What will we do with all that space?

We’re now offering up to 10GB in space for individual blogs on wordpress.com but even the most prolific photographer will have problems filling that much space with web-size images. Let’s see. At an average size of 150K per image, and if you post one image a day it’ll take … oh, ages to fill up even 50MB of space.

You’ll need to do something else to fill all that space won’t you? Do you want to be the next Robert Scoble interviewing famous bloggers on film or do you simply want to upload videos of your dog running around in your private blog?

What types of files would you want to upload  if you had oodles of space? mpg, avi, mp3?

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  1. Jeffrey

    Well, since I am a web developer, I want to store and share the knowledge I’ve learned everyday. From that point of view, the current 50MB of space is very enough for me. But, hey, it will make me feel goooooood if I can get larger space. Greedy, uh? Besides, this competition thing is fun, fun, fun.

    Anyway, I would like to be able to upload source code of my code examples (which is not possible now, and I have to change the file extension to fool the blog engine to get my source code uploaded).

    It might be off topic that the current text editor is not very friendly when you try to write some code snippet.


  2. engtech

    teh pr0n!


  3. dorai

    I plan to take a video camera for my trip to India and get some interesting stories.


  4. axewielderx

    I would still want to to put up alot of images but I could put videos up here also instead of hosting them elsewhere and that would be cool!


  5. The Tempest

    mpg, avi, mp3…
    All of the above!!


  6. xylaphonic

    mp3 would be good, or any movie files!


  7. Schizo Phrenic

    File sharing?:-) Mp3’s mostly people will be more liberal with avi’s and mpgs that will take up the space fast.
    took me just one year to fill up my gmail space.


  8. the record keeper

    This is great news! I am glad that I moved here this year!


  9. egdp

    Videos of car interiors. Lots.


  10. bullish1974

    mp3s for me.


  11. jcastaneyra

    Well, I would like to upload zip files, why? because if I post a tutorial or a howto of something I would like to upload example code or something like that, these files of code would be into a zip file.

    Sounds reasonable right?


  12. danishalhyderabadee

    mp3 definitely

    it woudl be cool if wordpress had its own sleek and amazing looking embedded audio player….I am not too fond of odeo, but its decent


  13. dresramblings

    I’d love to upload mp3s that would allow me to record an audio Rambling once a week. I’d also consider doing some real interviews with people that live in the Birmingham, Alabama area similar to NPR’s This I Believe series.
    It’s a pipe dream right now due to time constraints, but I think it would be a lot of fun.


  14. ehab

    MPG or AVI ofcourse. Videos that I create, daily life and freinds and other small documentaries i make.

    no mp3 for me. I just dont see any point in uploading mp3 : )


  15. aliveagain

    I would love to be able to upload mp3’s.


  16. hools

    all of the above!

    neat offer. if i ever become an avid media-poster, this would be very helpful.


  17. Ψηφιακά Οχυρωμένος

    As long as WordPress is not a vlog, 10Gigabytes are too much for just photos. But, on the other hand, I’ve started blogging since this September, I rarely upload picture, and I already use 54% of 50 Mbytes (just from pictures). The solution to this problem is obvious (Flickr…), but 50Mbytes are not so much.

    By the way, you do an excellent work!


  18. Javier Aroche

    Ogg and mpg would be good.


  19. logish

    Hmm… Would it be possible for you to allow files in shockwave/flash format?


  20. saintjosephsoftware

    MP3’s. This could become THE place for podcasting and well as blogging.


  21. secretgeek

    How about Gutenberg eBooks?


  22. jkrincon

    MPG and MP3!
    Thanx for allowing us to comment


  23. carocat

    Great plans.

    Mp3 would be great. I’d love to see that. 🙂


  24. Josh

    With that kind of space, it’s CLEAR what WordPress.com should do: integrate a podcast recording studio within the dashboard, and make it possible to post the podcast directly to your blog. 😉


  25. Chelsea

    I would as well love to see some mp3 action!


  26. Michael

    I think it would be interessting trying to fill this 10GB of space with .txt-files. I would try to collect as many text as possible particularly with blog-writers and readers. Maybe try to establish the record of worldd’s largest .txt-file 😀


  27. grinder

    mpg, avi, mp3? – All of them. Since my website is music videos and podcasts oriented… All of them would be great to have…. \m/


  28. therealdonquixote

    Wait I change my answer. I wanna do the second thing you said.

