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Remember when we asked you about your favorite features a few weeks back?

Well we’ve compiled that feedback into new feature pages meant to better reflect what the heck WordPress.com actually does. That page is now linked from the front page when you’re not logged in.

It’s not finished yet, but we’ve tried to fill out the various feature pages with lots of screenshots so they’re as much mini-tutorials as anything. Even if you’re a pro WordPress user, you might want to scan through just to see if there’s anything there that you might not know how to do.

Also now those of you who have trying to convince friends to move to WordPress.com have a little more ammo to show them what you’ve already figured out.

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  1. gpessia



  2. wearedikonaca

    WordPress is the best bolgging platform around! 😉


  3. the forester

    Looks great — a lot of resources in one place. And as you said, you built the page based on what we think is coolest about WordPress. Smart!


  4. the forester

    By the way, I’m going to send my Blogspot friends to this page to get them to convert …


  5. P. A. Monteiro

    I knew you guys were up to something when you asked us for our favourite feature. 😉 I’d submitted a couple of features but it was eaten by the Monster-who-sometimes-eats-posts. Or maybe it just doesn’t like me.

    I like the new link to the features; it tells a nice story.


  6. Qaan

    Great features! You’re doing really great guys. Keep’em coming :)))


  7. humbug

    WordPress is the best 🙂

    Great work guys


  8. Lorelle VanFossen

    Excellent! Buy why limit the feature list to only when you are logged out? Many are still learning while they are using, so why not make it available for everyone all the time?


  9. Kunal

    a comprehensive list… great features 🙂


  10. kashmir

    WOW! This will help a lot when WordPress users try to (as the forester put it) ‘convert’ other blogging platform users to WordPress!


  11. alkychemist

    Cool… It gives a nice summary of WordPress.


  12. cleav_

    whoah, this is great in my opinion!


  13. greenlightsabers

    I love the fact that there are pictures. People always get attracted to shiny pictures.


  14. aishel

    One thing I should add: It’s pretty fail-safe. Without having to go into a template to edit things, it’s impossible to mess up your layout!


  15. engtech

    Damn, if I’d known you guys were collecting that information then I’d have say I like how WordPress impresses the ladies.


  16. engtech

    Just a thought, add a small screenshot/graphic for each section so that it doesn’t look like a big page of text.


  17. LearningNerd

    Great! It looks even shinier! 🙂

    Oooh, shiny.


  18. IcArUs`

    let the conversion to WordPress begin!


  19. ruhi

    thanks a lot! 🙂 sounds good to me!


  20. avuee

    Looks nice. Any plans to release a few more themes to lure members?


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  22. rici

    Great, this will give much help to us. Please give some screenshot too guys 🙂



  23. Chittaranjan

    Goody! We can now add that ‘Feature’ to the list of available Features :mrgreen:

    Keep up the good work Guys


  24. Vish

    Why not have a quote from a user or users? This is like the WordPress online CV, after all. Include your referees!!! 😀


  25. Okro


    WordPress Rocks!!

    *calms down and runs away*


  26. RubeRad

    You do say that you can change themes “at the click of a button”, but I think it’s worthwhile to also note that–unlike some other blog services that start with B and rhyme with Hogsquat–theme are instantaneous regardless of the size of your blog, because they do not require republication of your entire post history.


  27. RubeRad

    Ahh, now I see it, way down in the second-to-last section. Consider rolling it into the Themes near the front? Or just never mind.


  28. sheida

    and the other feature is that it is a wordpress and nothing else, you may add it to feature list


  29. Daniel

    o wordpress tá cada vez melhor ^^


  30. Daniel

    wordpress will dominate the world hehe


  31. Moey

    hella good


  32. dinsan

    Thats cool.. a new idea from another one… great matt


  33. saniroy

    As usual, the men behind WP are great and always doing the best! Thanks.


  34. Michael Sync

    Sound great.
    Thank you so much. WordPress.


  35. Zeezat

    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for starting another episode of giving new and valuable goodies to all community. This is sounds good to start this October month.

    Great! We expect more things listed in the October wrap-up too.

    Thanks and Thanks a lot.

    Best Smile,


  36. livingjourney

    Nice one… this will help get new users and educate them all about the benefits of WordPress..

    Good Work guys!



  37. düşsel hayvan (BB)

    great job!!!


  38. techbee

    I’m speechless


  39. poppy8sd

    Good deal, wish I’d had it five months ago. It will reduce newbie confusion; Forum questions.
    ~Engtech & fab kitten have it right: “add a small screenshot/graphic for each section”
    ~Front Page: should make “Features Page” –stand out in some way (larger font/bold/image/
    graphic/”start here”/arrow, e.g.).


  40. akijinn

    I really thank WordPress for all the features , its simply the best.


  41. hammadmemon

    When ever I convince a friend they always ran away just bcoz unavailibility of free template customization….

    So now I dont….


  42. Thomas



  43. guvida

    Excellente!!! Still the bes weblog, there’s no match! Keep on going!


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  45. momopeche

    Thanks so much! I’m hella excited.


  46. Brent

    This is a nice montage of features, which is sure to lure in more potential bloggers, to the best platform of all!

    Matt, you are the man!



  47. dennyhendarto

    thats realy cool !!


  48. preciousbeing

    It’s realy good indeed 😀


  49. gerritszoon

    That is a good list of reasons to use WordPress (which I do for my blogs here at WordPress.com and also my self-hosted blogs). It is a more sophisticated and feature-rich platform. That said, the point about gorgeous theme options needs some tempering… without doubt much credit is due to the various authors of the themes available at WordPress.com for their effort and the result. Credit is also due to WP for the sophistication of the configurability of the UI (it took till Blogger Beta for its users to have stop editing HTML and CSS to add, when possible, even a trivial UI element). However, themes at Blogger (among other sites and software) score a bit higher on refinement and some rather pragmatic issues such as use of real estate, size of fonts, etc.


  50. solelyshe

    Great with a host that always better.


  51. designbeauty

    WordPress is the best bolgging tool!
    It’s so smart!


  52. hillary

    for a novice like me this rocks. thanks will send it along.


  53. jkrincon

    Thanks again!


  54. hools

    definitely going to preach this to my pals stuck on blogger and movable type!


  55. odetojoy

    I like the new compilation list!
    I’m new to WordPress, and I am really just
    discovering the features, but I am thouroughly
    enjoying myself.
    And whowouldathunkit!, you even come with help,
    instructions, and tech support!
    I’m happy I dumped my old blog at blogger!

    Thank you!

    *you’ve got hte joy, now give it your ode*


  56. fleas7

    If a Troglodyte like me can use it they must be on to something good.
    Many Thanks WordPress.


  57. robbwindow

    The facilities I dig ere on WordPress is a visual and simplistic ting, often I start here then if I’m concerned about none of you actually reading the lementations then I cut and paste it upon myspace blog and 360. I am enjoying my membership ( and it’s free!).
    Robert Bridge.


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