Who gets the 10GB of space?

A few days ago I asked how you would fill up 10GB of space, little knowing the number of responses my request would generate! I’m really glad Firefox can open new links in tabs as it’s made reading all your blog posts much easier but it hasn’t made it easier to choose the winners.

Winners? Did I say winners? Yes, we’ll have three winners: first place gets 10GB of space, second place gets 5GB, and third gets something else. Oh yes, 1GB of space.

First of all, I want to point out some of the noteworthy contributions:

  1. Sarah had the wonderful idea that uploading a PSD file and allowing edits to it as a “photoshop tennis tournament”. I can imagine there would be some serious amount of photoshopping done on those images.
  2. Declan wrote passionately that “images want to be free” relating how they convey unforgettable snapshots of our time.
  3. Skaldrom has an imaginative way of making his point!
  4. fraktalwelten wants to share fractal data. Now that’s something I wouldn’t have thought of. Imagine if you could run it through a realtime Java fractal engine?
  5. Calupict wants to record life with her loved ones.
  6. Pizdets is launching an online multimedia flash magazine.
  7. Fotografia wants to record his ideas in a device independent way – uncompressed tiff files.
  8. Blayde – the recorded history of mankind? Huge task!
  9. Michael Sync has an excellent post about extra space. I like his co-location backups idea.
  10. Photoehab wants to record his plans each day. Oh to look back and see what we wanted to do, and how it came about.
  11. Fredcpp loves astronomy. That’d generate a huge amount of data!
  12. Railuk hoped to photograph every train in the EU.
  13. System13 would love to record podcasts from within WordPress. Yes, that would be cool.
  14. Alamster wants to illustrate his posts with screenshots and flash animations.
  15. Axewielderx likes cheese and this came oh so close but it was just pipped at the post!

Some great ideas there but here are the winning entries.

  1. Drewblom gets the 10GB of storage. His idea of uploading the raw material of his animation work could prove to be a very useful resource for people doing 3D animation. Look through his earlier posts for some of it’s work. It’s really impressive.
  2. Halfawake gets 5GB. Like Drewblom above he wants to share data. In this case scientific biology data.
  3. Fracas gets 1GB of space for his photos. I absolutely loved his story, and so did my wife. I’m not saying that she’ll have a say in any future competition but bear it in mind!

I would just like to say thank you to everyone who entered. I read each and every post and they were great! Unfortunately we can’t give out prizes to everyone but hopefully you’ll have some extra visitors to your blogs thanks to the links above and the links on the original post.

The winners should have the extra space added to their blogs in the next few minutes. Thank you Mark for sorting that out. I’m running out the door to a birthday party!

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  1. Xeos Celeres

    Congratulations =) I had a fun time visiting all your blogs, all the best, the space you won is not filled with data, it’s filled by your passion – and that should always be rewarded.



  2. ooyi

    Mark, I support like this so that, user is progressively raced developing his/her blog.
    Congratulation make friends getting its present


  3. Maz

    congratulations to the winners


  4. Ergo

    Wow! Cool! Congratulations to the winners! and some great ideas out there.

    Also, you fellows at WordPress—y’all are awesome! I love my blogging experience here. Just when i think it couldn’t get better, y’all prove me wrong. And that, i don’t mind at all. 🙂


  5. Stephen



  6. Daniel


    nice extremally =D


  7. Josh

    Grats to the winners! 🙂


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  9. Joy

    Uhhh, Fracas is a SHE… other than that, yipee, she won!


  10. axewielderx

    Ummm, Ya congrats to all of the winners! Guess this saved me from alot of work!


  11. Vi

    Way to go, winners! =]


  12. strategicalliance



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  15. elwoodin

    Congratulations to the winnners….and Merry Christmas to you all.



  16. alamster

    Congrats for all of us, blogging is fun.

    million thanks to wordpress crew for facility and awesome system.


  17. affairesdamour



  18. Fred.cpp

    Well, a Link is better than nothing 😉
    Nice choices, the first place Is for sure, the best Idea.


  19. AmatureNaturalist

    This seemed like a fun contest, sorry I missed out;(


  20. starstreet

    congratulations to the winners…….


  21. marock

    congratulations!!! for all the winners! in the next one I hope to be… not watching from outside!!!


  22. Chittaranjan

    Hehheyyy! Congrats to the winners.


  23. blaze

    Good choices. It will be interesting to see what they can do in the future.


  24. blayde

    Congrats to the winners.


  25. Ψηφιακά Οχυρωμένος

    Congrats to WordPress for taking care of their bloggers and their needs! Keep up the good work guys!


  26. Michael Sync

    Congratulations!!!Drewblom, Halfawake and Fracas ..
    you guys did great jobs… cool


  27. mrjanga

    What are the winners going to do with all of that space???

    I hope they are the best blogs ever!!! Congratulations by the way.
    Hope you use your space well.


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  29. fracas

    Having been a sick old gal yesterday, I had no idea I won anything. Despite my cheeky post in the contest thread, I really didn’t expect to win so I really am quite thrilled.

    I really do want to stay friends the others, and I really do want world peace!

    And thank you for the 1G, Donncha, Donncha’s wife and the folks at WordPress. I’m sure it will be a big help to me.

    (I vote she gets to have a say in everything though..)


  30. Rovicky

    Congrat the winner !

    I just runn out my 50 MB space for sharing geological knowledge, natural disaster and othe geological phenomena for Indonesian.

    You may see my blogs has the most visitor for bahasa Indonesian the last three months.

    need more space ?
    the answer is always yes !


  31. Hari Sudibyo

    I just can say: Semoga bermanfaat untuk orang lain.


  32. kOoLiNuS

    congratulation people !


  33. 아기다리

    Kool! 10GB!


  34. drmike

    Gotta admit that even I would like to see space (and permission) for hosting podcasting files.


  35. halfawake

    Hey Donncha – thanks for the space and for posting the contest. I thought it was great to see everyone coming up with ideas for innovative ways to use their blogs.


  36. Zeezat

    Congrates to Winners!

    Keep growing with innovations!!

    Best Smile,


  37. therealdonquixote

    All hail the winners!!


  38. Kichigai-san

    Yeah! Long live WordPress! 😀


  39. nias

    Congratulations, winners ! When will be the next competition ? I just want to be in the third place :(:)


  40. swamytk

    Congrats to winners! Fill the space with value added passion!


  41. neath

    What a cool surprise! And very deserving people too.

    Keep it up!



  42. Batio

    When was this aid?

    Congratulations to the winners.


  43. himanshu

    Congratulations to these well deserving winners…
    enjoy loads of space now…
    Best of Luck…


  44. getix

    Congratulations 😉


  45. underline

    WOW 10 GB !


  46. issis

    when do we get another chance to win 10Gb? Don’t really know what to do with so much space, but…
    will it be periodical?


  47. calupict

    Hey, I just have arrived from another city.
    Well I am happy that my entry is have been considered; eventhough I don’t get the space afterall.


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