    “do you simply want to upload videos of your dog running around in your private blog?”


  29. Mike E

    I plan to do a show on our commercial-free low-watt community radio station. The theme: Bloggers! Interview, for example, my friend
    Ishtar who deals the honest truth out of Baghdad. And Leighton, who drinks Absinthe and blogs about wizardry in Amsterdam.

    If WordPress could host my Mp3’s of these shows that would be like totally awesome dudes!

    Maybe people who want Sound could buy bandwidth collaboratively on the cheap?


  30. Jano

    mp3 is lovely 🙂


  31. saintjosephsoftware

    .lit or .prc ebooks would be handy.


  32. emon

    I would upload .flv, .mp3 and .mp4 files of original work. Original interviews, short documentaries, slide-shows, music videos, films etc. I know one can upload on YouTube and Google and all sorts of places, but uploading here would get traffic directly to my blog. No embedding business at other sites. Exclusivity. I’d have the option to customize compression settings and create my own media player with a simple, clean look.
    I recently had Sci/Fi author read from his book ‘The Plot To Save Socrates’ for The Sound Palette blog. I couldn’t upload the mp3 file, so had to upload it at a 3rd party site, use ODEO’s player and embed it on the blog. Some free blog hosts out there are offering unlimited audio and video uploads.


  33. sonofspam

    I’m running an mp3 blog, and I have to link my files to file sharing hosts.

    It’s not too bad, except I find I’m exceeding my bandwidth limit (or whatever it’s called). Having them straight on my blog would be nice.


  34. sheida

    I’ll go again for the photoblogging, with the highest resolution and make images in different resolutions to make pages visible over the internet



  35. sherpa

    I personally would like the ability to embed audio onto my blog.

    Besides that, I would really, really, like to be able to upload and post flash. 😀


  36. neath

    I have an mp3 of a lecture I find interesting. It’s close to 14mb. This is on another site and I have it saved. It would be cool if someone looking at my blog could just click on it at my site rather than post links and all that. Maybe I can already do that?



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  38. VDO Vault

    Ooooohhhhhhh….mp3s! Wow! Please let it be so

    Please, please, *pretty* please let us upload mp3s straight to WP.com …I have so many audio interview files I want to upload…I have yet to find some other site that will let me do so and my blog would be more of the true multimedia museum exhibition I want it to be if only I could have some mps files.

    Support for photos would be nice and video as well…the more formats the merrier

    I think I’ll also be uploading some pdfs if we can have support for them too!

    You guys at WP.com rule


  39. dresramblings

    One thing I will say about the space issue. A friend of mine taught me a long time ago to save any images you want to use online for web upload. Most programs like Elements and Photoshop CS give you the option to save for web. Save it as a web ready JPG so you don’t lose the image and you’ll suddenly have a lot more space for uploading photos and other files.

    I’m getting ready to re-load all the images I had on the site before I learned this over the weekend. I have a feeling that I’ll have some more space after completing that (and I’ve been blogging for almost 1 1/2 years.

    Just a suggestion


  40. TheHype

    Oh wow, this really opens up avenues like direct podcasting and vlogging. So yeah, I concur with the rest of my fellow WP.com peeps that .mp3s .avi flash is all welcome. I also like the idea Josh proposed: WordPress.com’s own intergrated podcasting system (Odeo is fine, just that it leaves something to be desired–like a volume control for one thing..)

    Keep up the goodies updates! This rocks!


  41. sysrq868

    .mp3s just cry out for illegalities. And if someone so badly wants to cast his or her own music, there’s other services like MySpace Music etc. for that. Video formats (.mpeg, .wmv, .avi and so on) would be useful indeed for videoblogs and all that jazz, but I wouldn’t need them.

    .pdf’s and .doc’s would be on the main state when it comes to files on WordPress. Next up are .ppt’s, .xls’s and other Office file formats (and compatible). Maybe .swf’s, .fla’s, .ai’s and other vector formats? Geez, so many choices…


  42. moderntarih

    Well since I don’t care much about space I can publish my idea here… Everyone is going for huge file sizes to fill this space but I think that’s the wrong approach. one should think of amount instead.

