New Theme: Rounded

Rounded is a new theme that can be found under the presentation part of your dashboard.

It’s a fun flexible width theme that uses all the screen real estate and has playful rounded borders on everything. It has a brown background, and some sort of flowers at the top. The page navigation in the upper right is a pretty neat touch, as are how the comments are done.


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  1. Chittaranjan

    Wowee! Another New theme! Gr8 🙂

    BTW, why don’t we have some Wide-paged themes?? I feel that most of the current themes leave much blank space towards the sides…..thus making the posting area narrow 😦


  2. Matt

    This is a wide-paged theme. 🙂

    I think most themes restrict their width because when text gets too long on a page it becomes much harder to read. This is why books and newspapers try to restrict their words per line to something fairly reasonable. On the web people often try to “use all the space” by filling it up with their body copy, which tends to decrease the readability, especially on larger monitors.

    We’re not paying per pixel around here, so there’s no reason to try and squeeze junk into every last inch of the screen. Great designers embrace whitespace.


  3. Chittaranjan

    Yeah! I ‘Applied’ it ‘after’ I put the comments :mrgreen:

    But I’m kinda put-off by the brown color…black would’ave been nice! And the rounded edges to the posts is really cool. Ohmigosh! Thatz where the name rounded comes from 😆


  4. akosistella

    The rounded edges are cool. But the brown and green colors don’t work too well with me. Maybe give us some color options? 😉


  5. bluesaze

    any chance any of the themes from

    Will make it

    especially Typography , Fulid solution , Thin green line, Since your not too keen of having those extra features that the other templates provide 😦


  6. Chittaranjan

    Yay @Matt

    *Wishful thinking: I am a great designer who embraces Whitespaces*


  7. bluesaze

    We need to have some better cleaner Professional looking Templates with lots of white space.


  8. Ajay

    The theme doesn’t seem to be XHTML compliant ?? Or is it just me?


  9. Michael Sync

    I’ll be waiting for rounded Andreas10. 🙂


  10. comunicati

    but no customizable header! 😉
    i’ll maintain my pressrow 😀


  11. Menco

    Nice theme ! Only there seems something wrong at the line wrap. Especialy after the smiley’s…


  12. nobody

    thank you matt
    a new theme is great !!!


  13. Robert

    And for the first time, localization is there!


  14. Ömer Ücel

    Good theme , Thanks


  15. compartments

    Even though it’s brown, I like this theme. But since you’re speaking of readability, notice how the paragraphs in the body text are practically running together. It needs normal-sized paragraph spacing, like this:

    I might use “Rounded” if it weren’t so hard to read the articles.

    I’m also a big fan of the white space (or black space, blue space, whatever) thing and am currently using “Simpla.” It would be nice to have more of templates with width, columns, white-space, and the ability to customize the header.

    But this is a FREE service and I’m pretty happy overall with what you provide here!


  16. adam

    brilliant theme, i’ll be using it for a good long while.

    minor issue:
    force-aligned images are kind of a pain


  17. K

    Looks like a F-U-N theme (I’m using this on my other blog) tho I would still pick on Blix Theme because it looks more professional. Thanks & have a great weekend.


  18. greenlightsabers

    “Great designers embrace whitespace.” – Matt

    Negative space FTW! Awesome theme, I shall try it out at once!


  19. mooth

    definitely a cool theme, would be nice if it would offer the possibility to customize the colors but anyways it’s cool as is.



  20. Fredi

    I don’t like it very much.. the colors.. I don’t know. Nice to see that you’re adding new themes anyway!


  21. green

    Cute theme, but I’ll stick to Pressrow.


  22. Someone who loves dogs

    @ MATT: I love this theme! Its resemblance to the “bus full of hippies” theme of John Oxton is notable, but it still looks great. And fluid width is a good thing too. Great going, Matt! I hope people appreciate the quality of this theme over some others that have made their way on to WP. But yes, design is a relative thing.


  23. moraie

    I’m pretty sure you can fix the photos with some lines out of pressbox. I had to do it there too and I think this is what I used; I don’t have my computer with me.

    I’d mess around with the padding #s and scratch out the background and border.

    .entry img.left { padding: 6px; margin: 0 10px 5px 0; background: #f5f5f5; border: 1px solid #bbb; float: left; }

    .entry img.left_off { margin: 0 10px 5px 0; float: left; }

    .entry img.right { padding: 6px; margin: 0 0 5px 10px; background: #f5f5f5; border: 1px solid #bbb; float: right; }

    .entry img.right_off { margin: 0 0 5px 10px; float: right; }

    .entry { display: block; padding: 6px; margin: 0 auto 15px auto; background: #f5f5f5; border: 1px solid #bbb; }

    .entry img.center_off { display: block; margin: 0 auto 15px auto; }

    I’m a CSS newbie – see how I run.


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  25. Thomas

    A cool and fresh theme ;-).


  26. peon4life

    Its a cute theme. I really like it. Whimsical. I love the colors. I would like more like these. Great Job!


  27. Chittaranjan

    Err… is it just me or does everyone see that the smileys in the posts as well as the Text around Images is pretty skewed up!

