got more credits than we can easily use? Regift them?


  26. bullish1974

    it wouldn’t hurt if i receive wordpress credits 😉


  27. baramee

    Sood Yod!!! (สุดยอด!!!)


  28. Dannie

    Brilliant! I might like Xmas if I get WP credits.


  29. konahomaru2



  30. fracas

    Another good idea!


  31. Rizwan

    Cool, nice idea ..


  32. .::CristianG::.

    Credits, credits!!! xD


  33. belindaschneider

    haha, good thinking! i’ll put it on my own wishlist if it’s not too late yet.


  34. Evey

    Good Idea! Maligayang Pasko sa Lahat..


  35. blayde

    Nice idea, Something to add to the whole end of year theme(some festival init :P)


  36. plubius

    Yepp. Great idea 😛

    Now, I’m just waiting for someone to give me some…


  37. Hameed Khan

    Nice idea! WP takes part in everything and that’s really impressive.
    I Love you, and that love is increasing day by day!

    I know now Matt will gift me some credits 😉


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  39. gioxx

    Se proprio avete da darne via, posso prenderli io i crediti eh! 😀


  40. silviakittys

    good idea,thank dear Santa Claus 😉


  41. skipintro

    wordpress rules! 🙂


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  43. modu

    This is a nice idea. Unfortunately, none of my friends blog, let alone use WordPress. Maybe they just aren’t in the loop yet. 🙂


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  45. Ashish C.

    Yeah that’s definitely one cool idea, only there should have been a slew of more upgrades! With christmas right around the corner, I would pick this as an ideal gift if I don’t know what to pick! 🙂 Thanks WP!


  46. republicanite



  47. prayogo



  48. strategicalliance

    would someone be a blessing to me… I accept credits


  49. بهمن

    Wow! It’s a wonderful idea 😉
    Hey guys is there anybody want to bless me :p

    Happy Holidays.

    خیلی جالب و هیجان‌انگیز هست
    ولی فکر نمی‌کنم کسی از ما فارسی‌زبان‌ها بتوانیم هدیه‌ای برای هم بفرستیم

    شاد و رها باشید 😉


  50. Eleftherios Kosmas

    nice but i would like a public gift link so people donating to me would know that their money would be used to the site they use


  51. simonesu

    ~~~HapPy ChristMas from me~~~


  52. salesstrategy

    Nice idea! I also want to get that credit but it is not clear whether that credit is lifetime or further I have to renew it? Happy Holiday!


  53. tammybrownlee

    you can send them my way…i would accept!;o)

    Merry Christmas All!!


  54. honeytech

    Wp rocks..!!
    thanx again..!!


  55. bastrix

    It is a good idea for all and I am very happy for our community


  56. uncleronin

    Ah it is Christmas! Happy Holidays to those that read this and should you feel the need to send someone credits then I shall accept them with open arms! Keep up the good work folks and have a good one!


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