    I have recently bought a Voice recorder and I think the sound of a place is really a defining character. So I would make a blog with a sounds database (each entry integrated into an individual posts). Detailed tags would make searching and browsing easy.

    The content would be just sounds, though recorded from a more high quality gadget. There would be long individual sounds with a story or event and short sounds to be used in projects (like the sound of hitting a glass before speech or when you move your wet finger over a wine glass).

    Of course one person cannot fill this space but only one blog can, with more users. WordPress.com users can in the end be invited to add their own thing. And in the future if you guys provide more individualized page templates with php code a script can be written where users mix and match the sound bits and save their creation. Could be used for play, or fun and that would very quickly fill up that space.

    Not that I would actually do this, I have no time or expertise. 🙂


  43. Stephen

    Does WP support .pdf already? If not, that’s a must!


  44. leachim6

    Like the tons of people above …I would also like to upload videos and mp3s and an awesome looking flash media player would be awesome


  45. David W. Boles

    Donncha —

    This is an excellent question you pose — but flipping the question over is even better:

    What will you let us do with 10 gigs of empty space?

    I would:

    1. Get access to the media streaming server you might choose to install so I can broadcast my original .MPEG4 movies from my blog.

    2. Create live podcasts/vidcasts for instant recording, storage and publication.

    3. Get WebDAV access to make WordPress.com a workspace and more than just a blogging platform.


  46. Kinky Ink Tattoos

    I know that flickr and YouTube offer the ability to host plenty of images and video and no-one really wants to see WordPress blogs being taken over with LonelyGirl type crap.

    There are a lot of serious photographers and documentary makers out there who could really take WordPress to the next level if they had the ability to host video and larger files.


  47. Brent

    Multimedia such as video and audio would be nice.


  48. Tlönista

    I’ve been blogging here since August and attempting to upload a new sketch or drawing every day. Even though I’ve nearly stopped lately due to schoolwork, I’ve already used 60% of my space — at this rate, it’ll be full by April or so.

    Am I going to pay for upgrades? Hell no, because like so many other students, I’m broke and cheap. Instead, I’ll publish files to Ourmedia under a Creative Commons license and just link to them from here.

    (Secretgeek suggested uploading Gutenberg texts; why not make them into audiobooks instead? Public-domain podcasting?)


  49. rollmops

    In this order:

    – mp3
    – movie files (wmv,mov,avi,mpg)
    – swf
    – zip
    – pdf


  50. liquidat

    Well, if you want to use media data, you should also allow ogg. Its a container format, so it can be video as well as audio, depending on the stream inside.

    Besides: sometimes I would like to have some of the longer articles as a pdf – think of mobile devices to read them or just as a kind of offline copy. If you could automatically generate these and provide them as a download that could be useful (for some people at least).
    Sure, I can also print the page into a pdf file, but a directly generated might look better.

    Would be a nice addition.


  51. 124c41

    Oh, my question: Why it isn’t possible to upload plain text files with the .txt extension? I need it sometimes to offer a download of fractal formulars I don’t want in my post’s texts. (It is technical stuff, not something to be read by a normal human reader.)


  52. Chris

    video files


  53. that girl again

    My vote goes to .zips. They don’t have the glamour of mp3s but it would make distributing my Sandbox stylesheets marginally easier.


  54. kOoLiNuS

    Not enough pingback & trakbacks from the post of the other day ?
    So have a look here: http://koolinus.wordpress.com/2006/12/07/running-out-of-space-3/

    and here: http://fullo.wordpress.com/2006/12/07/10-ideas-to-fill-10gb-of-free-hosting/



  55. reidmylips

    I intend to use all that space to create my own personal space as the next Prime Minister.


  56. Lisa

    If I had all the space I could possibly need, I would upload articles concerning child sexual abuse, and the fight we have against it. There are thousands of articles I would love to have stored in one place. They range from the laws against CSA, to the healing for survivors of CSA, to those helping (coalitions against sexual assault, the CDC, various victim agencies, etc). I would also love to post videos of various speakers (again, 1000’s of them), that inspire healing and fighting back. I would eventually love to have Sadly Normal be the biggest resource for Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse, and the professionals and family that help, support, and love them.


