FAQ Redesign

If you swing by our FAQ blog you may notice it’s gotten a bit of a makeover.

Before it was just using a regular blog theme, not exactly the best. It seemed disconnected from the rest of WordPress.com.

Now it’s very hip, complete with a tag cloud, a giant search box, and a few other goodies sprinkled around.

Check it out, hopefully it answers your most frequently thunk thoughts a little better now.

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  1. Secret Project

    I’ve never popped directly to FAQ before – kinda fell in there via desperation, confusion and accident a few times though… 😉

    It looks wonderfully user friendly however.
    Thank you!

    Rather enjoying myself here.

    xx SP xx


  2. ampin

    i love to read faqs
    make me more confident each time 🙂


  3. Epsilon

    Ooh, nice layout.

    Can’t go wrong with that search box, either. 😀


  4. EclecticGeek

    Much better. Thanks for all of the improvements!


  5. بهمن

    Its look like an applied FAQ and also have a very good form to find everything.
    I like to link it.

    Thanks guys 😉


  6. timethief

    I typed “widegts” into the FAQs search box and got nothing at all. Yet, because we get so very many widegt questions on the forum I created a post that I have been referring bloggers to here http://bloggersblurt.wordpress.com/2006/09/17/widget-wizardry/
    By creating a post I have saved myself a lot of repetitive typing. If you simply type “widgets” into the forum search box I think you’ll be convinced that there is a need for the subject to be in the FAQs.
    Thanks for listening. 🙂


  7. Andre Deminiac

    Nice job. 🙂


  8. Michael Sync



  9. phpones

    I like the Search button hehe


  10. timethief

    *LOL* I’m cracking up and I’ll bet you are too. I did not actually type “widegts” into the forum search box and if I had I would have quite naturally come up with nothing. That was a typo. I really typed “widgets” into it. So stop laughing because I have an active enough imagination to hear you all the way through cyber space. 😉

    I also typed in “header sizes” just a while ago and came up with nothing as well. That’s also a common question we answer on the forum and luckily I have a yellow sticky note on the wall by my computer to remind me of them. Perhaps they should be included also.
    Tx TT


  11. timethief

    I’m looking at my post above and I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. In one short post I managed to mis-spell widgets twice arrggghh – how embarassing! I assure you that I did not do the same when I used the FAQs search box.

    I also tried typing “header sizes” into the FAQs which is another common question we answer on the support forum and came up blank too. I have a yellow sticky note on my computer for those http://faq.wordpress.com/2006/07/08/which-themes-can-i-add-a-header-image-to/
    perhaps they should be included too.

    I typed in “more tags” and came up with nothing as well. I also think this phrase should be included.

    Tx for listening again.:)


  12. timethief

    Soemthing else that maybe worthy of including in the FAQs blog that is frequently asked on the forum is instructions fro inserting an image into a text widget and displaying it in a sidebar. I usually provide this walk through for it
    -> write post -> upload image -> send image to editor – > copy the entire image code -> presentation -> sidebar widgets – > text widget -> open text widget and paste in the image code – > save changes 🙂


  13. Brent

    Hey it now looks as I would have expected it to from the beginning. What do you know?

    And just one thing: I love tag clouds!!!



  14. odetojoy

    i am trudging thru the faq, little by little as i discover the various features wordpress…………….why do i feel like a kid in a toy store??? 😉


  15. Nicole

    Much better, thanks!


  16. P. A. Monteiro

    Simple, uncluttered, & nice.

    I hadn’t visited the FAQ site for a while; after I’d joined WP actually. I find the Related Questions feature especially helpful. Don’t know if you had that before. And, I didn’t know about Logos, Badges, Buttons, either.

    Note to self–Visit FAQ site more often.


  17. Okro Lightcloud

    Makeovers are always a good thing. I actaully redid my blog recently 😛


  18. Md.Sakib Al Mahmud



  19. Pamela

    You guys are doing great. Keep up the great work.

    I’m anxiously awaiting paid upgrade adspace widgets or WordPress going pro like TypePad did.

    Regardless – GREAT JOB!!


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