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I am pleased to introduce our latest sidebar widget and posting accessory, the Sonific SongSpot. It’s a beautiful music player backed by quality songs. There were over 47,000 of them the last time I counted. You can search the library, browse by genre or just randomly click around until you find the perfect atmosphere for your blog. Here’s an interesting one:

[sonific 6cfbf14342420c034e0ed2922758a3f9415e1732]

To post this, I went to the Sonific website and customized a new songspot. They provided a string of letters and numbers that I copied and pasted into this post, like so:

[sonific 6cfbf14342420c034e0ed2922758a3f9415e1732]

You can use that little code in a post, page or text widget. (Don’t copy and paste from here though. There’s a trick hidden in there to keep it from being transformed into the SongSpot!)

There is also a handy SongSpot widget where you can simply paste the code and give the widget a title.

It’s time to make some noise.

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  1. amnesiak

    bella idea!!!!!!!!!


  2. talullah

    Have I told you lately..that I love you? rocks.


  3. nfxfsx

    Sweet. Been waiting for something like this.


  4. Christian

    Thank you for this great tool and a lot of good classical music in your database. But as Rado mentioned above, a playlist function would make Sonific even more useful.


  5. banyakid

    It’s a great tool to make your blog even better. It solves one problem for me and that’s a way to have music that doesn’t violate someone’s copyright. I hope they allow people like myself to make full use of their licensing agreement with artists and companies because I want to buld an internet radio station. My question is how do we do something to help these guys? Surely, there has to be a profit in all this for Sonific.


  6. S. Weasel

    I can listen to music. I can read. But I cannot read and listen to music. I would click away from a blog with a soundtrack so fast. And if I hit one at work, I might follow up with a nastygram.


  7. Phil

    Tweaking now… Is there a way to let the selection finish once it begins? When a reader moves off the current page it starts over, like it or not.

    I too like the concept of a play-list.

    Is there a way to link Sonific to a specific entry/post rather than along the sidebar? (nothing like asking for the world, hmm?)

    Thanks for giving us the ability to “turn it down a little” before we’re told to. 😀



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  10. soren121

    Thank you!!! The Odeo player sucked out loud! I know, I know, you guys liked Odeo, but they only did podcasts! Finally, I get music on my blog! And it’s streaming with an actually nice player! Thank you,!


  11. guvida

    AT LAST!!!! Congrats!!!!


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  13. bachodi

    awesome …!!!


  14. alieninvader

    Very nice man really Xiting
    Now i had one !!!


  15. gleonhard

    Greetings everyone. This is Gerd Leonhard, CEO of, again. Thanks for the great feedback and debates on this blog – very useful. I wanted to comment on the autoplay issue: 1) Don’t use it unless you are totally sure your readers / visitors will love it. Some do some don’t but by and large it’s a question of what / who your audience is. Myspace-like pages are fine with music (in fact, it seems to be a must;), but many other ones are not. And of course: it all depends on the MUSIC, too! This takes some careful thinking – nothing worse than scaring people away when they encounter something too intrusive. Then again, we have many great pages and blogs that use calm, soothing, new-age type music and they get a lot of very positive feedback… check out for some examples. 2) If you DO use auto-play ON be sure to place the SongSpot on top of the sidebar(s) not on the bottom – that way a visitor can find the ‘off’ button right away, if and when needed, without having to scroll up and down first 3) Use the ‘fade-in’ control we have provided on the Sonific Songspot EDIT page – if it’s a loud track start with 60%; this will make for a better viewing / listening experience.
    In general I would go for SongSpot ‘off’ first, just to be on the safe side – but place the SongSpot in a good location with a headline that points to the ‘switch music on’ option.

    Hope this helps! Cheers Gerd


  16. Farghana

    yeah.. i love it!! great addition!!


  17. mermaid632

    hey this is just great!!!! keep it up wordpress.. i think youre headed for number one..


  18. Guy

    It’s a great idea… it’s just a shame that it doesn’t have any of the 40+ artists I searched for before I got bored of trying 😦


  19. Mikki

    I added the string of numbers and letters to a text widget, and all I got was a string of numbers and letters on my blog. What am I missing?


  20. Lucas

    There is one special ‘Sonific Songspot’ widget. Just drag that widget to your sidebar and paste the code 🙂


  21. Julian

    thanks, but I’m waiting for a widget for RADIO. That will be AWESOME.


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