  57. Fred.cpp

    Easy. As I said before, I would upload some DVD image files (iso); I really would love to distribute my own Linux distribution 😛
    however, the first step would be to install a repository for the various linux apps I recomend and that don’t have a ubuntu package 🙂


  58. dawnerd

    I would probably host my student films. But Youtube does that for me. Other than that, I might use it to give away free resources for graphic designers, as well as programmers.


  59. power4

    Very interesting and yes 50MB of space is enough for me.


  60. epfund

    Hey, that’s cool. Does it apply to unregistered sites like mine? (relicarts.wordpress.com), or just for paid-for blogs, or what? I’m actually almost out of space, and need an upgrade. Advice anybody?


  61. lordgk

    Yo quiero que se puedan subir pdf xD


  62. strategicalliance

    u guys are great


  63. range

    I would be able to upload vlogs on my travels in Taiwan and seriously think about making a documentary about life as an expat in Taiwan, without making money for other people.


  64. allansiew

    Maybe just increasing from 50mb to 100mb would help. Some people store lots of photos on their blogs…


  65. noshowerfamily food blog

    currently i upload photos for our food blog (really more of a photoblog than a text-based blog) onto Flickr and then just copy and paste the HTML into wordpress.com. since we upload 3-4 pictures per post, it’s messy to use Flickr’s “Blog this” function (since that would result in individual posts per picture.

    the thing is, my blogging partner can’t read English very well so she doesn’t like posting to Flickr and then having to go through the second step of copying the photo’s code from Flickr onto WordPress.com. She’d rather upload photos directly into WordPress.com as she’s pretty proficient with using wordpress.com already.

    currently with the 20mb upload limit for basic wordpress.com users though, i’m afraid that our blog’s file storage limit will max out too quickly, so i end up posting both my posts and hers (except for the times when i can’t go online, then she uploads the photos for her posts directly into wordpress and posts without my help).

    If we had 10GB, well i wouldn’t have to worry about that. my blogging partner can then upload her photos straight to wordpress.com (without having to worry about hitting the file storage limit cap too early) and post in one easy step. i wouldn’t have to do two bloggers’ work (just mine.) 🙂


  66. conrad187

    Of course, MP3s – and i wish you could play them when you open the site.


  67. The Nerd

    If I had enough space, I’d probably do some podcast game reviews and host vid-grabs. So probably low res AVI files.


  68. Ashish C.

    I’d store my Conquer the World plans (in PDF) with high quality digital imaging of battle formations, strategy and places of attack. And since there are about more than 200 countries that will take a load of imagery and text which I think would finish off 10 GB. 😀


  69. David Raho

    I used to ask the same question when I purchased a state of the art 20MB hard drive in 1988. A Gig or 10 will be small change in a year or so. Be brave and trounce the competitors by offering 100MB free. Thanks


  70. Oracolo

    I will buy a Sony Mini DV Camera very soon, so principally I’m going to upload mpg and/or Avi files!


  71. S. Weasel

    hahaha…I will NEVER fill that much space! My blog is entirely in monochrome, and grayscale images are a fraction of the size! They call me crazy, but I’m just…differently…sane.

    I’d love to be able to upload Flash dinguses and javascript dealies. I understand why that’s not allowed, but that’ll eventually be the thing that makes me find an off-site host…


  72. talkislam

    CHICKEN! but even you guys aren’t that good. How bout Microsoft Office Files integrated into wordpress, so that one may have downloadable statistics of their blog using Excel, and one can have slide shows with Powerpoint files or w/e and of course word documents. This seems basic, but it’ll depend if everyone will find it useful. Besides office files, i agree with everyone that Mp3 files are a must, and maybe mpeg, but i doubt that’ll happen.

    However, me personally, I would really want e-books integrated, wordpress email, Photo blogs like Scrapblog.com & photo galleries(its obvious photos will definitely have a part in all this space), and limited space for UPLOADABLE PLUGINS, for the free account users. All this would be awesome, if you guys can’t do Chicken, you gotta do that.


  73. frankahilario

    I’m a prolific writer; I have written at least 500 posts altogether, and some are very very long (not in WordPress). And no, I don’t post messages that are simply ramblings. I sell ideas, not products, not services. I can’t post without an illustration; the images help me think; they help the readers think. Not easy to fill up 50 MB, you say. I have news for you. I wrote less than 20 posts in WordPress (with photographs) in less than 1 week and 50 MB went thataway!