    Smileys appear to the left of the post immaterial of where they have been placed 😐

    and text below images shows up at the side of the images 😦


  28. Gaston

    Awesome Theme! Love it! A couple of comments on the presentation;

    – Could a “Home” button be added to the “Pages” summary? Some users dont know you can click on the blog title to go home
    – Is there anyway to remove the flowery things at the top? They cover up part of the blog title and caption.
    – Any color options coming? I LOVE the layout, but am still getting used to the colors.


  29. engtech

    More work for the WordPress Theme Reviews. You guys are keeping me busy (in a good way).

    Thanks for the stealth update to compose mode as well!


  30. timethief

    Thanks for the new full page theme. It’s very attractive. WOW! two themes on top of all the back-end work this week – you guys must be exhausted. I’m wishing you all an exceptionally fine weekend. 🙂


  31. Shailesh S. Khandekar

    Hello Matt,

    This is a really beautiful theme. There is something magical about its clean approach that can’t be articulated in words.

    Great job folks! In Marathi I would say, फारच सुंदर सजावट आहे!

    Thanks again, 🙂 Please pass it on to the WordPress team.


  32. baerchen

    I tried today but I had to change it back because of the alignment, which is very very close to the edge of the border (I usually use table when i post, maybe it is reason), otherwise it would be really nice theme 🙂

    Thank you very much for sharing new thing with us 🙂
    cheeeeers 😉


  33. Matt

    Hey the funky image float thing should be fixed now. Sorry that slipped by.


  34. barkowitz

    Hey Matt!

    Great new text editor today! When did that change? I LOOOOOVEEEE it! (makes my html editing SO much easier!)



  35. Babbler

    I actually really like this theme. I would choose this if the colours were customizable (hint hint). There should be more variable width themes like Rounded. As well as darker theme, as well.


  36. marcoos

    Turn off the CSS-based capitalization in this theme, please!

    This is only suitable for English blogs…


  37. engtech

    Anyone who wants to take a quick look at Rounded can click here.

    It will probably only be on Rounded up until tomorrow though, at which point I’ll be using it for the WP theme review.


  38. Daniele Medri

    very nice..


  39. Vish

    Good work guys. I’m pretty happy with the modifications I’ve made to a previous theme, though. I do have a request- can you make it so we can have a look at a larger picture of each theme before we apply it? And as usual, colour options make all the difference…


  40. The Great Ganesha

    it’s a great theme. love that you’ve “embraced the whitespace.” i found two problems with it though:

    (1) there seems to be a problem with the RSS feed in the footer of the page. when i drag and drop into the feeder it says ‘invalid url’. methinks this has to do with the fact that the url says “feed:” rather than just “”

    (2) no search bar!!

    this may be repeated by someone else. if so, apologies in advance.



  41. Karen

    ooooh! very nice. i love this! thanks so much!


  42. avuee

    Can I not use justified text?


  43. Draconas

    I’m still just hoping for a good layout for my artblog… like Andreas05 (but slightly wider) or Musically Yours.


  44. lucasnogueira

    beauty 😀


  45. Edseverripit

    Not too simple, not too flash 🙂 Nice!


  46. rici

    ” Wow keren “.. ( in English will say Wow cool 😀 ).

    btw i still hope about custom header image that could be implement on my andreas09 themes hihihi 😀

    CAYO !


  47. britgirl

    It’s an attractive theme in a quirky fun kind of way.
    It would be good if the colours can be customized. And what’s with the flowers? Anything flowery I tend to think is girly.

    I’m not too sure about brown and green colours, but it’s certainly a different looking theme. Press Row is still the best theme released so far though – in my opinion – so I’m sticking with it.


  48. storymode

    Thanks WP for the new theme! Though I’ll be sticking to “Neat.” “Rounded” really only does wonders for those with CSS access. The colors of brown and green are nature-like, but a little too “muddy” for me.


  49. ruhi

    Hello Matt,

    Thank you for adding another theme 🙂 Though I would love it if I could pick my own colors 🙂 I’m not a big fan of brown…but nonetheless, thank you for the help!!


  50. tnstampgirl

    I love the color combination. I’m using this theme right now. I love getting new theme options!


  51. Bill

    The layout on this theme is tremendous! I like it very much. With a custom header and the ability to change the background color scheme just a bit, it would be perfect!


  52. that girl again

    Thank you for taking note of my request 😉 I know brown’s not everyone’s cup of tea (even though most people’s cups of tea are brown) but those of us who love it really love it.


  53. avuee

    I hate complaining, but…. I can’t justify the text in my entries. Not only does it screw the alignment of the entry, but for some reason makes the first paragraph of all starting letters of a sentence in lowercase. Can this be fixed?


  54. Stephen

    The admin bar has been lowercased as well. Can this be fixed?


  55. ae

    i had a go with this theme.. love the Unconventional color-scheme 🙂
    my sidebar went wonkey– pages/lists were all smushed together..
    perhaps im too wordy. otherwise.. cool beans.


  56. riva

    best new theme added, thanks!


  57. maurina

    wahhhhh!!! i love it!!! using it now!


  58. aliveagain

    Some of the dates on my posts aren’t displaying properly with this theme. I guess it’s a small glitch. Check my frontpage here:

    However, I LOVE THIS THEME!!


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