  74. Evey

    mp3 and mpg would be great!


  75. that girl again

    in response to 124c41’s comment above; I’ve never had any problems uploading .txt files, though admittedly the last time I did it was a few weeks back and they may have blocked them since then.


  76. marti

    don’t forget ogg vorbis and ogg theora, please 🙂


  77. MadMark

    Entire folders containing Html code, so we can make html pages and use it with links to photo presentations, pages with videos, flash animations and whatever can be made in the web.


  78. Phoenix

    2 GB should do at the most. Most videos can be linked up from Youtube and audio from Odeo. I only wish the uploads were easier to delete. Right now, I dont know where to delete the existing pictures. And can we have more themes instead of all this space? 😦


  79. vjp

    Not sure why the trackback isn’t working but my post is here http://vivianpaige.wordpress.com/2006/12/08/wp-contest-what-to-do-with-10gb/


  80. Faust

    I second the proposition of a podcast linked with the blog. 😀


  81. mortazab



  82. dmunsie

    .zip/.tar.gz files of source code. Right now, I’m limited to posting single files — it would be nice to be able to post whole projects.


  83. reviewsandbloviation

    Daily webcomics that I’m already rolling out. Have to keep that precious image quality!


  84. starstreet

    well maybe we can put some other things like mp3 or muvee download section… so that 10 gb are really good one…


  85. Avatar DJ Flux

    I’ve done some FM radio broadcasting since 1976. With a bunch of friends we’ve set up a Pod Radio called Radio Rock Dot TO (check it our at http://www.radiorock.to). A one-hour daily podcast of music and chats, just like a very good FM radio.

    So for me the answer is simple: mp3, podcasting facilities, and the like.


  86. Alun

    .swf would be handy. I lost a few animations in posts when I moved my site here.


  87. mrjanga

    Truly what I think. I have uploaded almost ten pictures and I’m still at 0% of my 50MB space. Don’t know how you’re going to use all that space up.


  88. belindaschneider

    .pdf,.zip and .txt would be great!! that would enable me to make more free tutorials/workshops and people could download them from my blog.


  89. alanswan

    WordPress, simply the best! AS


  90. jornada

    mp3 was great, thanks for the 3 column template


  91. carloscrestana

    I’d like to vote for .mp3, .zip and .pdf. Please, do not forget the .pdf!

    Thanks for all!


  92. gumdiseasetips

    I’m a new comer in this community.
    Thanks for wordpress.com for your support and service.
    I hope I can learn something how to communicate properly here.
    I don’t know so much about how to create file folder and create pdf
    files and create mp3 zip.
    However, I have been sharing my gifted idea and info for the last
    5 years to help others who are suffering and are in need of this area.
    I am an inventor of ultimate gum solution.
    Thanks for all!


  93. Franzi

    What about .pdf’s and .doc’s?


  94. andreasviklund

    I would have uploaded all my free MP3 music, totally 185 songs of electronic dance music split into eight full-length albums. And some 40 remixes on top of that…

    And since it would still have been space over, I could finally have released that Lagoona-behind-the-scenes DVD – in downloadable and viewable formats online. Also for free, of course.

    That would give you 10 hours of music and three hours of video to enjoy, without paying a penny. And it is music and video that you would have been free to share with your friends, since Lagoona have always supported filesharing and free distribution.

    But since I didn’t tell you this until the 10gb had been handed out, I don’t need to do this. I can keep it all to myself! Hahah!

    (no, really, most of it is actually available on my own site anyway. feel free to go grab it!)


  95. bongbello

    How about posting a map of at least the known Universe just to remind how both special and inconsequential we are. ( I’m sure it will definitely fill up that space, and then some )


  96. pcheek

    You clearly could not allow .php files for security reasons, but maybe .phps to show examples of source code with a syntax displayer plugin? That would be awesome!


  97. Dmitri Marine

    Along the lines of what everyone has said already, it would be great to integrate podcasting into the site. Inserting ODEO as I have been doing so far is neat, but it’s be a lot cleaner to host directly on wordpress.

    And obviously video as well.


  98. kehan

    ogg and ogm?


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